The Order of Mary Suetopia was formed by several of the [[Pantheon/{{Disgraces}} Disgraced Ones]] in response to having been disallowed entry into the Pantheon proper. In spirit, it is [[TheMoralSubstitute the "superior" substitute]] to those who deemed them "unclean" (for "[[WhatIsEvil it is]] ''[[WhatIsEvil they]]'' [[WhatIsEvil who are unclean!]]") with the appearance of a majestic castle decorated in [[CrystalSpiresAndTogas naught but the finest of mysterious crystals and other precious metals]]. As such, it is the Pantheon equivalent of an exclusive nightclub, where only the "[[MarySue best of]] [[MartyStu the best]]" are allowed entry, often chosen by [[CommonMarySueTraits arbitrary criteria]] which have yet to be agreed upon by anyone, perfect or non-perfect.

Despite the name, Mary Sues and Marty Stus aren't the majority of the Disgraces- that pitiful lot consists of the [[UrExample exemplars]] of [[BadWritingIndex many storytelling crimes]]. But the Sues are [[AsskickingEqualsAuthority the ones in charge]], and use the rest as pawns, [[PsychoForHire enforcers]] and amusements.

Even with their immense power (and occasional raging egos), the Suetopians are not treated as true gods by those who actually live within the pantheon. As far as they're concerned, the feeling is completely mutual. In fact, the five Grand Alliances of Chaos, Good, Evil, Law and Destruction can't stand them.

The Order has been experiencing a boom in members recently, as a result of Edward and Bella's new plan to shoehorn in more of the Disgraces, for some objective, not known to the main pantheon yet. All the pantheon is still on their guard for whatever it is, because more Suetopians is never a good thing. However, rumors have been circulating in the pantheons that the Royal Family is using the Order to train an elite force of Sues for the takeover of the Main Pantheon. These rumors have not yet been confirmed.

Although the Disgraces founded it and are the great majority of its members, the Order is open to all Mary-Sues, including those who have not yet found a place in the Disgraces. These are a minority, but they are there.

[[spoiler:Known only to their God-King, [[Pantheon/{{MainHouse}} the Anti-Monitor]] is their true leader and founder, granting them the power to make war against the pantheon. Through them, he hopes to corrupt the pantheon, and quite possibly all of fiction, rendering it too weak to stop him.]]

In Cyberspace, the [[ColourCodedForYourConvenience color]] of the TronLines for the Suetopians and any confirmed Disgrace, is [[BishieSparkle White with sparkles]]. However, if they try to enter a computer system belonging to the pantheon, a defense mechanism will activate, and derezz them on the spot.


! The Royal Family
->The nominal rulers of MarySuetopia, through notoriety, ruthlessness and claiming it first. Their word is law. Questioning them is... [[TooDumbToLive not a good idea]].

[[spoiler: '''De-Facto: [[ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths The Anti-Monitor]]''']]
* [[spoiler: Rank: Overdeity]]
* Symbol: Nothingness
* Alignment: [[spoiler: [[OmnicidalManiac True Destructive]] ]]
* Title: [[spoiler: God of [[CrisisCrossover Crisis Crossovers]], and The Official Devil of the Pantheon]]
* Reason for Joining: [[spoiler: Founded the Order of Suetopia as part of a corruption gambit.]]
* Threat Rating: [[spoiler: ∞ ]]
* [[spoiler: Exists as the sole true Pantheon member of the Order of Suetopia, [[BiggerBad manipulating them into doing his bidding.]] Only Edward Cullen knows this is the case.]]

'''God-King: [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Edward Cullen]]'''
* N/A (Former Greater God, though believes he has the authority of an Overdeity.)
* Symbol: A Twilight novel
* Alignment: TrueNeutral (ChaoticEvil after the events of "Operation SRS BSNS")
* Title: Representative of [[MartyStu Marty Stus]] and [[YourVampiresSuck Shitty Vampires]]
* Reason for Joining: Currently, co-owner of the Order of Suetopia, along with Bella Swan. [[spoiler:Was promised by the Anti-Monitor to be made the Supreme Overdeity of the Pantheon afterwards.]]
* Threat Rating: Low

'''God-Queen: [[{{Literature/Twilight}} Bella Swan]]''' (Bella Cullen)
* (Former Greater Goddess, though believes she has the authority of an Overdeity.)
* Symbol: An apple.
* Alignment: TrueNeutral (ChaoticEvil after the events of "Operation SRS BSNS")
* Title: Representative of [[MarySue Mary Sues]] and [[SatelliteLoveInterest Satellite Love Interests]]
* Reason for Joining: Came into the position when Edward deposed Berii, the previous God-Queen.
* Threat Rating: Low. She's too focused on Edward.

'''Princess of Suetopia: Renesmee Cullen'''
* N/A (Former Intermediate God-Child)
* Symbol: A baby bottle full of blood
* Alignment: TrueNeutral (ChaoticNeutral after the events of "Operation SRS BSNS")
* Title: Representative of [[CreepyChild Creepy Children]] [[SeriesContinuityError That Should Not Be]] and [[MarySue Sue]] [[BabiesMakeEverythingBetter Children]]
* Reason for Joining: Bella brought her child into the Order of Suetopia, so that she might "ascend" to the Disgraces to join her mother, as Goddess of MacGuffin Sues (characters used as a device, but badly). The position does not exist yet, but Bella was able to to get her a position as the goddess of [[CreepyChild Children]] [[SeriesContinuityError That Should Not Be]].
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: Very high, they are her parents after all.
* Threat Level: None, as she has too little character development.

'''Princess-Consort: Jacob Black'''
* N/A (Former Greater God)
* Symbol: A wolf
* Title: CharacterDerailment Incarnate and [[DieForOurShip Suffering for Another Ship]]
* Alignment: Originally ChaoticGood, but later CharacterDerailment gave him flashes of ChaoticEvil
* Reason for Joining: Even though he's not technically a Sue, he could not bear to be separated from Renesmee in any way, so when she came in, so did he.
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: High
* Threat Level: T-.

'''Princess of Suetopia: Alice Cullen'''
* N/A (Former Intermediate Goddess)
* Symbol: An Eye with a Golden Iris.
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Title: Representative of [[StrongAsTheyNeedToBe Inconsistent Powers]].
* Reason For Joining: Because of her family ties with King Edward, she gains her position as Princess of Suetopia.
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: High.
* Threat Level: Low.

'''Princess of Suetopia: Rosalie Hale'''
* N/A (Former Intermediate Goddess)
* Symbol: A beautiful, sparkly woman.
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Title: The Darkest Representation of [[BeautyEqualsGoodness Placing An Unhealthy Amount of Importance on Physical Appearance]], [[TheBeautifulElite Rich, Beautiful People]] and [[InhumanlyBeautifulRace Races Always More Beautiful than Humanity]].
* Reason For Joining: Because of her family ties with King Edward, she gains her position as Princess of Suetopia.
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: High.
* Threat Level: Very Low, she's far too concerned of her physical appearance to be involved in combat.

! The Court of Twisted Perfection:
->The official ministers, lieutenants and amusements of the Royals.

'''Court Mascot: Stargleam'''
* N/A (Former Intermediate Goddess)
* Symbol: [[MemeticMutation SOME]] [[RougeAnglesOfSatin JEW]]!
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Title: Enforcer of the CommonMarySueTraits
* Reason for Joining: Unclear.
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: Unknown.
* Threat Level: Euclid.

'''Grand Vizier: Dark Yagami'''
* N/A (Former Lesser God)
* Symbol: A Death Note exactly like [[Manga/DeathNote Light Yagami's]], except it's white instead of black.
* Alignment: Supposedly LawfulEvil, but in practice, it's more like Stupid Evil.
* Title: {{Copy Cat S|ue}}tu Incarnate
* Reason for Joining: Usurping Light Yagami.
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: He is currently plotting with disgruntled members of the Disgraces to backstab them, and then [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder plans to backstab his allies, too]].
* Threat Level: [[TheNeidermeyer His armies would theoretically be limitless if he could stop betraying them for five minutes]].

'''Spy: Madara Uchiha'''
* N/A (Former Lesser God with sealed Overdeity powers)
* Symbol: A Moon with a 9-tomoe Sharingan reflected on it.
* Alignment: NeutralEvil
* Title: [[VillainSue Absurdly Omnipotent Villain]] Incarnate, Enforcer of [[SeriesContinuityError Shattering The Established Rules of Canon]], {{Plot Hole}}s and AuthorTract
* Reason for Joining: He realizes it's the only way he'll ever break out of Disgraces with the majority of his power sealed. Intends to complete the Infinite Tsumkiyomi plot once his powers are restored and take revenge on those who sealed him here in the first place.
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: None whatsoever. He has every intention of [[TheStarscream backstabbing them both]] once [[CantKillYouStillNeedYou he's free and restored to full power]].
* Threat Level: Moderate to High. While a good deal of his original power has indeed been sealed, along with the loss of his Jinchuuriki powers, he's still a credible threat, being rather clever and knowing how to fight with his remaining power. It will go back to Extreme if he does regain those powers though.

'''Royal Pet: Vacant'''
* Originally held by [[VideoGame/{{Bubsy}} Bubsy the Bobcat]], until he was released from Suetopia along with Princess Elise. Applications are now open to replace him.

-->The divisions of scientists, advisors, and other supposedly smart people. Oh, and most of the others that don't fit into any other category.

'''Archmage: [[FanFic/MyImmortal Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way]]''' (Ebony, Enoby, and [[RougeAnglesOfSatin countless other misspellings]])
* N/A (Former Greater Goddess)
* Symbol: A Hot Topic bag full of "goffik" clothing, [[CostumePorn described in annoying detail]]... and completely wrong. Seriously, a thong with "sexy" on the butt?!
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil
* Title: BlackHoleSue Incarnate
* Reason for Joining: To usurp Harry Potter's main character position, and control all characters in his verse.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: None, She plans to kill all who are not "goff".
* Threat Level: [[Wiki/SCPFoundation Keter]].

'''Supreme Commander of the Suetopian Army: [[FanFic/MarissaPicard Marissa Amber Flores Picard Gordon]]'''
* N/A (Former Intermediate Goddess)
* Symbol: A Child's Hand holding up a Starfleet Badge.
* Alignment: NeutralGood (LawfulEvil after the events of "Operation SRS BSNS")
* Title: The [[ImprobableAge Child]] [[OverrankedSoldier Who's Unrealistically]] [[MarySue More Competent]] [[AdultsAreUseless Than Adults]]
* Reason for Joining: Marissa was promoted by the royals to become the helm of the Suetopian Military at the age of 21, considering she somehow had leadership skills before hitting puberty.
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: High
* Threat Level: Fairly High, despite her age she has a firm grip and understanding of strategy to effectively command the Suetopian Army herself.

'''Lady of the Court and Royal Babysitter: Jenna Silverblade'''
* N/A (Former Lesser Goddess) (thinks that she's an Overdeity)
* Symbol: Either the Triforce, an [[CostumePorn overly detailed dress]], or Link Jr.
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Title: RelationshipSue Incarnate
* Reason for Joining: Was enticed by the promise of territory and the title of ''Lady'' Jenna Silverblade, in exchange for making the clothes of the Court of Suetopia.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: Not very high.
* Threat Level: She's too focused on Link.

'''Minister of Propaganda: [[ComicBook/JohnnyTurbo Johnny Turbo]]'''
* N/A (Former Lesser God)
* Symbol: The TTI Logo.
* Alignment: LawfulStupid, and to a lesser extent, StupidGood.
* Title: The [[Horrible/{{Advertising}} Horrible Advertiser]] and Worst Representation of [[LawfulStupid Lawful Stupidity]]
* Reason For Joining: Was the first Disgrace to bow before the original king and queen. In honor of this dubious achievement, he was made into Mary Suetopia's Minister of Propaganda.
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: High.
* Threat Level: Low.

'''[[{{Jerkass}} The Jerk]]: [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Peter Griffin]]'''
* N/A (Former Intermediate God)
* Symbol: His TV set.
* Alignment: ChaoticStupid (With arguments made for NeutralEvil)
* Title: Enforcer of [[DudeNotFunny Unfunny Humor]] and [[DarthWiki/DethroningMomentOfSuck Dethroning Moments of Suck]]
* Reason for Joining: Edward bribed him to enter so that he could make the Villains look worse, and thus the Mary-Suetopians look better, and so that he could help foil the villain's plans (the Royal Family is not taking any chances with the Villains. They intend to keep their thrones, thank you kindly.). Also to get revenge on Homer Simpson
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: Zip.
* Threat Level: Euclid.

'''Royal Advisor: [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Quil Ateara V]]'''
* N/A (Former Lesser God)
* Symbol: A Wolf with Chocolate-Colored Fur.
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Title: The [[StrangledByTheRedString Red String Strangler]]
* Reason for Joining: Has ties with Jacob Black, so he joins as the new Royal Advisor, replacing Gary Smity.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: High, considering Jacob's position.
* Threat Level: Very, very low.

'''Assistant Scientist: [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Wesley Crusher]]''' (Ensign Crusher, the "Original Creator's Pet")
* N/A (Former Lesser God)
* Symbol: A Starfleet Badge, with the Words "[[TakeThatScrappy Shut Up, Wesley!]]".
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Title: Enforcer of [[CreatorsPet Author Favoritism]].
* Reason for Joining: Unknown
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: Unclear
* Threat Level: Blue.

'''Assistant Scientist: [[Webcomic/CtrlAltDel Ethan McManus]]'''
* N/A (Former Demigod)
* Symbol: The CAD logo.
* Alignment: ChaoticStupid
* Title: {{Anti S|ue}}tu Incarnate
* Reason for Joining: Unknown.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: Unknown.
* Threat Level: [[RankInflation S++]]

'''Apprentice Mage: Ariana Black'''
* N/A (Former Demigoddess)
* Symbol: Her owl, Sprite
* Alignment: [[TastesLikeDiabetes Saccharine]] [[NeutralGood Good]]
* Title [[MarySueClassic Sparkly Sue]] Incarnate
* Reason for Joining: Wished to be part of the Elite.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: Reasonable.
* Threat Level: Unclear.

'''Court Philosopher: Rose Potter'''
* N/A (Former Demigoddess with sealed Overdeity powers)
* Symbol: A Druidic Amulet
* Alignment: Supposedly ChaoticGood, but [[ChaoticEvil her actions]] [[DesignatedHero have called that into question]].
* Title: Enforcer of {{Author Filibust|er}}ing, CulturalPosturing and FixerSue Incarnate
* Reason for Joining: Was banished by the Court of the Gods, and threw a hissy fit over that. She, however, manipulated her way into joining the Order of Suetopia as Court Philosopher, seeing it as a stepping stone to a position in the Disgraces as Goddess of [[AuthorFilibuster Filibuster Sues]], and from there (hey, as a Disgrace she's still a goddess) to appeal to the Court to be admitted into the Pantheon proper as Goddess of Druids. It's not very likely, seeing as how she uses her position as a Druidess to push the author's beliefs on the world, but Rose is to prideful to admit it. She has since gotten into the disgraces, but is keeping her position in the Order of Suetopia.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: Not that much. They aren't Druids, so she sees them as lesser creatures, and she is merely using them to regain her former power as a goddess.
* Threat level: More content to hide herself away with her [[HiddenElfVillage Druidic commune]] and leave the rest of the world to wallow, but when she does try, she has a tendency to get out of her depth and hold on to the IdiotBall hard.

!Suetopian Army
-->These are the sues in charge of fighting and the defense of the Order of Suetopia. Here are the most [[MartyStu Gary Stus/Marty Stus]] in the Order, as most {{Marty Stu}}s are power fantasies, usually being the best fighter that ever was.

'''First knight of the Suetopian Army: [[Literature/SwordOfTruth Richard Cypher]]'''
* N/A (Former Greater God)
* Symbol: The Sword of Truth.
* Alignment: LawfulGood according to his story, LawfulEvil to anyone else.
* Title: Enforcer of MoralDissonance
* Reason for Joining: Unknown.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: [[TheStarscream Little]].
* Threat Level: 876 Milli-Robo-Jesuses.

'''Knight of Suetopia: [[Fanfic/TheEndofEnds Count Logan]]'''
* N/A (Former Greater God)
* Symbol: The Dark Prognosticus with the Punisher's skull on it.
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil
* Title: The Biggest {{W|angst}}hiner and Darkest Representation of DisproportionateRetribution
* Reason for Joining: After being banished and laughed off into the Disgraces, Logan's combat efficiency was enough to net him a position in the Ranks of the Knights. He is currently using his status as leverage to perform his newest goal: To capture the [[Pantheon/{{Treasures}} Chaos Heart]], and finish off the worlds once and for all.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: Very Low, he is openly and viciously jealous of Edward and Bella's relationship, and is more focused on his own agenda rather than the Royal's.
* Threat Level: High.

'''Knight of Suetopia: [[Fanfic/MyLittleUnicorn Titan]]'''
* N/A (Former Greater God)
* Symbol: The Logo of ''My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic'' crossed and scribbled out.
* Alignment: NeutralEvil[=/=]StupidEvil
* Title: Disgraced GenericDoomsdayVillain
* Reason for Joining: Wants to take over the Main House, but nobody really knows what the motive behind it is. Whatever the case, he deems a position with the Knights one of his first steps.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: Un-existent. Titan cares only for the execution of his own unexplained doomsday plots, and is actively defiant to the Royals.
* Threat Level: Moderate

'''Knight of Suetopia: [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamSeedDestiny Lord Djibril]]'''
* N/A (Former Lesser God)
* Symbol: The LOGOS logo.
* Alignment: StupidEvil
* Reason for Joining: Unknown
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: Unknown
* Threat Level: Low.

'''Knight of Suetopia: [[Literature/TheEyeOfArgon Grignr]]'''
* N/A (Former Lesser God)
* Symbol: The Eye of Argon.
* Alignment: ChaoticNeutral
* Title: Enforcer of [[BadWritingIndex Badly-Written Fantasy]]
* Reason for Joining: He wished for the adventure he could get as a Knight of Suetopia.
* Loyalty to the Edward/Bella: Claims to be their loyal servant, but as [[MartyStu the pinnacle of Barbarian Heroism]], he's a free spirit, and really they're only the people he's aligning with at the moment.
* Threat Level: Not at all high. People laugh at him too much.

'''Knight of Suetopia: [[Fanfic/SoullessShell Leif Melyamos]]'''
* N/A (Former Demigod)
* Symbol: His Demon form.
* Alignment: ChaoticNeutral, with ChaoticGood leanings.
* Title: Disgraced User of [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands Unexpected and Improbable Powers]]
* Reason for Joining: Unknown.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: High.
* Threat Level: High, considering Leif has access to an unfathomable amount of powers to suit his needs in battle.

'''Knight of Suetopia: [[Franchise/ScoobyDoo Scrappy-Doo]]'''
* N/A (Former Demigod)
* Symbol: A Puppy Pumping Fists.
* Alignment: ChaoticGood, arguably
* Title: The [[TheScrappy Unlikable One]]
* Reason for Joining: Originally was a Royal Pet while Berri was still Queen, However, Berii's loss of influence thanks to Edward Cullen and Bella Swan dethroning her reduced him to being stuck in a gladiatorial role. Since Natsuru's redemption, Scrappy was promoted to Knighthood.
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: Unknown
* Threat Level: Low. Because of his tiny stature and little fighting ability, he doesn't have much to offer in terms of threat. Scrappy does however have the uncanny ability to create "Scrappy-Traps", booby traps originally designed to capture monsters, but even than, these tend to backfire on his own comrades more often than not.

'''Knight of Suetopia: WebComic/{{Sonichu}}'''
* N/A (Former Demigod)
* Symbol: A Sonichu Medallion.
* Alignment: NeutralEvil, although he plays it off as LawfulGood
* Title: BileFascination Incarnate
* Reason for Joining: He was forced. All things considered, Sonichu would rather be in [[{{Egopolis}} CWCville]]. After his promotion to Knighthood, he started settling in to the prospect of more authority, and to defeat those who he believes have wronged him.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: Low, as Sonichu is too selfish to take orders from anyone, unless if it coincides to his own benefit. Even his reason for fighting is to defeat other Gods and Goddesses he doesn't like, be they ally or foe.
* Threat Level: High, given his ability to [[DeusExMachina suit any story to his own needs]].

'''Knight of Suetopia: Tomoe Marguerite'''
* N/A (Former Quasideity, used to be a Lesser Goddess)
* Symbol: A fragment of the Cursed Obsidian GEM.
* Alignment: NeutralEvil
* Title: Disgraced [[SmugSnake Mean-Spirited]] [[LesCollaborateurs Traitor]]
* Reason for Joining: Sentenced to the Disgraces for her traitorous streak against her own kingdom. Despite Tomoe's title and divine powers being stripped away from her, she was drafted as a Knight of Suetopia for her combat experience.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: Barely Moderate-Low. Tomoe plays along with the King's and Queen's wishes only to reap of the benefits and place her own plans of vengeance into motion.
* Threat Level: Low.

'''Knight of Suetopia: [[Film/PumaMan Tony Farms]]'''
* N/A (Former Quasideity)
* Symbol: Puma face on Aztec belt.
* Alignment: TrueNeutral (thinks he's NeutralGood)
* Title: The DesignatedHero
* Reason for Joining: Recommended to the King and Queen by an Aztec priest whom did all the work for him.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: High. Tony is not at all bright after all, and blindly follows the Royal's orders under the influence he is performing acts of justice.
* Threat Level: Very Low. Despite having the abilities of SuperStrength, {{Flight}}, [[TeleportersAndTransporters Teleportation]], [[InnateNightVision Night Vision]], a DangerSense and [[FlightStrengthHeart the ability to send himself into a death-like coma]], Tony has [[HowDoIShotWeb no idea how to use them himself]]. With Ethan's robotic ExpositionFairy, his threat becomes slightly higher, when the said exposition fairy isn't trying to get Tony killed.

'''Knights Templar and Enforcers of Suetopia: The Prayer Warriors'''
* N/A (Former Lesser Gods)
* Symbol: A Conservapedia logo on top of a bible.
* Alignment: Supposed to be LawfulGood, but really ChaoticEvil (not LawfulEvil due to all the InsaneTrollLogic they employ).
* Title: Disgraced [[StrawmanPolitical Political Strawmen]] and Enforcers of [[ArtisticLicenseReligion Erroneous Religion]]
* Reason for Joining: Wished to purify the Pantheons, but due to the awfulness of their fanfic, couldn't get a pass in. So, they got into the Order of Suetopia, hoping to convert it into [[ArtisticLicenseTraditionalChristianity a hideous parody of actual Christianity]]. On the orders of King Edward and Queen Bella, all the court has converted, but InNameOnly.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: The instant they figure out that the court was lying to them about converting, they're liable to become part of the Villains.
* Threat Level: Their biggest strength is the ability to call on God (really their author, who they've mistaken for the Christian God) for help when things go wrong. However, Dream, the closest thing the Trope Pantheon has to the Abrahamic God, tends not to really care.

'''Guerrilla Tactics Specialist: [[Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit Acid Rain]]'''
* N/A (Former Quasideity)
* Symbol: The K.O.B.S. emblem
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil
* Title: Enforcer of TheNewRockAndRoll, [[RippedFromTheHeadlines Plots Based on Current Events]] [[CowboyBebopAtHisComputer that Weren't Researched One Bit]], and Darkest Representation of SubcultureOfTheWeek
* Reason for Joining: He wants revenge on the House of Gaming for permabanning him.
* Loyalty to Edward Cullen/Bella: Next to none; he doesn't like working with Bella because he thinks she's a "gamer girl".
* Threat Level: Minuscule; he's decent at kidnapping, but in a fight his enemies just have to wait for one of his delusions in which shooting is just like it is in a game to get the upper hand on him.

!Department of Information
-->These are the Sues in charge of all knowledge that is had by Mary Suetopia. They are the messengers, ministers of propaganda, and diplomats. They are about the only link (however frayed) that the Suetopians have to the real world and the pantheons, and that's about the only reason that most haven't been kicked out by now.

'''Minister of Information: Sally Floyd'''
* N/A (Former Lesser Goddess)
* Symbol: An American Flag (stolen from Captain America).
* Alignment: LawfulStupid
* Title: Enforcer of [[DarthWiki/WallBanger Head Trauma-Inducing Stupidity]]
* Reason For Joining: Was enlisted.
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: Little.
* Threat Level: Unknown.

'''Radical SoapBoxSadie: [[Webcomic/{{Sinfest}} Xanthe Justice]]'''
* N/A (Former Quasideity)
* Symbol: Her "Patriarchy Blocker Shades".
* Alignment: TrueNeutral (thinks she's NeutralGood).
* Title: Disgraced [[BaseBreaker Polarizing Character]], Enforcer of [[PlotTumor Plot Tumors]], Perpetrator of [[FlameWar Flame Wars]] and FilibusterFreefall Incarnate
* Reason For Joining: Was kicked into Suetopia after her laundry list of CommonMarySueTraits was revealed, as well as her representation one of worst cases of [[PlotTumor plot tumors]] and [[FilibusterFreefall filibuster freefalls]].
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: Very low, she considers the royal's relationship to stand against everything she believes in.
* Threat Level: Low.

'''Ambassador to the Real World: A Completely Ordinary Mirror'''
* N/A (inanimate object)
* Symbol: None
* Alignment: TrueNeutral (due to being inanimate).
* Title: The Self-Insert Character, The Lazy Placeholder, That Mirror That We Found In A Closet Somewhere.
* Reason For Joining: After Princess Elise left, a number of Suetopians applied for the position of Ambassador. Unfortunately they were all so prideful and self-absorbed that nobody could stand being around them for more than three seconds. Joseph Joestar famously said "You might as well just send a mirror; it would be twice as handsome, and four times easier to listen to." Evidently someone took this suggestion seriously, because an inanimate body-length mirror was appointed to the position shortly afterwards.
* Some have said that the mirror is actually a metaphor for self-insert characters, and how a true mary-sue always comes from a writer wishing to live through his fantasies. Others think the previous sentence is a load of bull.
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: N/A
* Threat Level: Well I guess if it broke you might cut yourself on the shards or something...
* This position was previously held by:
** [[VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006 Princess Elise]], until she was released from Suetopia along with Bubsy the Bobcat.
** [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Xion]], who left Suetopia after promoted to a [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeathLesserGods lesser goddess]].

!The Servants
-->ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin. Those who enter the Order to serve the main members. Often seriously humiliated at their position, they tend to plot to exact revenge, but [[StatusQuoIsGod these seem to never get off the ground]].

'''Lady-In-Waiting: Vacant'''
* Originally held by [[Manga/TokyoMewMew Berii Shirayuki]] until she was sent to the Unsorted. Applications are now open to replace her.

!The Cruelest Ones
-> Dragged into the Order of Suetopia specifically to oppose it and make the members of the Court look good in comparison, the cruelest ones spend most of their time in the dungeons below the castle, when they aren't allowed to break out to stage yet another evil scheme that [[DesignatedHero Edward and Bella]] foils everytime.

'''EnemyToAllLivingThings: Elmyra Duff'''
* N/A (Former Quasideity)
* Symbol: A hair bow with a little skull in the middle.
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil (thinks that she's Good)
* Title: Enforcer of ExecutiveMeddling and FranchiseKiller Incarnate
* Reason for Joining: She heard about Berii being a bunnygirl with a cat tail, and just had to come see (read: abuse) the cute bunny! She was being lured by Edward and Bella, who used Berii as bait, and provided Elmyra with a potion that lets her re-assume her original form (as her new form is completely inert) while near the Order of Suetopia, so that they could look good by having the FranchiseKiller and EnemyToAllLivingThings on the other side.
* Loyalty to Edward/Bella: She just wants Berii to abuse.
* Threat Rating: Zero outside of Mary Suetopia, as a stupid action caused her form to become about as mobile as a rock.