The House of Travel is essentially one gigantic vehicle. What kind of vehicle it is exactly is impossible to determine, since it's got a little bit of everything. It has tank treads, wheels, wings, jet engines, dark matter stardrives, and components of every known type of vehicle (and a few unknown). The steering wheel is from an '86 Cavalier, though. Not only is the House of Travel a giant, roving machine, but also serves as a mobile garage, storing and servicing the Pantheon's vehicles. It is, naturally, bigger on the inside. It even features its own set of race tracks where most of the gods of the pantheon sometimes go-kart for fun.

The Travel House is monitored by the Wayfaring Trio, Yukiko, Valerie, and Kino.



* Pantheon/AirBasedTravel
* Pantheon/LandAndSeaTravel
* Pantheon/{{Locations}}
* Pantheon/NonVehicularTravel
* Pantheon/RidingAndControl
* Pantheon/{{Touring}}



!! The Wayfaring Trio
The Guards of the House of Travel

[[folder:Yukiko Amagi]]
'''[[VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} Yukiko Amagi]], Goddess of [[RyokanInn Inns (especially Japanese-styles)]]''' (Yuki-[[UsefulNotes/JapaneseHonorifics chan]], [[PlayingWithFire Amagidyne]], [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Drunkiko]], [[TheHyena Crazy Hyena]], [[VideoGame/Persona4Arena The Unconquerable Snow Black]])
* Lesser Goddess
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IJSgm5FdoY Princess Amagi]]
* Symbol: A miniaturized version of the Amagi Inn
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: [[MamaBear Managing and Protecting]] [[RyokanInn the Amagi Inn]], YamatoNadeshiko [[BewareTheNiceOnes prone to snapping when pushed too far]], [[TheHyena Laughing Fits]], {{Nightmare Fetish|ist}}es, [[PlayingWithFire Fire Magic]], [[WhiteMagicianGirl Healing Magics]], {{Combat Hand Fan}}s, [[LadyOfWar Elegant Fighting]] [[LadyOfBlackMagic and Persona-Summoning]], {{School Idol}}s, [[LadyOfWar Ladies-of-War]] [[LadyInRed in Red]], [[ProperTightsWithASkirt Tights and a Skirt]], Being [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ5bxNUt_Bg a God-tier]] [[TheGadfly troll]] when she feels like it, [[LethalChef Mystery Food X]], those who have faced their {{Shadow Archetype}}s.
* Domain: Travel, Magic, Inns.
* Allies:
** Investigation Team: [[Pantheon/{{Family}} Yu Narukami]], [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Yosuke Hanamura, Kanji Tatsumi]], '''[[Pantheon/{{Costumes}} Chie Satonaka]]''', [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Rise Kujikawa]], [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Teddie]], [[Pantheon/{{Profession}} Naoto Shirogane]]
** Other: [[Pantheon/{{Main House}} Amate]][[Pantheon/{{Nature}} rasu]], Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryuusai, [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Mai Shiranui]], [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Sayaka Miki]], [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Ryuko Matoi]], [[Pantheon/{{Legwear}} Saki Tsuzura]], [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Marie]], [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Zen and Rei]], '''[[Pantheon/{{Family}} Nanako Dojima]]''', [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Ryotaro Dojima]]
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Nyarlathotep]], '''[[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} Terumi Yuuki]]''', [[spoiler:[[Pantheon/CrimeIntermediateGods Tohru Adachi]]]], [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Monokuma and his Mastermind]], [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} the Psycho Rangers]] (particularly [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou Psycho]] [[TheDreaded Pink]]), [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} SHOCKER]]
* Opposed by: [[Pantheon/FireAndElectricity Ghost Rider]], for harboring Amaterasu, whose flight into Ama-no-Iwato was, in Ghost Rider's eyes, a cowardly and grossly inconsiderate act.
* Ascended the moment she drove away {{paparazzi}} from the family inn, all with just threats, which symbolizes her protectiveness of the Inn. She is now actively petitioning for the Inn to be made into a Dominion.
** She and Kanji kicked off the Investigation Team's collective ascension, which was completed when Yosuke ascended into the House of Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} before he and Kanji relocated to the House of Personality.
** [[Pantheon/KnowledgeLesserGods Aya Shameimaru]], being a paparazza herself, is a ''PersonaNonGrata'' at the Inn. Unfortunately for Yukiko, Aya's SuperSpeed allows her to take any pictures she wishes and get out before any one can notice her.
* Terumi hates her because her Persona looks like something he utterly hated (Amaterasu). Likewise, Yukiko hates him for being an utter bastard, dissing her inn, and [[KirkSummation tells him off that all he's doing and rambling about despair and lies were nothing but like a kid throwing a tantrum because he can't get what he wants.]] That's after she let him in her inn… [[{{Troll}} and then purposely messed up the scheduling and such so Terumi didn't have a pleasant 'stay']] (like Yu, Yosuke, Kanji, and Teddie would attest from their experience in the mortal world).
* Is not really advised to go to the comical houses of the Theater since her laughing fits could be endless that way. [[Webcomic/{{Hiimdaisy}} Shut up, it's an endearing character trait.]]
* Still occasionally visits the Food Houses to improve her cooking. As of current, even the Gods fear of what she could create in kitchen, dubbed 'Mystery Food X', and hoped the Food Houses can fix that.
** To proof how deadly her cooking is, she [[VideoGame/PersonaQShadowOfTheLabyrinth once baked cookies]]. In hindsight, it made [[spoiler:a ghost fall in a coma to have nightmares and made a fragment of a ''primordial being'' go catatonic]]! Simply put, ''no one'' even dares to taste her cooking.
* In terms of training, she tends to train with Mai Shiranui, due to [[PaperFanOfDoom their weapon of choice]], [[PlayingWithFire element]], [[YamatoNadeshiko and other]] [[Creator/AmiKoshimizu similar traits]], and she seem to think of her as a CoolBigSis. However, Yukiko flat out ''refused'' when Mai offers her some [[{{Stripperiffic}} clothing tips]], as she's really embarrassed to wear something like that… [[spoiler:in public anyway. If she's in the same room as Yu Narukami, she doesn't seem to mind…]]
** [[spoiler:She even secretly asked Ryuko Matoi to let her borrow Senketsu and show it to Narukami in case the two are alone, together.]]
* At one point, Yukiko decided to seriously try breaking her habit of wearing red all the time, and after much time and effort actually managed to pick out an outfit for herself without so much as a hint of it. Putting it on and looking in the mirror, she realized with a jolt she looked like ''[[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Homura]] [[VideoGame/Persona4Arena Akemi.]]''
* Recently met [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Igor]] for the first time. When questioned about her visit to the Velvet Room, she replied that the atmosphere and cryptic charm of her host was [[NightmareFetishist very enjoyable.]]
* Cried TearsOfJoy when Chie Satonaka ascended to the House of Food. They celebrated with beef bowls and a dip in the hot springs.
** Speaking of which, it's said that their relationship may be [[HoYay more than just friendship]]…
* [[Webcomic/{{Hiimdaisy}} Don't eat her fried tofu.]]
* Having played the saxophone when she was mortal, will occasionally visit the House of Pantheon/{{Music}} to polish her skills and even practice as a band alongside her teammates… when lead singer Rise isn't being [[LoudnessWar interrupted]] by [[Pantheon/MusicIntermediateGods I-No]].
* Aided Sayaka Miki in facing her Shadow in time for the Great Upheaval.
* An unfortunate series of events left Yukiko feared by Hanako Ikezawa of the House of Love. Chie had been introducing Hanako to Yukiko, and the two were hitting it off pretty well when Terumi decided to crash the party as payback for the "Inn"-cident. She managed to mach him insult for insult, before he finally lost his temper and tried to attack her outright. Before Chie could stop her, Yukiko summoned her Persona and turned Terumi into a screaming fireball. Unfortunately, the sight sent Hanako into a panic attack, and nowadays she shies away from Yukiko whenever she approaches, utterly unable to speak. Yukiko has expressed a lot of regret for this: she hadn't noticed Hanako's burns hidden under her hair, and has a sinking feeling that it was what Terumi had been planning all along.
** On the plus side, both Chie and Yukiko find Hanako Ikezawa much more agreeable than their mortal classmate, Hanako Ohtani.
* Following SHOCKER's ascension, Yukiko has stepped up her vow to protect the Amagi Inn should they try anything funny, especially since Skyrider also has a presence in this House.

[[folder:Valerie Frizzle]]
'''[[Literature/TheMagicSchoolBus Ms. Valerie Frizzle]], Goddess of Crazy and Awesome [[ClassTrip Class Trips]]''' (The Frizz)
* Theme Song: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CYIlaOo3JI The Magic School Bus Theme]]
* Lesser Goddess
* Symbol: The Magic School Bus with Liz at the wheel
* Alignment: Chaotic Good
* Portfolio: [[InexplicablyAwesome being incredibly awesome]], [[CloudCuckoolander strange in a good way]], [[CoolTeacher being an awesome teacher]], [[UnlimitedWardrobe having multiple dresses]] [[ExpressiveShirt that symbolizes what she teaches for the day]], [[CasualDangerDialog reacting to danger calmly]], [[MultipleChoicePast having a mysterious past]], [[FieryRedHead excited red-haired person]]
* Domain: Fun, Teaching, Field Trips
* Herald: Liz, her iguana
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Knowledge}} Eikichi Onizuka, The Pagemaster]]
* The Academy needed a teacher to deal with the most important subject in classes: the class trip. No sooner than that, Ms. Frizzle arrived with her bus, and invited the multitude of students for a field trip that the students are still unable to explain for it being that awesome. She immediately got a position in the House of Travel.
** The higher-ups are in wonder of the Magic School Bus in question which is capable of transforming into almost anything, can express emotions, etc. The only thing known is that the person who created it ''wasn't'' magical in any way, shape or form.
* Her motto: "Take chances, make mistakes and get messy!"
* She is interested in how Jack and Annie learn through their tree house and wonders if the two could give lessons to some of the students in the academy through the tree house. Jack and Annie are still considering the offer.
* Gets along well with many of the gods in the House of Knowledge and is interested in planning field trips to some of the strange and bizarre worlds that many of the otherworldly gods live. The Academy is debating on whether or not that's a good thing, though.
* It is ''strictly'' advised that Yukari doesn't get behind the wheel of the Magic School Bus.
* A common theory among many Gods of the Pantheon is that Ms. Frizzle is a Time Lady, with the Bus acting as her TARDIS. [[Pantheon/{{TimeAndSpace}} The Doctor]] has yet to comment on this.

'''[[LightNovel/KinosJourney Kino]], the Goddess [[WalkingTheEarth Who Walks the Earth]]'''
* Theme Music: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLjT89nANvU Beautiful World]]
* Demigoddess (she could have been Goddess of Travel itself, but is much too absorbed with her task)
* Symbol: Hermes, her talking motorcycle
* Alignment: TrueNeutral
* Portfolio: TheGunslinger, {{Bifauxnen}}, AdventureTowns, [[ABoyAndHisX A Traveler and her Talking Motorcycle]], BewareTheNiceOnes, LegacyCharacter, OnlyOneName
* Domains: Girls, Travelers, Motorcycles
* Followers: [[Series/DoctorWho Martha Jones]]
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Profession}} Bartz Klauser]], [[Pantheon/{{Happiness}} Wander]], [[Pantheon/{{Hair}} Ami Mizuno/Salior Mercury]], [[Pantheon/{{Calmness}} Yuri Tsukikage/Cure Moonlight]], [[Pantheon/{{Weather}} Ororo Munroe/Storm]]
* Assumed the role from the previous Kino, who died saving this Kino from her brainwashed parents.
* Has traveled with all the gods in the pantheon... for two nights and 3 days. Sometimes can be seen with either Bartz or Wander, who also do traveling on their own.
* Once managed to [[MemeticMutation simply walk into Mordor]]. Then, even more impressively, managed to walk out unscathed.
* Many have wondered if she is still active given the fact that she hasn't been answering their calls. She has stated that she is still active. She's just busy traveling, that's all.
* She is a little disturbed that some [[CargoShip pair her up with her motorcycle]].
* Has been given repeated requests to play '''[[MemeticMutation CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES]]''' with [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearanceOther Yusei Fudo]]. All of the requests have been ignored so far.
* More recently, [[VideoGame/DengekiBunkoFightingClimax she has been providing assistance for some gods in a series of battles]].
** Speaking of which, some have noticed that [[Creator/AyaHisakawa her voice]] [[TheOtherDarrin sounds different compared to her original adventures]]. A few even noted the vocal similarities between her and [[Pantheon/{{Hair}} Sailor Mercury]], [[Pantheon/{{Calmness}} Cure Moonlight]], and even [[Pantheon/{{Weather}} Storm]]. She is on good terms with the three because of this.