'''Basic Trope''': No matter how many blows the hero delivers to the villain, he seems unharmed.
* '''Straight''': Bob, our hero, is punching David, our villain, with great power, but David seems unimpressed, even amused.
* '''Exaggerated''':
** Even with the most powerful KiAttacks and {{Dangerous Forbidden Technique}}s, David, unharmed, says it ''tickles''.
** After Bob's punches fail, David punches Bob, realizing that it had as little effect as on him.
** A [[{{SemperFi}} bunch of hardcore Marines]], [[{{MoreDakka}} heavily armed]], open fire on [[{{AGodAmI}} David the Demigod]], who either blocks it with an energy shield or is just plain NighInvulnerable. Cue David powering up a KiAttack [[{{OhCrap}} now that the Marines have emptied their clips]]...
** Bob's punches hurt himself far more than David, [[WinsByDoingAbsolutelyNothing who wins the fight by just standing there.]]
* '''Downplayed''': Bob punches Dave who gets hurt but not much.
* '''Justified''':
** David is MadeOfIron, or perhaps [[MajorInjuryUnderreaction trained to ignore pain]], or perhaps he's just ''[[AxCrazy flippin' insane]]''.
** Bob is extremely weak and stupidly overconfident.
* '''Inverted''':
** Bob attacks David [[WillfullyWeak with ridiculously weak punches]], [[MinorInjuryOverreaction which David succumbs to as if he were given deadly blows]].
** Bob tries to attack [[FragileSpeedster Dave]] who dodges his blows easily.
* '''Subverted''':
** David seemingly shows no pain from those body blows of Bob's as [[NowItsMyTurn he's about to attack back]], but then he suddenly collapses from ruptured guts.
** Bob punches David with great power, then quickly realizing that it's not going to work. He then pokes David's eyes out before David could punch back.
* '''Double Subverted''': David's faking the severity of his wounds to trick Bob into ceasing the attack, and then he'll give him an ultimatum.
* '''Parodied''': Bob practically ''kills'' David, but he comes back to life and says "Gotcha!".
* '''Zig Zagged''': Both Bob ''and'' David can't hurt each other, and settle for more and more over the top attacks that do little more than destroy the scenery.
* '''Averted''': David is hurt by Bob's attacks.
* '''Enforced''': "We need to show that the villain is a threat. Let's have him withstand any of Bob's attacks."
* '''Lampshaded''': Bob: "Oh ''hell!'' That was my most powerful attack, and he just ''brushes it off!''"
* '''Invoked''': Bob expects David to show no pain [[HowMuchMoreCanHeTake so he can continue to thrash him]].
* '''Exploited''': David pretends Bob's blows have no effect on him so Bob will be demoralized and stop punching him.
* '''Defied''': Bob keeps punching David until he's good and hurt.
* '''Discussed''': Bob: "I'm gonna have to use better attacks, I hear David's impervious to pain."
* '''Conversed''': "The villain's never hurt by stuff like that, he'll just wipe the floor with the hero afterwards."
* '''Deconstructed''':
** David takes the punches without flinching, but is later shown to have suffered severe internal damage offscreen.
** Bob notices David isn't being hurt, and flees at the earliest opportunity. He comes back with a chainsaw.
* '''Reconstructed''':
** David ''does'' get hurt by Bob, but shows {{Determinator}} level willpower and turns the fight around.
** Dave is not only tough but fast, he chases down Bob before he can get a weapon.
* '''Played For Laughs''': David looks at Bob with pity (or boredom) and offers him boxing lessons. Bob wearily accepts.
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