Even Gods suffer ignoble fates. Though many still maintain some level of pride, in many cases it has been chiseled away here through [[CharacterDerailment bad character development]] and their use as [[TheWorfEffect the Worf]] one too many times. Never forget many of these were once much greater than the position they have been forced to stoop to. Some even manage to claw their way out of it, but these are their descriptions of when they were at that low point.

Some of the Fallen were tried in the Court of the Gods and cast out, a ceremony that is rather less humiliating than the one given to the Disgraced. Others were caused to fall. All of them walked out on their own steam, heads low. They're allowed to go back into the Pantheon proper, but none of them stay until they have redeemed themselves. They have one point of pride- they're not as bad as the Pantheon/{{Disgraces}}. Valvatorez is the current head of the reformation department of here and Purgatory due to his work as a Prinny Instructor.

Unlike the Disgraces, various Fallen Gods are still linked with the rest of the Gods, as long as they can't cause a lot of trouble.

Fallen is now forming a [[HiredGuns mercenary group]] composed of Gods of this House, they can be hired by either the GUAG or GUAE, depending on special circumstances. However, in exchange for their missions, they should pay their debts to Fallen. The name of the faction is '''Fallens For Hire'''.

One day, they will have their ''[[Film/{{Transformers}} Revenge]]''. Also, [[MemeticMutation they can't get up]].


! The Guards
The ones who checks this place if anything goes wrong.

'''[[Videogame/FinalFantasyXIII Lightning Farron]], the Goddess With a MissionFromGod''' (Clair/Eclair, Sergeant, Light, Warrior Goddess, the Savior, [[Videogame/DissidiaFinalFantasy Paradigm Commando]])
* Theme Song: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39Cg92jbc88 "Blinded by Light" (Final Fantasy XIII Battle Theme)]]
* Greater Goddess, bordering on Overdeity.
* Symbol: Her Blazefire Saber and Crimson Blitz swords crossed together.
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Portfolio: [[LadyOfWar Graceful Ladies in Battle]], [[PerpetualFrowner Mostly Shown Frowning]] [[SugarAndIcePersonality Showing a sweet Personality Deep Down]], [[MamaBear Protective of Her Sister]], [[BrokenBird Those Broken on the Inside]], [[DefrostingIceQueen Eventually Warming Up to Others]], [[TheGunslinger Wielding Guns]] [[HeroesPreferSwords Then Swords]], [[SummonMagic Summoning her Eidolon, Odin]] (first game only), [[OneManArmy Kicking Everything Down All by Herself]], [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Slaying creatures worthy of divinity]].
* Domains: Coldness, Action, Faith, Duty.
* Allies:
** Non-ascended: Serah Farron (her sister), Snow Valliers, Hope Estheim, Sazh Katzroy, Oerba Yun Fang.
** Ascended: [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeathIntermediateGods Oerba Dia Vanille]], [[Pahtheon/{{Otherness}} Pit]], every Final Fantasy Protagonist, [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Cosmos]], [[Pantheon/{{Faith}} Artix von Krieger, Michael Carpenter]], [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Nathan Drake]].
* Rival: [[Pantheon/NatureOverdeitiesAndGreaterGods Sora]]
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/MainHouse YHVH]], [[Pantheon/{{Faith}} Seymour Guado]], [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Lord Chaos, Caius Ballad]], [[Pantheon/TheaterGreaterGods Polygon Man]].
* Having completed her duties as the Savior, Lightning thought she could return to the new world with everyone. However, she still had some duties to keep an eye on the gods in the Fallen. Lightning knew better than to question the Main House (she did mention it was better than in the House of Faith seeing the internal struggle with YHVH) so she made a seat in the Fallen to keep an eye on the souls, alongside Gabranth. On the plus side, she gets to see her sister, Serah every now and then in the mortal world.
* Pit looked at Lightning with interest, because Lightning's [[Creator/AliHillis voice]] reminded him of Palutena, minus her gadfly-like behavior. Pit usually visits her in the Fallen now. Lightning admits it makes guarding less lonely.
* Lightning took one good look at Phineas Flynn and thought she heard the voice of Hope from him. Phineas took this in stride and began talking about all the gadgets and inventions he was planning.
* While not allowed in the House of Faith proper, she has made kinship with Artix von Krieger and Michael Carpenter. The former is due to their rescuing of souls as their mission, especially since Artix's powers comes from the spirits he saves from evil. The latter is due to Michael's never-wavering faith in god and the fact that there are holy beings that help give him some nice coincidences along the way.
* To date, every chapter in the story of her life has been in service to one higher power or another. Though in service to the fal'Cie, she had chosen to defy that fate and strive for independence. The consequences of that choice have weighed heavy and so she is resigned to follow the commands of others.
* Although once on opposite sides of a cosmic war, the Savior and the Judge hold no grudges against one another and keep a professional relationship in their duties. Lighting guides those who may rise from the Fallen, while Hell's Watchdog ensures no one else follows before their time.
* Was a recent victim of the [[Pantheon/TheaterGreaterGods Polygon Man]], due to his desire for revenge following his [[VideoGame/PlayStationAllStarsBattleRoyale Battle Royale]]. What he did with Lightning was pit her in a battle with [[Pantheon/NatureOverdeitiesAndGreaterGods Sora]], and forced the boy into his [[Film/{{Tron}} Space Paranoids]] armor, causing her to mistake him as a Sanctum Official and trigger a rivalry between the two.
* Chance of Redemption: Unneeded. The Main House wishes that all Gods have a chance to be redeemed, or at least be able to return to the mortal world. Lightning's role is to assist them when they've earned their chance.

'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII Gabranth]], Hell's Watchdog''' (The [=EXecutioner=], The Judge Magister, [[ThatManIsDead Noah fon Ronsenberg]]) http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Gabranthiddia_Art_1581.jpg
* Lesser God
* Symbol: His Helmet.
* Alignment: LawfulNeutral
* Porfolio: DualWielding, [[TinTyrant Armor]], {{Evil Twin}}s, [[TakeALevelInBadass Sudden Bursts of Power]], [[LightningBruiser Warriors Possessing Speed and Power]], [[MyMasterRightOrWrong Unwavering Loyalty]], [[ThePowerOfHate Hatred]], Acting as JudgeJuryAndExecutioner.
* Domains: Judgment, Loyalty, Law.
* Followers: None, even those who wish to follow him are turned away.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Chaos]], [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Jecht]], [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Eiki Shiki, Captain America]], Harvey Dent.
* Rivals: [[Pantheon/MainHouse Co]][[Pantheon/{{Leadership}} sm]][[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} os]] and her Warriors of Order.
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Crime}} Balthier]]
* Membership: Undetermined.
* Not actually a member of the House of the Fallen itself, he was appointed to guard the gates of the House by Chaos. Anyone who tries to return to their seat without earning redemption deals with him. Or rather, [[CurbStompBattle he deals with them]].
* Chance of Redemption: Unneeded, this has become a secondary position since he now works two jobs. The paper work for the change was approved by Chaos and he operates mainly in the [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} House of Justice]] as the God of Violent Judgement.


! The Patron
The one who assembles the Fallen Gods.

'''[[{{Transformers}} The Fallen]], Patron of all Fallen Gods and God of Lucifer Metaphors''' (Megatronus Prime)
* Lesser God (Greater God when acting in the lands of the Fallen)
* Symbol: A stylized version of his own head as it appears in universal stream designate Primax
* Alignment: LawfulEvil
* Portfolio: [[IncendiaryExponent Those who are on Fire]], Transformation, [[BetrayalTropes Betrayal]], being AllThereInTheManual.
* Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Entropy, Mechanus.
* Followers: [[spoiler:Every non-ascended Decepticon in existence]] (in [[TransformersFilmSeries the live-action continuity]] only).
* Superior: [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Unicron]] (the reason for his fall in first place).
* Ally: [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Megatron]].
* Membership: Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfEvil. Boss and benefactor of this House.
* A devout follower of Unicron, having fallen from the service of Primus.
* Used to be God of Entropy, until got a bit distracted by his new master.
* Would also fit in nicely in the Villains pantheon, but with a name like his, he is placed here for the sake of convenient filing.
* Despite what others may tell you, [[{{Retcon}} he's been Unicron's minion]] all along. In all continuities. During ''The Transformers: The Movie'' he was... out shopping for... lychees.
* Chance of Redemption: Will be redeemed if he: A. renounces Unicron and returns to the service of Primus, B. manages to successfully kill an Optimus Prime or C. when he is the only one left in the Fallen, and thus there is nobody for him to be Patron of.


! The Fallen Gods
Those who suffered bad fates yet still considered better than the Disgraces.

'''DarthWiki/TheWikiWitchOfTheWeb, Evil Twin to Trope-Tan, Goddess of the Evils of TV Tropes'''
* Intermediate Goddess
* Symbol: The TV Tropes Logo, with the colors [[GoodColorsEvilColors inverted]].
* Alignment: NeutralEvil
* Portfolio: WallOfText, EvilTwin, TvTropesWillRuinYourLife, [[BadWritingIndex Bad Storytelling Tropes]].
* Domains: All Bad Things Upon This Very Wiki.
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/MainHouse Trope-Tan]], [[Pantheon/{{Knowledge}} Report Siht]].
* Membership: None, even Gods from the Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfEvil are not interesed on her.
* The Wiki Witch of the Web is the AnthropomorphicPersonification of the evils of Tv Tropes. None know her real nature, though. Some say that she's the evil twin of [[Pantheon/MainHouse Trope-Tan]], while some say that she's Trope-Tan's split personality. What all agree is that the two can only be told apart by the Wiki Witch's constant SlasherSmile, and the constant feeling that [[UncannyValley something is wrong]].
* While not as powerful as Trope-Tan herself normally, every so often she can increase her power to the point that it equals or betters Trope-Tan's. Always, though, she carries the same [[ImprobableWeaponUser Big Frickin' Quill]] that Trope-Tan carries, and uses it for the same things. Her most common means of attack and defense, however, are the Walls of Text.
* Likes to ruin people's lives.
* Chance of redemption: '''NADA'''. She is the AnthropomorphicPersonification of the fallen parts of TV Tropes, and thus to ascend would defy her very existence.

'''[[{{Tsukihime}} Satsuki Yumizuka]], [[DemotedToExtra The Forgotten One]]''' (Sacchin) [[quoteright:180:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Satsuki_mbaa_3187.png]]
* Quasideity (just barely made it)
* Symbol: A Blood-Stained Finger.
* Alignment: ChaoticNeutral
* Portfolio: [[DemotedToExtra Forgotten Characters]], [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Ordinary Vampires]], MemeticMutation.
* Domains: Moon, Hope, Repose, The Abyss.
* Followers: [[Anime/YuGiOhGX Daichi Misawa]], [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Rin Satsuki]].
* JustFriends With: [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Shiki Tohno]].
* Membership: None.
* Sacchin is still waiting for her time to shine. It is believed she got exactly one "pity vote" in the last Ascension delegation meeting, but since very few know who she is, this is purely conjecture.
* Chance of Redemption: May get a chance when the Tsukihime Remake is released. If it doesn't have her arc, then she's screwed.

'''[[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Spike]], [[BadassDecay Fallen Badass Vampire]]''' (William Pratt, William the Bloody)
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A Rail Spike.
* Alignment: ChaoticNeutral, with a tendency to pick fights
* Portfolio: BadassDecay, {{Face Heel Turn}}ers, {{Badass Longcoat}}s, FriendlyNeighborhoodVampires, {{Noble Demon}}s, [[BloodKnight Battle For Its Own Sake]].
* Follower: [[Series/{{Torchwood}} Captain John Hart]].
* Domains: Love, Moon, Death, Chaos.
* Ally: [[Pantheon/{{Profession}} Buffy Summers]].
* Membership: Undisclosed, as the Gods from the Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfGood are mainly interested on him.
* Formerly the God of Magnificent Bastards, but was kicked out because he became a fool for love and fell hard. He was banished before Azula usurped the pantheon.
* Is gloating heavily at Azula's banishment, and later at her demotion to the mortal realm.
* He sometimes likes to comfort himself by saying "At least I'm better off than that loser of Edward".
** He still holds to that confort ''especially'' even with Edward being the current King of Mary Suetopia; that's not exactly something to be ''proud'' of.
* The Question actually has a theory on how Spike would end up in The Fallen: [[spoiler: Spike was originally never meant to fall as he was a fun character regardless of how strong he was, but he became TheMole in the enemy camp for the forces of good due to the influences of Buffy and was found out by Melkor. Enraged at his FaceHeelTurn, Melkor offered Spike an ultimatum: Reject his new soul, or be cast out from the main pantheon. [[EvilCannotComprehendGood Melkor thought that Spike would never truly change, saying, "I know how this ends."]]]] However, Spike replied smugly, "[[FamousLastWords No, you don't. But thanks for saying it.]]" [[spoiler: At that point, the army of Good charged into the area, beginning Melkor's long exile in the void, but not before he banished Spike for his betrayal.]] Most roll their eyes at such a preposterous idea [[spoiler: as Spike was around far after Melkor's return from the void, but then again, some of the more paranoid gods say that he must have enlisted help from [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace The Doctor]] to make it happen properly.]]
* Chance of Redemption: With the image of vampires these days, things are looking for him to make vampires cool again.

'''[[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Meg Griffin]], Goddess of {{Chew Toy}}s and [[InformedDeformity Informed Ugliness]]'''
* Lesser Goddess
* Symbol: Her Hat.
* Alignment: ChaoticNeutral, with [[ChaoticGood Good]] tendencies
* Portfolio: Being the Most Notorious '''ChewToy''' and '''ButtMonkey''' in Existence, {{Emo Teen}}s, {{Yandere}}s, [[BecauseYouWereNiceToMe Those Who Are Nice to Her]], [[TheFriendNobodyLikes Unlikeable Friends]], {{Nice Girl}}s [[NiceHat With Hats]], {{Stepford Smiler}}s, {{Straw Loser}}s, [[TheUnfavorite Unfavorites]], StatusQuoIsGod [[TropesAreNotGood In The Worst Possible Way]].
* Domains: Family (Betrayed), Suffering.
* Superior: [[Pantheon/{{Craft}} Seth MacFarlane]].
* Enemies: Absolutely ''hates'' [[Pantheon/{{Disgraces}} Peter Griffin]], as his abuse of her is one reason that she's in The Fallen in the first place. She still takes pleasure in the fact that while ''she'' is only in The Fallen, and might be redeemed, ''he'' is in the Disgraces, with at this point zero chance. She hates Louis too, but a little less than Peter. Also is greatly opposed to [[Pantheon/MainHouse the Status Quo and Haruhi Suzumiya]] for very good reasons, as it is what is keeping her in a life of great misfortune.
* Membership: Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfGood.
* Ascended when the Family Guy universe started using her as the Designated ButtMonkey, and when even her mother didn't love her. And, due to the Status Quo, even when she called them out, or took a level in badass, it never stuck. Poor girl is now a Yandere who will stalk anyone who shows kindness to her, as she has been starved of it otherwise.
* Chance of Redemption: If the writers tone down the abuse of her and stop making it DudeNotFunny.
** [[spoiler:However, she's present at the moment of the death of her dog Brian Griffin. Meg is sad that her pet is now in the heavens... which means she reaches to low at her best. Afterwards, she got a new dog, Vinnie... sadly, it lasted two episodes.]]
** It's also noted that her superior Seth [=MacFarlane=] ascended, and he's doing the possible to free her, otherwise, she's ruined.

'''[[Anime/CodeGeass Dorothea Ernst and Monica Kruszewski]], Goddesses of [[InformedAbility Informed Abilities]]'''
* Demigoddesses
* Symbol: Emblem of Britannia.
* Alignment: LawfulEvil
* Portfolio: [[InformedAbility Getting Killed Within Moments of Engaging in Combat]], [[KilledMidSentence Getting Killed Off Mid Sentence]], UnfortunateImplications.
* Domains: Battle, War, Conquest.
* Followers: Michael Patterson (''For Better or For Worse''), [[Literature/LeftBehind Nicolae Carpathia]].
* Sent to The Fallen after the release of former holder Mai Valentine, who in retrospect was visibly quite competent and thus miscast.
* Membership: Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfEvil.
* Originally it was decided that only 4 of the Knight of Round spots would be vacant, but with the [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters already huge cast]], these two hapless members were given [[MauveShirt minimal focus]], to the point where they were left with standard issue Knightmare frames when it was finally their turn to go into combat. Their quick defeats in battle, however justified, became instant sources of [[{{Narm}} unintentional hilarity]].
* Chance of Redemption: None whatsoever. [[FistOfTheNorthStar They are already dead]].
** A phenomenal showing in the upcoming Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito? It would have to be particularly impressive...

'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXI Pandemonium Warden]], Fallen God of [[MarathonBoss Everlasting Battle]]'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: The Pandemonium Key.
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil
* Portfolio: [[ShapeShifter Transformation]], [[ThatOneBoss Horribly Bad Bosses]], [[MarathonBoss Taking Forever To Kill]].
* Domains: Chaos, Battle, Shape.
* Membership: Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfEvil.
* Was to ascend to the Pantheon, change its form to that of Mr. Rogers, and lead [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Light]] and his allies into overtaking the Pantheon/MainHouse, but a [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} meddler]] changed the ritual. Its powers are now effectively locked, leaving it incapable of taking the shape of any god with more influence than a Lesser deity. Its, ahem, "stamina" was also lowered to less than a ninth of its previous capacity.
* Embarrassed beyond belief, it is now summoned by adventurers on which it can unleash its rather ineffectual fury.
* Is made the butt of a ''lot'' of jokes based on endurance. Even [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Milhouse]] can get away with it (and ''he's'' not even a God anymore). That's just depressing.
* Chance of Redemption: Very low. [[Pantheon/{{Gaming}} Absolute Virtue]] has surpassed it.

'''[[VisualNovel/AceAttorney Dahlia Hawthorne]], Restless Spirit of Revenge''' (Melissa Foster, [[spoiler:Dahlia Fey]]) [[quoteright:80:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/chinami_7149.png]]
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5bjiE8e5go Distant Traces of Beauty]].
* Fallen Intermediate Goddess
* Symbol: A White Parasol with Lace Trim.
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil
* Portfolio: {{Serial Killer}}s, [[BitchInSheepsClothing Sweet-Looking Blackhearts]], [[SmugSnake Spiteful Schemers]], {{Evil Redhead}}s, {{Big Bad}}s in [[AdventureGame Genres Where You'd Least Expect It]].
* Domains: Charm, Death, Demonic, Hatred, Retribution.
* Opposed by: Phoenix Wright, Mia Fey.
* Membership: None, formerly the Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfEvil.
* Once upon a time, Dahlia lived among the innocent masses, charming young men and crushing their dreams under her heels, and either killing them or [[DrivenToSuicide letting them do the job for her]]. Her bid for the thrones of Revenge and Yandere were thwarted by Phoenix Wright and Mia Fey, when they told her that her latest [[GambitRoulette elaborate plan]] to [[GrandTheftMe steal Yuno's consciousness]] failed thanks to interference by [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Gilligan]].
* Chance of Redemption: Nonexistent. Banished to this realm by way of HumiliationConga.

'''[[Series/HappyDays Chuck Cunningham]], [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome The Lost One]]''' (Brother Chuck)
* Quasideity (never had a chance to get higher)
* Symbol: A Basketball Jersey with the number "00".
* Alignment: Not enough information to determine
* Portfolio: [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome Fictional Characters Missing-In-Action]], Older Siblings.
* Domain: Family.
* Also Missing: [[Series/FamilyMatters Judy Winslow]], [[Series/StepByStep Half The Original Cast Of Step By Step]], [[Series/BoyMeetsWorld Stuart Minkus]], [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Uter]], [[VisualNovel/{{CLANNAD}} Kappei Hiiragi]], [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Mima]], [[Franchise/PowerRangers Lt. Jerome Stone]] [[note]]with the Angel Grove Youth Center and Juice Bar[[/note]], [[WesternAnimation/AnAmericanTail Bridget]].
* Recently Found: [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros The Koopalings]], [[VideoGame/DeadOrAlive Leon]].
* Membership: His GUAG Card is missing too.
* Little has been revealed about Chuck's background or whereabouts since his first steps into the Pantheon garden. He apparently was one of the regulars during its initial construction, and then simply disappeared without a trace. Fonzie and Steve Urkel have denied all involvement in his disappearance.
* Chance of Redemption: Unlikely, even if someone actually finds him.

'''[[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}} Malal]], the Renegade Chaos God and God of CanonDiscontinuity''' (The Outcast God, The Lost God, The Renegade God, [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Malice]])
* Greater God
* Symbol: [[http://images.wikia.com/warhammer40kfanon/images/f/f7/Malal-symbol.gif A Bisecting Black/White Skull]].
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil
* Portfolio: [[EnemyCivilWar Enemy Civil Wars]], [[ExiledFromContinuity Exiles From Continuity]], CanonDiscontinuity
* Domains: Chaos, Self-destruction, Copyright Problems.
* Followers: The Doomed Ones, and at least three Renegade Space Marine Chapters (The Sons of Malice, the Disciples of Malice, and the Ghosts of Malice).
* Enemies: The four Chaos Gods (Khorne, Tzeetch, Nurgle, Slaanesh).
* Membership: None, formerly the Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfEvil.
* For a long time the other Gods of the pantheon wondered why Malal was with the Fallen. Some believed he was cast out of the Pantheon by the other Chaos Gods, others believed it was a self-imposed exile as part of a plan to kill the other Chaos Gods... But then it was revealed he was here because Games Workshop weren't entirely sure who owned the copyright to Malal so all mention of him was dropped, but if you know where to look you may fine references to him.
* He also has been going by the name of "Malice" in the Warhammer40000 universe which may be a sign of his return to Canon but time can only tell.
-->''...And no man looked to Malal then, save those that serve that which they hate, who smile upon their misfortune, and who bear no love save for the damned. At such times as a warrior's heart turns to Malal, all Gods of Chaos grow fearful, and the laughter of the Outcast God fills the tomb of space...''
-->-- '''Great Book of Despair'''
* Chance of Redemption: When the copyright issues get resolved and Malal is reintroduced to canon or if the Sons of Malice get mentioned in a new codex.
** Alas, the new Chaos Space Marines Codex has no mention of neither Malal nor the Sons of Malace. Maybe next time, most likely in 2017-2018.

'''[[Anime/CodeGeass Kaname Ohgi]], God of [[LoveMakesYouDumb Rash Love-Induced]] Treason''' [[quoteright:350:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/2zdrg2f.jpg]]
* Lesser God
* Symbols: The Black Knights Logo, The Japanese Flag.
* Alignment: NeutralSelfish
* Portfolio: [[HollywoodHomely Homely Looking]] [[TheEveryman Everymen]], [[AmbiguouslyJewish Ambiguous Judaism]] [[FunnyAfro With Hair To Match]], [[UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom People Who Ruin Things By Stepping In At The Wrong Moment]], [[TheStoolPigeon Backstabbers]], [[{{Hypocrite}} Sudden Bouts Of Hypocrisy And]] [[NeverMyFault Inability To Take Responsibility For Own Actions]], [[IdiotHoudini Unpunished Idiocy]], [[KarmaHoudini Undeserved Happy Endings]].
* Domains: Chaos, Commerce, Love and War.
* Former Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Lelouch vi]] [[Pantheon/{{War}} Britannia]], common sense.
* Membership: None, formerly the Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfGood.
* To paraphrase V. V., it really was the woman who led the man astray. An EnsembleDarkhorse in the earlier part of the series for his [[OnlySaneMan clearsightedness]], Ohgi was looking to ascend to a more desirable spot in the Pantheon, until he was led astray by an enemy spy who had been on his leader's tail nearly the whole time. He would later face one of the biggest fandom face heel turns ever when he sold out his leader based on the suspicious if half-true testimonies of not only her, but [[TheDragon Schneizel]], leading the former leader to act the world's worst dictator as quite possibly an elaborate hidden excuse to [[SuicideByCop off himself]]. And said traitor couple is one of the few to get a HappyEnding instead. This injustice would not stand, yet, considering the fall-from-grace nature of his character, it was decided he would join the Fallen.
* In a meta-twist, all the hatred directed towards [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Suzaku Kurugi]] and [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Nina Einstein]] [[TheScrappy ended up focused on Ohgi instead]]. It was seen fit, therefore, for Ohgi to fill in the vacancy left behind by Suzaku.
* Considering also the woman he loved tried to kill him to rid her association of his leader who she led him to betray, that he tried making an under the table deal for Japan's freedom in exchange for Zero without the UFN's consent or knowledge, and ended up as the Prime Minister of Japan despite his worst blunders, Ohgi also serves as a prime example of falling upward.
* Chance For Redemption: Barring the improbable postscript MyGodWhatHaveIDone revelation, very little. To paraphrase Dante, the lowest circles of Scrappy hell are reserved for traitors.

'''[[Franchise/MortalKombat Raiden]], God of [[WhatAnIdiot Idiotic Decisions]] and Fallen God of [[ShockAndAwe Thunder]]''' (Rayden) [[quoteright:310:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/raiden_9805.png]]
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: His NiceHat, covered with thunder.
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: [[ShockAndAwe Thunder]], [[{{Mondegreen}} Gibberish Battle Cries (YOUR MOTHER IS IN LAAAA)]], BigGood, PhysicalGod, [[NiceHat Trademark Hat]], [[TheMentor Mentor Figures]], CharacterDerailment, Carrying the IdiotBall in his Worst Moment, [[WhatAnIdiot Idiocy]], [[UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom Swiss Messengers]], GuiltComplex, [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone Suffering the Consequences for His Actions]].
* Domains: Thunder, Guidance (Twisted), Idiocy.
* Former Superior: [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Thor]].
* Former Ally: [[Pantheon/CombatIntermediateGods Liu Kang]].
* Membership: Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfGood.
* Fell here after a SenselessSacrifice in ''Deception'' turned him into a extremist jackass dubbed as 'Dark Raiden'. Got his redemption ticket by [[VideoGame/MortalKombat9 getting a chance to be a good Raiden again and fix past things]] but he majorly screwed up overall, as his actions [[UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom resulted]] in Sindel's demotion to The Fallen and let Quan Chi get a completely upper hand over most of the heroes via enslaving them, and losing the trust of his apprentice Liu Kang, causing the Pantheon/CourtOfTheGods to consider demoting him further to the Pantheon/{{Disgraces}} (but they checked that putting him in the Disgraces would be a bad idea, considering Raiden's past as an ideal BigGood in the original timeline and for the fact that he [[VideoGame/MortalKombatVsDcUniverse saved the two worlds]] earlier) should he try to go to Pantheon/{{Purgatory}} and consider himself redeemed for what he did, thus he opted to stay here until he fully redeemed himself.
* Because he can no longer act as the BigGood to the ''Mortal Kombat'' heroes, [[Pantheon/OthernessVampires Rachel Alucard]] has taken over his former position and undeniably does a better job than Raiden.
* Chance of Redemption: It all depends on how ''Mortal Kombat X'' would allow him to save the rest of the heroes and bolster the forces of good without any major screw ups...

'''[[Literature/GoodOmens Newton Pulsifer]], God of [[WalkingTechbane Technological Ruin]]''' (Newt)
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: A Pin.
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: [[WalkingTechbane Ruining Anything Technological Through No Apparent Fault Of One's Own]], Doing Things BecauseDestinySaysSo, Unlikely Heroes, Finding Witches (In Theory), DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife.
* Domains: Good, Technology (Ruined).
* Membership: Pantheon/CouncilOfShadows (hired by them), Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfGood (optional).
* Originally, Newt was accepted into the [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} House of Technology]] when he falsely claimed to be a computer programmer. Five mintutes after his entry, all the computer terminals had switched off, [[IronMan Tony Stark's]] armour was malfunctioning, all of the PowerRangers were cut off from the Morphin' Grid, and [[{{Transformers}} Optimus Prime]] lay dead [[BackFromTheDead yet again]]. All Newt had done was turn on a light switch. Consequently, he was exiled to this Pantheon for their protection, even though he has done nothing wrong.
** This is, of course, Just As Planned. The Council of Shadows is keeping him around in case they need to deal with any gadget-based opponent.
* Recently, many XboxOne and PlayStation4 units from the [[Pantheon/{{Gaming}} House of Gaming]] got defected. They blame him again for that.
* Chance of Redemption: When the Council no longer needs him, he'll be good to go.

'''[[Literature/TheGreatGatsby Jay Gatsby]], God of [[LonelyAtTheTop Empty Wealth]]''' (James Gatz)
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: A Green Light.
* Alignment: TrueNeutral
* Portfolio: [[LonelyAtTheTop Empty Success]], {{Love Martyr}}s, [[EpicFail Failures Of The]] AmericanDream, [[{{Literature}} Novels]] VindicatedByHistory, [[TragicHero Tragic Figures]], [[ByronicHero Half-Decent People]] [[CrapsackWorld In Corrupt Worlds]], [[TheWoobie Woobies]], [[LovingAShadow Those Who Are Loving An Illusion]].
* Domains: Commerce, Passion.
* Follower: [[Film/CitizenKane Charles Kane]].
* Membership: None.
* Was going to get into the [[Pantheon/{{Commerce}} House of Commerce]] as the God of Self-Made Men, until it transpired that his wealth had ultimately brought him no fulfillment, at which point he got exiled ''himself'' here to exist in lonely splendor.
* Chance of Redemption: Dependent on when he'll actually share his money with someone... especially in the House of Commerce.
** Karen Minazuki in the House of Emotion wishes to share his money, as does Charlotte [=LaBouff=].

'''[[Main/TopGear The Driver Formerly Known As Stig]], Sacked God of Test Drivers and Professional Racers''' (Ben Collins, The Sacked Stig)
* Sacked Demigod
* Symbol: A generic white full-face helmet; alternately, a generic black full-face helmet.
* Alignment: TrueNeutral
* Portfolio: Cars, Racers.
* Domain: None, but formerly Sports, Racing, and Celebrity.
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May]].
* Membership: None.
* Formerly in the [[Pantheon/{{Sports}} House of Sports]], he tried to get himself a research position in Pantheon/{{Academy}} to write research papers and books, but that turned out to be a very bad idea. He ended up getting himself not only sacked from the Academy, but cast out of the entire Pantheon, forcing Clarkson, Hammond, and May to head down to their Stig Farm and find a replacement for the House of Sports. The new Stig has inherited this Stig's former domain, followers, and basically everything else, leaving this Stig with nothing. Some say the sacked Stig now spends his time driving around in a Lego car at Legoland Windsor. All we know is, he's no longer called The Stig.
** To be fair, this has happened twice. The former Stig (known as The Black Stig for his all-black outfit and helmet) met a more gruesome end, thrown to Davey Jones' Locker by Clarkson, Hammond, and May.
* Chance of Redemption: Got sacked, so he stays in The Fallen for a long time.

'''[[Franchise/MortalKombat Sindel]], Goddess of CutScenePowerToTheMax and Fallen Goddess of [[TheHighQueen High Queens]]'''
* Lesser Goddess
* Symbol: Her Skunk-Like Haircut.
* Alignment: LawfulGood (normal)[=/=]ChaoticEvil (when mind controlled)
* Portfolio: Mothers, [[BreathWeapon Energy From Her Mouth]], [[PowerFloats Floating]], AbsoluteCleavage, [[MakeMeWannaShout Sonic Scream]].
** As Herself: [[TheHighQueen The Queen Of Edenia]], DarkIsNotEvil, [[MamaBear Protective Mothers]], [[LadyOfWar Ladies Of War]].
** When Mind Controlled: '''CutScenePowerToTheMax''', DarthWiki/{{Wall Banger}}s, DiabolusExMachina, {{Hero Killer}}s, GodSaveUsFromTheQueen, [[ThatManIsDead That Woman Is Dead]], NoHoldsBarredBeatdown.
* Domains: Law, Good (if she's normal), Evil (when mind controlled), Family, Royalty.
* Allies:
** As Herself: Raiden, [[Pantheon/CombatIntermediateGods Liu Kang]], [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Scorpion]], [[Pantheon/{{Power}} Sub-Zero]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Reptile, Smoke]], [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Johnny Cage]], [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Sonya Blade]], [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Kurtis Stryker]], '''[[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Kitana]]''' (her daughter).
** When Mind Controlled: [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Shao Kahn]], [[Pantheon/{{Shape}} Shang Tsung]], [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Quan Chi]], [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Mileena]].
* Enemies: Same but inverting.
* Membership: Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfGood (when she's on good mood), Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfEvil (when she's brainwashed).
* Fell as a result of an infamous scene in ''VideoGame/MortalKombat9'' resulting in much rage, eye rolling and DarthWiki/{{wall bang|er}}ing. Alas, the events of the story mode of ''VideoGame/MortalKombat9'' ruined some characters, causing the Fall of Raiden, the temporary Disgrace of Quan Chi and the temporary depowering of her daughter Kitana. As a result, much of the Pantheon feels sorry for her.
* Chance Of Redemption: Medium. Her chances lie upon the story mode of ''Mortal Kombat X''.

'''AdolfHitler of the Film/{{Downfall}} [[WebVideo/HitlerRants Bunker]], Fallen God of [[GagSub Humorously Revised Subtitles]] and God of {{Villainous Breakdown}}s''' (Downfall Hitler)
* Quasideity
* Symbol: Red and blue colored pencils crossed in front of a war map of central (now eastern) Germany
* Alignment: Originally LawfulEvil, but has [[VillainousBreakdown degraded]] into ChaoticEvil and, arguably, StupidEvil.
* Portfolio: Leader of ThoseWackyNazis, prone to {{Villainous Breakdown}}s, YoutubePoop, plans a lot but usually [[OrcusOnHisThrone just stays in the Bunker]] while his underlings inform him of trivial matters. Being a LargeHam, whether interpreted correctly or not, [[SayMyName shouts the name Fegelein a lot even when the subtitles don't match up]]; [[RealityWarper access to pencils that can instantly cause mass destruction when thrown at a map of Berlin]].
* Domains: AnachronismStew, PokeThePoodle.
* Minions: Officers and staff members of his bunker
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Captain America]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Magneto, Captain Planet]][[note]]The first two on general principle, the last because this Hitler is more entertaining that he is.[[/note]], Trollkaiger (Particularly [[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} Yuuki Terumi]]), and, of course, his arch nemesis '''FEGELEIN!'''
* Membership: None, formerly the Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfEvil.
* Hitler wanted to be in the House of Pantheon/{{War}}, stating his actions in World War II and his ability to stare [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Captain Planet]] to death should be enough to secure him a position there. He was not happy upon being informed that he entered the Pantheon only because it was funny to hear him rant. And even then, his position is down amongst The Fallen.
** Hitler was informed that the one who suggested his position was Yuuki Terumi. Furthermore, Terumi got this suggestion from Hermann Fegelein, one of his own generals who has been known for his antics. This has led to the following:
-->Downfall 13:6-13: ''I should've known that imbecile would side with that troll. And look what happened! Because of those two, I'm fucked! All I wanted was to have a position in the House of War. And they ruined it! They will pay for this, starting with Fegelein! '''[[SayMyName FEGELEIN!!!]]''' FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN!''
* Hitler's officers and staff members of his bunker have expressed interest in joining the pantheon as separate gods, but Hitler refuses to let them. He's especially adamant about letting one of his generals, Alfred Jodl, into the pantheon after he made constant objections to Hitler's plans to no longer be amongst the Fallen. The following is one of their many arguments:
-->'''Jodl:''' But my Fuhrer, I want to be God of Objections!
-->'''Hitler:''' [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Phoenix Wright]] is already God of Objections!
-->'''Jodl:''' I object better than him!
-->'''Hitler:''' Oh, for fucks sake, there is no way you object better than him! So you will remain here! And there's no way I'd allow a shiny-headed moron like you enter the Pantheon!
* His [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWBv522Eevg attempted assassination of]] Justin Bieber at least receives Hitler good points from the Gods of [[Pantheon/{{Music}} House of Music]].
* [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Hitler's Brain]] considers this Hitler a pretender, and vice versa. In fact, there are varying rumors of who this Hitler really is. Some say it is indeed Adolf Hitler, but has been punished so thoroughly for his crimes that it warped his mind to that of a PsychopathicManChild. Others say he is actually an actor named Bruno Ganz. It gets even weirder when he starts arguing with other Hitlers.
** It's because of this that [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Red Skull]] refuses to obey him, saying that someone so undignified cannot be the true Führer. Plus, he refuses to be called "Red Skeletor" or "Skeletor II".
** Even so, he was begrudgingly given credit during "The War of the Hitlers" for single-handedly being the sole survivor. The fact that Fegelein had a role in it soured the victory though.
* He claims he did not commit suicide on April 30, 1945 and wants to stop such rumors even if all the history books in the House of Knowledge say otherwise.
* Planned to take Azula's seat of Villainous Breakdown. When he failed, the response was as could be expected.
** However, with her returning to the mortal realm, Hitler finally claims the title.
* Hitler and most of his officers can easily cause mass devastation and humiliation just by a simple action, Hitler's being his twin pencils of Doom and Mass Destruction which triggers when he angrily throws them at a map of Berlin. Many of the more chaotic members of the Pantheon want to get their hands on these, particularly [[Pantheon/{{Shape}} Rico Rodriguez]] as they seem like fun. Despite access to such weapons, Hitler and his officers refuse to use them in any practical way, simply wanting to either destroy or humiliate any random thing that comes to mind.
* Surprised the majority of the Pantheon when he declared that he isn't actually anti-Semitic. Most of the Nazi-aligned immediately attempted to have him ousted as the true Hitler, led by [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Hitler's Brain]]. [[spoiler:They failed.]]
--> '''Hitler's Brain:''' "[[EvilerThanThou I'm a much more successful Hitler than you will ever be. You don't even hate the Jews, which is what a Hitler is supposed to do!]]"
--> '''Hitler:''' "I have no reason to hate the Jews."
--> '''Red Skull:''' "[[PoliticallyIncorrectVillain You're a traitorous Zionist Hitler!]]"
--> '''Hitler:''' "[[ShutUpHannibal Enough about your hate for the Jews]], [[ProperlyParanoid the real threat is Fegelein and Trollkaiger]]."
* Is responsible for [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUT8_LQ8mdA Germany's]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t2RJTG3ruA recent]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ2nRaQmw5M victories]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPX7wRQ4k3U in]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwySk2MV87E the]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jrEu7Wv9xQ 2014]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHyNDnTqes4 FIFA]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-qfXDFgSb0 World]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcPYv09-YD8 Cup]]. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJrDtVRXjrw He plans to ultimately win and land Fegelein his greatest defeat ever]]. Only time will tell if he succeeds though.
* Chance of Redemption: Nil, even when accounting for his hatred of Justin Bieber. This[[note]]Along with the prohibition against RealLife persons in its ranks[[/note]] is the only reason why AdolfHitler ''himself'' is not among the Disgraces.[[note]]The aforementioned brain notwithstanding.[[/note]] Plus, hearing him rant down in the Fallen is always good for a laugh and any of his attempts at trying to leave the Fallen is thwarted by either his own stupidity, the stupidity of his officers, or the antics of either Fegelein or Trollkaiger.

'''[[VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry Onryu Sonozaki]], The [[SlaveToPR Slave to Public Relations]] and Goddess of [[UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom Swiss Messengers]]''' (Oni Baba)
* Quasideity
* Symbol: A Finger-Nail Pulling Device.
* Alignment: LawfulEvil
* Portfolio: [[SlaveToPR Slaves of Public Relations]], [[UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom Swiss Messengers]], ColdBloodedTorture, {{Evil Matriarch}}s, {{Pride}}, PetTheDog.
* Domains: Law, Evil, Suffering.
* Superior: Ryukishi 07.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Mion Sonozaki]], [[Pantheon/{{Leadership}} Keiichi Maebara]].
* Enemies: ''[[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Shion Sonozaki]]'', [[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} Bern]][[Pantheon/{{Magic}} kastel]], [[Pantheon/{{Craft}} Satako Houjou]], [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Terra Branford]].
* Membership: Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfEvil.
* This long, extensive list of offensive things she's done via stubborness and {{Pride}} to screw up her world, being the 2nd place main cause of the "Endless June" cycles of madness and death, which include the following:
** Her cruel treatment of the Houjou siblings being indirectly responsible for the 1980 incident.
** The same scenario being indirectly responsible for the 1982 incident.
*** This incident is the direct cause for Shion's distinguishment.
** Being indirectly responsible for Onikakushi-hen kaekras.
** Being directly responsible for Watanagashi-hen kaekras.
*** This crime was the direct cause of Shion's own trip to The Fallen.
** Being indirectly responsible for Tatagoroshi-hen kaekras via the same circumstances leading to the 1980 and 1982 incidents.
** Being indirectly responsible for Tsumihoroboshi-hen kaekras.
** Crimes against the pantheon i.e. her collective screw-ups being a major catalyst for the birth of Bernkastel and thus the formation of "Trollkaiger".
* [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Rita Repulsa]], the one who shares her same [[Creator/BarbaraGoodson english voice]], absolutely feels pity for her, to the point of having a severe headache.
* Chance of Redemption: Zero. The only reason she's not in the Disgraces is a few PetTheDog moments she did in later arcs. The fandom has never forgiven her for the "distinguishment incident". Much like Teppei, she wasn't even nominated in the 08/2013 character poll.

'''[[Manga/{{Naruto}} Tobi]], Former God of [[CoolMask Masks]]''' ([[spoiler:Obito Uchiha]])
* Intermediate God (Greater God after becoming the Ten-Tails' Jinchuuriki)
* Music Theme: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C06fWDZ43I4 Akatsuki]].
* Symbol: His default Mask.
* Alignment: NeutralEvil, [[spoiler: potentially TrueNeutral since his HeelFaceTurn]]
* Portfolio: {{Big Bad}}s, RedSkyTakeWarning, RedEyesTakeWarning, [[TheClan Clan Leaders]], {{Assimilation Plot}}s, SwirlyEnergyThingy, [[ManBehindTheMan Being the Man Behind the Akatsuki]], {{Pocket Dimension}}s, PowerAtAPrice, {{Intangible M|an}}en, [[CompleteMonster Absolute Immorality]], [[spoiler: HeelFaceTurn]].
* Domain: Fire, Dimensions, Illusion.
* Allies: All Akatsuki members, [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} David Xanatos]], [[Pantheon/{{Family}} Darth Vader]].
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Naruto]], [[Pantheon/{{Commerce}} Tsunade]], [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Jiraya]], [[spoiler:[[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Itachi]]]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Gaara]], [[spoiler: [[Pantheon/{{Disgraces}} Madara]]]].
* Membership: Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfEvil, [[spoiler:switched to the Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfGood]].
* Was once the God of Masks in the House of Personal Appearance. After Kurama's ascension in the House of Beasts, he planned to capture it to enact the Tsukiyomi plan. He was sent here after his plan was foiled by [[spoiler:Revolver Ocelot]]. After his was pulled, he reveals that enacted his plan to create Rin. While the majority won't forgive him, Naruto sympathizes with him the most about this.
* [[spoiler: Has recently shown regret for his actions and now seeks to atone for them, first by aiding Gabranth in keeping the Fallen Gods in their proper places as his lieutenant and even promising to aid the GUAG in their battles with the GUAE, considering it the least he can do.]]
** [[spoiler: In fact, when Madara Uchiha stole the Ten-Tails from him, he succeeded in stealing pieces of both the One- and Eight-Tails' chakra back and implanted Naruto with Kurama's yin half to get him back in the fight. He has yet to receive commemoration for his efforts, but he doesn't seem to mind.]]
* Chance of Redemption: Low, [[spoiler: even with his HeelFaceTurn]], since he does not represents masks in both senses of the word. If he's able to thwart Madara Uchiha and send him to the Disgraces, then he'll make it to Purgatory. Otherwise, he'll remain here fore the foreseeable future.
** [[spoiler: With his efforts in bringing [[Pantheon/{{Disgraces}} Madara]] to the Disgraces successful, the [[Pantheon/{{CourtoftheGods}} Court of the Gods]] are currently reviewing his case for a move to Purgatory. Chances are looking at Medium.]]

'''[[Videogame/TheWalkingDead Ben Paul]], {{The L|oad}}iability'''
* Quasideity
* Symbol: His jacket
* Alignment: StupidGood (if you can call it that)
* Portfolio: [[DirtyCoward cowardice]], [[IdiotBall moments of complete idiocy]] [[UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom that leads to everyone's deaths]], [[NonActionGuy dead weight]], [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent high school student]], [[TheDogBitesBack those who fight back]] [[BerserkButton when angered]], [[WalkingDisasterArea causing people to die]] [[NiceJobBreakingItHero by his own actions]], [[TheScrappy those hated by the fanbase]], [[HeroicSacrifice sacrificing himself]] [[TheAtoner to make up for his mistakes]].
* Domains: Uselessness, Idiocy, Normality.
* Ally: [[Pantheon/{{Profession}} Lee Everett]] (the only one he has).
* Membership: None, even Gods from the Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfGood are not interested on him.
* Ascended after it was found out that his actions in his home universe caused ''five'' deaths of Lee's group to die. Not to mention that he barely did anything of good use--even Clementine and Duck, who are ''children'', helped out--and was just considered a dead weight. The only person who was at his trial to defend him was Lee, but Johnson's word was law, and Ben had no choice but to stay here.
* Is not liked by gods with his portfolio: Shaggy hates him because Ben is supposedly an {{Expy}} of him but [[AtLeastIAdmitIt Shaggy is always there for his companions]] and is seen as a CowardlyLion[=/=]CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass. Gilligan only foiled one half of his friends' escape plans and they made it out on unscathed. Nathan Drake doesn't ''intentionally'' cause people to die all around him by his own actions, etc. This hasn't helped Ben's self-esteem in the slightest.
** It should be noted that the former holder of the title is Mokuba Kaiba. Seto just mocks him due to being even worse than his own brother, which he deeply cares. Johnson also came to Kaiba's defense stating that what Mokuba lacks in dueling abilities, his heart and willing to forgive others (particularly Noah) make up for a lot of his problems. Heck, there was [[Manga/YugiohR one world]] where he ''wasn't'' considered a liability and actually [[SpannerInTheWorks derailed]] the plans of the BigBad. This ''really'' didn't help Ben's case.
* Chance of Redemption: None. The choices he made in his universe pretty much doomed everyone, himself included. Not to mention that he is just a liability and therefore practically useless.

'''[[WesternAnimation/EdEddnEddy Sarah]], Fallen Goddess of {{Tiny Tyrannical Girl}}s'''
* Lesser Goddess
* Symbol: Her mouth.
* Alignment: NeutralGood (used to be TrueNeutral at her best and ChaoticEvil at her worst before her HeelFaceTurn)
* Portfolio: [[TinyTyrannicalGirl Being a mean, violent, and unpleasent little brat]], [[{{Blackmail}} threatened to tell her mom on her big brother]], [[HairTriggerTemper having a very short fuse]], [[KarmaHoudini almost always getting away with doing unpleasent and mean things]], [[CuteBruiser being a surprisingly strong little girl]], being [[BrattyHalfPint bratty]], [[SpoiledBrat spoiled]], and [[EntitledBastard entitled]]. [[HeelRealization finally seeing the error of her ways]] [[HeelFaceTurn and starting be more]] [[TookALevelInKindness respectful toward others because of it]].
* Domain: Mayhem, Brattiness, Wrath, Spoiledness.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} The Eds]], though only after her HeelFaceTurn.
* Enemies: A good chuck of the Gods that are on friendly terms with the Eds, though given what she's done, [[HeelRealization she knows she can hardly blame them]].
* Membership: None.
* For the most part, Sarah is upset to be part of the Fallen, but is fully aware that she's had in coming for a while, and IS grateful that she isn't in the Disgraces. Ed, being her big brother, was understandably concerned, but was assured that he can still see her, though some of the more powerful good-aligned gods tend to keep an eye on Sarah when that happens (if only so she doesn't relapse back to her abusive ways.)
* Chance of Redemption: very slim, as her HeelFaceTurn occurred almost too late (like movie-ending too late) for many people considering her show has already ended. though if the show she appeared in were to continue or be rebooted, she'd have to either prove her [[TookALevelInKindness new found level in kindness]] has stuck, or significantly reduce (or even preferably drop entirely) her lengthy status as a KarmaHoudini. Though that's not likely to happen anytime soon.

'''[[VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters K9999]], God who got ExiledFromContinuity'''
* Theme Song: [[http://youtu.be/n-02JwFtru4 "Nesutsu, The Ruler of the Dark"]].
* Lesser God
* Symbol: His Cape.
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil
* Portfolio: ExiledFromContinuity, [[PowerLimiter Blue Glove]] [[ThisIsADrill With Drill Functions]], [[PlayingWithFire Fire]], AnimeHair, ArmCannon, {{Jerkass}}es, {{Maniacal Laugh}}ing, [[BadassCape Cool Capes]] With DramaticWind, [[PutOnABusToHell Being Thrown on a Bus Only to be Replaced by]] [[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute Nameless]].
* Domains: Evil, Clones, Plans (Thwarted).
* Enemies: '''[[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} K']]''', [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami]], [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Tetsuo]].
* Membership: Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfEvil.
* There was a moment where [=K9999=], one of the most finest members of the GUAE, wanted the destruction of the GUAG... until one day K' appeared and his plan got thwarted instantly.
* After this, he got demoted to The Fallen at request of Tetsuo, the God he's modeled after. He got replaced by Nameless, a clone who takes his place in ''KOF 2002: Unlimited Match''. Said clone occupied his former positon (yet {{Anti Villain}}ous in Nameless' case) better than him in many ways.
* Chance of Redemption: Low, Nameless replaced him and no one wants him back anyway.