'''Basic Trope''': Two or more {{Big Bad}}s work together.
* '''Straight''': Alex Annihilation and Bruce Bonecrusher work together for world domination.
* '''Exaggerated''':
** Alex and Bruce are so powerful that not even Bob Badass and Alice Awesome can stop them.
** Alex and Bruce also have Charles Cruel, Dan Destruction, Elliot Evil and Francis Foul on their team.
* '''Downplayed''':
** Alex and Bruce team up to rob a convenience store.
** Alex and Bruce have a loose alliance.
* '''Justified''':
** Alone, Alex and Bruce aren't very good {{Big Bad}}s, but they're nigh-unstoppable when they work together.
** Alex and Bruce are have a close connection, being [[VillainousFriendship friends]], [[SiblingsInCrime siblings]], or even [[UnholyMatrimony lovers]]. Despite [[ItsAllAboutMe being selfish]] they [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes really do care about each other]], so they decide to help each other and team up.
** Alex is a NonActionBigBad and Bruce is a DragonInChief, and they have the same ambition.
* '''Inverted''': Alex and Bruce are two {{Big Good}}s working together to save the world.
* '''Subverted''':
** Alex and Bruce commit similar crimes at the same places and appear to be working together, but are really working independently of each other.
** Alex and Bruce turn out to be CoDragons to [[TheManBehindTheMan Emperor Evulz]].
* '''Double Subverted''':
** Until they meet and decide to work together.
** Alex and Bruce [[TheStarscream overthrow]] Emperor Evulz.
* '''Parodied''': Alex and Bruce are idiots who can't work without each other.
* '''Zig Zagged''': Alex and Bruce are thought to be the {{Big Bad}}s of the story, but they're really working for Evulz. We later see them [[TheStarscream trying to overthrow]] him. However Alex and Bruce fail miserably without Emperor Evulz even noticing, only for it to become a RunningGag.
* '''Averted''':
** Alex is the BigBad while Bruce is actually TheDragon.
** All bad guys work alone and never team up.
* '''Enforced''': "Fans like Alex, but they also like Bruce. Wouldn't they like them more if they worked together?"
* '''Lampshaded''': ???
* '''Invoked''': Alex puts out an ad in the newspaper for a villain to team up with.
* '''Exploited''': When [[HeroAntagonist Bob Badass and Alice Awesome]] find out that Alex and Bruce work in the same HQ, they formulate a plan to eliminate them at the same time.
* '''Defied''': Alex and Bruce refuse to work together at any point.
* '''Discussed''': "Hey, we should team up. We'd be twice as powerful then."
* '''Conversed''': "I should've known those two would be working together."
* '''Deconstructed''': Alex and Bruce work together, but there's a great deal of friction between them, and their alliance ultimately falls apart.
* '''Reconstructed''': However, when Bob Badass and Alice Awesome show up to Alex's [[DoomyDoomsOfDoom fortress of doom]], Bruce [[TheCavalry rushes there]] to destroy his two worst enemies and save his former friend in one fell swoop.
* '''Played For Drama''': Alex and Bruce are the antagonists, and are nigh-unstoppable together, so much of the story's tension is derived from trying to figure out if [[TheBadGuyWins the villains will win]].
Join me comrade! Only together, we can conquer the BigBadDuumvirate!
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