[[caption-width-right:350:"[[Pinball/NoGoodGofers Bud and Buzz]] didn't get their own topper!"]]
->'''Golfer''': "I'm getting pretty [[TitleDrop teed off]]!"\\
'''Gunther:''' "Temper temper!"

''Tee'd Off'' is a PhysicalPinballTable designed by Ray Tanzer and Creator/JonNorris. It features artwork by Constantino and Jeanine Mitchell and David Moore, and was released by Creator/{{Gottlieb}} (under the "Premier" label) in 1993.

Taking place on a tropical island, the game casts the player as a golfer spending a day on the links. However, he's badgered by Gunther Gopher, who's out to enjoy himself by distracting the player with a barrage of dances, taunts, and insults. Go through 36 holes around the island and beneath the volcano, Slice through the coconut trees, Hook around the Dog Leg, then try for a Hole-In-One up the center lane. For more points, play the Skins Game, try for the Pitch 'n Putt, and peek into a hole and try to Find the Gopher. Spin the Gopher Wheel to build up the Go-Fore-Par-Tee, then celebrate after nine holes with some Multiball or a Lightning Storm scoring frenzy.

Although ''Tee'd Off'' was a modestly successful game for Gottlieb with 3,500 tables sold, it's a rather divisive table among pinheads. Detractors point to its uninspired sounds and cartoonish artwork as turn-offs, and note that it's easy to reap big points by starting multiball and then repeatedly looping the center lane. Supporters embrace its lighthearted theme, family-friendly humor, and undemanding gameplay, while pinball historians note that many of the same ideas would appear in Creator/WilliamsElectronics' ''Pinball/NoGoodGofers'' several years later.

Digital versions of ''Tee'd Off'' are available from [=FarSight=] Studios' ''Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection'' and ''VideoGame/ThePinballArcade''.

!! The ''Tee'd Off'' pinball demonstrates the following tropes:

* AlliterativeName: Gunther Gopher, though his full name is "Gunther the dancing Gopher" [[AllThereInTheManual as noted in advertisements.]]
* AnnouncerChatter[=/=]DialogDuringGameplay
* ChekhovsVolcano: Shooting a ball into the Volcano causes it to erupt out of the opening a moment later.
* ConvectionSchmonvection: You shoot balls (golf- or pin, depending on your perspective) into a volcano.
* HeartSymbol: The playfield shows a male golfer smitten with a female golfer, with heart symbols around his head.
* JerkAss: Gunther, though he's more of a {{Griefer}} than a full-blown jerk.
* LavaAddsAwesome: There's a '''volcano''' on the ''golf course.'' Why? Why not?
* NobodyCallsMeChicken: In "Skins", choosing to take 10 million points instead of "Double or Nothing" will result in Gunther calling you a chicken.
* PinballProjectile: An animation clip shows the golf ball bouncing wildly among a grove of coconut trees.
* RageQuit: The table shows several golfers rage quitting their golf games, including one man on the backglass breaking his putter over his knee, and another golfer hurling his clubs off a cliff and into the ocean.
* RampJump: The "Pitch 'n Putt" requires shooting the pinball up a ramp and making it land in the Mean Green Hole.
* ScrewySquirrel
* ShakingTheRump:
** The game starts with a close-up of the golfer shaking his rear, limbering up for the tee-off.
** Gunther dances on top of the backbox during the game to distract the player.
* ShoutOut: In addition to the obvious parallels to ''Film/{{Caddyshack}}'', Gunther throws in a reference to ''Series/TheHoneymooners'':
-->'''Gunther:''' "He addresses the ball."
-->'''Golfer:''' "Hello ball!"
* SpellingBonus: S-L-I-C-E starts a Slice Hurry-Up and lights the target for 50 million points each hit, S-K-I-N-S starts the Skins Game, and getting G-O-P-H-E-R on the Gopher Wheel enables the Go-Fore-Par-Tee three-ball multiball.
* TakeThatPlayer: This is Gunther's primary schtick.
-->'''Gunther:''' "Did anybody teach ya how to ''play'' this game?"
* TapOnTheHead
** An animated display shows Gunther getting hit with a golf ball.
** The playfield shows a golfer in a sandtrap getting hit with a wayward ball.
* TitleDrop: During AttractMode, a golfer verbally expresses his frustration, as seen in the page quote at the top.
* WhatTheHellPlayer: Invoked by Gunther many times.
--> '''Gunther''': "What the heck are you shootin' at?!"
* WrittenSoundEffect: The playfield and cabinet show golf balls ricocheting all over the place, accompanied by assorted [-BONK!-]s and [-ZONK!-]s.
->'''Gunther:''' "Is that a ''range ball''[[note]]Or "rain foil"; it's unclear.[[/note]] you're using?!"