'''Basic Trope''': A hero and a villain have a romantic relationship.
* '''Straight''': Super Stan and Calamity Caitlin flirt with each other in their encounters.
* '''Exaggerated''': Super Stan and Calamity Caitlin are married, have three kids, and still are on opposite sides of good and evil.
* '''Downplayed''':
** FoeRomanceSubtext - there's {{UST}} between Stan and Caitlin, but no more than that.
** Stan and Caitlin aren't actually heroes or villains; instead they work for rival companies.
* '''Justified''':
** Super Stan is trying to lead Calamity Caitlin back to good.
** Caitlin is a PunchClockVillain[=/=]HeroAntagonist who keeps her job and her personality separate. She got attracted to Stan's personality after a few battles.
** Caitlin is an AntiHero[=/=]AntiVillain. Just because she's chaotic doesn't mean she's evil.
** Stan is a GreatDetective and Caitlin a DiabolicalMastermind; each of them considers their ArchEnemy to be the only person in the human race worth looking at twice.
** BlueAndOrangeMorality.
* '''Inverted''': Stan and Caitlin are both good, and [[TeethClenchedTeamwork always team up to fight evil together, despite personally despising each other]].
* '''Gender-Inverted''': Stan's the [[VillainProtagonist evil one]] in the relationship, Caitlin's the [[HeroAntagonist heroic one]].
* '''Subverted''': [[TheMole Calamity Caitlin is just pretending to like Super Stan to betray him]].
* '''Double Subverted''': [[BecomingTheMask But she cannot go through with it]]. As soon as things [[SexFaceTurn get a bit intimate, she switches sides]].
* '''Parodied''': Super Stan becomes a hero to look for a wife.
* '''Zig Zagged''': WillTheyOrWontThey The couple's relationship hopscotches between FoeRomanceSubtext, DatingCatwoman, {{Arch Enem|y}}ies, FoeRomanceSubtext, {{Worthy Opponent}}s, DefeatMeansFriendship, FriendlyEnemies, FoeRomanceSubtext.
* '''Averted''': Super Stan and Calamity Caitlin are just adversaries and have no romantic attraction.
* '''Enforced''': Super Stan has no romantic relationships and the network wants him to have one, and rather than writing in a new character they write in new subtext.
* '''Lampshaded''': Super Stan's sidekick Daring Derek asks if Stan is going to ask out Calamity Caitlin in her first appearance.
* '''Invoked''':
** [[BigBad Evil Elliot]] hires sexy women in {{Spy Catsuit}}s to do all his dirty work, knowing Super Stan's [[TheCasanova Casanova]] tendencies.
** Evil Elliot tries to convince Super Stan to marry [[DaddysLittleVillain his daughter]] Calamity Caitlin, so that Stan can [[WeCanRuleTogether inherit his crime empire]].
* '''Exploited''':
** Caitlin, cornered by the hero, acts on their subliminal attraction to worm her way out of trouble.
** Stan uses Caitlin's attraction to him in order to capture her.
* '''Defied''': [[KnightTemplar Super Stan]] refuses to listen to his heart and will not forgive Calamity Caitlin of her crimes.
* '''Discussed''': "If I know my hero[=/=]villain relationships, Caitlin, all that rage is just pent-up lust for me".
* '''Conversed''': "Caitlin tried to boil Stan alive in acid again this week? She's so hot for that guy".
* '''Deconstructed''': Their conflicting moralities lead to a very unsuccessful relationship, and they end up fighting again but this time all the more vicious. Stan finds that his relationship with Caitlin makes him question the KnightTemplar morality his crime-fighting is based on. He tries to get her locked away, but she escapes, feeling horribly betrayed and vowing revenge.
* '''Reconstructed''': Stan rationalizes that really, Caitlin is JustLikeRobinHood, and anyway it'd be useful to have a friend in the criminal community, and he can't catch ''all'' the theives in the city, and goddammit why shouldn't he have some fun for once? Caitlin worries that he may change his mind someday, but decides not to let it bother her.
* '''Played For Laughs''':
** In the middle of their fight they realize they need to pick the kids up from soccer. Both leave in the middle of the fight.
** In the middle of an intense fight, InterplayOfSexAndViolence kicks in. Both drop their weapons and start having sex right then and there like dogs in heat.
* '''Played For Drama''': Stan and Caitlin have to deal with the emotional turmoil of having their feelings and their morals come into conflict once Stan has Caitlin cornered after Caitlin apparently crosses one line too many by killing someone - where's the point where Stan can't look at himself in the mirror and say he hasn't abandoned his code of justice for love?
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