[[caption-width-right:350:"Quit playing with the clock!"]]

->'''Rudy:''' "Hey, Bucko, you're up!"

''[=FunHouse=]'' is a Creator/WilliamsElectronics {{Pinball}} game introduced in 1990. It was designed by Creator/PatLawlor with artwork by Creator/JohnYoussi, and features the voice of [[Franchise/MortalKombat Ed Boon]] as Rudy.

Rudy the Dummy is a [[LivingToy living ventriloquist dummy]] and chief proprietor of the titular [=FunHouse=]; the player must advance the clock to midnight, which will cause the [=FunHouse=] to close and make Rudy fall asleep. When this happens, the player can shoot a ball into Rudy's mouth to start multiball, panicking Rudy and wreaking havoc all over the board.

Pinball connoisseurs regard ''[=FunHouse=]'' as an undisputed classic. Rudy offers a level of immersion rarely matched even by modern-day tables, with its main character actually being part of the game itself (instead of just being a voice in the background). Meanwhile, the game proper is simple enough to attract casual players while remaining challenging enough to keep even the best players on their toes. It was this core design that Pat Lawlor would later build his two biggest hits, ''Pinball/TheAddamsFamily'' and ''Pinball/TheTwilightZone'', from.

A digital version of the game is available as part of [=FarSight=] Studios' ''Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection'' and ''VideoGame/ThePinballArcade'' compilations.

Not to be confused with the [[Series/FunHouse television shows of the same name.]]

!!This pinball demonstrates the following tropes:

* AmusementPark: Well, part of one, anyway.
* AnnouncerChatter: Rudy will occasionally cheer and taunt the player.
* AntiFrustrationFeatures: If the ball is short-plunged and it immediately falls into the right outlane, or if the player scores nothing before a ball drains, it is returned to the player.
-->'''Rudy:''' "You can have it back!"
* BigBrotherIsWatching: When he's awake, Rudy constantly watches the pinball and follows the game.
-->'''Rudy:''' "I'm watchin' ya!"
* BigNo: Rudy's reaction whenever you shoot a ball into the trap door during Midnight Multiball.
* {{Combos}}: A three-way combo bonus of 500,000 points will be awarded for shooting the Steps Ramp, the counterclockwise Gangway shot through the bumpers, and a Trap Door Loop in that exact sequence. Hitting Rudy in the mouth immediately afterward awards a four-way combo worth an extra million.
** The Trap Door Bonus requires the Trap Door Loop to be shot 2-4 times consecutively, with the penultimate shot opening up the Trap Door. Shooting it in will award the bonus.
* CreatorCameo: The man in the backglass with the child on his shoulder is artist Creator/JohnYoussi.
** Rudy's voice is provided by ''Franchise/MortalKombat'' co-creator Ed Boon.
* CreepyDoll: Rudy's even creepier when you consider that his eyes are following the pinball(s).
* DeadpanSnarker: Rudy, who constantly snarks at the player.
-->'''Rudy:''' "Now who's the dummy?"
* DevelopersForesight: The only way to normally shoot a ball into Rudy's mouth is while he's asleep, but it's possible to get one into his mouth while he's talking. Called a "Rudy Gulp", doing this will award you an extra 250,000 points and cause him to spit it out. This is one of this table's Standard Goals in ''The Pinball Arcade''.
** One particular target in the upper portion of the table activates several awards (lighting an extra ball, maxing out bumper values, etc.) One reward is "Quick Multiball", which, under the right conditions, will not only start Midnight Multiball without having to fire a ball into Rudy's mouth, but activate the "Unlimited Millions" feature, which gives major scoring opportunities for missed shots to the trap door.
---> '''Rudy:''' "What was THAT?!"
** If a Frenzy is started and then a Super Frenzy is started, the Frenzy will become a Super Frenzy and 20 seconds will be added onto whatever time was remaining in the Frenzy. Collecting a normal Frenzy while in a Super Frenzy will just add 20 seconds onto the Super Frenzy and it will remain a Super Frenzy.
%%* TheComputerShallTauntYou
* EvilLaugh: "''Fun''House?! '''AAA-HAHAHAHAHA!'''" He repeats this when a Super Frenzy is started.
* FascinatingEyebrow: Rudy's right eyebrow curls downward, while his left curls upward.
* IAteWhat: Shooting a ball into Rudy's sleeping mouth invokes this.
* LettingTheAirOutOfTheBand: The music slows to a crawl when you advance the clock to midnight and Rudy falls asleep. It also affects the Frenzy theme.
* LivingToy: Rudy, both in the more traditional sense and in terms of being a "living" playfield toy.
* MadLibsDialogue: Rudy's comments to the player typically go like this, unless your name is "Slick".
* MarilynManeuver: A woman is shown doing this (unintentionally) on the backglass and the slingshot bumpers.
* MediumAwareness: If you tilt the machine, Rudy will say, "Hey! It's only pinball."
* MickeyMousing: After scoring a Million Plus shot, a series of explosions will punctuate the beginning of the music that follows.
* MoodSwinger: Rudy will act rather cheerfully throughout most of the game. However, when 11:30 comes around, he gets sour in a hurry. Of course, he changes back to his more chipper self once the midnight multiball round ends.
* MythologyGag: On the backglass to the far left is a sign reading "Ride the Whirlwind", a reference to Lawlor's ''Pinball/{{Whirlwind}}'' pinball.
* TheNicknamer: At the start of each game, Rudy will give each player a nickname, such as "Spunky", "Bucko", or "Biff", then uses it throughout to refer to that player. Most obvious in multiplayer games.
** EasterEgg: If a player is nicknamed "Slick", Rudy will sometimes use derogatory comments for that player, instead of his usual MadLibsDialogue.
* RecycledTitle: Not to be confused with Williams' earlier ''Fun House'', an electro-mechanical pinball from 1956.
* ShoutOut:
** In the back (underneath the ramp) is a freeway sign reading "Kansas - Feel the Power." This is both a reference to ''Pinball/{{Whirlwind}}'' and one of Creator/PatLawlor's {{Creator Thumbprint}}s.
** The Superdog mode is most likely named after famous Chicago Dog restaurant [[http://www.superdawg.com/ Superdawg]], particularly considering ''[=FunHouse=]'' was designed and manufactured in Chicago.
* SignatureStyle: Demonstrated by the upper flipper, the right Gangway shot, and the soft-plunge skill shot.
* SkillShot: A well-placed shot will launch the ball into "Rudy's Hideout", a hidden spot behind Rudy's head worth big points.
-->'''Rudy:''' "Where did you go now?"
* {{Sleepyhead}}: Rudy quickly falls asleep once the clock reaches midnight.
* SongsInTheKeyOfPanic: The 11:45 theme is a faster and more frenetic version of the 11:30 theme. Inverted once the clock reaches midnight, as the music becomes very slow and quiet.
** An alternate, more frenetic version of the multiball theme plays during the restart countdown.
* TalkToTheFist: One way to interrupt Rudy's heckling is to shoot the ball into his mouth. This will either hit his jaw or cause him to swallow the ball; both actions award points.
-->'''Rudy:''' "That was no accident!"
* TimedMission: (Super) Frenzy and Superdog.
* TitleDrop: Rudy does this at the start of the game
--> ''[=FunHouse=]''? [laughs]
* TrapDoor: There's one right in front of Rudy.
* UnusualEuphemism: If Rudy is hit enough times.
-->'''Rudy:''' "You... big... sausage!"
* VomitIndiscretionShot: Rudy vomits up the ball you shoot into his mouth.
* WestminsterChimes: Occurs when the clock hits 11:30.
* WhenTheClockStrikesTwelve: Advancing the clock to midnight causes Rudy to fall asleep.
->'''Rudy:''' "Hey! Close the door!"