[[caption-width-right:283:''Revenge is sweet.'']]

-> ''"Forget everything you knew about {{pinball}}. This is something entirely different. Entirely better. It's ''Revenge From Mars,'' the first-ever game to utilize the technology of [[{{Trope 2000}} Pinball 2000.]]"''

''Revenge from Mars'' is the sequel to ''Pinball/AttackFromMars'', released in January 1999 by Creator/WilliamsElectronics (being the final pinball game released under the Bally label). It was designed by veteran arcade game creator Creator/GeorgeGomez, whose previous VideoGames include ''VideoGame/SpyHunter'' and ''{{Tron}}'', with artwork by Creator/GregFreres and Creator/JohnYoussi, and programming by Creator/KeithJohnson.

It was notable for being the first of the two ill-fated "[[{{Trope 2000}} Pinball 2000]]" games (the other being ''Pinball/StarWarsEpisodeI''), which utilized digital graphics projected over the playfield to create an interesting psuedo-3D illusion of immersion. The format of the game is also different from its predecessor: you are given a choice of nine missions in three categories to tackle.

!!This pinball machine contains examples of:

* AbnormalAmmo: In "Paris in Peril", a saucer lands on the Eiffel Tower, and the player must fling items like [[EdibleAmmunition watermelons]] and cows at it.
* AlienAutopsy: The focus of the "Martian Autopsy" mode.
* AlienInvasion
* AliensStealCable: "Mars Kneads Women" has the player destroying televisions that a Martian is watching.
* AliensStealCattle: One of the objects that's {{tractor beam}}ed up during the "Alien Abduction" mode is a cow.
* AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever: The "Secret Weapon" mode has [[HumongousMecha a giant Abe Lincoln robot]] fighting a Big-O Martian.
* BizarreAlienBiology: Martians drink gasoline the same way humans drink alcohol.
* EasterEgg: During the attract mode, pressing the flipper buttons in a certain sequence[[note]]Left and right together, then right, left, right, right, left, right, right, right, left, and left[[/note]] will show a picture of the development team.
* EverythingsBetterWithCows:
** As noted above, one of the items taken during "Alien Abduction" is a cow.
** The big martian on the backglass is holding a cow.
** One of the animals that you shrink in the "Big-O-Beam" mode is a cow.
* EveryTenThousandPoints: By default, extra balls are given out (as opposed to replays) at certain point plateaus.
* FinishingMove: Done in "Secret Weapon" mode as a ShoutOut to ''Franchise/MortalKombat''.
* {{Hologram}}: The "Pinball 2000" platform, which projected video images onto the playfield.
* HumongousMecha[=/=]LivingStatue[=/=]WeaponizedLandmark: The "Secret Weapon" is a giant Abe Lincoln robot.
* LifeMeter: Used in the FightingGame-styled "Secret Weapon" mode.
* LittleGreenMen
* [[MarsNeedsWomen Mars Kneads Women]]
* MonumentalDamage: "Tower Struggle"
* MyBrainIsBig: The aliens have wrinkly oversized heads.
* PunnyName: "Tower Struggle" and "Mars Kneads Women".
* RevengeOfTheSequel
* ShoutOut: Deplete the Big-O Martian's LifeMeter in "Secret Weapon" and you're prompted to [[Franchise/MortalKombat "FINISH HIM!"]]
** "Martian Aerobics" is a homage to ''VideoGame/SpaceInvaders''.
** The "Drive-In Demolition" mode is a reference to the "Move Your Car" mode in the ''Pinball/CreatureFromTheBlackLagoon'' pinball machine.
* StuffBlowingUp
* TractorBeam: Used in the "Alien Abduction" mode.
* UnexpectedGameplayChange: "Secret Weapon" changes into a FightingGame, though it still uses pinball controls (obviously).
* WizardMode: Attack Mars