'''Basic Trope''': The devil (and those influenced by him) is extremely talented in rock music.
* '''Straight''': [[MeaningfulName Abbadon]] [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Raum]], lead singer and guitarist of the Hell's Knights, [[DealWithTheDevil made a deal with Satan]]. Now he's the most successful and virtuous rock musician on Earth, but in order to keep his power, he must convert as any souls to Satan's cause as possible, which turns to be incredibly easy thanks to the almost hypnotic power of his lyrics.
* '''Exaggerated''': In one of the biggest and most important concerts ever performed by the Hell's Knights, the Prince of Darkness himself manifests into the scenario and starts EpicRocking along with the band. Their performance and lyrics are so sublime and powerful, that even the most zealous Christians among the public (and the immediate surroundings!) [[EasyEvangelism convert to his evil cause on the spot]]. And [[MoreThanMindControl he wasn't using any kind of brainwashing powers!]] [[TakeOurWordForIt His music was just that good!]]
* '''Downplayed''':
** The devil dabbles in music, but just as a hobby. And it's usually just simple melodies.
** There ''are'' evil supernatural beings involved in rock music ... But Satan isn't one of them.
** There are no ''supernatural'' entities involved in rock music, [[MusicToInvadePolandTo but more naturalistic villains are involved in it]].
* '''Justified''':
** Satan is a fan of Rock music [[RuleOfCool 'cause of how awesome it is and sounds]], [[SexDrugsAndRockAndRoll and the lifestyle]].
** [[TheNewRockAndRoll Satan invented rock music as a way of luring people into evil, because they would be seduced by the awesome music.]]
* '''Inverted''':
** Instead of Satan, [[JesusWasWayCool Jesus is the one that turns to be the greatest rock prodigy]]... OF ALL TIME!
** Satan is actually [[GoodHurtsEvil allergic to rock music]], [[ThePowerOfRock which makes him cower in fear and agony]].
** The local ChurchMilitant [[LoudOfWar harasses Satan by blasting Christian metal at him]].
* '''Subverted''': Satan turns out to have only gotten into rock because of the fans. He really prefers opera and ballet.
* '''Double Subverted''': Especially if those operas and ballets include wicked guitar solos.
* '''Parodied''':
** Satan declares himself to be the greatest rock star that has ever lived because he can get drunker than anyone, bangs the hottest groupies, spends lots of money into frivolous luxuries, always turns his concerts into great scale riots, gets into media scandals and is an overall galactic scale diva and an insufferable douche!\\
Nevertheless, [[DoingItForTheArt all true rock musicians]] immediately call him for being a frikkin' poser that [[TradeYourPassionForGlory sold out his music principles]]: Rock music isn't about acting like an idiot, [[Film/SchoolOfRock but about giving a great show]]!
** The Devil plays ''[[Main/CountryMusic country music]]''.
** [[GiftedlyBad Satan]] ''[[GiftedlyBad thinks]]'' [[GiftedlyBad he's the greatest rock star of all time, but he's actually]] ''[[GiftedlyBad terrible]]''.
* '''Zig Zagged''': The Devil starts playing a Rock concert. Then [[JesusWasWayCool Jesus starts playing a sick solo]] [[GoodHurtsEvil that makes the Devil retreat back to Hell]]. He then returns with an army from Hell that looks like they are all 80's rockers. Jesus does the same. [[RuleOfCool Awesomeness ensues as Heaven and Hell both litterally have a battle of the bands]].
* '''Averted''': There is no rock music and/or religious imagery.
* '''Enforced''': The lead writer of the show is on full AuthorTract mode: He genuinely believes that rock music is a hellish instrument used to convert people to Satan's cause, so [[ScareEmStraight he expects that by presenting it into a negative light]], he will save the souls of the "confused" youths that enjoy "perverted" music.
* '''Lampshaded''': "I might have no sympathy for the Devil... But you gotta admit he knows how to pull a kickass guitar solo!"
* '''Invoked''': Satan abducts Music/JimiHendrix from Heaven, and forces the legendary guitarist to teach him into the ways of rock, so that he can use the power of music to gain souls for his cause.
* '''Exploited''': After a group of aspiring musicians behold a sample of Satan's incredible rock-powers, the Fallen Angel himself makes them an offer: Unholy talent and success in exchange for their souls and/or the conversion of their audience to their cause.
* '''Defied''': The best guitarist in the world challenges the Devil himself to a guitar duel in order to demonstrate that the power of rock belongs to the righteous... [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu And he manages to defeat him,]] forcing him to quit rock music forever out of sheer shame.
* '''Discussed''': "Doesn't the Devil have more important things to do instead of playing an electric guitar constantly?"
* '''Conversed''': ???
* '''Played For Laughs''': Satan [[IJustWantToBeBadass aspires to be the greatest rock star ever]], but not only is his GarageBand is pretty bad in its own right, but the King of Lies is GiftedlyBad incarnated! Hilarity is at the order of day as they always [[EpicFail fail (spectacularly!)]] to pull a single good show, which invariably ends with the audience booing them and [[ProducePelting hitting them with eggs and tomatoes]].
* '''Played For Drama''': [[UnfortunateName Adam Lonestar]], [[TheGift prodigious rock guitarist]], [[ChessWithDeath challenges Satan to a guitar duel]] in order to save his father's soul. Unfortunately, despite being a great musician himself, [[HopelessBossFight the skill and power of the devil turns to be beyond human's reach]], [[HopeSpot rendering his greatest efforts into an futile road into oblivion]]. [[DownerEnding Now, not only his father's soul has been lost, but so is his]].
* '''Plotted A Good Waste''': As mentioned under Zig-Zagged, Jesus and Satan have a BattleOfTheBands, the former with [[OminousLatinChanting Gregorian Hymns]], [[OminousPipeOrgan organ music]] and other 'wholesome' forms of song, and the latter with electric guitars, the bass, a drumkit and synthesizers. After matching each other note-for-note, the two find themselves getting fed up and play over each other, trying to drown each other out. It's only after they're done playing that they realize that everyone in attendance, from the humans to the demons, to the angels to God Himself are giving a standing ovation. Turns out the two forms of music, thought to be polar opposites, actually meld together spectacularly, and between the pair of music legends [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome the result was mindblowing]]. Despite their differences, the debacle brought Satan and Jesus [[WorthyOpponent a bit closer together as it were;]] so much so that they've actually held jam sessions from time to time to hone their skills.
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%%* '''Implied''': ???
%%* '''Deconstructed''': Not all Rock music is about {{Satan}} and all things evil.
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