'''Basic Trope''': Someone accuses someone else of rape, even though that person is beyond a reasonable doubt not guilty.
* '''Straight''': Bob is accused of raping Alice, but he didn't.
* '''Exaggerated''':
** There is indisputable evidence that not only did Bob not rape Alice, but in fact Bob and Alice were never even on the same continent.
** Both Alice and Bob accuse each other of rape.
* '''Downplayed''':
** Bob is accused of having drugged Alice and had sex with her. He did have sex with the drugged Alice, but he wasn't the one who drugged her, and he only had sex with her because he didn't realize at the time that she was drugged.
** Bob is accused of [[ThePeepingTom covertly watching Alice undress]], when it actually was Bob's twin brother Rob.
** Someone calls Bob a rapist to his face, but he never actually faces a trial.
** Bob did pester Alice into having sex with him, but Alice lied when claiming he used drugs or physical force.
** Bob angrily confronts Alice over something she did, and physically grabs her when she tries to leave. When Alice sees a bystander approaching, she pulls down her shirt so that person [[NotWhatItLooksLike will get the wrong impression]].
* '''Justified''':
** Alice couldn't see her attacker's face, and misidentified Bob.
** Alice was raped by Bob's identical twin, and mistakenly thinks it was Bob.
** Bob is in a PoliceLineup, and his features are [[IdenticalStranger remarkably similar to the rapist's]].
** Alice slept with Bob consensually, but she regrets it and accuses him of date rape.
** Alice slept with Bob consensually, and he left various forensics; the real rapist took pains not to leave any evidence.
** Or her OverprotectiveDad finds out and does the accusing, seeing as he can't see how [[ShesAllGrownUp his little angel-princess]] could possibly have a sexual side.
** Alice's therapist implanted FakeMemories of Bob raping her.
** Alice is a {{Jerkass}} who hates Bob and knows that accusing him of rape is the best way to destroy him.
** Previously a rapist was able to get acquitted, and went on the commit more crimes. The embarrassment the case caused the police and courts makes them extra wary of accused rapists claiming to be innocent.
** Alice is looking for attention, or money, or sympathy, or whatever else she might gain.
** Alice's memories have been scrambled and/or partially blotted out by trauma, and that makes her look and sound like she's lying even though she's not. It also doesn't help that she wants to move on with her life, rather than [[BrokenBird spend the rest of it sobbing in her room]].
** Alice's culture is very [[NoWomansLand misogynistic]], and believes rape is about lust and sexuality, not power or anger. A woman who claims she was raped is almost never believed, or is thought to have [[UsefulNotes/VictimBlaming "deserved it" somehow]], such as by going to a certain place, or behaving or dressing a certain way. Or that AllWomenAreLustful, and that therefore the notion of a woman not wanting or not enjoying sex is absurd. Or that a woman who [[HollywoodHomely doesn't conform to that society's beauty standards]] in some way(s) should be "grateful" that a man would even give her the time of day, let alone have any kind of sex with her. Or she would only be believed if she was a [[TheIngenue demure, passive, and modestly-dressed asexual virgin]] beforehand...and even if she ''was'', good luck trying to convince anyone of that.
* '''Inverted''': It is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Bob raped Alice, but he [[KarmaHoudini gets off scot-free]] due to some LoopholeAbuse.
* '''Gender Inverted''': Bob accuses Alice of raping him, even though she didn't do that.
* '''Subverted''':
** Bob is able to convince the jury, judge, and public that he is an innocent man, but he is actually guilty.
** Bob's defense tells him they have evidence to help him, leading the audience to think the might have proof the he is innocent. It turns out they have Alice's [[SlutShaming sexual history]], which the plan to present before the court in an attempt to paint Alice's testimony as unreliable.
** Bob states that if did rape Alice, why didn't she contact the police. It turns out he actually is guilty, but it happened so long ago that the StatuteOfLimitations on charges has long since passed. Unfortunately for Alice, she waited too long to press charges, out of fear or embarrassment.
* '''Double Subverted''':
** Alice is lying, because she was not able to get him convicted in court, she settles for getting him ConvictedByPublicOpinion.
** Bob's lawyer clarifies that it's not just the fact that Alice had numerous intimate partners, he has proof that at multiple occasions she threatened to accuse them of rape, and he can get them to testify to that fact.
* '''Implied''': The story starts on a prison chain gang. When another prisoner asks Bob why he's here, Bob replies that he's here "because of a lying bitch."
* '''Parodied''':
** Bob becomes a MemeticMolester.
** Bob and Alice are at the movies. When Bob tries to put his arm on her shoulder, she starts screaming rape.
* '''Zig Zagged''':
** Alice accuses Bob of raping her, but it turns out that he didn't. Then Bob really does rape her, but everyone thinks that [[CryingWolf she's lying again]].
** Alice accuses Bob of rape, which is a lie. Bob states he is innocent, then adds that Alice threatened to make accusations if he didn't sleep with her. This part also turns to be untrue, making Bob just as much of a false accuser as Alice.
* '''Averted''': No rape accusations of any kind are made against Bob.
* '''Enforced''': RuleOfDrama
* '''Lampshaded''': "How could a girl like [[DepravedBisexual her]] be accusing a guy like [[CelibateHero Bob]] of rape?!"
* '''Invoked''':
** Alice is {{rape|AsDrama}}d by a stranger in the park. He wore a condom and shaved all his pubic hair, so there isn't much in the way of forensic evidence, and Alice only saw his face for maybe two seconds.
** Alice wakes up in Bob's bed, naked. At first, [[WhatDidIDoLastNight she doesn't know what happened]], but then she remembers that she agreed to go home with him.
* '''Exploited''': Alice knows that Bob is extremely wealthy and hopes that falsely accusing him of rape will result in a successful lawsuit, gaining Alive a slice of Bob's fortune
* '''Defied''':
** Alice makes it clear that she doesn't really know what the attacker looked like.
** Alice regrets sleeping with Bob, but chalks it up to a lapse in judgment on her part, [[NotStayingForBreakfast does the walk of shame back to her apartment]], and moves on with her life.
** Alice worries that no one would believe her, even if it was a case of date rape, and she doesn't press charges against Bob.
* '''Discussed''': "So, I hear Alice is accusing Bob of rape..."
* '''Conversed''': "That doesn't sound like Bob; I think there's more to this story."
* '''Deconstructed''': ???
* '''Played For Drama''':
** Bob is quickly found innocent, but his reputation is still ruined. Alice's credibility is destroyed by having made the accusation. Meanwhile, the rapist gets away scot-free and continues to attack other women.
** Despite being innocent, Bob is [[KangarooCourt declared guilty anyway]] and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. His wife divorces him, his family disowns him, his friends abandon him, and the other prisoners refuse to say even one word to him. He falls into a depression as a result of his loneliness and [[DyingAlone dies alone and unloved]], [[DownerEnding everybody believing him to be guilty]].
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