'''Basic Trope''': Having sex = death of characters
* '''Straight''': AliceAndBob have sex, and one or both die soon after, whether of [=STDs=] or something else.
* '''Exaggerated''':
** Alice and Bob have sex, and one or both die [[OutWithABang during the sex act]].
** If Alice or Bob so much as think about sex, they will die.
* '''Downplayed''': Varies depending on what base you're in, like getting a bruise after a kiss to the lips or being in critical condition after a night of [[ADateWithRosiePalms mutual masturbation]].
* '''Justified''':
** Alice or Bob have an STD that can be fatal.
** Alice and Bob were so [[DistractedByTheSexy distracted by the sex]] they didn't see the slasher coming.
** Alice and Bob are teenagers who CantGetAwayWithNuthin.
** Alice and Bob are StarfishAliens who are genetically programmed to die shortly after mating and laying eggs.
** Either one is a disturbed VigilanteMan using... unusual methods to entrap rapists, perverts and other sexual scum, which the other is.
** Bob is a male spider.
** Bob is a monster planting his seed. Alice's body can't withstand the unnatural nature of the pregnancy.
** Alice discovers all too late that she has a rare, fatal allergy to semen. Alternatively, Bob might be allergic to vaginal fluid.\\
Or, same concept, but perhaps the allergy is for condom latex or the additives/preservatives put into certain ''edible'' sex paraphernalia.
* '''Inverted''':
** Alice and Bob are zombies who must have sex in order to come back to life.
** Alternatively: Alice and Bob will die of {{UST}} if they [[MateOrDie do not have sex.]]
** The slasher kills all the virgins, but the sexually active BattleCouple defeat him.
** Alice and Bob realize that they're about to die, and so they decide to go [[OutWithABang out with a bang]]. This is ''Sex By Death'', because it is the approach of death that causes the sex.
** Bob walks in on Emperor Evulz having sex with one of his concubines. Enraged by this, Evulz attempts to murder Bob.
** The slasher is unaware of Alice and Bob outside having [[AutoErotica sex in the car]] as he slaughters everyone in the house. As a result, Alice and Bob are the sole survivors of the massacre.
** [[IfICantHaveYou Alice kills Bob; for resisting her seductions attempt]].
* '''Subverted''':
** Alice and Bob have sex, but neither dies as a result.
** Alice and Bob wait to have sex so their first time will be special, but one or both dies before the act is consummated.
** Alice and Bob have sex. [[BaitAndSwitch However, it's Charlie who winds up getting killed.]]
* '''Double Subverted''':
** However, they do die during the series or movie.
** Alice has a fatal STD and gives it to Bob through sex. However Bob dies by some cause completely unrelated to the disease.
** Alice has a fatal STD and subsequent to them sleeping together, it is revealed that Bob has caught this disease. Later, it is revealed that he already had the disease when he slept with Alice, meaning that the focal sex scene didn't kill him at all.
* '''Parodied''':
** The slasher [[WalkTheEarth walks the Earth]], and only goes after couples having sex. '''ONLY''' when they're having sex. He backs off during false alarms.
** Alice and Bob die from having GRatedSex.
* '''Zig Zagged''': ???
* '''Averted''':
** Alice and Bob do not die as a result of having sex.
** Alice and Bob do not have sex.
* '''Enforced''':
** Alice and Bob are teenagers who CantGetAwayWithNuthin for the sake of a VerySpecialEpisode in a TeenDrama meant to ScareEmStraight.
** An abstinence-only sex-ed class meant to ScareEmStraight.
** A SlasherMovie relying on some old {{cliche}}s.
* '''Lampshaded''': "Did you just dare to have sex? YOU WHORE!!! DIE!!!"
* '''Invoked''':
** Alice's OverprotectiveDad finds out about Bob screwing his daughter and heads over to Bob's house with his weapon of choice.
** Alice and Bob are {{Mauve Shirt}}s preparing to make a MoreHeroThanThou HeroicSacrifice who decide that MustNotDieAVirgin
** Alice's cultural position (perhaps simply being a woman) requires her to remain a virgin. After it's discovered she's no longer a virgin, her overlord has no further use for her and executes her.
** After having sex, Alice and Bob discover that they are long lost brother and sister. Unable to handle the ick of what they'd previously done, one or both of them commit suicide in shame.
* '''Exploited''': Alice and Bob have sex for the explicit purpose of [[BatmanGambit luring the killer into a trap]].
* '''Defied''': The slasher sees Alice and Bob in an act of AutoErotica... And goes off to slash someone else, maybe due to [[EvenEvilHasStandards some kind of standard]], or because [[PetTheDog he felt sympathy]] for the couple's [[SexIsGood sincere display of affection]].
* '''Discussed''': "Bob, I can't have sex with you. I like living way too much to do that."
* '''Conversed''': "Have you ever noticed characters who live active sex lives always die in horror movies?"
* '''Deconstructed''': Alice and Bob feel quite stressed and bad about consummating their relationship, fearing imminent death as a consequence. They die in very poor conditions, they're also revealed to have been in the act, making many people mad.
* '''Reconstructed''': After finding and falling in / making love with each other, knowing they will die soon due to a disease or some curse being put on them, Alice and Bob decided to go out in the [[OutWithABang best physical event possible]]. During that time they both enjoy it for all it's worth, not being held back by anything or anyone, allowing them to go out in the best way possible.
* '''Played For Laughs''': The slasher comes up and sees Alice and Bob in an act of AutoErotica, rolls his eyes, and blatantly stands there waiting for them to finish.
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