'''Time and Space'''

There isn't actually a House of Time and Space per se. All of the deities in it are always constantly hopping through space and time, whether it is to change the timeline, to better themselves, or just to go where no man has gone before. Either way, one would be hard pressed to find a deity from this house, as they are always in a different place at a different time, or as the deities of Time and Space would say, at every possible place at every possible time...


'''[[Creator/HPLovecraft Yog-Sothoth]], Time and Space Incarnate''' (The All in One, the Key and the Gate)
* Outer God
* Symbol: a collection of iridescent glowing spheres
* Alignment: TrueNeutral
* Portfolio: EldritchAbomination, The KingOfAllCosmos, StarfishAliens
* Allies: the other Outer Gods and Great Old Ones, [[spoiler: Randolph Carter]].
* Followers: any wizard or sorcerer worth his salt, [[Anime/DigimonTamers Hypnos and Grani]]
* Domains: Time, Space, Time and Space, Beyond Time and Space

'''[[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]], God (and Lord) of Time''' (Theta Sigma, The Last of The Time Lords, The Oncoming Storm, Ka-Faraq-Gatri, Destroyer of Worlds, Bane of Nightmares, John Smith, The Lonely God, Christo, The Sainted Physician, The Raggedy Doctor, The Man Who Gives Monsters Nightmares, The Madman With A Box, Predator of the Daleks, Doctor Who?, The Caretaker, [[spoiler: The War Doctor, The Valeyard]], and "Get Off This Planet".)
* Time Lord and Greater God (though doesn't want to be called as such after an unfortunate incident that he is now rather ashamed about...)
* Symbol: A Police call box with slightly oversized windows. Also the Holy Sonic Screwdriver. Recently added is the Psychic Paper.
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ1kRxgKft4 Doctor Who]]
* Alignment: Varies, (Usually CG, NG, or LG, sometimes CN), but at the end of the day, [[NeutralGood True Good]] is guaranteed.
* Portfolio: Main/AdventureTowns, Main/{{Alternate Universe}}s, Magic Tools, Main/ObfuscatingStupidity, Main/RubberForeheadAliens, Time, [[Main/ZeppelinsFromAnotherWorld Zeppelins]], BadassBoasts, RedBaron, TheDreaded, IndyPloy, TricksterArchetype
* Allies: Rory Williams [[spoiler: his father in law]], Ace [[spoiler: The Defender of Time]], all of his many companions.
* Enemies: The Master, [[Pantheon/{{Royalty}} Rassilon]], [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Omega]], [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} The Beast]], The Daleks
* Followers: See the WMG/GrandUnifyingGuesses page. [[Literature/{{Discworld}} Lu-Tze]] does not consider following the Doctor to conflict with the Way of Mrs Cosmopolite. He also has all of his companions from various parts of time and space, collectively known as [[RedBaron The Children Of Time]].
* Domains: Knowledge, Renewal, Repose, Time, Travel, Any Science You Care To Name.
* The Lord of Time has [[Main/TheNthDoctor many faces]], but can always be identified by his symbols. Usually travels with a mortal companion (or two).
** Recently, rumors have surfaced stating that he may have spent some time as [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic a pony]].
* The Lord of Time has changed his secondary holy symbol several times depending on his aspect. "Currently" it's a blue Cromble coat. Past symbols include a wooden cane, a recorder, a velvet cloak, an overly-long scarf/a bag of jelly babies, a stalk of celery, a vibrantly multicoloured patchwork coat and a cat badge, an umbrella with a red question mark handle, a pair of shoes, a bandolier, a black leather jacket, a brown trenchcoat and a [[BowtiesAreCool bowtie]] or a fez.
* For a God, he actually doesn't spend that much time in the Pantheon. The rest of the Universe is ''that'' much more fun to him.
* It should be known that of all his titles, he prefers to be called "The Doctor" over any of the others, and, especially [[Recap/DoctorWhoNSS4E16TheWatersOfMars after an incident he was rather ashamed of in his tenth incarnation]], he specifically does not want to be referred to as a "God".
* In a future incarnation in one continuity is God of FutureMeScaresMe.
* Incidentally, his name is also the answer to a question that must never be answered. [[note]]For doing so will restore Gallifrey and leave it helpless towards its enemies.[[/note]]
* [[Creator/DavidTennant He]] is also his own [[Creator/PeterDavison father-in-law]], having married [[Creator/GeorgiaMoffett his daughter]].

'''[[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries James T. Kirk]], God of Space''' (Captain Kirk, William...Shatner, [[BostonLegal Denny Crane]])
* Greater God
* Symbol: The Starfleet Logo.
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: [[TheGoodCaptain Good Captains]], {{Dramatic Pause}}s, {{Large Ham}}s, [[BeamMeUpScotty Orders To Beam Up (And Down) from Scotty]], {{Kirk Summation}}s.
* Domain: Air, [[KirksRock Cavern]], Moon.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Spock]], [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} McCoy]], [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Scotty]].
* Acquired Seventeen Temporal Violations, the most of any Starfleet Captain.
* Is famous for having ''*ahem*'' relations with at least 50 women from every universe in the multiverse (with a few exceptions), garnering him some [[IncrediblyLamePun punny]] [[TheCasanova but accurate]] nicknames that for the sake of good taste shall be ommitted here.
** When [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Lieutenant Mary Sue]] returned to the Pantheon proper, he tried to seduce her... however, she's biased that Kirk is still a pervert.

'''[[{{Exalted}} Mercury, Maiden of Journeys]]'''
* Greater Goddess
* Symbol: A yellow astrological sign of Mercury
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: [[TheThreeFacesOfEve The]] [[strike:[[TheThreeFacesOfEve Three]]]] [[ArcNumber Five]] [[TheThreeFacesOfEve Faces Of Eve]], [[FateAndProphecyTropes Fate]], Stars, [[IDidWhatIHadToDo Necessity]], [[InMysteriousWays Inscrutable Plans]], {{Koan}}s, WalkingTheEarth, [[VehicleTropes Vehicles]] [[TravelCool Cool And Otherwise]], [[TeleportationTropes Teleportation]]
* Domains: Balance, Celerity, Destiny, Fate, Good, Liberation, Oracle, Patience, Planning, Portal, Travel
* Allies: The Unconquered Sun, Luna, the other Maidens
* Followers: The Sidereal Exalted, particularly the Chosen of Journeys
* Mercury is nominally the head of this House, regulating its activities in accordance with [[Pantheon/{{Prophecy}} her sisters]] and the needs of Fate. She takes a light hand, though, partly because she's almost constantly traveling herself, and partly because of the Doctor, who has at least as much authority in this House.

'''[[Series/{{Heroes}} Hiro Nakamura]], God of TimeTravel''' (Carp)
* Demigod
* Symbol: Takezo Kensei sword. Alternately, a [[Main/ProductPlacement Nissan Versa]].
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Portfolio: {{Fan Boy}}s (especially Those Who Have [[AscendedFanboy Ascended]]), {{Geek}}s, [[TeleportersAndTransporters Teleporters]], [[BewareTheNiceOnes Nice Ones to Wary of]]
* Domain: Air, Courage, Time, Travel
* Followers: Crono (''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger''), Monica Raybrandt (''VideoGame/DarkCloud''), Stocke (''VideoGame/RadiantHistoria'')
* Allies: Mikuru, Sam Beckett, [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Aradia Megido]], [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Dave Strider]]
* After faithfully serving The Doctor and Kirk by spreading their teachings through time and space, he was rewarded with Ascension. Yatta!

'''[[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Mr. Game & Watch]], Avatar of {{Hammerspace}}, Lord of the Second Dimension, Ruler of Handheld Games, The Elder Creation of Nintendo'''
* Overdeity (All those who were born in 2-D answer to him first. Even Mario)
* Symbol: Mr. Game & Watch waving his Scepter of Power. It only ''looks'' like a bell
* Alignment: TrueNeutral
* Portfolio: {{Hammerspace}}, [[ImprovisedWeapon Use of everything From Torches to Turtles to Fish to Buckets of Oil and Everything In Between]], {{Flat Character}}s ([[PaperPeople literally]]), {{Secret Character}}s, {{Hyperspace Mallet}}s
* Domains: Darkness (he ''is'' monochrome, after all), Mechanus
* Followers: All who were born in 2-D. Most famously Mario, Link, and Samus
* Opposed by: Tabuu. Mr. Game & Watch spends much of his time trying to catch up to Tabuu and get his revenge for Tabuu making him the [[ThatOneBoss worst boss ever]]. Also, [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} the King of Dotnia]], for being able to move in one more dimension.
* Likes to show off his pan-dimensional Mismatched Sock Collection, made up of every sock in all of time and space that has ever been lost in the wash.
* Whatever you do, do NOT mess with this guy. Besides being able to wield all Hyperspace Mallets and control all [[TelescopingRobot robotic implements that are too big to fit into a robot's body]], he also has many, ''many'', favors from Mario, Link, Sonic, Pac-Man, Pit, all who gained their greatness in 2-D, Deadpool, (G&W taught Deadpool the fourth wall's weaknesses), Solid Snake, and all non-CGI cartoon characters. You have been warned. If you don't want your butt kicked into the next-century, and just want to see Spongebob vs. Deadpool, you can ask him.
* It's possible that if he really wanted to, Game & Watch could cash in all his favors, battle Batman for the title of God of Preparations, and win, proving himself the most powerful being under the Main House.
** Batman read this, and is now preparing for this possibility. [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Nice one]].
*** But given the above, doesn't Batman ''himself'' owe a favor or two? He's a cartoon character, too...
*** Well, comic book character, but the principle's still the same.

'''Creator/JohnCarmack, Avatar of {{First Person Shooter}}s and Online Multiplayer, Lord of the Third Dimension, Ruler of PC Games'''
* Overdeity (Most of those who were born in 3-D and those who were born in the FirstPersonShooter realm consider him as the 'tribal elder', and will obey him if circumstances allow it. Yes, even Master Chief.)
* Symbol: A shotgun crossing a Playstation paddle in a square khaki field.
* Alignment: NeutralGood, though MoralGuardians call him ChaoticEvil
* Portfolio: [[TropeCodifier Popularizing]] the FirstPersonShooter genre, Developing a lot of the technologies, especially BSP trees, that are practically essential to modern video games, even on consoles, and ''still at it'', being an [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot aerospace engineer]] aside from video game developer
* Domains: The 3-D realm, 4th-Gen videogames (his games debuted during the 4th Generation of Video Games), PC Videogames, FirstPersonShooter, Online Multiplayer
* Followers: Every videogame character born in 3-D, every [[AllCGICartoon CG cartoon]] and {{Machinima}} character, every FirstPersonShooter character.
* High Priest: [[Pantheon/{{War}} The Doom Marine]], [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} William "B.J." Blazkowicz]]
* Allies: Mr. Game & Watch, Master Chief, William "B.J." Blazkowicz, Gordon Freeman, the Team Fortress 2 characters.
* Opposed by: The MoralGuardians who bash on ''{{VideoGame/Doom}}'' and ''Wolfenstein3D'', [[VideoGame/Wolfenstein3D Mecha Hitler]]
* Likes to show off his pan-dimensional Gun Collection, made up of every gun in all of time and space that has ever been made.
* Whatever you do, do NOT mess with this guy. Besides owning [[HyperspaceArsenal every kind of weapon imaginable]] and having access to all items held in his ever-expanding HyperspaceArsenal, he also has many, ''many'', favors from Master Chief, Gordon Freeman, William "B.J." Blazkowicz, The Team Fortress characters, and various others who gained their greatness in 3-D.
* Being the 3D counterpart to Mr. Game & Watch, both Carmack and Mr. Game & Watch share a mutual friendship with each other.
* John Carmack is also an [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot aeronautical engineer]] at the company he founded, Armadillo Aerospace. The company won the $350,000 Level One X-Prize Lunar Lander Challenge in October 2008.
* Has won numerous awards and gained recognition.
* Aside from developing technologies that are essential to modern videogames, [=PC=]s and consoles, he is researching on "sparse voxel octrees" for the upcoming Id Tech 6 engine.
* Recently is currently bidding to add Virtual Reality to his title after [[spoiler:he transitioned from Id Software to Oculus to focus on a new development: the Oculus Rift]]. Only time will tell if it becomes a success.

'''[[SuperMarioGalaxy Rosalina]], [[KingOfAllCosmos Mother of the Stars]]''' (Rosetta)
* Leitmotif: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqqYECCYohY "Rosalina's Theme" (Super Mario Galaxy 2 Version)]].
* Greater Goddess
* Symbol: A Power Star surrounded by a multitude of Lumas, alternatively the Comet Observatory.
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Portfolio: [[Really700YearsOld Likely to be Centuries Old]], BlindingBangs, [[CoolStarship the Comet Observatory]], [[TearJerker very sad backstories]], [[MissingMom moms that are]] [[NeverSayDie sleeping underneath the tree on the hill]], [[HiddenDepths having a love for motorcycles]], [[ActionMom mothers who can kick ass]] [[BadassFamily with her Luma children]].
* Domains: The Cosmos, Stars.
* Followers: The Mushroom Kingdom.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/MainHouse M]][[Pantheon/{{Commerce}} a]][[Pantheon/{{Theater}} r]][[Pantheon/{{Gaming}} io, Lui]][[Pantheon/{{Family}} gi]], [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} Yoshi]], [[Pantheon/{{Royalty}} Princess Peach, Princess Daisy]], [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Peter Pan]], Yuki Jojima.
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} Bowser]].
* Rosalina is responsible for populating the universes with stars, planets, and galaxies. She raises creatures called Lumas in a starship known as the Comet Observatory. These Lumas, when they mature, eventually transform into various celestial objects ranging from small planets to entire galaxies.
* Rosalina visits her planet of origin, the Mushroom World, once every century. The inhabitants of the Mushroom World celebrate her coming in a festival known as the Star Festival.
* Though Rosalina has no High Priest, {{Moviebob}} has volunteered several times, though Rosalina kindly declined his offers, believing he is not meant for a duty with such a heavy toll on mortals. Moviebob agreed but remains loyal to her.
* Enjoys having Yuki Jojima for company and likes her for entertaining the Lumas with her singing and her knowledge of space. However, she's trying to get adjusted to Yuki's friend [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Gentaro]], after the latter began to cry non-stop upon hearing her backstory.
** In fact, many people who have had the chance to hear how she came to tend for the Lumas cried buckets and the Lumas had to come in to cart in humongous boxes of tissues.
* Can sometimes be seen in the House of Travel racing people on her motorcycle.
* With the advent of the fourth Smash Tournament... she's ready to kick butts for the first time ever.
** She also [[Videogame/SuperMario3DWorld recently aided]] Mario, Luigi, Peach [[AndZoidberg and Blue Toad]], on a mad trek to stop Bowser from taking over the Sprixie Kingdom.

'''[[Series/QuantumLeap Dr. Samuel Beckett]], God of Leaping''' (96 different names...and counting)
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: Quantum Leap Accelerator
* Alignment: Neutral Good
* Portfolio: [[BodySurf Leaping From Life to Life]], [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong Setting Right What Once Went Wrong]], [[IJustWantToBeNormal Hoping Each Time That His Next Leap Will Be the Leap Home]]
* Domains: Knowledge, Technology, Time, Travel
* Allies: Hiro
* Recipients of Powers Like His: [[TheGirlWhoLeaptThroughTime Makoto Konno]] (minor; her powers can't take her forward or backward more than a single Earth day at a time), [[VideoGame/GhostTrick Sissel]] (who can jump to 4 minutes before any death, provided it was within 24 hours; and works to reverse it. This has caused...paperwork within Pantheon/LifeAndDeath.)
* Dr. Samuel Beckett has never returned home. Chances are, Yuko had something to do with it.
* [[KingdomOfLoathing Possibly in the Kingdom of Loathing,]] [[http://kol.coldfront.net/thekolwiki/index.php/Count_Bakula surrounded by poorly-drawn stick figures and driven by an unknown force to DRINK HUMAN BLOOD.]]

'''[[Franchise/TheDarkTower Roland Deschain]], God of [[StableTimeLoop Cyclic Time]]''' (Roland of Gilead, The Gunslinger, The Last Gunslinger)
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: Two revolvers and a rose in front of a sooty black tower
* Alignment: Lawful Good
* Portfolio: [[TrueCompanions Ka-tets]], [[TheGunslinger Gunslingers]], [[LastOfHisKind Last Survivors]], [[WelcomeToTheRealWorld Meeting One's Maker]], [[{{Determinator}} Determinators]], The WildWest
* Domains: Quests, Guns, Cowboys, Time
* Followers: Bill Preston and Ted Logan (''BillAndTedsExcellentAdventure''), Shirou Emiya (''[[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Fate/stay night]]'')
* Enemies: Lord Chaos, [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Randall Flagg]]
* Ascended to godhood after climbing to the top of Franchise/TheDarkTower; however, he is not yet aware of this, as he is still trapped in a Main/StableTimeLoop.
* The Man In Black ascended to The Pantheon and The Gunslinger followed.

'''[[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} Philip J. Fry]], God of [[HumanPopsicle Cryostasis]]'''
* Demigod
* Symbol: Bachelor Chow
* Alignment: Chaotic Good
* Portfolio: Main/{{Human Popsicle}}s, Main/{{Rip Van Winkle}}s, Main/{{Loser Protagonist}}s, Main/{{Unlucky Everydude}}s, Main/{{Non Action Guy}}s
* Domains: Pizza Delivery, Eating, Sleeping
* Followers: AustinPowers
* Survived after being encased in a tube for 1000 years (something David Blaine could never hope to accomplish). He is so far the only individual in the Pantheon who is [[MyOwnGrampa his own grandfather]]. Take that, Doctor!

'''[[Series/{{Sliders}} Quinn Mallory]], God of [[AlternateUniverse Inter-dimensional Travel]]'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A Timer
* Alignment: Lawful Good
* Portfolio: {{Alternate Universe}}s, [[YouCantGoHomeAgain Never Returning Home]], [[WalkingTheEarth Traveling From Universe To Universe]]
* Domains: Travel, Time, Space
* Allies: Wade Welles, Professor Arturo, Rembrandt Brown (each of them non-ascended demigods of Inter-dimensional Travel), Gary Hobson, Trunks
* Always wished to have a crossover with a Popular Movie or TV Show. Unfortunately, {{Fox}} [[ExecutiveMeddling stopped him.]] The Pantheon has given him that opportunity a few times though.
* For all the worlds he and his fellow sliders have slid to, not once have they ran into fellow multiverse traveler [[Series/KamenRiderDecade Tsukasa]] [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Kadoya]].
* He's only been to the pantheon a few times, each time he had to leave when his timer went off and another portal opened. He may be living proof that every universe has it's own unique Troper Pantheon; shortly before he left last he was overheard muttering something about remembering [[WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventures Elmyra]] being a FriendToAllLivingThings and [[{{Literature/Twilight}} Edward Cullen]] being the God of Badass Vampires last time he was here...making this extremely likely.
** Of course, it is also extremely likely that whenever Quinn shows up in the Pantheon, it's never the same Quinn from the same universe.
* He was particularly puzzled when meeting some of the [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic pony]] deities, saying "Grown men watch My Little Pony in this universe? Woah, I've ''really'' slid into a strange world this time."
* The Kromaggs tried to follow him into the Pantheon during his last visit; fortunately Gary Hobson warned Quinn of their invasion upon his arrival after reading about it in tomorrow's newspaper and the two of them enlisted some strong members of the GUAG (the Doctor, Batman, Popeye and Trunks among them) to annihilate the invading Kromaggs, thus saving the Pantheon from the evil forces of SeasonalRot.

'''[[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Dio Brando]], [[TimeStandsStill Manipulator of the Flow of Time]]'''
* Greater God
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZPHwZmjEVU Voodoo Kingdom]], [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opC2Uig9RY0 Weakling, Weakling]], [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02H7iTkEqQ4 DIO's World]] or [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKBdDFGUglw His]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU68v09ifG0 themes]] from the Capcom fighting game.
* Symbol: A giant steamroller.
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil
* Portfolio: {{Bad Ass}}ery, TheCasanova, [[TimeStandsStill Stopping Time]], {{Kiai}}, MemeticMutation
* Domains: Time, Vampirism
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Enrico Pucci]], Justice, Sakuya Izayoi
* Followers: [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaChroniclesOfSorrow Zephyr]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII Ultimecia]], [[VideoGame/HalfMinuteHero the Time Goddess]], [[VideoGame/TalesOfGraces Cheria Barnes]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan2 Flash Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan4 Bright Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan6 Centaur Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaManX5 Dark Dizzy]]
* [[HeadbuttingHeroes Headbutting Villains]] with: Yuuki Terumi.
* Enemies: '''[[Pantheon/{{Power}} Jotaro Kujo]]''', [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Jonathan Joestar]], Homura Akemi.
* Although his domain is theoretically quite limited, Dio's ability to act when everything else is stopped makes him quite dangerous, even without his equally-skilled followers. His pupil Sakuya, however, has displayed signs of potentially exceeding his abilities, especially with her mistress backing her...
* When you hear his battle cry ("ZA WARUDO!") give yourself plenty of time to run, or else you will be crushed under a giant steamroller.
* Recently has been taking tips from his pupil Sakuya on how to abuse the [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Hong Meiling]]. Dio enjoys stabbing her forehead with some of his knives thrice a day.
* Sakuya's mistress Remilia introduced Dio to [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Dracula]]. Being a fellow vampire, Dio quickly tolerated him and accepted one of Drac's minion Zephyr as one of his pupils.
* Has expressed disdain against [[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} Terumi]] for apparently copying his motives, as well as his racism towards Dio's "kinsmen". He has recently gotten a little satisfied when he saw someone called [[http://www.youtube.com/user/QuartrGuy/videos The Quarter Guy]], who used to call him to drop a steamroller on anyone the latter doesn't like, and Terumi happens to be a target.
* Once tried to goad Kurei to become allies with him, due to his share of what Kurei entailed: [[EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas His love for his mom]]. However, Kurei flat out shot down his offer in disgust, telling Dio that his utter depravity made his love for his mother insignificant and unworthy of his allegiance. In rage, Dio declared his enmity and the two of them have become enemies.
* He's not pleased that Jotaro Kujo, one of his foes, ascended.

'''[[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Tabuu]], Avatar of Subspace'''
* Intermediate Deity, though he poses more of a Greater Deity to Overdeity threat to people inside Subspace
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeT6YUqW96M Subspace Emissary Boss Battle Theme 2]]
* Symbol: The Subspace Emblem
* Alignment: Neutral Evil
* Portfolio: {{Dimension Lord}}s, {{SNK Boss}}es, {{OneHitKill}}s, [[WhipItGood Cosmic Whips]], EyeBeams, [[ManBehindTheMan Villains concealed behind other villains]], [[TheFaceless Faceless and]] [[TheVoiceless voiceless villains]], [[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere totally unforeshadowed villains]].
* Domains: Subspace, Destruction
* Enemies: Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, Samus Aran, Link, Captain Falcon, Ness, Kirby, Fox [=McCloud=], Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Yoshi, Marth, Sonic the Hedgehog, Solid Snake, Mr. Game & Watch
* The manifestation of the plane of Subspace, which he has total control over, but cannot leave "himself".
* Once attempted to pull the world of the mortals into his own domain in order to expand his influence. His plans involved bombs and {{Cool Ship}}s that ''weaponized spacetime''. This resulted in the death of Master Hand (who will come back!), former god of {{Intercontinuity Crossover}}s, and the awakening of Mr. Game & Watch to his godly powers. He was eventually beaten back in an UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny after being weakened by Sonic who at the time was of the Fallen Heroes, whose title of God of Speed was temporarily reinstated out of respect. Tabuu remains quite angered by this humiliation and plots his next move.
* May be responsible for the creation of [[http://www.speedhost.com/~enigma/comics/archive.php?date=031224 Space Time Butterflies]].

'''[[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Yukari Yakumo]], [[BarrierMaiden Guardian]] of the [[RealityWarper Boundaries of]] Time And Space'''
* Greater Goddess
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNIPHL0Qy3Y Night Falls ~ Evening Star]]. When she is bit more serious, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=195XntreoMc Necrofantasia]]
* Symbol: An umbrella near one of her gaps.
* Alignment: True Neutral
* Portfolio: {{Barrier Maiden}}s, [[SuperpowerLottery Boundary Manipulation]], AncientTradition, [[RealityWarper Reality Warping]], HeavySleeper, [[TheChessmaster Chess Mistress]].
* Domains: Space, Boundary, Barrier
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Philosophy}} Reimu Hakurei]], [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Yuyuko Saigyouji]], Setsuko Ohara, Yuko Ichihara, Rika Furude, Oyashiro-Sama
* Opposes: Bernkastel and the rest of Trollkaiger
* She is one of the few Gods who can annihilate the entire Pantheon realm, alongside the likes of the Holy Trope Trinity. Good thing she doesn't like such responsibilities, as she sleeps almost all of the time.
** Though recently The Wiki/SCPFoundation, has a few agents watching Yukari, just in case she decided that it would be better if the Pantheon 'disappeared'.
* Her ally (most of the time) is Reimu Hakurei, the guardian of the barrier between the human and spirit worlds, who, oddly enough, is just as lazy as Yukari is (sometimes they [[ThereIsOnlyOneBed sleep]] [[LesYay together]] when they're not sharing a SpotOfTea or [[BulletHell attempting to shower each other with bullets]]).
* After finding out 2 rather unstable [[RealityWarper Reality Warpers]] in form of Setsuko Ohara and Suzumiya Haruhi, Yukari has agreed to guide them to keep their powers in check, even though they're in a different house, because borders between Houses to her are a piece of cake. That is, if she's awake.
* She and Yuyuko often meet for tea. [[LesYay Presumably just tea.]]
* Despite claims to the contrary, Yukari Yakumo does not consider Mildred Avalon a threat, and would just get Reimu and Marisa after her if she did anything. [[UnknownRival Any rivalry is one-sided.]] However, Yukari has been said to have shown concern over the Witch of Miracles, [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Bernk]][[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} astel]]- because both of them are powerful, reality warping trolls, but she knows that Bern is a complete and total sociopath, and it might be inevitable that they will battle each other someday. Since a battle of Probability versus Boundaries is a fight that can cause division by zero, Yukari has quietly begun hatching a plan to as she puts it "set the probability of Bernkatsel's victory over myself to zero". The plan starts with Bernkatsel's former self, [[VisualNovel/HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi Rika Furude]].
** Making this plan easier is the discovery that Rika wants her sociopathic EnemyWithout gone. Rika has gone as far as to tell Yukari exactly how Bernkastel is formed and how to go about destroying her.
* Has a train dubbed "The Yukari Express."
* Her position is a general understatement of her powers. She can manipulate borders on [[SemanticSuperpower anything she wishes to.]] She decides to just stick to this position because its easier to her that way.
** Her powers allow her to be one of the biggest {{Troll}}s in the Pantheon. From teleporting objects and people around to appearing and dissapearing whenever she likes, she has done a lot to many gods. However, she only does this out of boredom and doesn't mean any serious harm. In fact, she has done some pranks to the ''Trollkaigers'' notably forwards Bernkastel.

'''[[Manga/XxxHOLiC Yuko Ichihara]], Goddess of TheMultiverse and EquivalentExchange''' (The Dimensional Witch)
* Greater Goddess
* Symbol: A black Mokona
* Alignment: Lawful Neutral
* Portfolio: [[AlternateUniverse Alternate Universes]], [[MassiveMultiplayerCrossover Really Big Crossovers]], [[BecauseDestinySaysSo Hitsuzen]], TheLittleShopThatWasntThereYesterday, [[{{Crossover}} Crossovers]], OmniscientMoralityLicense, [[Main/LiteralGenie Manipulative Genies]], [[EquivalentExchange Prices Equal To The Wish]], [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor Wishes Gone Wrong]], CanonWelding, Being DeadAllAlong
* Domains: Knowledge, Travel, Fate, Trade, Balance
* Managed to get her first position and pantheon by cheating them off of its former God, Sora (now God of [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Light]]). He isn't brave enough to try and take it back.
* Has been dead for several hundred years now, but the entire crew of Pantheon reapers is too scared of screwing with her to come and collect.
* Has lately taken a life insurance policy, was angered to find out that being DeadAllAlong insured her nothing from said policy. Has been annoyed at one, Kyubey ever since.

'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyI Lord Chaos]], God of [[Main/TemporalParadox Temporal Paradoxes]]''' (Garland, Walker of the Wheel, The God of Discord, Feral Chaos)
* Greater God
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeY7z8Ij6NU Chaos -Last Battle-]], [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzIhBcYtcWs God in Fire]] (if pushed into becoming Feral Chaos)
* Symbol: The Stigma of Chaos
* Alignment: Chaotic Evil (of course)
* Portfolio: [[ElementalPowers Elementally Themed]] [[FourIsDeath Teams of Four]], [[OneWingedAngel Transformations]] [[AmazingTechnicolorBattlefield Amazing Technicolor Battlefields]], DemonicPossession, [[IntercontinuityCrossover Intercontinuity Crossovers]], NorioWakamoto, {{Reincarnation}}, [[spoiler:{{Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum}}s]], [[spoiler:{{Psycho Prototype}}s]]
* Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Diabolic, Domination, Evil, Renewal, Time, Tyranny
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Exdeath]], [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Kefka Palazzo]], [[Pantheon/{{Shape}} Sephiroth]], [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Kuja]], [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Jecht]], Garland, [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Golbez]], and [[Pantheon/{{Leadership}} Emperor Mateus Palamecia]]
* Followers: Holds sway over a truely formidable range of minions, including, but not limited to - [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyI the Four Elemental Fiends]], [[Anime/FinalFantasyUnlimited the Four Lords of Gaudium, Makenshi]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIII the Cloud of Darkness]], and [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII Ultimecia]]. Was at one time served also by [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII Judge Gabranth]], whom currently holds the title of "Hell's Watchdog" and guards the entrance to the House of the Fallen.
* Ascended to godhood after ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'' revealed he has created a time paradox that allowed him to become a god able to call any villain in the ''Final Fantasy'' multiverse to serve his whims. Not even the [[ClockRoaches Killer Flying Time Monkeys]] could figure it out, much less do anything about it. When the Doctor was asked to explain it, he merely replied with [[Main/TimeyWimeyBall "wibbly wobbly, timey wimey...stuff"]]. [[ContinuitySnarl Conflicting information]] on the matter suggests that even the people who ''should'' know, including Chaos himself, don't fully understand where he really came from or how he enacted his time travel paradox.
* Using his power over time, Chaos has summoned his former persona Garland to his side as his right-hand man. If Chaos is ever destroyed somehow, he shall be reborn through Garland and call him back to his side through time once again. Should anything happen to Garland, he has appointed [[Anime/FinalFantasyUnlimited Earl Tyrant]] and [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Vincent Valentine]] as back-up vessels. One can't be too careful when playing with the space-time continuum, after all.
** Recently Garland has earned his own seperate throne within the House of Time and Space, though this connection is still in effect for the two of them.
* Has an [[VideoGame/ChronoTrigger executive assistant]] whom remains anonymous, but who [[Pantheon/{{Evil}} Black Mage]] refers to as [[Webcomic/EightBitTheater "Darko, the Dark God of the Dark"]]. When Black Mage questioned "Darko" on whether evil had middle management, he replied ''"Are you kidding? That's all we are."''
* It is believed by some that after being reborn enough times and being pushed to the brink of defeat, Chaos will go berserk and transform into "Feral Chaos", gaining power strong enough to rival Melkor's but stripping him of all sanity and causing him to kill anything in his path, good and evil alike. Seeing as how the absolute interpretation of ChaoticEvil doesn't leave much room for teamwork, most of the other evil deities are wary of him in case this ever comes to pass.
* Chaos' Garland persona contests [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Cloud's]] pre-eminence over swords.
* [[BerserkButton Do not, under any circumstances, mistake for]] [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} The four Gods of Chaos.]]
** And ''especially'' do not confuse him with [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Discord,]] [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic the Spirit of Chaos.]]
* Shares a highly antagonistic relationship with the previously mentioned Discord due to the similarities in their names and titles. Chaos thinks Discord is an immature brat, who in turn thinks of him as too serious and grim.

'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXI Diabolos]], Master of the Main/DarkWorld'''
* Lesser God (Once in his own realm, however, his power is greater)
* Symbol: A Never-Ending Hourglass
* Alignment: TrueNeutral
* Portfolio: [[Main/DarkWorld Darkened Realms]], [[Main/DreamWeaver Ruler of Dreams]], Main/SummonMagic, [[OurGargoylesRock Gargoyle]]
* Domains: Dimensions, Dreams, Pacts
* Eons ago, Diabolos had seeked an escape from the [[DarkWorld emptiness]], so he had focused his powers to create the realm of Dynamis, and all was thought to be good. There were a few snags regarding mortals being sucked into his domain, but he did not understand the scope of his creation until he reached the Pantheons, where it was easy to see his supposed Vana'diel-sized Dynamis was actually ''an enormous alternate dimension'', spanning the multiverse. And eons of no supervision had caused many, many parts of it to be taken over by other beings, most of them not very nice. As such, Diabolos is spending all of his time cleaning up the mess he made, although some heroes end up doing the job for him.

'''[[Film/GroundhogDay Phil Connors]], God of [[GroundhogDayLoop Repetition]]'''
* Demigod
* Symbol: Punxatawney Phil
* Alignment: Neutral Evil yesterday; Neutral Good tomorrow.
* Portfolio: Weatherman, Hater of Groundhogs, Survivor of the single longest day of anyone's life
* Domains: Weather, Time, Travel, Immortality
* Followers: Hanyuu (''VisualNovel/HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi''), [[spoiler: Sumika Kagami (''MuvLuvAlternative'')]]
* Enemies: The SOS Brigade (except Haruhi), but especially Yuki Nagato for being forced to repeat two weeks 15,532 times along this idea.
* Then put your little hand in mine/There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb.
* Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cuz it's ''coooooooold'' out there today.
* It's cold out there every day! What is this, Miami Beach?
* Not hardly!

'''[[Manga/SailorMoon Setsuna Meioh]], Guardian of the Gates of Time''' (Sailor Pluto, Trista)
* Lesser Goddess
* Symbol: The Garnet Rod and Garnet Orb
* Alignment: LawfulNeutral
* Portfolio: OmniscientMoralityLicense, {{Magical Girl}}s
* Allies: The Sailor Senshi
* Currently in danger of [[PlutoIsExpendable being kicked out from the Pantheon]] for... reasons left unknown.
* Rumoured to be descended from Chronos himself

'''[[Main/{{Mezzacotta}} The Hyperstig]], Lord of All [[TimeAbyss Old Beings]]'''
* Overdiety
* Symbol: The word mezzacotta and its International Phonetic Alphabet pronounciation.
* Alignment: TrueNeutral
* Portfolio: [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Nonsencial talkings]], TimeAbyss, ''[[ArchiveBinge Ultimate]]'' ArchiveBinge, DadaComics, Ultimate application of SturgeonsLaw
* He is older than everyone in the pantheon, and everything in the universe. The observation by other dieties on his work suggest that he is ''9 trillion'' times older than the universe itself.
* No one, '''''NO ONE''''' knows how is he able to predict the existence of International Phonetic Alphabet system, the Internet, DungeonsAndDragons, Webcomics, and everything he use. Not even [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} The Question]] knows.
* All we know is, he's called The Hyperstig.

'''[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWars Cobray Gordon]], The Divine [[TimePolice Time Diver]]''' (Time Diver, Ayin)
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: Chibi Dis-Astranagant
* Alignment: Neutral good
* Portfolio: TimePolice, former [[AmnesiacDissonance Identity Crisis]], [[GrandTheftMe Body Possession]], HumongousMecha
* Domains: Time, Space, War
* Followers: Rip Hunter (DCComics), Morbius M. Morbius (MarvelComics), Agent Daniels (''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'')
* Allies: Yuko Ichihara, Setsuna Meio, Yukari Yakumo
* Cobray took over the place from his soon-to-be-follower Rip Hunter as he proves that there are many Rips, but there is only one Time Diver... Cobray.
** Used to the ever changing flow of time, Rip waits to see what this stranger can do[[spoiler: Or until he is murdered in his cradle]], after all if he proves to be a threat to the timestream, he can be locked away with all the others. There being only one of him makes it all the easier.
* His job is taking care of disturbances across the Multiverses, to make sure that the balance between universe remains. Thus, he has contacts over his allies.
* [[Literature/ThursdayNext Friday Next]] is destined to be one of his greatest followers, but has decided to ScrewDestiny. The fact Next has already come back in time and ''been'' one of Gordon's greatest followers is a severe blip in the timestream. Some see it as evidence Next now follows Lord Chaos, but Next himself insists he doesn't follow ''anyone''.

'''[[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} The Warp]], Manifestation of [[{{Hell}} That Which Lies Beyond]]'''
* Unclassifiable, Personification of all Emotion, Good and Bad
* Symbol: None recognizable by sane minds (the Joker claims the symbol looks like the [[NoFourthWall Games Workshop Logo]], and Deadpool claims it looks like the flag of Japan. They do not count as "sane minds".) Generally, though, represented by an eight-pointed arrow.
* Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
* Portfolio: CosmicHorrorStory, HyperspaceIsAScaryPlace, TheCorruption, TheDarkSide, DreamLand, PhantomZone, MentalWorld
* Domains: Chaos, Evil, Corruption
* Allies: Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Nurgle
* Enemies: The Void Dragon, The Deceiver, The Nightbringer, The God-Emperor, all that is sane.
* A few foolhardy mortals have dared ask what lies beyond the Pantheons, or perhaps beyond the tropes themselves. The answer is simply The Warp, where time, space, and reason cease to exist. Fewer still are the mortals who are seen again-and such mortals are inevitably insane... or worse. Arguably, the God-Emperor of Mankind keeps the Warp at bay and prevents it from spilling through into the Materium.
** Most people just call it Japan for short.
* Several have prophesied that the Warp will be either destroyed or sealed forever by the Emperor, should He ever truly die, although [[UnreliableNarrator the veracity of these claims is uncertain]]. Its possible His death will simply create yet another hole through which that which Is Not can leak further into That Which Is. It is also possible it will destroy his home dimension, and leave others unscathed. It is even possible, albeit incredibly unlikely, that His death will cause the Warp do develop a bunny fixation.
* The Warp has been concerned of the power that [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Madoka Kaname]] holds on magic and other things cosmic, as because of her former history as a personification of hope. Due to this, all Warp Demons have been looking for a means to gauge her powers and abilities. [[ReadingsAreOffTheScale Alas...]]
** Tzeentch have been working on recovering a backup of Madoka's old MG ruleset. One that would reintroduce witches of the circle to the Pantheon. Warp is currently working with that codeset and holds said backup[[spoiler:(s).]]
*** The reaction to the discovery of this was rather quick, Homura Akemi was sent and destroyed the backup.[[spoiler: Alas it was one of many.]]

'''[[Series/TwentyFour Jack Bauer]], God of RealTime''' (Badass, A FEDERAL AGENT!)
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: CTU Badge
* Alignment: Chaotic Good
* Portfolio: {{Badass}}es, [[MadeOfIron Those Made of Iron]], MemeticMutation, {{Opening Narration}}s, [[HollywoodHealing Practitioners of Hollywood Healing]], [[JackBauerInterrogationTechnique Violent Interrogators]], [[BottomlessBladder Bladder Control]]
* Domains: Strength, Determination, Time
* Rivals: Mr. Rogers, Chuck Norris
* Jack Bauer's ascension took place between 12:00 AM and 1:00 AM. Yep...the world ''stopped'' for a full hour to watch Jack Bauer rise to the Heavens, in real time.

'''[[VideoGame/{{VVVVVV}} Viridian]], Captain of {{Gravity Screw}}ing'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A Shiny Trinket
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: ColorCharacter, [[AngstWhatAngst Optimism]], InsurmountableWaistHeightFence, [[DeliberatelyMonochrome Being Monochromatic]], GravityMaster
* Domains: [[GravityScrew Gravity]], WrapAround, [[TeleportersAndTransporters Teleporting]]
* Followers: [[VideoGame/{{VVVVVV}} The other members of the D.S.S Souleye crew]], [[Manga/{{NEEDLESS}} Seto]], [[Manga/MahouSenseiNegima Albiero Imma]], [[VideoGame/GravityRush Kat and Dusty]]
* Has trouble navigating different houses because of little bumps, which he must reverse gravity to go over.
* If Viridian falls out of sight, whether by accident or another god pulling a joke, he respawns hours later back at the "entrance" to the House of Time and Space.
* Ascended to the Pantheon by falling up to it.

'''[[FactionParadox Grandfather Paradox]], [[AnthropomorphicPersonification Living Embodiment]] of the GrandfatherParadox and God of [[FutureMeScaresMe All Potential Evil and Despair]] in the Universe.'''
* Corrupt TimeLord, long thought to be a potential form of the Doctor shaped by despair, fear and evil. Power levels unapplicable due to his very nature, which may be rooted in {{Temporal Paradox}}es even deeper than Garland's.
* Symbol: A bone mask. Of a creature that never existed in the first place.
* Alignment: Varies (CN, though the Faction has done stuff that horrifies CE).
* Portfolio: {{Temporal Paradox}}es, {{Living Shadow}}s, FutureMeScaresMe, ClockRoaches, {{Evil Counterpart}}s, {{Mind Screw}}ing, {{RecursiveRealit|y}}ies, {{Self Made Orphan}}s, SkeletonsInTheCoatCloset, {{Captain Ersatz}}es, {{Grandfather Paradox}}es and {{Unperson}}ing. Minor NightmareFuel deity as well.
* Followers: FactionParadox, a cult worshipping paradox itself. Once brought the Doctor into his fold.
* Domains: Paradox, Ritual, Voodoo, Magitek, Time, Distortion, Corruption, Chaos, Darkness, the Veil, Shadow, Reality.
* Grandfather Paradox has every single face ever to exist under his mask. As the living embodiment of all potential evil and despair in the multiverse, he can manifest as anybody who's watching in the form of a future where they have drowned in the darkness of their own souls. He actively strives to negate all forms of immortality and order as a form of revenge against the Doctor's stability and rationality.
* He founded a subdimensional realm known as the Eleven-Day Empire by breaking off eleven days that never happened out of Earth's history. After the Faction was fully set in, he faded into the Void, but is eagerly expected back. The Faction worships him in his absence and sows the seeds of chaos to subvert the work of the Doctor and speed up the reemergence of the Grandfather... or to remold the Doctor into him.
* Other Gods of the Time and Space Pantheon are scared senseless of the Empire given its rather [[EldritchLocation monstrous nature]]. The Pantheons of Magic and Technology either hate them or hail them for creating a warped form of {{Magitek}} that runs alongside voodoo principles. And the Gods of the Void still are at a loss as to how the hell they keep escaping from there and expanding into other realities.

'''[[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Lord English]], God of [[TimeyWimeyBall Weird Time Shit]] and Billiards ([[spoiler:Caliborn]])'''
* Greater God
* Symbol: A billards table, or a cycling poolball animation
* Theme Music: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bkek4vqE-A English]]
* Alignment: Neutral Evil
* Portfolio: Main/TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt, Billards, Time, [[Main/TimeyWimeyBall Time travel that is really fucking confusing]], [[Main/BadassLongcoat Rainbow Overcoats]], Clocks, [[MadeOfIndestructium Indestructibility]]
* Followers: The Felt
* Domains: Confusion, Time, Travel.
* He rules over all time travel that is so complicated it ventures into Main/MindScrew territory.
* Is on good terms with Lord Chaos, due to both being demons and lords, and how their domains frequently overlap. Given the massive {{MindScrew}}s he favors, he's also in very good terms with Faction Paradox.
* Has recently gained the attention of most of the other members of [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Time and Space]], a majority of the members of [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Life and Death]], as well as a few monsters, due to revealing that he can [[DeaderThanDead kill the dead]], as well as ''[[ApocalypseHow shatter space/time itself.]]''
* It is unknown what would happen if his true name was ever spoken aloud. However, it almost certainly would be very bad.

'''[[Film/BackToTheFuture Emmett L. Brown]], Maker of {{Time Machine}}s''' (Doc Brown)
* Lesser God
* Symbol: The Flux Capacitor
* Alignment: Lawful Good
* Portfolio: TimeTravel, Main/{{Alternate Universe}}s, [[ReluctantMadScientist Reluctant Mad Science]], RippleEffect, [[CrazyAwesome Insanity-Induced Awesomeness]], [[EinsteinHair Scientist Hair]], [[IfMyCalculationsAreCorrect Calculations]], [[LargeHam Hammy Acting]]
* Domains: Style, Ingenuity, Science, Vehicles
* Allies: The Doctor
* Ascended after the conclusion of the film trilogy featuring him, which culminated with the construction of a space-faring, time-travelling train. Prior to this he built (and repeatedly repaired) a fully functional time machine out of a car, using nothing more than 20th century technology and his own genius, and used it to travel back and forward through time by several decades, firmly establishing his porfolio as an accomplished mortal time traveler.
* Once engaged in a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDj7gvc_dsA rap battle]] with the Doctor after an argument, though they quickly patched things up. He's currently trying to convince the Doctor to let him examine and adapt some of the TARDIS's technology for a new [=DeLorean=] he's building. While he appreciates the nostalgic value of the police box, the Doc would argue to the Doctor "if you're gonna build a time machine, why not do it with some ''style''?"

'''[[SengokuBasara Honda Tadakatsu]], God of [[AnachronismStew Anachronistic Appearances]]''' (Sengoku's Strongest, Hondam, Iron Ox, Mighty Samurai)
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A Hollyhock, a Dragonfly, or the Tokugawa Crest.
* Alignment: LawfulNeutral (though in the hands of Ieyasu, he's LawfulGood)
* Portfolio: HumongousMecha [[AnachronismStew (in Warring States period)]], {{Badass}}, AttackDrone, EmpathicWeapon, MadeOfIron, [[ImplacableMan Implacability]], [[ThisIsADrill Drill]] [[BladeOnAStick Spear]].
* Domains: War, Loyalty, Time
* Allies: '''[[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Tokugawa Ieyasu]]''', [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Raiden]], [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Cyborg]], Megaman, Zero, [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Potemkin, Tager]], [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Genie]], D'Leh.
* Rival: [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Lu Bu]].
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Oda Nobunaga]], [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Toyotomi Hideyoshi]], [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Cy-5]].
* As Ieyasu's most trusted man, Tadakatsu is hailed as one of the more powerful beings in the realm. He doesn't talk much, but his ass-kicking capability are unmatched.
* His loyalty unquestionable, as such, he is one of the people that wasn't affected in any forms of {{Troll}}ing, especially from [[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} Terumi]]. In fact, Tadakatsu has grown to hate Trolls so much that anyone who tries doing it right in his face will face his giant drill right on their face.
* Was formerly scrapped by the GUAE, but he's getting better. Has a second home in the Technology house for that.
* Upon first meeting Lu Bu the NighInvulnerable, [[WarriorsOrochi something stirred within the back of Tadakatsu's mind]], leading the two to engage in combat. As strange as their first meeting was, the two gods have regularly battled with each other on friendly terms.

'''[[Series/DoctorWho Rory Pond]], God of TheSlowPath''' ([[TheMaidenNameDebate Rory Williams]], Rory the Roman, The Last Centurion, The Man Who Waited)
* Demigod
* Symbol: The uniform of a Roman centurion
* Alignment: Neutral Good
* Portfolio: UndyingLoyalty to love, Those who choose to TheSlowPath, [[TheAtoner Atoning for one's sins]], {{Dogged Nice Guy}}s, being [[TheyKilledKenny uncomfortably death-prone]], ShroudedInMyth, {{Henpecked Husband}}ry, [[TookALevelInBadass Taking a level in badass]]
* Domains: Courage, Love, Time
* Allies: The Doctor [[spoiler: his son in law]] Kenny (South Park), Neville Longbottom
* Ascended to divinity as a reward for spending close to two thousand years as a robot guarding his comatose love from death.
* When the universe was rebooted soon after his wait ended, the pre-reboot version ascended to Godhood, while the post-reboot version remains a man.
** There is, however a fair amount of mental overlap between the two, however, mostly in the form of the god attempting to send knowledge and messages to his human counterpart in an attempt at minimizing the human version's number of deaths.
* Is known to spend a great deal of time with Kenny, God of Revolving Door Death. They have a lot in common. He has also been seen comparing heoric exploits with Neville Longbottom and comiserating over the fact that if THEY were the main charecter, evil would have been wiped out three seasons ago.
* Is rumored to be The New ChuckNorris. Neither Rory nor Chuck will address these rumors.
* Has punched out The Doctor and Hitler.

'''[[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Homura Akemi]], Goddess of RetroactivePreparation''' (Homerun, Homu, Homuhomu, Homurika, [[spoiler:Homulily, Homucifer, Akuma Homura]])
* Greater Goddess/[[spoiler: Overdeity post Upheaval]]
* Symbol: An ornate clockwork buckler bound by a red ribbon behind a purple soul gem (pre-Upheaval). [[spoiler: A black gecko wrapped around her new soul gem (post-Upheaval).]]
* Alignment: Neutral Good, [[spoiler: ChaoticNeutral post-Upheaval]]
* Portfolio: SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong, BadassAdorable, TimeStop, {{Determinator}} [[spoiler:([[DeterminedDefeatist But doomed to fail]])]], HyperspaceArsenal, RetroactivePreparation, [[IDidWhatIHadToDo Doing what needs to be done]], [[spoiler: [[SatanicArchetype Satanic Archetypes]], IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy ([[FaceHeelTurn even if it means becoming their enemy]])]].
* Domain: Magic, Time, Conflict, Tranquility, [[spoiler: Desire, Love]].
* Followers: [[Machinima/RedVsBlue Agent Wyoming]].
* Allies: Madoka Kaname, Sakura Kinomoto (as much as she hates to admit it), [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Batman]], [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Archer]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Fate Testarossa-Harlaown]], [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Shoutan Himei]], [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Rika Furude]], [[Pantheon/{{Faith}} Oyashiro-sama]], [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Raoh]], [[Pantheon/{{War}} Master Chief]], [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Cy-5]], [[spoiler: [[Pantheon/{{Chaos}} Lucifer]], [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Gabriel Belmont]]]].
* Former Allies: [[Pantheon/MainHouse Yuji]] [[Pantheon/{{War}} Sakai]] (post-Upheaval), [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Isaac Clarke]] (post-Upheaval).
* Rivals: Sayaka Miki, [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Mami Tomoe]], [[Pantheon/{{PersonalAppearance}} Flynn]].
* Enemies: ''[[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Kyubey and the Incubators]]'', [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Araya Souren]], Tzeentch, Nurgle, [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Nyarlathotep]], [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Gyubid, Bernkastel, Lambadelta, Zobek]], [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Fluttershy(?)]], [[Pantheon/{{MainHouse}} Joker]], [[Pantheon/{{Faith}} YHVH]].
* Former Enemy: [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Vaas Montenegro]] (post-Upheaval).
* Apocryphal accounts point out that she is possibly the greatest batter of all time, as she only bat homeruns.
* Should any Incubator knock on her door, her first response is to shoot them... no matter how many times they come back.
* [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Rika Furude]] has been rather friendly with her, these to also share a bond. They know the pain that a GroundhogDayLoop can impact on the soul, warning her about Bernkastel. Homura is also on good terms with her friend, Oyashiro-sama.
* [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Araya Souren]] has the rare and dubious honour of being the only god/goddess/divine being in the pantheon to violently enrage Homura on sight. He tends to not bother the Goddess if he can help it...
* It's said that Homura and Madoka are ''[[Main/RomanticTwoGirlFriendship very]]'' [[LesYay close]], that has attracted the attention of [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Hiyori Tamura]]... some of which Homura can only [[MemeticMolester smile at]].
* Also holds the title as '''Herald of Penitent Gretchen''' to Madoka Kaname, the Goddess of {{Magical Girl}}s, in the [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} House of Magic]]. This is said annoy Sakura Kinomoto since Homura tends to be in the way of her and Madoka's friendship... this leads to some [[TeethClenchedTeamwork strained cooperation]] between Homura and Sakura.
* Is know to have an [[MemeticMolester odd collection]] of Madoka's clothing that she guards fiercely, and is annoy at the fact that Sayaka knows of it and means to tell Madoka about it. That said, the two are also rivals to Madoka's attention since their times as mortals.
* [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Bernkastel]] appears to have taken an interest in her, although it's unknown exactly what she is up to. It is known that Homura's pre-ascension life had a number of similarities with the life of [[VisualNovel/HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi Rika Furude]]. There have been a number of theories to this since Rika Furude and the Witch of Miracles look [[{{Expy}} similar]], considered by many to be Bernkastel's younger self. It should be noted that said theory is [[EnemyWithout partially true.]]
* Is absolutely '''''FURIOUS''''' with Tzeentch after finding out what he's been doing all this time to her and Madoka. Nurgle is also on her hate list because of the despair that he embodies.
* After a terse dinner conversation with [[FistOfTheNorthStar Kasumi Raoh, the King of Fists]], Homura is inspired by his courage and willingness to become a ''Raksha''; the most monstrous of Devils, to consume all the lesser-evils in the world so that it may be pure and clean once more.... unfortunately, [[spoiler: she acts on his example]] in October of 2013.....
* [[spoiler: Has been noted recently to be spending an...inordinate amount of time with a strange blonde Magical Girl calling herself [[LouisCypher Louisa]] [[Pantheon/{{Chaos}} Ferre]]. Considering Madoka has an encyclopedic memory of every single Magical Girl to ever live, there was quite a bit of panic when her answer to who Louisa was was: "Who? I'm sorry, I've never heard of her."]]
** [[spoiler: The means Homura used to steal Madoka's powers during the Great Upheaval were revealed to have been supplied by Lucifer.]]
* [[spoiler: Has been placed under heavy protection for her own safety after the "Great Upheaval": as the driving entity behind the event, and her crimes against her friend Madoka, she has been declared Public Enemy Number One for the Magical Girl Sisterhood. Though her new power would be more than enough to stop any threats against her person, the Main House has declared her forbidden to use them against the Magical Girls for fear of unnecessary bloodshed. She is currently awaiting her trial.]]
* Visited the House of Ambiguity to speak to [[Pantheon/{{Ambiguity}} Kevin Levin]] regarding her actions during the [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagicaTheMovieRebellion "Great Upheaval"]]. He reassures her that "Bunnycat deserves what you've done to him for being such a dick. There's no "right" or "Wrong" regarding that jerk. You [[EarnYourHappyEnding deserve to be selfish for once]]."
** Cy-5 recently visited her temple, and suddenly starts to feel compassionate with her. Also, they found much things in common.
* Yuji Sakai recently severed his ties with her after he heard about the "Great Upheaval" and the news concerning it.
** Ties with Rika and Himei have also become strained. [[spoiler: Homura's actions remind Himei of the priestess that created the Yamiko, while Rika is beginning to see in Homura the same part of herself that became Bernkastel.]]
* [[spoiler: [[Pantheon/{{Faith}} YHVH]] has placed FateWorseThanDeath orders on both her and Madoka: Homura because she works for Lucifer now, and Madoka because He doesn't want to give her the chance to regain her powers. This, of course, has caused Homura to set her sights on the Great Will, and Lucifer can barely contain his delight: it was his ultimate plan to sweet-talk Homura into battling his archenemy, and YHVH had ended up earning her ire all on His own!]]
* It also seems that she has taken Vaas' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKMMCPeiQoc "Definition of Insanity" speech]] to her heart. [[spoiler:She's tired of having Madoka either die or go beyond her reach after trying to save her over and over again, expecting the situation to change. Realizing the futility of this, Homura decides to trap Madoka in her personal utopia/hell, thereby doing something different.]] Vaas was thrilled to learn about this and now respects Homura for taking his speech seriously.

'''[[Series/KamenRiderFourze Yuki Jojima]], Goddess of Obsessing over Space''' (Space Otaku, [[spoiler: Gemini Zodiarts, [[EvilCounterpart Dark Yuki]]]])
* Demigoddess ([[spoiler:Lesser Goddess as Gemini Zodiarts]])
* Symbol: Her Hayabusa Plushie.
* Alignment: NeutralGood, [[spoiler: ChaoticEvil during that stint as the Gemini Zodiarts]]
* Portfolio: {{Otaku}}s, GenkiGirl, SecretKeeper, [[CuteMachines Creators of Cute Robot Designs]], [[NiceHat Spaceship Hats]], TheHeart, [[StaticCharacter Characters With Little Development]].
* Domains: Space, Energy, Understanding.
* Allies: The Kamen Rider Club ([[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze]], [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Kengo Utahoshi]], [[Pantheon/{{Leadership}} Miu Kazashiro]], [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Shun Daimonji]], [[Pantheon/{{Knowledge}} JK]], [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Tomoko Nozama]], [[Pantheon/{{TokuBase}} Ryusei Sakuta/Kamen Rider Meteor]]), Rosalina.
* Enemies: All Gods in the House of Hatred and Villains, '''[[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Natsuji Kijima]]'''
* High Priest: [[VideoGame/{{Portal2}} Space Core]].
* Followers: [[WesternAnimation/TheLEGOMovie Benny the Space Guy]]
* Said to have ascended thanks to Gentaro's good word about her knowledge of different spacecrafts and everything there needed to know involving aliens, constellations, etc. She was also finally able to get a very decent Hayabusa Costume for her trouble.
* Sometimes heard singing a song about "Hayabusa-kun". Some gods think it's her boyfriend; it's really about a satellite.
* Her obsession of space is so big that she sometimes tries stuffing her own books about space into the Library. She's been chased out of the library as many times as she's tried to stuff those books into the shelves.
* She's usually seen with her Hayabusa Puppet and, although she means well, her energy can annoy people around her. Despite this, she is shown to be very understanding about her friends' feelings and can be seen giving them heart-to-heart chats.
* [[spoiler: A recent event caused her to split in half and become the Gemini Zodiarts. She was rescued by Gentaro, but her dark side will eventually come back...some day.]]
* She loves meeting up with Rosalina and helps tend to the Lumas and singing her Hayabusa song to them. However, she regretted bringing Gentaro to listen to [[TearJerker Rosalina's backstory]]. Let's just say that the Lumas were busy cleaning up after all of the tissues Gentaro used to blow his nose on.
* Was '''not''' happy when she learned about Gentaro's alternate self. Cried herself to tears and hid in her temple in grief from what she heard, it took the House of Friendship, the Kamen Rider Club and nearly every GenkiGirl goddess to get her back up again.

'''[[Series/EarlyEdition Gary Hobson]], God of Future Disaster Prevention'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A rolled-up newspaper
* Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Good if he needs to be.
* Portfolio: ChronicHeroSyndrome, UnluckyEverydude
* Allies: Marissa, Chuck, an orange cat (all non-ascended), Trunks, Quinn Mallory.
* Every morning he gets tomorrow's newspaper today, delivered to him by a mysterious cat. He uses what he reads in the articles to prevent catastrophes and save people's lives.
* He prefers to keep the fact that he gets tomorrow's paper to himself (specifically, the Trope Pantheon Newsletter produced by [[{{Pantheon/Knowledge}} Jade]]). Only two non-ascended friends and a handful of gods he feels he can trust know his secret. To the others in the pantheon he's just a random bystander or good samaritan. If for example someone like [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Aya Shameimaru]], publisher of the Pantheon's tabloids, ever found out his secret, he could be exposed.
* He once prevented an inferno at the House of {{Pantheon/Food}} after one of [[IronChef Masaharu Morimoto]]'s cooking duels got a bit out of control, running into the room out of nowhere with a fire extinguisher. Another time he suddenly rushed in to perform the Heimlich on Kirby after he tried to swallow Pac-Man during a feud they were having, saving Pac-Man's life.
* He's also been seen trying to evacuate people just before Godzilla escaped [[{{Pantheon/Beast}} The Bestiary]] and attacked the other Houses.
* After growing tired of trying to save [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark Kenny]] every day and ultimately failing, he decided to let those articles slide.
* Although Gary has his suspicions, both The Doctor and Doc Brown have denied any involvement in his getting tomorrow's paper when he asked them. Some of those who do know Gary's secret [[WildMassGuessing wonder if the cat is a Time Lord]].

'''[[{{VideoGame/Mother3}} Porky Minch]], God of [[TimeAbyss the dire side-effects of Time Travel]], [[ForTheEvulz doing Heinous Acts for the hell of it]], and [[ImmortalImmaturity Time-Travelling for potentially thousands of years without growing up mentally]].'''
* Intermediate God
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjCkfopU1dc Master Porky's Theme]]
* Symbol: A pink oval with two dots in the middle, so as to represent a Pig's Nose.
* Alignment: Chaotic Evil
* Portfolio: ImmortalImmaturity, [[ForTheEvulz causing catastrophe out of boredom]], [[TheCorrupter corrupting the last of humanity]], [[FatBastard portly men without hearts]], [[PsychopathicManchild immature psychopaths]], [[CameBackWrong suddenly reappearing for worse off than before]], [[TheKidWithTheRemoteControl being in control of beings far more powerful than oneself]], [[DragonAscendant becoming the Big Bad of the second game he's featured in]], [[DragonInChief possibly being in charge all along]], [[OmnicidalManiac wanting to destroy anything and everything]], [[FromNobodyToNightmare relatively insignificant people which become absurdly powerful]], [[YouCannotGraspTheTrueForm Incomprehensible attacks]], [[ManInTheMachine being supported by artificial constructs]], [[TimeAbyss going insane from the sheer amount of time in existence]], being AxCrazy.
* Domain: Time-Travel, Evil
* Allies: [[{{VideoGame/Earthbound}} Giygas]], [[{{VideoGame/Mother3}} Fassad]], Mr Carpainter, [[VideoGame/{{Xenosaga}} Albedo]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Kefka]], [[VideoGame/SuperPaperMario Dimentio]].
* Enemies: Ness, Lucas, [[VideoGame/{{Infamous}} Kessler ]] [[SuperSmashBrosBrawl Pokemon Trainer]], almost all other Gods that favor existence over destruction.
* Is undoutedly AxCrazy, and is unsure of how old he is, or why he does anything any more.
* Almost everything he does is justified in his mind as 'it's fun'. It doesn't matter if this is going for a walk or [[OmnicidalManiac destroying all life]].
* Ended up this way by abusing time travel in a device which didn't allow living beings to time-travel safely, and the result was [[CameBackWrong he ended up physically frail, blue-skinned, and immortal]].
* Forced his way onto the Pantheon after bragging that he has seen the end of the world and beyond it, and has gone back to watch humanity's folly all over again. He also brags that he'll never die, and saw that fit to become a God despite several other Gods of this house had him beat in this respect.
* Ultimately, what made the Gods consider him was his sheer thoughtless abandon at the idea of destroying a peaceful community and his willingness to kill the last humans on earth in his universe without so much as a second thought, which interested Melkor greatly.
* Tends to be disliked by time traveller heroes. Even Kessler, [[spoiler: who after time travelling turned his past self to a hero to save the world.]]

'''[[Videogame/{{Persona2}} Tatsuya Suou]], God of [[ParadoxPerson Paradox People]]'''
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: His lighter
* Alighnment: ChaoticGood
* Portfolio: DestinationHostUnreachable, DeclarationOfProtection, DramaticEllipsis, IneffectualLoner, [[HisStoryRepeatsItself Stories that repeats itself again]], RippleEffectProofMemory, [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Punching]] [[JerkassGods Jackass Gods]] [[WhatTheHellHero That Went Too Far]]
* Domains: Paradox, Time,
* Allies: Maya Amano, Eikichi Mishina, Mitsuru Kirijo, Yuu Narukami, Kanji Tatsumi, Yukiko Amagi, Rika Furude, Homura Akemi, Edward Elric
* TeethClenchedTeamwork with: Philemon (maybe)
* Enemies: '''Nyarlathotep'''
* Ascended after thwarting Nyarlathotep's plans on the dead reality known as the Other Side. He used the power to continue the fight against the monster by paradoxically retaining his memories of the Other Side, culminating in Nyarlathotep's second defeat at Monado Mandala. While he is glad that his friends Eikichi and Maya are in the Pantheon, he still longs for his friends Lisa and Jun to ascend. Grudgingly, he accepts he also misses his brother and Baofu. However, he doesn't fully trust Philemon after the incident with Nyarlathotep.
* Finds Homura Akemi interesting, given the hardships they went through.
* Is one of the few people that has enough guts to [[TalkToTheFist punch frickin' Philemon in the face]] [[WhatTheHellHero when he was in a 'jackass' state.]] That was so hard and meaningful that it inspired Philemon to clean up his act. But still, Tatsuya has decided to keep a careful eye on him.
* Has found a very good friend in the form of Edward Elric due to the similarities they share. So far, they've never chatted.

'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII2 Caius Ballad]], [[TimeCrash destroyer of the flow of Time]]''' (Caius of the Ballads)
* Rank: Greater God
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8vXYBEvSow Simply known as "Caius' Theme".]]
* Symbol: His sword Ragnarok
* Alignment: ChaoticNeutral
* Portfolio: [[PapaWolf Desire to protect those he cares about]], [[TheBattleDidntCount invincibility]], [[LotusEaterMachine sending others to their heart's desires]], [[ThanatosGambit using his own death for his plans]], [[spoiler:TheBadGuyWins]], [[PurpleIsPowerful wearing purple]], [[SummonMagic calling Chaos Bahamut]], TemporalParadox, TimeTravel
* Domains: Time, End of the World mythos, Paradoxes, Time Travel
* Allies: [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyI Lord Chaos]], possibly Asura
* Enemies: Most of the House of Time and Space, Kain Highwind (mostly due to the two sounding the same), the Fates
* Followers: [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIII Xande]]
* High Priest: Had trained Noel Kreiss for this position, however he proved unwilling to follow.
* Ascended to the house when [[spoiler:he succeeded in killing the goddess Etro and distroying the concept of time in his universe]]. His ascension has been met with animosity by others of the House.
* Has requested several times that Yuel be given a place in the pantheon since joining. Her nature of reincarnation has made the request difficult to grant should the Main House decide to.
* Asura and Caius have found a sort of kinship in the great lengths the two have gone to for the sake of Mithra and Yuel respectively.

'''[[VideoGame/{{inFAMOUS}} Kessler]], God of [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong Going Back in Time]] [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt to Save the World]] [[CryForTheDevil by Being a Villain]]''' ([[spoiler: Cole [=MacGrath=]]])
* Rank: Lesser God
* Symbol: A white cyborg hand holding a Ray Sphere
* Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
* Theme: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EBQ56QjpYw End of the Road]]
* Portfolio: ShockAndAwe, LightningCanDoAnything, FlashStep [[spoiler: TimeTravel]] GeniusBruiser, BadassGrandpa, Chessmaster, ManipulativeBastard, BatmanGambit. [[spoiler: [[WellIntentionedExtremist doing this that would save the world from a world destroyer]] [[CryForTheDevil that destroyed his timeline.]]]], [[spoiler:[[FutureMeScaresMe being the dark future version of Cole himself]]]]
* Domains: Delivery, Time, Knowledge
* Allies: [[AncientConspiracy First Sons]]
* High Priest: [[Series/KamenRiderRyuki Shiro Kanzaki]]
* Enemies: Good ''and'' Evil Cole [=MacGrath=].
* From Cole’s point of view, after being tricked into becoming a terrorist of Empire City, being forced to try and reclaim or rebuild the city, [[spoiler: being forced to let his girlfriend die and have his best friend back stab him, he just wanted to kill Kessler. And after finally beating him, Kessler’s revelation was more than enough to change his rank to anti-villain]] This ensured him a position in the Pantheon
* He leads the organization called First Sons, a group a hundred years ahead of the time with psychic powers. Kessler still commands them but they are never seen on the Pantheon
* Recently he has been suggesting Cole to be given a spot on the Pantheon, but was denied as Cole wasn't strong or significant enough [[spoiler: and the fact that Kessler himself ''is'' Cole from a BadFuture]]. Now Kessler has subjected both versions of Cole into another training session to land them a spot[[spoiler: in case the Beast ever arrives in the Pantheon]].
** Cole has been recently placed on the Pantheon of Nature. Cole seem to do his best to avoid Kessler.
* The true capabilities of his power is unknown, and he is stronger than when he faced Cole
* Rumors have spread that he is plotting to unite both Evil Cole and [[VideoGame/{{Prototype}} Alex Mercer]] in some sort of fight to find out their full potential. So far nothing. But lately has been seen watching the fights of Alex and Cole, before they are interrupted by mutants

'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyI Garland]], God of the ViciousCycle''' (Chaos, [[VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy Nemesis]])
* Theme Song: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7LR0qqsMok Chaos Shrine Arranged]]
* Rank: Lesser God
* Symbol: His horned helmet
* Alignment: LawfulEvil
* Portfolio: [[ViciousCycle Endless cycles]], [[BloodKnight a love of combat]], [[TinTyrant heavy armor]], [[StableTimeLoop time loops]], [[{{BFS}} large weapons]], [[MemeticMutation knocking others down]], [[TheDragon serving Chaos]]
* Domains: Cycles, Conflict, Reincarnation, Paradox
* Allies: Lord Chaos, Caius Ballad, [[Pantheon/{{Shape}} Sephiroth]], [[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} Kefka]], [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Golbez]], [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Jecht]], [[Pantheon/{{Faith}} Seymour Guado]]
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Cosmos, Kain Highwind, the Warrior of Light]], [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart]], [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Terra Branford]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Cecil Harvey, Sora]]
* Formerly Garland was only a member of the Pantheon by his existence to Chaos. However further review has noted Garland, while an extension of Chaos' paradox, has a legitimate claim to a throne separate from the god of discord.
** It is noted however, that the rules of his existence still applies even though he is now his own deity. Should Chaos die, Garland will become the next Chaos and take the throne of the TemporalParadox and create a new Garland to fill this position.
* The only Houses Garland has ever been seen in are the Houses of Combat, Weapons, and Time and Space. In the House of Time and Space, he is on official duty, either to his own title or at Chaos' behest. Otherwise, he is indulging himself with one fight after another, seeing no other form of entertainment available.
* He has occasionally proclaimed he would "knock down" his opponents when in particularly heated scraps. He has been mocked for this before, but ridiculers were quick to learn just ''what'' being "knocked down" [[CurbStompBattle would entail.]]
* Since gaining his own throne, his attempts at Cloud's title have lessened, but Garland will always continue to fight the other god for nothing more than to enjoy himself.

'''[[Manga/DragonBall Future Trunks]], God Of [[KidFromTheFuture Youngsters From The Future]] [[FutureBadass Who Are Badass]] [[HeroicBastard Heroes]] (Mirai Trunks, [[spoiler: Trunks Brief, Alternate Timeline Trunks]])'''
* Intermediate God
* Theme Song(s): [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMYt9sGOcTU Battle Point Unlimited]] & [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4v9XIi674I Mind Power… Ki]]
* Symbol: Sword
* Alignment: [[ChaoticGood Chaotic Good]]
* Portfolio: [[KidFromTheFuture Kid From The Future]], '''[[{{Badass}} BADASS]]''', [[spoiler: [[BadFuture Bad Future]]]], [[spoiler: [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Did He Just Slice and Destroy Freeza?]]]], [[spoiler: [[LastOfHisKind Last Of His Kind]]]], {{Bishonen}}, [[MrFanservice Mr. Fanservice]], [[spoiler: HeroicBastard]], [[AdaptationalBadass Adaptational Badass]], [[CombatPragmatist Getting Shit Done As Quick]] [[OnlySaneMan And As Sensible As Possible]], [[spoiler: [[HalfHumanHybrid Half-Human Hybrid]]]], [[BreakoutCharacter Breakout Character]], '''[[spoiler: {{Roaring Rampage Of Revenge}}]]''', [[WouldHitAGirl Would Hit A Girl]], [[TroubledButCute Troubled, But Cute]], [[TookALevelInBadass Getting Stronger In The Past]], [[GeniusBruiser Genius Bruiser]], [[NiceGuy Nice Guy]], [[spoiler: [[TheApocalypseBringsOutTheBestInPeople The Apocalypse Brings Out the Best In People]]]]… [[MiseryBuildsCharacter And Builds Their Character]]
* Domains: Peace, Time, Conflict, Good, Knowledge, Strength
* Followers: [[{{Sailor Moon}} Chibi-Usa, Diana]], [[Film/BackToTheFuture Marty McFly]], [[{{Terminator}} Kyle Reese, John Connor]], [[{{Doraemon}} Nobita]], [[spoiler: [[FireEmblemAwakening Lucina]]]]
* Allies: [[VideoGame/InFAMOUS Kessler]], [[Series/EarlyEdition Gary Hobson]], [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Homura Akemi]], [[Film/BackToTheFuture Emmett L. Brown]], [[{{Pantheon/Power}} Gohan, Go]][[{{Pantheon/Combat}} ku, Krillin]], [[{{Pantheon/Family}} Piccolo]], [[{{Pantheon/Emotion}} Vegeta]], [[spoiler: [[Manga/DragonBall Android 16]]]]
* Enemies: '''[[Manga/DragonBall Android 17 & 18]]''', '''[[{{Pantheon/LifeAndDeath}} Cell]]''', '''[[{{Pantheon/Shape}} Frieza]]''', [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII2 Caius Ballad]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyI Lord Chaos]]
* Has a special relationship with [[{{Pantheon/Emotion}} Vegeta]], [[spoiler: his biological father.]]
* Trunks had initially contacted Emmett L. Brown to design and create a time machine for him. However, upon seeing how it would function Trunks believed the machine was too risky to use… and he also isn’t a fan of cars from the 1980s.
* Although Homura and Trunks occasionally butt heads when it comes to how many times you should travel back in time, they both agree that if they can get the right ending in at least one of the timelines they enter, it’s worth it.
* Trunks is currently teaching martial arts and swordsmanship to Marty Mcfly so that if Marty were to travel back in time again and is challenged to fight, he'll be prepared.
* After Trunks sword was broken by [[spoiler: Android 17 & 18]], he made a quick trip to Kyle Reese’s timeline to see if he could repair it. Kyle was unsuccessful due to not being able to find the right materials.
** He then went to [[spoiler: Future John Conner’s]] timeline… the results were more productive due [[spoiler: John’s]] greater knowledge of engineering. And as way of showing gratitude Trunks helped him [[spoiler: destroy all the Terminators and saved John’s timeline.]] They became best friends ever since then and visit each other every now and then.
* Trunks, having admiration for the great lengths that Kessler goes to save the world, decided not to reveal to him the fact that [[TimeyWimeyBall alternate timelines exist]], so he wouldn’t become obsessed with the other timelines that exist and create havoc in the space-time continuum.
* Trunks thought of creating a time patrolling squad that would right the wrongs in history but was saddened to discover that the idea [[WesternAnimation/TimeSquad had already been done.]]
* During one of Trunks travels to a timeline in the 21st century New York, he grew to '''hate''' the city, due to the fact that there were many people using [[UnfortunateImplications smartphones and tablet computers.]]
* When he returned to his timeline and [[spoiler: [[CurbStompBattle effortlessly killed Android 17 & 18 and Cell]]]], during the process of rebuilding cities all over the world he made sure [[WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged that stores that sell bacon were not rebuilt]].

'''[[DoctorWho The Master]], God Of [[GoMadFromTheRevelation Time-Induced Madness]]''' (Harold Saxon, Professor Yana, Koschei, and various other alias throughout history.)
* Intermediate God.
* Theme Song(s): [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxeoLhLdqnQ The drumming that plagues his mind.]]
* Alignment: NeutralEvil, ChaoticEvil (it varies depending on how crazy he is), ChaoticNeutral (During the occasions when he allies himself with the Doctor).
* Portfolio: JokerImmunity, EvilCounterpart, EvilGenius
* Domains: Time, Evil, Technology, Conflict, Knowledge, Madness
* Allies: The Doctor (on occasion)
* Enemies: The Doctor, Rassilon, UNIT, Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness
* He apparently went mad first when his TARDIS was thrown into the event horizon of a black hole. It took him most of his lives to get out, and by then quite insane, his StartOfDarkness began by [[ImmortalityImmorality researching immortality]]. ''Both'' successes and failures only added to his lunacy.
** Of course, it was eventually revealed that it was actually the fault of the even crazier Time Lord President Rassilon, by way of a continuous, relentless drumming that plagued him ever since he looked at the Untempered Schism. He briefly regained enough sanity when Rassilon's plan to blow up reality was exposed to pull a TakingYouWithMe / HeroicSacrifice against Rassilon. It was this act that led to his deification. Given his [[JokerImmunity considerable death-cheating skills]], it's unlikely he would have died anyway.
* An AlternateUniverse incarnation of TheMaster has been seen as a loyal ally of what is known as the [[WebAnimation/ScreamOfTheShalka Shalka Doctor]]. This Master is a robotic entity that has [[HeelFaceTurn surrendered his evil ways]], though he is not quite happy with the cost of the immortality he has gained.
* At one point, he [[AssimilationPlot managed to use alien technology called the "Immortality Gate" to turn every human (save for Wilf and Donna Noble) into clones of himself.]]
** One of the duplicates (formerly a woman named "Abigail") was [[http://theworldshallbemine.tumblr.com/post/65778264241/anonymous-steve-steve-hugs-the-steve nicknamed "Steve" in order to avoid confusion with so many Masters running around.]] Unlike his other clones, Steve is on friendlier terms with others in the pantheon and other pantheons as well.
** It should be noted that The Master is protective of his clones and will tear apart anyone who tries to harm them.
* Desperately seeks any means with which to block out the drumming, with varying degrees of success.
* He has a voracious appetite due to a botched resurrection spell. Because of this, he won't hesitate to devour his followers.
** At one point TheDoctor tried to create a concoction that would provide The Master with nourishment in order to stop his constant hunger. While it did suppress his appetite somewhat, [[http://prisonsuit-rabbitman.deviantart.com/art/feed-your-master-327069066 it also caused him to become obese as a side-effect.]]
*** [[http://www.deviantart.com/art/chicken-414314728 He doesn't seem to mind too much, though]], since he mostly just has his copies do the work for him anyway.
* Has started his own [[http://theworldshallbemine.tumblr.com/ tumblr blog]] allowing his worshipers to ask him questions (And he sometimes shares his blog with Steve). He somewhat regrets it, as most of the questions asked are rather nonsensical.

'''[[Film/TenThousandBC D'Leh]], God of [[AmbiguousTimePeriod Bizarre]] [[MedievalPrehistory Prehistory]]'''
* Demigod
* Symbol: A Skin of Mammoth.
* Alignment: ChaoticGood
* Portfolio: [[MedievalPrehistory Prehistory In An]] AmbiguousTimePeriod, {{Barbarian Hero}}es, [[TheChosenOne Chosen Ones]], {{Meaningful|Name}} [[SdrawkcabName Backward Names]], AnachronismStew via RuleOfCool.
* Domain: Prehistory (Anachronized), Hunting.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} The Genie]], Honda Takadatsu.
* D'Leh comes from a timeline where the Mammoths and Smilidons are still living it and there's an array of ancient civilizations within.
** [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} The Question]] says that the period where he lives [[spoiler: is the result of [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Dr. Strange]] [[AWizardDidIt doing it]] and nothing is accurate in it. Dr. Strange, however, isn't responsible for that. While [[Pantheon/{{Knowledge}} Nico Robin]] says that said innacuracy in his movie is intentional.]]
* He signals to Mary Suetopia, and has a response to the Disgraces residing it:
--> '''D'Leh''': ''These beings... are not true Gods!''

'''[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsGaiden Shu Shirakawa]], God of [[GravityMaster Gravity]], [[OurWormholesAreDifferent Wormholes]] and [[UnrealisticBlackHole Black Hole Manipulations]]''' ([[SpellMyNameWithAnS Shuu]], Cristoph Gran [=McSord=], Cristoph Zeo Volkruss, "Troll Overlord")
* Theme Song: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3HcfmPAxCY Dark Prison]]. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS49whwHDJI Uses a 'Ver. OGDP' remix when using Neo Granzon.]]
* Intermediate God. (Has the power of Greater God when using Neo Granzon)
* Symbol: A chibi-fied Neo Granzon with a mini black hole in front of it (about to fire the Shukutaihou)
* Alignment: ChaoticNeutral
* Portfolio: [[GravityMaster Gravity & Blackhole-based combat]], [[{{Badass}} Utterly Overpowered People]], SmugSuper, {{Troll}}ing (although not for utter malice), [[WildCard Unpredictability]], [[KillTheGod Killing Overdeities That Manipulate Him]], [[NervesOfSteel Never Losing Cool]], InsufferableGenius, {{Anti Hero}}ism
* Domain: Space, Gravity, Ambiguity
* Followers: Brad Kilstein, [[VideoGame/PsychicForce Gudeath]]
* Allies (they are ALL feeling uneasy on him): Most of the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Steel Dragon Battle Group]], [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Selena Recital]], [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Mion and Shion Sonozaki]]
* Rivals: [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Masaki Andoh and the other Elemental Lords]]
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/MainHouse Melkor]], [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Tzeentch,]] [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Nyarlathotep]], [[Pantheon/{{Law}} YHVH]], [[Pantheon/{{Chaos}} Lucifer]], [[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} Bernkastel and Yuuki Terumi]]
* All of a sudden, Shu popped into the Pantheon one day and claimed these three houses for himself. This obviously infuriated his rival Masaki who demands to know what he's up to, but Shu just keeps it to himself. Officially, he's just claiming that there needs to be someone to take care of black holes and worm holes around the Pantheon and he's just up for the job.
* Has immediately gained the enmity of Melkor, Tzeentch, Nyarlathotep, and YHVH by temporally annihilating their temples with the Neo Granzon upon his arrival in the Pantheon. He finds their manipulation of others for their own ambitions to be greatly distasteful to him and promises to make any future plans of theirs '''exceedingly difficult''' in the days to come. He, however, was not expecting Lucifer, whose temple he also wrecked, to ''cheer'' and gleefully comment it is humans like Shu those he hopes all of Humanity will become one day. Shu doesn't quite understand the Chaos Lord, but just to be on the safe side, he's also working against him.
* Is one of the few people to be shown to ''never'' lose his cool. This means, he can easily ''withstand'' [[Manga/SoulEater Excalibur]]'s numerous loony rants. It's no mere [[Creator/TakehitoKoyasu voice similarity]] here, folks.
* He is one to definitely not be underestimated as his great intellect and the over-poweredness of his Granzon (and Neo Granzon makes it worse) is a serious force to be reckoned with. If black holes are to be considered one of the most dangerous elements in the universe, then Shu controlling it at will is something that you don't want to mess with.
** His power, however, doesn't let him take control of [[Anime/PrettyCureAllStars Black Hole]] of the Pantheon/DemonicLegion. Shu admits that it's a whole different beast and the ones better suited to face it are the Pretty Cures.
* As one called 'Troll Overlord', Shu was actually recommended as a replacement for Yuuki Terumi after his fall from grace, by Bernkastel. [[WildCard Contrary to how other thinks]], even if he doesn't show it because of his NervesOfSteel, Shu is disgusted at both of them (and also thinks that Terumi is just all bark) because he knew they're just gonna 'manipulate' him into an UnwittingPawn, [[BerserkButton something that he seriously dislikes]]. Instead, he seems more amused with their good counterparts, Mion and Shion. While he's a far cry of Gadflies, he's more interested in forming a group with the Sonozakis one day.

'''[[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Funny Valentine]], God of [[NeverTheSelvesShallMeet Weaponzing Letting The Selves Meet]]''' (The Twenty Third President, The President of The United States of Valentine)http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Funny_Valentine_2_1187.jpg
* Theme Song: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoQ_jPWoQg0 They Are All Those Of "Justice"]]
* Greater God
* Symbol: The Scars that resemble the Stars and Stripes on his back.
* Alignment: LawfulEvil
* Portfolio: [[AlternateUniverse Manages to actually weaponize dimensional hopping]], [[IGaveMyWord Dignified and honorable]], [[KarmaHoudini Also Weaponized Valentine stands in the dimensional gap created by The Holy Corpse, any attack against him will be reflected on somebody else in the world in the form of Karmic Death]], [[WeaponizedTeleportation He can also do the same to any other person, and if they meet themselves in the alternate universe, they'll both disintegrate]]
* Domains: Strength, Glory, Alternate Universe, America, Justice
* Allies: Scarlet Valentine, Diego Brando (An alternate version of Dio), Solidus Snake, [[Pantheon/{{PersonalAppearance}} Skull Face]], [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Khamsin]], [[Pantheon/{{PersonalAppearance}} Maximillian Caxton]], [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Gabranth, Nikolai Bulygin]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Sakazuki]], [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} CLU 2]]
* Rivals: Steven Armstrong, Lex Luthor
* Enemies: Captain America, Raiden, [[Pantheon/{{Sports}} Johnny Joestar]], Gentaro Kisaragi, [[Pantheon/{{Profession}} Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth]].
* If more than one iteration of a person or object exist in the same universe, their presence will end up annihilating both. His Stand protects Valentine himself from this effect, but he weaponizes it against others with his Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap(or D.4.C for short).
* He is often considered easy to kill but harder to keep him dead as D.4.C can transport Valentine's consciousness to an alternate universe body if he suffers a mortal wound, then bring the fresh body back.
* It also has the nifty side effect of allowing him to simply just transport a private army of himselves to attack en mass.
* He is often seen working with what people believe to be Dio but it later turns out to be an alternate universe version named Diego, He also works with Solidus Snake often trying to help him reclaim America from The Patriots.
* He as found a rivalry with Armstrong due to the fact that while what they want for America is similar, he does not want it destroyed to be done anew, he wants to make it even stronger, as he believes the U.S will grow in its stability not its destruction.
* Captain America has dealt with corrupt Presidents in the past and feels that Valentine is no different from any other corrupt politician, the same reasons are why Valentine is Raiden's enemy.
** This saddens Valentine as he feels that they are the type of people that would be great in helping him make America the Strongest nation in the world.
* He is often seen trying to obtain artifacts know as The Holy Corpse Parts ([[spoiler:The corpse of Jesus Christ]]) to have the power to make America the ideal perfect nation.
* He often attempts to bring other AU versions of Gods and goddesses in The Pantheon (As he did with Diego Brando) , his best attempts is to try and bring over a Feral version of Chaos and harness his powers for The Glory of The United States. He is also investigating Gentaro Kisaragi's alternate universe self and has plans of bring that version over as well as a potential ally.
** Is also investigating The Injustice Universe and is planning on bringing that universe's Superman, he is also looking into the Magica Universe for people named Oriko Mikuni and Kirka Kure in case there is a need to fight magical beings.
** He is also thinking of bringing in Solidus Snake as well as someone named The Valeyard.
* Is seen as a threat by Lex Luthor as The public adores both of them. even if the heroes do not, but Luthor does not want his term as President challendged.
* He is seen trying to help Caxton out on his mental well being and trying to make him another ally in trying to bring glory to America.
* He is attempting to get Gabranth to his rightful place in The House of Justice as he feels he found a kindred spirit in him and wishes to have Gabranth work with him to help Valentine's America.
** Is happy to see Gabranth ascend in the House of Justice and is now going to the second part of his plan to get Gabranth to work under him to make America as powerful as can be.
* He is often very nice to the more love/sex crazed female members of the Pantheon as they often remind him of his wife and he knows that there is more to them then their vices.
* Had a run in with Elizabeth and gave her an offer to help her with her powers as it was similar to Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, this ended in a fight when he noticed Booker and called him "[[spoiler:Comstock]]", since then they have avoided each other though Valentine claims that the offer still stands when Elizabeth needs it.
** Though Elizabeth was surprised that any version of Funny Valentine was always the same main no matter what universe he came from.
* Is often seen stating "Dojyaaa~~n!" when showing off his abilities.

'''[[Franchise/PrinceOfPersia The Dahaka]], God of [[TimeIsDangerous The Dangers Of Time Travel]]''' (The Personification of The Inevitability of Fate, The Guardian of The Timeline) [[quoteright:291:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Dahaka-001_1350.jpg]]
* Theme Song: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5hR6RhiGW4 I Stand Alone]](Starting the chase), [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGxLLoOod5g Escape The Dahaka]](Resuming a chase), [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Uc_D20Qca0 Battle The Dahaka]] (Confronting The Dahaka)
* Greater God
* Symbol: Its horns that form the symbol of Infinity
* Alignment: TrueNeutral
* Portfolio: CombatTentacles, FlashStep, ImplacableMan, [[TheJuggernaut The Unstoppable]]
* Domains: Time, Fate, Sand, Inevitability
* Allies: Those that have accepted their fate
* Enemies: Those that try to defy their fate or change the past. All of The Time-Using Gods of this house.
* Many try to change their fates often to live a life without what made them want to live the changed life in the first place. when they do so under any method of time travel and change their fates they are chased down by The Dahaka. It's goal is to set back what has been changed and it cares little for the reasons why there was a change.
* It is powerful being that simply walks slowly and allows it's victims to try and run, once The Dahaka captures you it will turn you to sand and erase your time changing actions from the timeline to ensure that everything that was changed is now fixed back to the way it was.
* It is immune to every kind of weapon, it chases people for as long as it needs to leaving people little time to do anything but run and to make matters worse it cannot be affected by any time changing methods.
* It only has one weakness and that is to water, small bits of water do nothing but anything close to a river of water can effectively drive it off, though this method is merely a temporary measure and it will return in a different path through teleportation.
* There is only one real way to kill The Dahaka: [[spoiler: The Water Sword]]. When obtained, it can hurt The Dahaka and if used right can permanently destroy it. Getting it is quite difficult though.
* Its presence causes the air to thicken and cause the area to discolor.
* It appears at first to speak gibberish or some strange language. Those that try to escape through rewinding time in its presence have revealed it has in fact been speaking to them in reverse. More accurately, it is threatening them whilst they escape it.
* It is what enforces fixed points in time. If these key events are affected, the Dahaka will start to tear apart the very universe to try and fix what is broken.
* Is seen as the biggest threat by time-using gods in this house. Dahaka has been chasing after them all for changing their past, or trying to cheat death through time travel.

'''[[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Diavolo]], God of [[SmashCut Literal Smash Cuts]]''' (The Boss, Soliddo Nazo, [[spoiler:Vinegar Doppio]])http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Diavolo_manga_3398.jpg
* Theme Song: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHXKRNAFE48 His Name is Diavolo]] or [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nDXro6lDVk King Crimson]]
* Greater God
* Symbol: The face of his Stand King Crimson
* Alignment: NeutralEvil
* Portfolio: [[TheGhost His goal is to remain a feared, shadowy leader through any means necessary]], [[TakeOverTheWorld using the Stand Arrow in order to gain its Requiem power]], [[UltimateEvil Desperately wants to be this]], [[ArchnemesisDad Wants to kill his Daughter]]
* Domains: Time Skip, Mystery, Secrets
* Allies: The Passione Mafia, Vito Corleone, James Moriarty, Hoyt Volker, Vic Vega, Satan, Vinegar Doppio [[spoiler: his other personality]]
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{CombatIntermediateGods}} Giorno Giovanna]], Jotaro Kujo
* Is able to use his Stand King Crimson to move time forward ten seconds and allowing him to see the future of those ten seconds. To some this may seem like a laughably weak power but adding to the fact that his Stand is the strongest and fastest and the ten second cut is cut out from the victims memory leaving them dazed and letting King Crimson take advantage makes him an opponent not to underestimated.
* If asked how his power works on a day that he isn't in the mood to tell, he will let Doppio reply "It just works"
* He is the Don of The Passione Mafia, as such he is trying to make his presence know to the other bosses of criminal organizations of the Pantheon to make his gang even stronger.
* He often attempts to keep his ascendance to the Pantheon an absolute secret, never letting himself be revealed by anyone that personally knows him. He lets his right hand man Doppio to deal with Gods that want his attention.
* Doppio is often seen trying to be the one to discuss matters that deal with Diavolo, He is a nice, sweet kid that wants to help potential business partners make a deal that will help both sides, rumors around the Pantheon is that Doppio is not to be trolled or messed with as it will incur the wrath of Diavolo and have them killed, it is easy of Diavolo to find out who did it seeing as [[spoiler: he and Doppio are the same person]]
* He often seen being able to speak to Diavolo and talking about matters through a cell phone, if it somehow gets broken then he will start grabbing random objects and treating them like they were his cell phone, going so far as to make ring tone noises himself. They have been car charms, toy phones, frogs, and many other things.
* Diavolo is trying to erase all parts of his past as far back as possible, in his paranoia he is trying to kill any that know of him in any significant way, even going as far as trying to kill his only daughter.
* He can also use King Crimson to be able to use its grand strength to rip apart opponents with a single Megaton Punch, rather than using Rapid Fire Fisticuffs like other powerful Stands.
* He is currently working with Hoyt Volker in order to expand his area of operations.
* In order to truly erase his past and become the Ultimate Evil of his realm he has joined in allegiance under Satan to help him [[spoiler: secure the Great Will's Throne]] and in return gain the Requiem Stand Arrow and evolve his Stand.

'''[[Series/DoctorWho The Dalek Emperor]], God of ScaryDogmaticAliens'''
* Theme Song: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI9pgqHRG_M&feature=kp One of them.]]
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil.
* Symbol: A Dalek.
* Portfolio: To wipe out all non-Daleks.
* Domains: The Dalek Empire, including the planet Skaro.
* Allies: The Master, Ogrons, Davros, Mavic Chen... Big fans of YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness.
* Enemies: The Doctor, [[Pantheon/{{Royalty}} Rassilon]], [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Omega]], the Time Lords, basically anything that isn't a Dalek, other Daleks.
* There have been multiple Dalek Emperors. One of them was Davros, another was destroyed by the Time Vortex, two never existed.

'''[[VideoGame/GuiltyGear Axl Low]]''' is making a bid for the title of '''[[FishOutOfTemporalWater Accidental Time Travel]]''' soon.