'''Basic Trope''': A character expresses intense frustration by banging their head against a desk, wall, or some other nearby item.
* '''Straight''': Alice is helping Bob with math, but even after hours of labored explanations, he still doesn't understand basic fractions. Alice, frustrated, slams her head against the table.
* '''Exaggerated''':
** Alice is helping Bob with math, and his first question is "What are fractions?" Cue headdesk from Alice.
** Alice slams her head into the table so hard that [[HardHead she breaks it]].
** Bob says something stupid in his office, and all of his co-workers headdesk simultaneously.
* '''Downplayed''':
** Frustrated, Alice leans her head on a desk, but doesn't bang on it.
** Alice places a cushion on her desk before hitting it with her head.
* '''Justified''': Alice can't think of a better way to express her anger.
* '''Inverted''': After hours of fruitless tutoring, Alice grabs Bob's head and bangs it against the table.
* '''Subverted''': After hours of fruitless tutoring, Alice prepares to bang her head against the table... then takes a deep breath and tries yet another explanation.
** Alice starts by beating her head against the wall, but then decided to [[UseYourHead beat her head against Bob's head instead.]]
* '''Double Subverted''': When Bob ''still'' fails to understand, Alice surrenders to temptation and proceeds to headdesk.
* '''Parodied''': When Bob tells Alice he doesn't know what time it is, she proceeds to bang her head against every piece of furniture in the room.
* '''Zig Zagged''': Alice's reactions to frustration have no consistency -- one minute she'll calmly accept a missed deadline, the next she'll headdesk at a missed phone call.
* '''Averted''': Alice and Bob are starring in a training video teaching tutors how to calmly help troublesome students.
* '''Enforced''': Alice is a SitComic famous for her exaggerated headdesks.
* '''Lampshaded''': "Excuse me, Bob, I need a bang-my-head-against-the-table break."
* '''Invoked''': Alice is hoping that her headdesk display will motivate Bob to study harder.
* '''Exploited''': Bob deliberately says something stupid, knowing that Alice will headdesk.
* '''Defied''': Alice knows that headdesking won't help Bob understand her explanations. So she use other methods to channel her anger, such as buying a stress ball.
* '''Discussed''': ???
* '''Conversed''': "Gee, how does Alice stay ''alive'' with all that headdesking? It's like she's got an iron skull or something."
* '''Implied''': After training Bob, Alice has a headache.
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