'''Basic Trope''': Hetrosexuality is being treated as negative.
* '''Straight''': Bob was [[WhatTheHellHero called out]] for choosing Alice over {{Draco|InLeatherPants}}.
* '''Exaggerated''': Between Draco and Alice for marriage, Bob chose Alice, and got chased down by a mob instantly.
* '''Downplayed''': Between Draco and Alice for marriage, the crowd cheered Bob to choose Draco.
* '''Justified''':
** In canon material, it's perfectly clear that Bob is just using Alice [[TheBeard as a cover for his actual sexual preference]], meanwhile, his interactions with Draco (who is gay himself in the source material, too) show that they would be extremely compatible and a lot happier if they were together, but [[ShipTease the author refuses to pair them up while still throwing a lot of thinly veiled subtext on the way]].
** Characters (within the story) stereotype heterosexuals as homophobic due to past experiences, only to become the very prejudice that they hate.
** There is a literal Battle Of The Sexes and anyone dates, has sex with, or makes out with a member of the opposite sex is seen as a [[CategoryTraitor traitor]].
** A gay guy thinks he's [[EntitledToHaveYou entitled to have Bob as his boyfriend]] and [[WhatAnIdiot so does everyone else.]]
** They think Bob would be happier as a homosexual.
** Everyone thinks Bob is gay and just want him to come out the closet already.
** Overpopulation is the main societal concern - heterosexual relationships became stigmatized.
** Everyone agreed all at once that Heterosexuality [[GirlOnGirlIsHot is]] [[GuyOnGuyIsHot boring]].
* '''Inverted''': HeteronormativeCrusader, especially on the homosexuality aspect.
* '''Subverted''': Bob was [[WhatTheHellHero called out]] for choosing Alice over {{Draco|InLeatherPants}}, but that's because Alice is actually a BitchInSheepsClothing and she would treat Bob like crap.
* '''Double Subverted''': Heterosexual relations are always assumed to turn out this way and not homosexual ones.
* '''Parodied''': Bob was [[WhatTheHellHero called out]] for not getting [[DoubleStandardRapeMaleOnMale raped]] by Draco.
* '''Zig Zagged''': Multiple possibilities are explored in various ways, resulting in a small underground war over the Alice/Bob/Draco relationship.
* '''Averted''': The crowd cheered whether Bob chose Alice or Draco.
* '''Enforced''':
** The work is a satire of conservative attitudes towards the LGBT community, so all of the gay characters act this way.
** The story is [[MostFanficWritersAreGirls written by]] or aimed at {{Yaoi Fangirl}}s.
* '''Lampshaded''': [[SelfDeprecation "Stigmatizing heterosexuality? What is this some bad middle school fan fiction?"]]
* '''Invoked''': A gay man tries to get homosexuals to start hating straight people so that they will know how it feels to be discriminated against just because you love someone.
* '''Exploited''': "If you don't tell me who is the mastermind of the crime mister, [[CoolAndUnusualPunishment I'll tell you a BobXAlice love story.]]"
* '''Defied''':
** Quin refuses to judge heterosexuality negatively & let others do the same because he feels that people will use prejudice against heterosexuality as an excuse to not take the LGBT rights movement all that seriously.
** "I don't care how much heterosexuality you see in the media, it's valid love as homosexuality, and I refuse become a hypocrite by hating it."
* '''Discussed''': "Listen, you can pretend that you don't like Alice and Bob getting together for some kind of noble cause, but we all know that you [[GuyOnGuyIsHot just want to get your rocks off to Draco/Bob]]. It's okay; most people here are like that too."
* '''Conversed''': "Another straight couple. How ''daring''. So much for seeing anyone like myself in this show." "How can you so flagrantly hate straight people after years of being discriminated against by us?"
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