'''Basic Trope''': Stating the obvious. [[SelfDemonstratingArticle These are different ways this trope can be played.]]
* '''Straight''': Bob always states the obvious.
* '''Exaggerated''': ''Everything'' Bob says is ''so freakin' obvious'' that ''everyone'' should know it.
* '''Downplayed''': While exploring a mysterious place, Bob comments on something that may be obvious to us, but is more than it meets the eye.
* '''Justified''':
** Bob is such a [[TheDitz ditz]] that he can only state, well, the obvious.
** Alternately, Bob is a robot and was not programmed with an understanding of "obviousness", so he states the obvious without realizing it.
** Bob points out the obvious to emphasise something.
** Bob has been cursed to make only statements that are obvious to everyone.
** Bob is in shock.
** Bob's friend Charlie is being CaptainOblivious, forcing Bob to state the obvious.
** Bob states the obvious as part of his thinking process because things make better sense to him when [[ThinkingOutLoud spoken aloud]].
** Bob is deliberately being CaptainObvious as a form of [[DeadpanSnarker snark]], or so he can act as SnarkBait.
** [[OurLawyersAdvisedThisTrope Bob's lawyer advised him to state the obvious about his product]] to avoid a FrivolousLawsuit.
** [[ChildrenAreInnocent Bob is still a child.]] Things that are obvious to adults are still mind-blowing to him.
* '''Inverted''':
** Bob always states BlatantLies.
** Bob is ComicallyMissingThePoint.
** Bob always states the subtle or ''un''obvious. Only a few people can fully understand the true meaning of his words, without Bob simplifying what he says to them.
* '''Subverted''': Bob is watching the Super Bowl on TV with HeterosexualLifePartner Charlie. Bob says "I am ''not'' watching the Super Bowl." Charlie is amused.
* '''Double Subverted''': Bob says "I am not watching the Super Bowl; [[TheTreacheryOfImages I am watching a TV displaying the Super Bowl]]."
* '''Parodied''': Bob is literally a superhero called Captain Obvious whose only superpower is to point out the glaringly obvious.
* '''Zig Zagged''': Bob states the obvious to TheDitz Alice, who actually needs it to be stated to her, but when he's with more intelligent people he doesn't.
* '''Averted''': Nothing obvious is stated.
* '''Enforced''': ViewersAreMorons
* '''Lampshaded''': "[[SarcasmMode Thanks Bob! I really learned something!]]"
* '''Invoked''': Bob is actually very perceptive, but uses the obvious statements as part of his ObfuscatingStupidity.
* '''Exploited''': Bob uses obvious statements to hide not very obvious ones, when the latter should not be known to everyone else.
* '''Defied''': Bob begins with "You know..." but Alice cuts him off and [[ArmorPiercingQuestion asks if he's actually pointing out something the others can't see]]. He apologizes and shuts up.
* '''Discussed''': "Next time Bob says something obvious, I'm gonna punch his lights out."
* '''Conversed''': "DrinkingGame: Take a shot every time Bob says something obvious."
* '''Deconstructed''': Bob's friends lose respect for him everytime he states the obvious which makes Bob feels like he's in the wrong for doing so.
* '''Reconstructed''': One of Bob's friend, Max, consoles Bob, telling him that doesn't have to feel bad for stating the obvious and that the so-called friends are just being {{Jerkass}}es; Bob feels better now.
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-->'''Alice''': Hey you! Stop [[CaptainObvious stating the obvious!]]
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