'''Basic Trope''': An evil character cannot understand the motivation of good characters and thus fails to predict their actions.
* '''Straight''': [[BigBad Emperor Evulz]] does not believe in true altruism, so he is unprepared when [[MessianicArchetype Jesse]] sacrifices herself for a small village of people Jesse doesn't even know, and this leads to the Emperor's downfall.
* '''Exaggerated''':
** Emperor Evulz does not understand the concept of [[NiceToTheWaiter common courtesy to your inferiors]], so he is unprepared when Jesse's use of "please" and "thank you" leads to mass HeelFaceTurn actions on the part of his minions.
** Emperor Evulz fails to comprehend why people would rebel against him if he keeps them working for him out of abject fear.
** Emperor Evulz fails to understand why someone wouldn't cross the MoralEventHorizon.
** Emperor Evulz imprisons Jesse. When Emperor Evulz sees [[MessianicArchetype Jesse]] say "thank you" to a guard after she gets a bowl of oatmeal, Emperor Evulz' head explodes from confusion.
* '''Downplayed''':
** [[StrawVulcan Administrator E-val]] understands altruism, but doesn't see the action as internally consistent. Sure, Jesse helping makes sense, as does sacrificing herself in a decisive battle; he clearly views them as a great evil or threat when she is taking great efforts against him. [[BlueAndOrangeMorality But why would she throw away her life on something not related to her cause?]] If she believes in it, then she should see that [[FridgeLogic dying would do more harm to his causes than good.]] Under his views, she would be harming more people.
** A TrueNeutral / LawfulNeutral / ChaoticNeutral character fails to understand the motivation of a good character for helping others.
** A {{Jerkass}} can't comprehend why Jesse's so nice all the time.
** Emperor Evulz believes that people can be nice, [[MoralityPet but only to someone close to them.]] As such, he believes Jesse won't risk his friends' lives to stop him because of TheNeedsOfTheMany.
* '''Justified''':
** Emperor Evulz has a psychological disorder that makes it impossible to empathize with other points of view. He genuinely believes that underneath their goody-goody exteriors, everyone else is just as self-centered and greedy as he is.
** Emperor Evulz cannot empathize with him because [[FreudianExcuse he was raised in an environment which convinced him he needs to be cruel.]]
** Evulz is [[AIIsACrapshoot actually the avatar of a malevolent AI]] that literally was not programmed to understand altruism, only selfish motives.
** Evulz projects his corrupt nature on everyone else, no anyone not following his ideal of the world can upset his grand design.
* '''Inverted''':
** GoodCannotComprehendEvil. Jesse is killed because it never occurred to her that Emperor Evulz would cheerfully kill his own wife and children for a shot at Jesse.
** Though himself [[CardCarryingVillain unabashedly evil]] [[JustBetweenYouAndMe in private]], Emperor Evulz is in charge of an organization of otherwise good people who he easily manipulates into becoming {{Well Intentioned Extremist}}s and {{Knight Templar}}s.
** Evulz sets up a {{Batman Gambit}} counting on Jesse sacrificing herself to save the village, but is caught off-guard when [[SociopathicHero Jesse]] selfishly decides to save herself instead.
** Evulz unintentionally does something that gains him Jesse's appreciation and admiration, but Evulz can't comprehend the idea of himself doing anything "good" or "nice".
** Evulz' plans revolve around manipulating Jesse's good side.
** [[IdealHero Jesse]] doesn't understand how [[AntiHero Harile]] can bring herself to ShootTheDog.
* '''Subverted''':
** Emperor Evulz appears to have believed that Jesse wouldn't sacrifice herself, but it was actually a BatmanGambit specifically designed to make Jesse take the HeroicSacrifice route, so that the Emperor's next plan can continue without interference.
** Alternately, Emperor Evulz is a WellIntentionedExtremist who views '[[HeroWithBadPublicity Jesse]]' as a villain and doesn't believe that Jesse is capable of good.
* '''Double Subverted''':
** But the Emperor didn't count on Jesse's sacrifice inspiring [[RagtagBunchOfMisfits several ill-assorted villagers]] to take up the cause of freedom themselves and eventually defeat him. They were supposed to be permanently cowed by Jesse's horrible fate.
** Evulz lives by [[BlueAndOrangeMorality an unusual moral code]] and is unable to comprehend more socially acceptable notions of good. The only reason Evulz thought it was moral was because it meant that Jesse was willing to take a risk "for once in her life".
* '''Parodied''':
** Emperor Evulz is baffled by concepts like opening the door for people whose arms are full, not just throwing food wrappers on the sidewalk, [[PetTheDog petting small animals]], and so forth.
** Evulz has such difficulty comprehending good that he doesn't even understand the dictionary definition of "good".
** Evuls hires a tutor to teach him how to be good, in an attempt to understand it. However, even after being explicitly instructed to PetTheDog, Evulz [[ShootTheDog shoots it anyway]], and looks baffled when the tutor tries to explain what he did wrong.
* '''Zig Zagged''':
** Evulz understands some good actions and doesn't understand others.
** [[AntiHero Harile]] isn't technically good or evil, and as such cannot understand what motivates Jesse to constantly risk his life to help others when it doesn't even benefit Jesse.
** Evulz believes that HumansAreBastards in a world where RousseauWasRight. Because of this, he rationalizes all of his PetTheDog moments as PragmaticVillainy no matter how many [[InsaneTrollLogic leaps of logic]] he has to do.
** Evulz is a TautologicalTemplar who views himself as being good despite either not being able to comprehend it or even viewing [[VirtueIsWeakness good traits as being a weakness.]]
* '''Averted''': Emperor Evulz has a normal understanding of how good people think and has a good idea of how they'd act in any given situation.
* '''Enforced''':
** TheDarkSideWillMakeYouForget, so Emperor Evulz has lost his understanding of good due to overuse of his corrosive powers.
** "We need to show how evil Emperor Evulz really is-let's make it so he doesn't understand/looks down on goodness
* '''Lampshaded''': "You just don't get it, do you, Emperor? Normal people don't think only of themselves, or of what personal gain they get from something."
* '''Invoked''': Jesse goes out of his way to help random people while he is a fugitive so that he wouldn't be where Evulz would expect him.
* '''Exploited''': Jesse sets up a BatmanGambit that relies on Emperor Evulz not thinking as a "good" person would.
* '''Defied''':
** "[[VirtueIsWeakness I am aware of the concept of altruism. I find it useful in my enemies, fools that they are.]]"
** "[[HeroBall I'm aware of altruism in general, it's just that it often results in the heroes]] [[IdiotHero losing several hundred IQ points.]]"
* '''Discussed''': "I fear the master is setting himself up for a...disappointment, if he thinks that the rebels will not stick by their principles in a crisis."
* '''Conversed''': "Yep, Emperor Evulz fell into the old 'assume the hero is just as evil as I am' trap.
* '''Deconstructed''':
** Emperor Evulz's inability to understand the viewpoint of "good" also extends to other viewpoints as well, making him an incompetent ruler who only sustains his throne through violence and fear. He has to constantly expand his empire as his mismanagement has ruined the economy and impoverished the land.
** Emperor Evulz's inability to understand good and morality has made him [[VillainousBreakdown completely lose his sanity and become even more threatening than he has ever been before]].
** Emperor Evulz's inability to comprehend goodness has made it impossible for him find any chance of [[HeelFaceTurn redemption]]; because he crossed the MoralEventHorizon, it doesn't even matter anyways, since he's unable to turn back and have a happy and normal life.
** Emperor Evulz's inability to comprehend goodness made it impossible for him to appreciate any love or kindness towards him; as such, any victory will ultimately be hollow.
* '''Reconstructed''': While his narcissism and failure to understand selflessness is shown to make him a BadBoss and a poor economist, he is still able to instigate a reign of terror productive enough to fund his evil schemes, and by appealing to people's selfish instincts, he builds up a powerful (if not particularly loyal) network of lackeys.
* '''Played For Laughs''': Emperor Evulz goes on a game show to win the MacGuffin prize that'll help him rule the world. But due to the categories revolving around [[PetTheDog petting dogs]] and [[TastesLikeDiabetes diabetes-flavored]] subjects, he ends up losing and makes himself a laughingstock to the whole viewing world.
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