'''Basic Trope''': Ordinary person gets transported to another, fantastic realm.
* '''Straight''': [[TheHero Kenta]], an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent, finds his RealLife world turned into the MedievalEuropeanFantasy world (with a side of {{Wutai}}) of [[LionsAndTigersAndHumansOhMy Arizelle]]
* '''Exaggerated''': Kenta and his FiveManBand [[TheBigGuy Chisato]], [[TheChick Masumi]], [[TheLancer Yuichiro]], and [[TheSmartGuy Shinji]] are not only stuck in Arizelle, but [[CoolHorse Yuichiro]], [[NobleWolf Chisato]], [[KingOfBeasts Shinji]] and [[NobleBirdOfPrey Masumi]] are transformed into animals along with most of the townspeople and everyone gets an InstantCostumeChange.
* '''Downplayed''': Kenta finds himself in an AlternateUniverse, marginally but noticeably different from his own.
* '''Justified''': An experiment from the villainous organization ADEC kidnapped people from other worlds into their own world.
* '''Inverted'''
** It turns out that the world was originally Arizelle, and ADEC turned it into the RealLife world.
** Flics, a wizard from the magical world of Arizelle, [[MageInManhattan gets stuck in Manhattan]].
* '''Subverted''': Kenta ''thinks'' that he's ended up in some other world, but is actually on an unknowing JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind.
* '''Double Subverted''': ...But once he emerges from his mind, he finds out he's stuck in a strange, unrecognizable land.
* '''Parodied''': "Aw, damn." Kenta said. "On Monday, it was the mirror sucking me in. [[ButForMeItWasTuesday Today]] it's a dimensional rift in my closet..."
* '''Zig Zagged''': Kenta opens up that forbidden door in the basement and ends up in a strange world. But there's something ''familiar'' about the place, despite the strangeness. Furthermore, he always felt like an outsider in his "real" world while this world makes a strange kind of sense. There's also this rumor about a lost kid, and the dates match up to the day he was found by the cops without a family...Does he really belong in the world he came from, or is the strange place his ''real'' home?
* '''Averted''': The adventure takes place in the same reality as the protagonist.
* '''Enforced''': "No one's gonna believe this stuff could happen in our world. Pitch him down a rabbit hole or something!"
* '''Lampshaded''': "Hey! How'd I get here? (looks around) Aw, hell. Now I'm gonna have to find a way back."
* '''Invoked''': Somebody in the other world cast SummonEverymanHero.
* '''Exploited''': Kenta's GenreSavvy enough to take advantage of Strange World's rules and take it over.
* '''Defied''':
** Kenta acquires some kind of device, relic or knowledge that allows him to close inter-dimensional portals; he's way too comfortable in his own dimension to risk himself getting caught in one of those annoying psychedelic vortexes!
** ''Upon entering the Rift, I noticed the place was filled with fantasy cliché's. [[ScrewThisImOutOfHere I turned on my heel and walked out.]]''
* '''Discussed''': "Kenta, ever notice no one comes to this reality ''willingly?!''"
* '''Conversed''': "Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Tropers, ever notice how the tropes that gave us Wonderland and Oz become the gifts that keep on giving?"
* '''Deconstructed''':
** Unaware and unfamiliar with the new world's customs, Kenta keeps digging himself deeper while struggling to adapt to the situation. Since most people are unaware that he's a FishOutOfTemporalWater -- and those who do learn of this tend to think he's just plain nuts -- he finds precious little empathy, making it even harder for him to survive.
** The world Kenta is transported to has entirely different physical laws, which proceed to tear him apart.
** The method by which Kenta is summoned draws the attention of earth-based entities and provides clues that lead towards the discovery of dimensional travel. [[OutsideContextProblem Arizelle is subsequently visited/colonized/economically dominated by Earth.]]
** The alternate universe [[HumansAreCthulhu can't comprehend humans, making Kenta an]] EldritchAbomination.
* '''Reconstructed''': The massive difficulties he faces makes it all the better when Kenta manages to survive, adapt and endure.
* '''Played For Laughs''':
** Kenta, a GrumpyBear who thinks [[SillyRabbitIdealismIsForKids Idealism Is For Kids]], winds up in a SugarBowl.
** Kenta is a TotallyRadical SurferDude who ends up in a MedievalEuropeanFantasy kingdom. HilarityEnsues.
** A [[CrossesTheLineTwice hilariously evil]] SuperVillain is trapped in the SugarBowl.
* '''Played For Drama''':
** (verge of tears) "I wanna go home. I hate it here."
** Kenta ends up siding with the villains in exchange for a quick return home.
** Kenta becomes a DeathSeeker or is DrivenToSuicide.
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