'''Knowledge and Intelligence'''

The House of Knowledge, like the other Houses of the Pantheon, is bigger on the inside than the outside. There are no dead ends; each room opens onto other rooms, which are interconnected. Most of the House is a Library so vast that it is always capitalized, big enough that strange beasts live among the shelves in their own bizarre ecosystem. It's said that if you know where to look, you can find ''[[GreatBigLibraryOfEverything anything]]'' that could be stored on a shelf within it, from the novel you imagined on the bus to the Holy Grail. Unfortunately, what with the sheer scope and the nonsensical organization, it's pretty difficult to find anything specific on your own — there are hints that it was all organized neatly once, but since then there was a lot of hasty re-shelving. Like all libraries, it is part of [[Literature/{{Discworld}} L-space]].

The rest is primarily given over to reading rooms, laboratories, and testing chambers, but there is at least one classroom and a humming bank of enormous dusty computers moved out of the House of Technology. There are also labs located in the basement of the House, but they are wholly dedicated to [[WeirdScience weird]] and [[MadScientist mad]] science. Few have the courage to venture down there to find out what dastardly experiments are being performed.

Some sections of the Library are open to all visiting mortals, extremely minor deities, and the gods of the Pantheon, some require Yomiko's permission to access, and some are sealed off. There is a minor [[Series/DoctorWho Vashta Nerada]] infestation in the Young Adult section. Despite the library claiming to own every book that has been written and obtaining every book that will be (except the ones dangerous enough to be sealed in the vaults), {{Literature/Twilight}} isn't welcome on any shelf, and attempts to slip a copy into the library's collection will activate a magical seal that will immolate it (and if a confirmed Disgrace does it, [[KillItWithFire them]]).


'''[[Literature/{{Discworld}} The Librarian]], God of [[ScaryLibrarian Librarians]]''' and '''L-Space Master''' ('''[[spoiler:Dr. Horace Worblehat]]''')
* Greater God
* Symbol: The Octavo.
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: [[BadassBookworm Exceptionally strong and smart]], [[CursedWithAwesome Not hindered at all by being an Orang-utan]], [[BerserkButton Gets ticked off at the M-word]], [[TheUnintelligible Only ever saying "Ook" or occasionally "Eek"]].
* Domain: Magic, Beast, Knowledge.
* Allies: King Kong, Donkey Kong, Twilight Sparkle, Rincewind, Yomiko Readman
* WasOnceAMan but was transformed into an orang-utan by a magic spell. On discovering that being an orang-utan had certain advantages for a librarian - he can climb up to high shelves, for example - he refused to be transformed back into a human and has remained an orang-utan ever since.
* Another advantage of having an orang-utan as a Librarian is that he is able to read certain books that would drive any human mad by reading them. However, [[NoManOfWomanBorn The Librarian is not a human]].
* [[BerserkButton Flies into a rage]] when called a "Monkey". Actually, don't even say the word, he'll come after you and go "Librarian-Poo" on you. (He's actually an ape).
* The Librarian is a member of a small elite group of senior librarians who have the knowledge and ability to travel through L-space, an extradimensional space that connects all libraries and other large accumulations of books. He used this knowledge to save books from the great library of Ephebe and to enter our world. The very strict rules that members of this group are pledged to enforce are: 1. Silence. 2. Books must be returned no later than the last date shown. 3. Do not meddle with the nature of causality. The Librarian has been known to break both the first and third rules on occasion, but he is adamant about the second.

'''[[{{Exalted}} Jupiter, Maiden of Secrets]]'''
* Greater Goddess
* Symbol: A green astrological sign of Jupiter
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: [[TheThreeFacesOfEve The]] [[ArcNumber Five]] [[TheThreeFacesOfEve Faces Of Eve]], [[FateAndProphecyTropes Fate]], Stars, [[IDidWhatIHadToDo Necessity]], [[InMysteriousWays Inscrutable Plans]], {{Koan}}s, Secrets, TruthAndLies, [[TheReveal Revealed Truths]], [[TheIndexIsWatchingYou Conspiracies]], [[{{Chessmaster}} Planning]] and [[ManipulativeBastard Manipulation]]
* Domains: Balance, Destiny, Fate, Good, Knowledge, Mind, Oracle, Patience, Planning, Trickery
* Allies: The Unconquered Sun, Luna, the other Maidens
* Followers: The Sidereal Exalted, particularly the Chosen of Secrets
* The Maiden of Secrets determines when information of any kind is found, hidden, lost, or rediscovered. Her talents have added more to the Library's collection than any other deity, and she is the ultimate arbiter of what is and isn't available for public access.
* Rumored to be the only being in existence capable of [[YouCannotGraspTheTrueForm comprehending the actions]] of [[VideoGame/{{MOTHER}} Giygas]].

'''[[Franchise/TheElderScrolls Hermaeus Mora]], Daedric Prince of [[TheseAreThingsManWasNotMeantToKnow Forbidden Knowledge]]''' (Herma-Mora, the Prince of Fate, the Gardener of Men)
* Greater God (Overdeity within Apocrypha)
* Symbol: The Black Books and the Oghma Infinium.
* Alignment: NeutralEvil
* Portfolio: [[TheseAreThingsManWasNotMeantToKnow Keeping and hoarding knowledge from throughout the space-time continuum]], [[GreatBigLibraryOfEverything a giant library]], [[DealWithTheDevil trading knowledge with mortals]], [[TomeOfEldritchLore owning insanity-inducing books]], [[FauxAffablyEvil sounding grandfatherly yet acting ruthless]], averting AFormYouAreComfortableWith, [[YouCantFightFate commanding fate]]
* Domain: Knowledge, Fate, Manipulation
* Followers: [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} The Dovahkiin]], whether he likes it or not; the Shinigami King
* Enemies: Jupiter, several Puellae Magi
* Hermaeus Mora commands a vast network of knowledge, which could potentially eclipse what Jupiter owns; however, he is not willing to freely share it with the rest of the House, instead going by his typical approach of "[[DealWithTheDevil knowledge for knowledge]]". This has antagonized Jupiter, yet Mora has not considered fighting the Maiden of Secrets.
* Out of all the deities, he has developed the closest interest in the Dovahkiin. [[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Twice]], Herma-Mora has influenced/forced the Dragonborn to help uncover knowledge for him, and, after the Dovahkiin defeated Mora's original Champion, Mora has declared the God of Dragonslaying his Champion and Herald. (Of course, the Dragonborn doesn't seem too happy about this.)
* He claims that the [[Manga/DeathNote Death Notes]] are his creations, and that he supplied the Shinigami King with the knowledge to make them.
* Several of [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica the Puellae Magi]] believe that Mora had a huge role in creating the Incubators' system; whereas [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Tzeentch]] took the initiative and [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Kyubey]] did the work, Mora supplied the means. (This mostly stems from the fact that the girls' Soul Gems have quite a lot in common with the Soul Gems from Tamriel.) None of the above parties have commented... yet.
* He only drops his haughty and all-knowing attitude around [[Pantheon/MainHouse H.P. Lovecraft]], and acts rather respectful around him. It's implied that Mora was born from the Necronomicon written by the author.
* Has expressed interest in capturing Aerith Gainsborough and entrapping her in Apocrypha. While her own power is as nothing to Mora, the tome of fictional plot twists she holds is of great interest to him.

'''[[Series/HarryPotter Hermione Granger]], Goddess of [[BrainyBrunette Clever People With Brown Hair]] and [[WomenAreWiser Wiser Women]]''' (The Cleverest Witch Of Her Age, 'Mione, Miss Granger)
* Lesser Goddess
* Symbol: ''Hogwarts, A History'' or her [[AnimalMotifs Otter Patronus]].
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Portfolio: {{Brainy Brunette}}s, ActionGirl, [[AgentScully Skeptics]], AnimalMotifs, {{Badass Bookworm}}s, BelligerentSexualTension, ''BewareTheNiceOnes'', {{Child Prodig|y}}ies[=/=]{{Teen Genius}}es, CrazyPrepared, DefrostingIceQueen, FireForgedFriends, FlatEarthAtheist, GoodIsNotSoft, IntelligenceEqualsIsolation, {{Insufferable Genius}}es, [[MrExposition Ms. Exposition]], NerdsLoveToughSchoolwork, [[TheSmartGirl Smart Girls]], TheSpock, SugarAndIcePersonality, [[WomenAreWiser Wiser Women]].
* Domains: Knowledge, Cleverness, Magic, Brown Hair.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Ron Weasley]] and [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Harry Potter]], [[Pantheon/MainHouse Wikipe-Tan]], Twilight Sparkle (the pony, not Edward Cullen), Nico Robin.
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Draco Malfoy]], [[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} Dolores Umbridge]], [[Pantheon/{{Philosophy}} Lord Voldemort]], [[Pantheon/{{Disgraces}} Rose, Holly, and Crystal Potter, 'Mione]].
* Is ecstatic to find that Harry is in the Magic House as God of FunctionalMagic, and that Ron's in the pantheon as God of [[RonTheDeathEater Unreasonably Disliked Heroes]], and so they can re-start up their true companionship.
* Dislikes Rose, Holly, and Crystal Potter, because not only did they presume to replace Harry and then do a horrid job of it, they [[RonTheDeathEater demonized Ron]]. Turning her husband into a Death Eater is one thing Hermione will ''never'' condone.
* Earned the emnity of Draco Malfoy when she delivered a MegatonPunch (or slap; depending on whether you read the books or watched the movies) to him when he was being a jerk in her third year.
* Don't bring up the time that she cursed her husband to be attacked by summoned canaries. He was being stupid, she overreacted, and they've made it up now.
* Is smart enough to brew the PolyjuicePotion, which can change your appearance to that of another human whom you have the hair of for an hour, and is ridiculously hard to brew, in her second year. It's not as much of an asset in the Pantheons where there are a lot of non-human gods, but the accomplishment still stands.
* Spends most of her time in the libraries of the Pantheon, reading about nearly anything you can imagine. Spends the rest of her time with the other members of the Trio and with Wikipe-tan, who admires her neverending hunger for knowledge.
* Shortly after Harry became fire-forged friends with [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Percy Jackson]], Hermione met [[Pantheon/{{War}} Annabeth Chase]]. She has begun to teach Annabeth the basics of Magic and Annabeth in return has begun to teach her advanced battle strategy. Melkor has come to fear this companionship.

'''[[Literature/TheDresdenFiles Bob the Skull]], [[MagicalComputer Spirit of Air and Intellect]]'''
* Demigod
* Symbol: A human skull with orange lights for eyes
* Alignment: TrueNeutral
* Portfolio: DeadpanSnarker, [[DirtyOldMan Dirty Old Spirit]], EveryoneHasStandards, HeKnowsTooMuch, LetsGetDangerous, LovableSexManiac, MagicalComputer, MrExposition, ServileSnarker, TheSmartGuy, SpiritInASkull
* Domains: Air, Intellect, Knowledge, Magic, Snarkery, Sex
* Allies: Harry Dresden
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/MainHouse the Status Quo]], All whom HeKnowsTooMuch about.
* Was bound in a skull as a result of a [[NoodleIncident falling-out]] between him and Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, and serves whichever wizard possesses the skull. His current master is Harry Dresden.
* Has no real body, and yet is a LovableSexManiac, although he apparently got that part from his master Harry, who was a HormoneAddledTeenager when he aquired Bob.
* Is not Harry's familiar. Familiars work for free, and Harry has to pay Bob in romance novels.
* [[spoiler: Knows how to kill immortals, ''permanently''. As such, he has earned the emnity of the [[StatusQuoIsGod Status Quo]].]]

'''[[Anime/ReadOrDie Yomiko Readman]], Goddess of Records and [[PaperMaster Paper Manipulation]]''' ([[PaperMaster The Paper]])
* Lesser Goddess
* Symbol: A book...any book
* Alignment: Neutral Good (True Neutral if it involves books and not people she cares about.)
* Portfolio: {{Badass Bookworm}}s, [[{{Moe}} Moe Characters]], [[NerdsAreSexy Sexy Nerds]], [[BunnyEarsLawyer Extreme Bibliophiles]], [[ChristmasCake Hot Middle-Aged Women]] [[{{Meganekko}} Who Wear Glasses]], {{Paper Master}}s, [[ButNotTooForeign Mixed Heritage]]
* Domain: Creation, Inquisition, Knowledge
* Followers: [[Manga/LuckyStar Miyuki Takara]], [[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Yuuno Scrya]], [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Wan Shi Tong]], [[Literature/OldKingdom Second Assistant Librarian Lirael of the Clayr]], [[Literature/ThursdayNext the Cat Formerly Known As Cheshire]], [[Comicbook/TheSandman Lucien]], [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Sheska]]
* Allies: [[Manga/MahouSenseiNegima Yue Ayase]], Harriet Vane, [[http://www.sirlin.net/ptw-book/7-yomi-spies-of-the-mind.html David Sirlin]], Patchouli Knowledge, the Librarian
* Official keeper of records for every house in the Pantheon. Her temple more or less ''is'' the Library. Rarely leaves it due to her total immersion in her work, both mentally and physically. [[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Yuuno Scrya]] became her chief priest after he entered her Temple, the [[GreatBigLibraryOfEverything Infinite Library]]. Naturally TheLibrarian falls into her portfolio as well.
* Can no longer leave the House of Knowledge due to plotting by the Evil Gods, but she doesn't really want to. Her herald [[Literature/{{Discworld}} The Librarian]] does all her errands for her, as he is the master of L-Space travel and truly loyal to his Head Librarian. Worshippers of Evil-oriented gods have at least once tried to get to Yomiko through her herald, but they made the mistake of [[BerserkButton saying the word 'monkey' during the caper]], and... Orangutans are very strong.
* Some of the more diplomatic Evil Gods realize that Yomiko has somewhat of a blind spot in ascertaining motives. As long as they're polite about it (and don't mention the 'monkey' word) her Library and related book distribution centers can be used to transport Manga/{{Death Note}}s and other [[TomeOfEldritchLore tomes of eldritch lore]]. Yomiko will want to read them first, of course, but her attunement and enjoyment of reading cancels out any BrownNote effect they would have on her otherwise. She won't even realize there is one. This can only go for so long, however, until the less-patient "Chaos"-aligned gods screw it up somehow, often involving blowing up readers and libraries. It takes ''months'' to get into her good graces with bribes of classical first editions; until then, it's tough to get copies of ''The Necronomicon''.

'''{{Deadpool}}, Destroyer Of The FourthWall''' (Wade Wilson, Merc With a Mouth)[[quoteright:210:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/210px-Deadpool_MvsC3-FTW_6077.PNG]]
* Lesser God/Overdeity (depends on how much the writer is willing to let me look past the FourthWall)
* Symbol: My belt buckle icon of myself (which I KNOW you totally want one, buddy) with a yellow text box. Oh, how fun they are! :)
* Alignment: ChaoticNeutral is what they say I am, but I just say I do whatever the hell I want, bub!
* Portfolio: [[FourthWall The Fourth Wall]] (or the [[NoFourthWall lack of it]]), [[BreakingTheFourthWall Breaking Said Fourth Wall]], MediumAwareness, ObfuscatingInsanity, Whatever The Heck I Feel Like (I'm awesome and kinda fickle that way)
* Domain: ComicBooks (yes, the medium I'm in is my domain), [[MoreDakka Big Guns]], [[KatanasAreJustBetter Katanas]], [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Welsh Corgis]]
* Followers: Lots... but none of them know of it, and if they did they'd deny it out of humility.
* Allies: Um... no, I don't think I have any... Except Excalibur, maybe?
* My knowledge of the Fourth Wall allowed me to just slip into the Pantheon easily, since I ''know'' I'm popular enough for you(yes, you!) to eventually think of putting me here. Yeah. I'm such a ManipulativeBastard, eat your heart out, Batman!
* Interestingly, with my [[PopularityPower expanding popularity]], my MediumAwareness has ''also'' expanded, since I'm, slowly but surely, being featured in different media beyond comic books, and I have MediumAwareness in every single one of them. Soon, I will be able to overthrow all of the other deities in all the pantheons and create [[{{Egopolis}} Deapoolia]]! COWER BEFORE MY LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
* Oh yeah, and I want to be featured in the cover of the next ''StreetFighter'' game, ''{{Capcom}}''!!
* I once beat the crap outta that upstart in terms of using memes and fourth wall, that whiny-ass Terumi. Boy it felt good and shows who's boss! Well, I hope ArcSystemWorks will be impressed and features me in the next ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'' game as well -- Ooh! ''VideoGame/BlazBlueChronoPhantasma'' is announced -- Wait, I'm not even there!? '''''[[SkywardScream TERUMIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!]]'''''
* After the battle with those two [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} squirrel]] [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} girls]]... [[WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged Wait a minute. Did someone paint a message on wall that said I was gay for Asura!? I'll shoot you.]]
* Hey, I don't get why people are irritated with that cute little thingy [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Excalibur]]. I mean, c'mon, we could talk all day and not get tired of each other! ... Wait, does this mean I now have in possession an InfinityPlusOneSword because of my incredible mentality? And I can kick anyone's ass with him? AWESOME!
* Soooo, if I may have your attention, you love this site, yeah? Then fair warning... '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis DON'T. PUT. OUT. MY. WACKY. VOICES]]'''. Wanna know the result? Why don't you ask good ol' [[DeadpoolKillsTheMarvelUniverse Dreadpool]] he -- *notices Dreadpool on the open door behind, slams the door shut and seals it with nails and every other sealing things available* -- ... You get the idea!

'''[[VideoGame/MegaMan Albert W. Wily]], God of [[MadScientist Mad Science]]''' (Dr. Wily)
* Lesser God
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFKtYCcMWT4 Dr. Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2]] or [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_UPDQYsGGQ Flash in the Dark from Mega Man 9]]
* Symbol: A large "W"
* Alignment: Neutral Evil
* Portfolio: {{Mad Scientist}}s, [[VillainExitStageLeft Disappearing Villains]], {{Super Robot}}s, [[TheManBehindTheMan Men Behind The Man]], EinsteinHair.
* Domain: Corruption, Creation, Destruction, Metal
* Followers: Dr. Victor von Frankenstein, Dr. Blight (''WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers''), Caulder (''[[NintendoWars Advance Wars: Days of Ruin]]''), Lash (''[[NintendoWars Advance Wars: Main Series]]''), Sigma (''VideoGame/MegaManX''), Dr. Sivana (''{{Shazam}}''), Dr. Insano (''WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment''), Dr. Weird (''WesternAnimation/AquaTeenHungerForce''), the people behind The Academy (''Series/{{Firefly}}''),
* Allies: [[Pantheon/HeroesAndVillains Mayuri Kurotsuchi]], [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Dr. Robotnik, Mother Brain]]
* Rival: Ganondorf
* Opposed By: [[Webcomic/GirlGenius Agatha Heterodyne]] seems a natural enemy, but she hasn't overtly challenged him yet. She may be planning something.
* Enemies: '''[[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Mega Man]]'''
* He ascended when his mortal coil was forcibly shed by his last creation, Zero. However, he had planned for this possibility and had uploaded a copy of his mind to the Internet. In doing so, he gained direct access to the world's collective knowledge, gaining immortality and nigh omniscience at the same time. Of course, being directly linked to [=4Chan=] drove him even more insane then he already was.
* Mayuri Kurotsuchi tends to visit his lab for Mad Science about life and soul. Since Wily specializes more in robotics, he lets Mayuri do his research so his lab encompasses more things than just robot. Besides, it'll also do good for his [[TakeOverTheWorld Pantheon Domination]] plans.
* As much as he is really evil, he can't stand [[Pantheon/{{Philosophy}} Dr. Weil]]. Not only because he is threatening his place as the God of Mad Science, [[EvenEvilHasStandards he's utterly disgusted at Weil's method of ruling the world. "Hey, if I take over the world, I'd never make all those under my rule suffer for lulz!"]]
* He and Ganondorf once went to a pub. There, Wily joked that he's [[HijackedByGanon been behind the main villain more than Ganon.]]
* Recently, he's been challenged for his position by [[TheSpoonyExperiment Dr. Insano]] for this position. Most people ignore him.
* Why is Wily the most qualified for this position? Well, consider this: any evil genius worth his/her salt can build {{Killer Robot}}s, but it takes a very special kind of lunatic to threaten to TakeOverTheWorld using a [[VideoGame/MegaMan2 Wood Man]]. Or a [[VideoGame/MegaMan7 Spring Man]]. [[RuleOfThree Or a]] [[VideoGame/MegaMan10 Sheep Man]].
* Is more or less the guy responsible for reviving [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Mother Brain]] in the Pantheon, thus also making him an enemy of Samus Aran ([[WesternAnimation/CaptainNTheGameMaster and by extension]], [[Pantheon/{{Gaming}} Kevin Keene]] and [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Pit]]).

'''[[WesternAnimation/PinkyAndTheBrain The Brain]], God of [[TakeOverTheWorld World Domination Schemes]] and [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption Guaranteed Failure]]'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: His Own Head.
* Alignment: TrueNeutral (''insists'' that he is LawfulEvil, however)
* Portfolio: [[MrExposition Explaining Things]], {{Talking Animal}}s, [[AreYouPonderingWhatImPondering Obscure Mental Processes]], [[AmusingInjuries Beating Sidekicks Senseless]], [[GambitRoulette Extremely Complex Schemes]], [[SesquipedalianLoquaciousness Long Words]], [[AppliedPhlebotinum Super-Powered Inventions]], WellIntentionedExtremist.
* Domain: Deception, Knowledge, Domination.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Philosophy}} Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner]].
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Disgraces}} Elmyra Duff]] (''he'' sees her as an enemy, anyway)
* Finally achieved his goal of taking over the world and becoming its God. Unfortunately, that means he has to share the world with hundreds of others, but at least this time he has genuine worshippers.
* Extremely annoyed at [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} M. Bison]]. Everytime he schemes and utters the words 'Taking over the world', Bison always teleports in and yells "OF COURSE!!" and teleports away before Brain can do anything.
--> '''M.Bison''': ''OF COURSE!!!''
* Succeeded in ousting Elmyra by exposing [[FranchiseKiller her most infamous crime]] to the Pantheon/CourtOfTheGods.

'''Franchise/IndianaJones, God of [[IndyPloy Instinct]], [[CombatPragmatist Pragmatic Combat]]'''
* Demigod
* Symbol: Fedora and a Bullwhip
* Alignment: Chaotic Good
* Portfolio: [[WhipItGood Whips]], [[AdventurerArchaeologist Dangerous Archaeology]], [[IndyPloy Spur-of-the-Moment Plans]], [[IndyHatRoll Last-Second Escapes]]
* Domain: Luck, Investigation, Travel
* Followers: [[Series/{{Firefly}} Mal]], [[Franchise/{{Halo}} The Arbiter, John-117]], ThePunisher, [[Franchise/EvilDead Ash]].
* The patron saint of player characters. Is determined to have nothing to do with either [[Pantheon/{{Evil}} Orochimaru, Voldemort]] or [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Luna]], due to a [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes pathological fear of snakes]]. ''Never'' [[IndyHatRoll forgets his hat]].
* He's also hoping to find an opportunity to pay back Chuck Norris for that bone shattering kick.
* You would not think that he would be at home among the Library's shelves, but between the giant bookwyrms and lumbering thesauri, there is plenty of adventure to be had. Somewhere, the Holy Grail sits forgotten on a shelf, and some day, Indy will find it. Besides, 70% of archaeology is done in the library anyway.
* In some other life, it is rumored that he was a great smuggler who fell in love with a rebel princess. He's not all that sure himself. Part of the reason he rarely leaves the shelves is because [[Pantheon/{{Food}} Jabba the Hutt]] has something against Indy, and wants to ''talk'' to him. Indy says "He's a ''wonderful'' [[StarfishAlien human being]], but I'll pass." Jabba has been banned from this House since that incident with the gravied pages, so he never shows up here.
* [[Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk "If you see an idiot just displaying a sword play itching for a fight]], [[CombatPragmatist just grab a gun and shoot him."]]

'''[[Series/MythBusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage]], Gods of [[EducationThroughPyrotechnics Busting Myths Via Explosions]]''' (The Mythbusters)
* Demigods
* Symbol: Buster the Dummy.
* Alignment: LawfulNeutral (Jamie), ChaoticNeutral (Adam)
* Portfolio: Myths, Science, [[EdutainmentShow Edutainment]], [[EducationThroughPyrotechnics Unconventional Teaching Methods]], [[StuffBlowingUp Explosions]]
* Domains: Knowledge, Explosions, Invention, Explosives, Fire, Exploding
* Followers: The build team (''Series/MythBusters'')
* Currently testing the myth (submitted to them by [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Nabeshin]]) that "Explosions fix ''everything!!''" They've performed several dozen test runs at M5 but have yet to reach a definite conclusion. So it's off to the Alameda Sheriffs' Bomb Range (or, as Adam calls it, "the Happiest Place on Earth").
* They get along pretty well with MacGyver, sometimes asking for him to build something so that they may replicate the results of something, because replicating the circumstances didn't work out.
* In one of their rare non-explosive experiments, they have worked on the '[[Pantheon/{{Disgraces}} Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way]] is a true goth' myth. The results of much research in popular culture have turned out most of the 'goffik' things in the story are some varient of 'emo', and that which remains is horribly distorted until it bears no resemblance to true Goth culture. Gothic? Myth busted.

'''[[Series/StargateSG1 Daniel Jackson]], God of [[{{Omniglot}} Communication]]'''
* Quasideity
* Symbol: Sun over Pyramid
* Alignment: Neutral Good
* Portfolio: [[AliensSpeakingEnglish Universal Language]], TalkingYourWayOut, [[TheGlassesComeOff Glasses of Intelligence]], {{Important Haircut}}s, [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence Ascension]], [[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute Role Takeovers]]
* Domains: Language, Empathy, Negotiation, Ascended Realm
* Once applied for a position of a Lesser God among [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} the Ancients]], but dropped out one year later, after realizing that [[LawfulStupidChaoticStupid Lawful Stupidity]] was a prerequisite.

'''[[Series/StargateSG1 Samantha Carter]], Goddess of Sane Science'''
* Quasideity
* Symbol: SG-1 badge superimposed on an exploding star
* Alignment: Lawful Good
* Portfolio: [[TheSmartGuy Intelligence-based party members]], Reverse Engineering [[ImportedAlienPhlebotinum Alien Technology]], {{Hot Scientist}}s
* Domains: Inquisition, Knowledge, Mind, Travel
* Is annoyed at the fact that the only achievement everybody remembers her for is blowing up a sun.

'''[[Series/StargateAtlantis Rodney McKay]], God of [[ScienceIsBad Science]] GoneHorriblyWrong'''
* Quasideity
* Symbol: Stargate Atlantis badge
* Alignment: Lawful Good
* Portfolio: TheSmartGuy, PersonOfMassDestruction, NotThatKindOfDoctor, {{Jerkass}}, OmnidisciplinaryScientist
* Domains: Knowledge, Mind, Intelligence, Technology
* He would like to remind everybody that he didn't destroy an entire solar system... just five sixths of one.

'''[[Franchise/StarWars Obi-Wan Kenobi]], God of [[TheObiWan Mentors]]''' (Ben Kenobi, Old Ben, OB-1)
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A lightsaber
* Alignment: Lawful Good
* Portfolio: [[SentientCosmicForce The Force]], [[IsThatWhatHeToldYou Well-Intentioned Lies]], [[ObiWanMoment Calmness In Death]], {{Spirit Advisor}}s
* Domains: Force, Mind, Mysticism, Spirit, Wisdom
* Followers: Albus Dumbledore (''Literature/HarryPotter''), Splinter (''Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'')
* Having lost a planet 30 years ago, Obi-Wan browses the shelves looking for it, as he tells anyone who asks.
* He very rarely leaves this House these days, although once he was a very active member of the [[Pantheon/{{Defense}} House of Defense]]. If asked, he might just say that he's looking for that planet. He has never confessed to simply waiting.
* Frequently the [[Pantheon/{{Defense}} God of Ascended Extras and the Rebellion]] will find him, talk to him, and eventually ask him to help out - he and his are up against Vader and Thrawn(sometimes) and the Death Star and the Imperial Missile Boat and the Emperor himself! Obi-Wan feels a little guilty about leaving them like this and not wanting to face Vader yet, so from time to time he does go out briefly. At other times, he contacts [[Pantheon/{{Disgraces}} Mara Jade]] to give her the go-ahead to leave MarySuetopia and help them in his place.
* Said God of Ascended Extras and the Rebellion was played by the uncle of the actor who played young Obi-Wan. Both of them are aware of that. It's part of the reason Obi-Wan lets Wedge find him. When he does leave, it's in his younger form, which is ironically younger than Wedge. At those times he wears armor, hides his face, and tries to pass as just another pilot/commando. Since the pilots are based in the House of Defense, where Vader ''works'', there have been many close calls.
* Readily saves people who are threatened by the House's fauna, including the squinting degenerated descendants of those who got too caught up in their research. He can make an eerily realistic imitation of the threat-call of the greater thesauri. Scares smaller creatures right off.

'''[[Series/{{House}} Dr. Gregory House, M.D.]], God of Medicine'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A Walking Cane.
* Alignment: ChaoticNeutral
* Portfolio: {{One Liner}}s, [[DrJerk Doctor]] {{Jerk|ass}}s [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold With Hearts of Gold]], [[PermaStubble Men Who Sport Eternal Five O'Clock Shadows]], [[AgentScully Skeptics]], {{Consummate Liar}}s, [[BrutalHonesty Being Brutally Honest]].
* Domain: Healing, Chance, Luck, Wrath.
* Followers: [[Series/{{Torchwood}} Owen Harper]], [[Series/{{Firefly}} Simon Tam]], [[Series/GreysAnatomy Meredith Grey]], [[Franchise/{{Transformers}} Ratchet]].
* Allies: [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Black Jack]], [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Unohana Retsu, Faust Baldhead]], Mordin Solus, [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Litchi Faye-Ling]].
* Formerly the domain of [[Series/{{Scrubs}} Dr. Cox]], but House challenged him to an epic battle of wits and while Cox gave rants that tore the world asunder, House's one-liners dealt far more damage, and Cox was deposed. Legend has it that Dr. Cox is now WalkingTheEarth among mortals and is awaiting retribution.
* Currently banned from the Library section, having desecrated a lupus textbook to hide his drug stash.
* [[{{Catchphrase}} "Everyone lies."]]
* Has since shared idea with fellow jackass doctor Black Jack to improve the operation of the GUAG Medical Division... a movement called 'GUAG Extraordinary Doctors', doctors and healers whose skills are second to none, but also [[BunnyEarsLawyer having certain 'quirks']]. As a result, he's elected as that one movement's BigGood.

'''[[IsaacNewton Sir Isaac Newton]], [[VideoGame/MassEffect2 DEADLIEST SON-OF-A-BITCH-IN-SPACE!]], God of Physics'''
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: An Apple
* Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
* Portfolio: Moving objects (Yes, this means you), Gravity, Inertia.
* Domains: Knowledge, Creation, Glory, Alchemy.
* Followers: [[VideoGame/MassEffect2 The Gunnery Sergeant]], physics teachers, artillerymen.
* Although he is best known for his physics experiments, most notably for his experiments with gravity, Newton's heart was always with alchemy, and he was at least as meticulous in trying to find the Philosopher's Stone as he was in determining what made an apple fall the way it did.

'''[[DavidAttenborough Sir David Attenborough]], God of Biology'''
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: The Tree of Life.
* Alignment: LawfulNeutral
* Portfolio: Life, Living Things.
* Domains: Knowledge, Life and Death, Nature.
* Followers: Richard Dawkins, Biology teachers, Biology students.

'''[[VideoGame/{{Half-Life}} Gordon Freeman]], God of [[BadassBookworm Analytical Badassery]], Being the RightManInTheWrongPlace, and {{Crowbar|Combatant}}s, and Archduke of Ventilation Shafts'''
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: A crowbar plus the [[http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100327174549/half-life/en/images/d/dc/Lambda_logo.svg Lambda]]
* Alignment: Chaotic Good
* Portfolio: {{Badass Bookworm}}s, AwesomenessByAnalysis, {{Genius Bruiser}}s, [[TheSmartGuy Smart Guys]] Who Also Happen to be [[OneManArmy One Man Armies]], [[TheProfessor Professors]], [[HeroicMime Wordlessness]], {{Crowbar Combatant}}s, Being the RightManInTheWrongPlace.
* Domains: Force, Knowledge, War, Inquisition.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Yuki Nagato]] (''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya''), Literature/SherlockHolmes, [[ComicBook/IronMan Tony Stark]], Franchise/{{Batman}}.
* Followers: [[TheAuthority Midnighter]]
* Freeman's ascension into the House of Knowledge unfortunately brought with it a plague of headcrabs, which have integrated into the ecology of the Library. Beware.
* It is theorized that if Gordon and Yue teamed up, they would be able to figure out the weaknesses of every god in the Pantheon. Except [[Pantheon/MainHouse Fred Rogers]]. He has no weakness.
** The only reason that they haven't yet done this is because Yue is [[BrilliantButLazy too lazy to be bothered with it]], preferring to hang out in the library and learn techniques from the Pantheon of Magic.]
* Also has a spot in the House of Pantheon/{{Weapons}} as God of {{Crowbar|Combatant}}s

'''[[Series/NedsDeclassifiedSchoolSurvivalGuide Ned Bigby]], God of [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Students]]''' (Big Bee, Mop-haired Kid)
* Demigod (Still has to make up the Lesser God exam...)
* Symbol: Black-and-white Converse Chuck Taylors. Alternatively, his school survivor guide
* Alignment: Aims for LawfulGood, often has to settle for ChaoticGood.
* Portfolio: JuniorHigh, HighSchool, all SchoolTropes by extension. Takes special responsibility for helping {{New Transfer Student}}s fit in and cheering up {{Emo Teen}}s.
* Domains: Knowledge, Planning (hah!), Luck.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Music}} Big Time Rush]], [[Pantheon/{{Ambiguity}} The Cutie Mark Crusaders]]
* He doesn't know where ''everything'' is, but Ned takes great pleasure in showing visitors where the basic sections (transforming lead into gold, structural engineering, quantum dynamics, the History of Aviation, the bathrooms, birdwatching...) can be found. Expect a minor adventure on the way.
* Steve Urkel reminds him a ''lot'' of one of his friends. They hang out on the weekends. Ned may or may not have been part of [[Pantheon/MainHouse Adam Young's]] Them when he was younger, and from time to time wonders why ''he's'' grown up and Adam hasn't.
* Several Trickster Gods have attempted to swap his Guide with Light Yagami's Manga/DeathNote; so far it's been an ''even number'' of tricksters on any given day so we still don't know what kind of [[HilarityEnsues hilarity would ensue]].
* Is thankfully not subject to Luna Platz's attempts to control him, being a few years older than her.
* Met up with Big Time Rush in the House of Music, and the five get along well, mostly due to having a common writer in Scott Fellows. The antics in the Academy caused by these five have gone up considerably.
** Ned has offered a bit to help with the Cutie Mark Crusaders' attempts for their Cutie Marks, but is having no success. Instead, he also added fuel to the fire between him, and Big Time Rush's antics.
* Has made it a mission to cheer up [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami]], his reasoning as to how to do this? [[InsaneTrollLogic Two negatives equal a positive.]] The results were...electrifying to say the least.
* Twilight Sparkle has studied with him. She stopped to work on her true companions, but she promised she'd be back.

'''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvlWQyvEI38 The Bigpond Guy]], God of {{Ass Pull}}s''' ("Dad", The Rabbit Guy)
* Quasideity
* Symbol: The Great Wall of China, a Rabbit
* Alignment: True Neutral
* Portfolio: {{Ass Pull}}s
* Domains: Making Things Up On The Spot, Keeping Rabbits Out. There's too many rabbits in China.

'''ReportSiht, Deity of Examples''' (This Troper, Report [[RougeAnglesOfSatin Shit]])
* Lesser Deity (Genderless)
* Symbol: A bullet-pointed list
* Alignment: True Neutral
* Portfolio: Examples, '''BoldInflation''', PurpleProse, [[HerCodeNameWasMarySue Those Whose Codename Is Mary Sue]]
* Domains: Knowledge, Planning
* Followers: AliceAndBob ([[AerithAndBob and Aerith]])
* Allies?: [[HelloInsertNameHere (insert ally names here)]]
* Report Siht is allegedly universal, but its power has been diluted somewhat in recent years by his left- and right-hand heralds, Alice and Bob.
* The genderless, vaguely-defined characteristics of Report Siht make some people wonder if it might be related to Insert Name Here. Come to think of it, though it's hard to tell, no one's ever seen them together.

'''[[FamilyMatters Steve Urkel]], God of {{Nerd}}s''' ([[EverythingSoundsSexierInFrench Stephan Urquelle]], BruceLee)
* Lesser God (Higher when he uses the Bruce Juice serum.)
* Symbol: His NerdGlasses
* Alignment: Lawful Good
* Portfolio: {{Nerd}}s, {{Butt Monkey}}s, Dysfunctional Families, Inventors
* Domains: City, Invention
* Followers: Film/NapoleonDynamite, William Cranston (''PowerRangers'')
* Was originally a follower of Milhouse, until it was realized that Milhouse was not a nerd, 'cause "Nerds are Smart", at which point he deposed his former master by knocking him out as Bruce Lee.
* Has caught the interest of the Council of Shadows over his Bruce Juice serum.
* Tries his very best to get away from Captain Hammer due to the latter's viewpoint of see all nerds as evil.

'''[[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Jeff Albertson]], [[StrawFan Unpleasable Fanboy Extraordinaire]]''' (Comic Book Guy, The Collector)
* Demigod
* Symbol: Radioactive Man #1.
* Alignment: TrueNeutral
* Portfolio: [[FanDumb Unpleasable Fans]], {{Catch Phrase}}s, {{Nerd}}s, FanDumb, [[Administrivia/ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike Complaining About Shows He Doesn't Like]], {{Geek}}s, ADegreeInUseless, {{Insufferable Genius}}es.
* Domains: City, Craft, Sloth.
* Clients: [[Pantheon/{{Family}} Bart Simpson, Dennis Mitchell, Carl Clover]], [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Phineas Flynn]], [[Pantheon/{{Ambiguity}} Jimmy Hopkins]], [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Yayoi Kise]].
* [[Pantheon/{{Craft}} Stan Lee]] once visited his shop once.
* "Worst. Pantheon. ''Ever.''"

'''[[RozenMaiden Suiseiseki and Souseiseki]], Twin Goddesses of [[MemeticMutation Meme Theory]]''' (Suiseiseki: Desu, Souseiseki: Boku)
* Lesser Goddesses
* Symbol: Tangled vines
* Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Souseiseki), Chaotic Good (Suiseiseki)
* Desu.
* Portfolio:
** Both: [[MemeticMutation Memes]], [[MismatchedEyes Heterochromes]], PolarOppositeTwins, {{Verbal Tic}}s, [[GreenThumb Plant Control]]
** Souseiseki: [[{{Bokukko}} Cute Tomboys]], [[NiceHat Nice Top Hats]]
** Suiseiseki: Would-Be {{Tsundere}}, {{Ensemble Darkhorse}}s, [[ScrewySquirrel Pranksters]]
* Domains: Arborea, Mysticism, Nature
* Rival: [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Suigintou]]
* Desu~
* Followers: [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Tsuruya]], Creator/SeanConnery
* Opposed by: Milhouse, Chuck Norris, Monsoon, everyone in the Pantheon representing ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}''
* They ride into battle on the war chariot [[{{Transformers}} Bonecrusher]], even though Bonecrusher hates being a taxi. Then again, there isn't very much Bonecrusher actually likes.
* Rumors of VideoGame/{{Touhou}} trying to take their role as Gods of Memes remain unsubstantiated. [[CowboyBebopAtHisComputer Not a character from Touhou Project]]. ''ALL of Touhou Project''
* Desu!
* They have no opinion of Monsoon whatsoever.

'''[[Manga/MahouSenseiNegima Yue Ayase]], Goddess of [[TeenGenius Intelligent]] [[BlackMagicianGirl Magical]] [[ThePlan Strategy]]''' (Philosophastra Illustrans)
* Lesser Goddess
* Symbol: The ''Orbis Sensualum Pictus''. Or a Juice Box
* Alignment: Lawful Good
* Portfolio: GreatBigBookOfEverything, BadassBookworm, ThePhilosopher, ShorterMeansSmarter
* Domains: Libraries of any shape or size.
* Allies: Yomiko Readman, [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Nodoka Miyazaki]]
* Followers: Hermione Granger (''Literature/HarryPotter''), Lute (''FireEmblem'')
* Yue often spends time in the Library, it has plenty of books that interest her and aren't connected to her Orbis Sensualium Pictus. She often brings food to Yomiko, who often forgets to eat anything but what the Librarian brings her. Goddess or not, one cannot live on bananas alone.
* Knows where Obi-Wan's lost planet is. Unfortunately, she isn't aware that he's looking for it, so she'll probably never get around to telling him where it is.
* Due to recent events, She was being considered for the position of Goddess of [[TookALevelInBadass Taking a Level In Badass]], although some other members (''*cough*[[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Evangeline]]*cough*'') are wary of giving her any more influence, as she's already in the Pantheon/CouncilOfShadows. Fortunately (or unfortunately to the other Gods), the title was given to [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Nodoka Miyazaki]].
* Reports of a connection to [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Patchouli Knowledge]] are currently unsubstantiated.
* Can be found hanging out with Shikamaru (House of Nature) in the House of Philosophy... as neither of them are connected to it so she can read while he takes a nap, without anyone asking them to do much.
* She has been offered to taste one of [[Pantheon/{{Food}} Kusuha Mizuha]]'s "health drinks", but has yet to oblige. Reports say that she has stocked a sizable quantity of juice boxes in her realm.

'''[[Manga/HayateTheCombatButler Hinagiku Katsura]], Goddess of [[StudentCouncilPresident Top Grades]] [[AcademicAthlete With]] [[KendoTeamCaptain Badassery]]''' ("Invincible-Senpai")
* Intermediate Goddess
* Theme Song: Power of Flower (sung by her) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdxakrFI1oY
* Symbol: Wooden Masamune and Shirosakura swords crossed over the Hakuou Academy Crest
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Portfolio: [[AbsurdlyPowerfulStudentCouncil Strangely Influential]] [[StudentCouncilPresident Student Council Presidents]], [[RoseHairedGirl Pink-Haired]] [[KendoTeamCaptain Swordswomen]], [[AcademicAthlete Excelling At Both Grades And Sports]], [[SuperSentai Masked "Ally of Justice" Alter-Egos]], [[BreakoutCharacter Unexpectedly Extreme Popularity]], {{Tsundere}}s, [[BadassAdorable Cute But Tough Girls]]
* Domains: Studying, Swordsmanship, Responsibility, Romance
* Followers: All honor students who are also excellent at sports
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Profession}} Hayate Ayasaki]], [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Mikoto Misaka]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Fate Testarossa]], [[Pantheon/{{Power}} Utena Tenjou]], [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Signum]], [[Pantheon/{{Ambiguity}} Jimmy Hopkins]], [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Asuna Sakurazaki]].
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Disgraces}} Mr. and Mrs. Ayasaki, Gary Smith, Minami Obuchi, Natsumi Koizumi, Kumi Mouri]], the [[GUAEYandereQuartet Yandere Quartet]] ([[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Yuno Gasai]], [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Nu-13]], [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Kotonoha Katsura, Tsukuyomi]])
* Ascended to the Pantheon after winning a popularity contest in the Academy as well as being among the smartest.
* Often seen with Hayate Ayasaki in the House of Profession and always has tea prepared by him after her morning jogs. She remains oblivious to the rumors surrounding them and thinks her feelings for him are a secret.
* When not in student council meetings, supervising her followers, or out on her morning jogs, she enjoys stopping by the House of Combat for some sparring. The residents there have learned the hard way not to take her lightly just because she is an honor student - turns out she spends just as much time practicing her swordsmanship as she does studying. And she studies A LOT. Having two magic swords that she can call at will also help though, and she's proven more than capable of fighting everything from ghosts and demons, to big robots and other skilled combatants.
* Occasionally works up the courage to ask Hayate to spar with her. Despite a little flirting they really are just sparring, and Hinagiku consistently proves to be an even match for the Combat Butler. At the end of their sparring sessions she always seems to be about to say something before running off...many of the other Gods have started a betting pool to see if she'll ever manage to tell him.
* Is currently negotiating with Wiz and Boomstick to have a Death Battle arranged with her against the Master of Katanas and Japanese Swordsmanship, [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Samuel Rodriguez]]. So far, Sam's expressed interest in fighting against her.

'''[[FinalFantasyTactics Master Bordam Darlavon]], Keeper of [[BlindIdiotTranslation Badly-Translated Records]]''' ("Professor Boredom")
* Lesser God
* Symbol: Several encyclopedic volumes of the Zodiac Brave story
* Alignment: True Neutral
* Portfolio: [[BlindIdiotTranslation Amusing But Ultimately Unhelpful Translations]], [[TalkingTheMonsterToDeath Long-Winded Speech]], Tutorials ([[TutorialFailure That Don't Always Make Sense]])
* Domains: Knowledge
* Followers: [[Franchise/ResidentEvil Barry Burton]]
* Allies: He thinks himself to be one with Yomiko, who'll read anything anyone writes.
* Master Darlavon reportedly gave speeches to crowds all over the world, ignorant (for more than a decade) of the numerous spelling and grammatical errors contained within them.
* If he offers to help, refuse. You'll be more confused than ever.

'''[[VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou Sho Minamimoto]], God of [[GoodWithNumbers Numbers]]''' (Pi-Face, The Grim Heaper, Tabooty) [[quoteright:225:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/sho-minamimoto1.jpg]]
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A black baseball cap
* Alignment: Neutral Evil
* Portfolio: {{Mad Mathematician}}s, {{Insufferable Genius}}es, {{Ensemble Darkhorse}}s, [[LonersAreFreaks Freaky Loners]], [[MemeticMutation Annoying Catch Phrases That Get Stuck In Your Head]], [[OneWingedAngel Taboo Noise Transformation]], [[GoodWithNumbers Zetta Sons-of-Digits]]
* Domains: Knowledge, City
* Enemies: Neku, Zetta, Sonic the Hedgehog
* Minamimoto singlehandedly built his throne and his temple using crushed beer cans and scrap metal, reciting tetrahedral numbers in his head to make sure everything was to his exact specifications.
* Was seen minutes before his ascension spray-painting the words "You're so zetta slow!" all over [[SesameStreet Count von Count's]] castle. The words later came alive in the form of bat-shaped Noise and beat the Count to a pulp, since he lacked the Player Pins necessary to fight them. Has recently realized that gained him one...''one'' very dangerous enemy! Ha Ha Ha Ha!
* Likes attending Cirno's Perfect Math Class for lulz and laughs at Cirno's [[VerbalTic zetta]] idiocy at teaching math to those factoring hectopascals.

'''[[GreatTeacherOnizuka Eikichi Onizuka]], [[CoolTeacher Great Teaching God]]''' (Great Teacher Onizuka, GTO)
* Greater God
* Symbol: His motorcycle, complete with a plate with the number "22" on it
* Alignment: Chaotic Good
* Portfolio: [[CoolTeacher AWESOME Teacher]], {{Chivalrous Pervert}}s, [[{{Gonk}} Situational Ugliness]], [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Jerks with Hearts of Gold]], {{Escalating War}}s, Friends of the {{Yakuza}}, {{Delinquents}}, [[TheAce Aces]]
* Domain: Knowledge, Pride, Strength
* Followers: Mizuho Kazami (''Anime/PleaseTeacher''), George Feeney and later Jonathan Turner (''BoyMeetsWorld''), David van Driessen (''BeavisAndButthead'')
* While by no means a perfect man, Onizuka plans to introduce his own style of teaching to the House of Knowledge, and hopefully get some of the younger deities to fall in line with him. [[Manga/AzumangaDaioh Yukari]] claims not to be impressed by his shenanigans, but feels genuinely threatened as he seems to have won Chiyo over to his side with a smile and a wink.
* Ned doesn't want him anywhere near Moze, though.
* When [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Gentaro Kisaragi]] met up with him, Ekichi was amazed to see such live and energy inside the kid. The whole idea of befriending everyone gave him the idea that he'll befriend his students in order to help them in their troubles.
* Occasionally when pissed off, he could make the (ﺧ益ﺨ) face without even meeting Excalibur. It happens.

'''[[VideoGame/BeyondGoodAndEvil Jade]], Goddess of [[IntrepidReporter Intrepid Reporters]]''' (Shauni, Miss Thyrus)
* Demigoddess
* Symbol: A camera shutter
* Alignment: Chaotic Good
* Portfolio: {{Intrepid Reporter}}s, Those Who [[VoiceOfTheResistance Speak For The Resistance]], Truth Seekers, [[PluckyGirl Women Who Never Give In]], [[MacGuffinGirl Cute Girls Who are Not What They Appear To Be]], [[EasyEvangelism Easily Persuaded Townspeople]]
* Domains: News, Stealth
* Allies: April O'Neil, Peter Parker
* Rival: Aya Shameimaru
* Followers: ComicBook/{{Tintin}}, [[VideoGame/DeadRising Frank West]] ([[MemeticMutation he's covered wars]], [[Narm/VideoGames ya know]]), [[VideoGame/SpaceChannel5 Ulala]], [[Series/DoctorWho Sarah Jane Smith]], [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Kinue Crossroad]], [[Literature/{{Discworld}} William De Worde]], LoisLane, [[VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles Irene Ellet-Koller]], [[Manga/MahouSenseiNegima Kazumi Asakura]], [[VideoGame/StarOceanTheSecondStory Chisato Madison]]
* Ascended after forcibly beating pretenders [[LeftBehind Buck Williams]] and [[Literature/HarryPotter Rita Skeeter]] back in combat, armed with [[SimpleStaff only a stick]]. With her followers, she produces the major Trope Pantheon newsletter, keeping the members of the house informed on the goings-on between the houses, and helps try and track what's happening in the Pantheon/CouncilOfShadows.
* Despite belonging to the house of Knowledge, her supernatural abilities actually lie within the House of Pantheon/LifeAndDeath. While she visits this house on occasion, she has yet to fully accept a place in that Pantheon. However, Jean Grey-Summers, Goddess of Rebirth, has her eye on this one...
* Has a long-standing feud with Sally Floyd, who coveted this position but, thanks to her [[DarthWiki/WallBanger Head Trauma-Inducing Stupidity]], was forced to accept a much lesser calling.
* Was once challenged in position by Kinue Crossroad. Jade waited for her to come, but she never came. Later she found out that she really couldn't come because she ran into [[PsychoForHire Ali Al-Saachez]] and got killed. In cooperation with the Pantheon of Life And Death, Jade allowed her soul to follow her.
* She's started to notice that someone named [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Gary Hobson]] tends to appear before something goes wrong in the pantheon and rescue people as if he knew what was about to happen, carrying a copy of her newspaper with him, but he's proven to be very illusive. She knows there's a good story there somewhere (but for the moment she doesn't realize just ''how'' good).
* Not to be confused with Jade Curtiss.

'''[[Series/TheWestWing Josiah Bartlet]], God of Political Integrity''' (Jed, Mr. President)
* Level of Influence: Intermediate God
* Symbol: Seal of the [[OurPresidentsAreDifferent Office of President of the United States]]
* Alignment: Lawful Good
* Portfolio: [[OurPresidentsAreDifferent Honest and Personable Leaders With Integrity]], [[DeadpanSnarker Snarky But]] [[TVGenius Amiable Brainboxes]], {{Benevolent Boss}}es, [[DisproportionateRetribution Commanders-In-Chief Who Will Blow You To Hell]] [[BewareTheNiceOnes If You Mess With Them Or Theirs]], [[OverprotectiveDad Overprotective Fathers]]
* Domains: Hope, Knowledge
* Opposed Politically By: [[Series/TheColbertReport "Stephen Colbert"]] (though they aren't really "enemies")
* Capable of inspiring great loyalty from those who follow him, through leading by example. Folksy but sharp. Has been known to subject those who displease him to lengthy late-night lectures about U.S National Parks and the correct way of seasoning a Thanksgiving turkey.
* Appeared in a dream to [[http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/21/opinion/21dowd-sorkin.html?ex=1379736000&en=a303bca10d6e4cc8&ei=5124&partner=facebook&exprod=facebookā€¯ US President Barack Obama]] offering advice during the campaign.
* Has become something of a mentor to the [[{{Fanon}} fatherless]] Ned Bigby. Anyone making fun of their similar names does so at their own peril (the Secret Service is keeping a 500-mile distance between Bartlet and [[TinaFey "Sarah Palin"]], just in case).
* Has found his recently-acquired divinity to be a useful addition to his armory of weapons used to intimidate prospective partners of his daughters, especially his youngest. Well, Godhood and the 82nd Airborne Division.
* Commander Shepard and his/her allies aren't too keen on him due to his resemblance to [[HeyItsThatVoice The]] [[MagnificentBastard Illusive]] [[InkSuitActor Man.]]

'''[[Series/{{Fringe}} Walter Bishop]], God of [[WeirdScience Fringe Science]]'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: Fringe Patterns
* Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
* Portfolio: OmnidisciplinaryScientist, TheSmartGuy, MadScientist, GeniusDitz, IdiotSavant, CloudCuckooLander, BunnyEarsLawyer
* Domains: Intelligence, Insanity, Experimentation
* Followers: Peter Bishop
* Is the go to guy for the House of Defense whenever something inexplicable happens. Chances are, Bishop had performed an experiment for that exact phenomenon and has the data to rationalize it... if you're willing to overlook his many personality quirks.
* Luna Lovegood and Osaka are regular visitors to Bishop's basement laboratory and have started calling him "Grandpa Bishop", much to Peter's annoyance. They've even let him into the Pantheon/CouncilOfCloudcuckooland, but he rarely attends meetings due to his experiments.
* Also keeps a cow in his laboratory. No one has dared ask why.

'''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner, {{The Ditz}}y God'''
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: His propeller cap
* Alignment: Neutral Good
* Portfolio: [[TheFool Former Fools]], [[CloudCuckoolander Being Out To Lunch]], Being A Really Big Kid, [[ElmuhFuddSyndwome Having a Hawd Time Speaking Pwopuhwy]]
* Domains: Love, Luck, Stupidity, Trickery
* Followers: Patrick Star (''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants''), Chris Griffin (''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy''), T-Rex (''Webcomic/DinosaurComics''), Italy (''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia'')
* Allies: [[{{Pantheon/Philosophy}} Marzipan]] (off-and-on), [[{{Pantheon/Emotion}} Strong Bad]] (he ''thinks'' they're allies, anyway…), Ayumu Kasuga
* Rivals: Squirrel Girl (his greatest rival in the All-Squirrel Football League)
* Everybody loves the him! He's a terrific athlete!
* During the Free Country Wars, Homestar Runner ruled over Marzistar/Homezipan alongside Marzipan, until Strong Bad was able to trick King Homestar into bringing Coachnya into the war against Marzipan's wishes. The country then dissolved into East Marzistar and East Homezipan.
* According to Homestar, he once ate [[Pantheon/{{Family}} Luigi]] during Halloween, saying, "He tasted like mushrooms." Luigi has declined to comment, although considering he once survived [[VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiBowsersInsideStory being eaten by]] [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} Bowser]], there may be some truth to Homestar's statement.

'''[[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Aya Shameimaru]], Goddess of {{Paparazzi}} News And Rumors''' (Aya Syameimaru, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3AB-aL-C3o SHAMEIMARU]], ZUN's girlfriend, Fucking Gossip)
* Lesser Goddess
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=128rfuJczCs Wind God Girl]]
* Symbol: The Bunbunmaru Newspaper logo.
* Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
* Portfolio: {{Paparazzi}}, [[BlowYouAway Wind Power]], [[{{Flanderization}} Exaggerating Things]], [[FirstPersonSnapshooter Killing People By Taking Photos]], [[PettingZooPeople Being a Crow Tengu]], [[OneManArmy One Girl Newspaper Manager]], [[CreatorsPet Rumored Author Favoritism]], SuperSpeed
* Domains: Knowledge, Wind, News
* Rival: Jade
* Enemies: Yoichi Hiruma for hoarding his info
* Aya manages the Bunbunmaru Newspaper alone, using it to spread some rumors around the Pantheon. To keep things interesting, she has used some exaggerations, but that sometimes doesn't sit well amongst the Gods. Articles and editorials penned by Sally Floyd and Floyd's followers have appeared in the newspaper under rather clumsy pseudonyms.
* Although Aya had her ethics, she is not above peeking much into some of the Gods' private lives. Some regard her as Jade's EvilCounterpart (although she is not inherently evil).
* Apparently there are rumors — not started by her, she swears — that because Aya was the girlfriend of one of the Pantheon's good men, [[Pantheon/{{Craft}} ZUN]], she bribed him to get her a position. Neither she nor ZUN has confirmed this.
** She's currently investigating whether the same case could be said on [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Noel Vermillion]] and Mori Toshimichi.
* Doesn't think so highly of the mortal Paparazzi newscaster [[Franchise/MassEffect Khalisah al-Jilani]]. Even her snide insinuations, disingenuous assertions and tabloid journalism made Aya FacePalm.
* Lately has been trying to interview [[Pantheon/LifeandDeath Nathan Drake]] about his world saving adventures. So far, she doesn't seem successful as they keep getting interrupted by gunfights or Elena Fisher.
* Has a low tolerance against 'Perverted DVD'.
* Is [[PersonaNonGrata not welcome]] at the Amagi Inn — personally or professionally — due to [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Yukiko]]'s own experience with paparazzi.

'''[[{{QI}} John Lloyd and John Mitchinson]], Gods of Interestingness''' (The Two Johnnies)
* Demigods
* Symbol: The QI logo
* Alignment: Neutral Good
* Portfolio: Interesting Arcana, Comedic Education
* Domains: Inquisition, Mind, Knowledge
* Followers: The ''{{QI}}'' Elves, StephenFry
* Enemies: Alan Davies (well, not really an ''enemy'', but he does spent a lot of time getting quiz answers wrong because of them)
* It is said that since becoming gods, they spend their entire time researching the most obscure and interesting elements of the Pantheon's history. This has made them a target for the Pantheon/CouncilOfShadows, but somehow the genial atmosphere of the panel show defuses any hostilities directed towards them once the Council's minions actually get there.
* Thrawn appreciates what they do as a useful service, even if they ''are'' too free with any and all information.
* Be wary when trying your luck at answering the questions that they pose, even -- ''especially'' -- if the question seems straightforward and the answer obvious. They do not punish wrong answers so much as they punish ''boring'' ones.

'''[[Series/DoctorWho Davros]], God of [[ScienceIsBad Science Gone Bad]]'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A Dalek
* Alignment: Neutral Evil
* Portfolio: ScienceIsBad, KarmicDeath, MagnificentBastard, BackFromTheDead, MoralDissonance, OmnicidalManiac
* Domain: Corruption, Creation, Destruction, Metal
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Majin Buu (Davros is his High Priest), Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Red Skull]], [[Series/DoctorWho The Master]], [[VideoGame/{{Fallout1}} The other Master]],
* He managed to get extremely lucky and land here after his latest cheat from death, and is currently working with Wily on something. At least until his Omnicidal Mania gets the better of him....
* One of the most reviled gods in this Pantheon, and all the prouder for it.

'''Literature/SherlockHolmes, God of [[SherlockScan Deductive Reasoning]]''' (The Consulting Detective, Sigerson, Holmes)
* Demigod
* Symbols: A deerstalker hat, a magnifying glass and a pipe
* Alignment: Lawful Neutral
* Portfolio: [[HyperAwareness Intensely Perceptive]] [[SherlockScan Deductive Reasoning]], [[PrivateDetective Consulting Detectives]] (Especially those with [[PrivateDefective Colourful Personal Lives]] and [[BunnyEarsLawyer Eccentric Habits]]), [[GPSEvidence Extremely Obscure Evidence Detection]]
* Domain: Law, Knowledge, Order, Mind, Inquisition
* Allies: [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]], Literature/HerculePoirot (even though both would at best grudgingly admit it.), Batman
* Followers: Dr. John Watson, [[LawAndOrderCriminalIntent Detective Robert Goren]], [[Series/{{Monk}} Adrian Monk]], [[Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective Basil of Baker Street]] (who lives beneath Holmes' floorboards and is his MouseWorld counterpart), [[Manga/DetectiveConan Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo and Hakuba Saguru]]. The last two are notable for coming into occasional conflict with one Heiji Hattori, a disciple of Ellery Queen.
* Repeatedly insists that the deerstalker should not be his symbol, and claims to have rarely worn one. As a result of its ongoing association with him, is frequently heard to bemoan his decision to let Dr. Watson chronicle his exploits, and is frequently heard to curse "that damned artist!"
* Has developed something of a feud with Gregory House, considering the doctor's methods to be an amateurish substitute for his own. House has responded with a war of practical jokes.
* Has taken to indoor target practice in the Library, shooting a copy of Queen Victoria's initials on the wall next to a fireplace. This irks Yomiko and the other patrons of the Library considerably.
* Frequently consults with those from the House of Justice when a particularly complex matter comes before them; however, he is more interested in solving complex mysteries than bringing the guilty parties to justice, and has been known to let a guilty party go free if he is sufficiently convinced that their motives are sympathetic and their reasons for crime not without merit.
* Along with Erwin Rommel, Robert E. Lee, Hannibal Barca, and Alexander the Great, Holmes is Thrawn's father. Holmes is a little disturbed by that factoid. He'd like to think that he would actually remember an orgy like that.
* Sherlock has a very strained relationship with his "Father", Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. While Sherlock proved to be the most successful of the man's creations, Doyle began to loathe just how popular Sherlock was becoming even once uttering "If in 100 years I am only known as the creator of Sherlock Holmes, I will have deemed my life a failure." Sherlock always ignores the question when asked about this statement or Conan Doyle.

'''[[Manga/{{Eyeshield21}} Hiruma Youichi]], God of {{Blackmail}}'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A Devilbat
* Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
* Portfolio: HyperspaceArsenal, UnusualEars, [[ClusterFBomb Gratuitous Use of the F-Word]], DevilInPlainSight, MagnificentBastard, EvilLaugh
* Domain: Knowledge, Trickery, Stealth
* Enemies: Aya Shameimaru
* He's got dirt on ''everyone'' in his book of threats.
* Gets overly irritated at that ''"Fucking Gossip!"'' for ruining a good portion of his blackmailng schemes by announcing them to the entire Pantheon.
* Finds an occasional ally in the form of [[SeitokaiYakuindomo Ranko Hata]], whose photography skills are greatly valued.

'''[[ProfessorLaytonAndTheCuriousVillage Hershel Layton, Ph.D]], God of Puzzles''' (Professor Layton, TheProfessor, [[spoiler: Theodor Bronev]])
* Demigod
* Symbol: A top hat with a letter "L" on it
* Alignment: LawfulNeutral
* Portfolio: [[TheProfessor Ambiguous Intellectuals]], [[QuintessentialBritishGentleman Quintessential English Gentlemen]], [[BadassBookworm Intellectual Badasses]], [[SolveTheSoupCans Puzzles]] [[AlphabetSoupCans That Test One's Intellectual Mettle]], [[MrExposition Explaining Things]] [[TheWatson to Clueless Assistants]], [[InsistentTerminology Insistance He Is]] ''[[InsistentTerminology Not]]'' [[InsistentTerminology a Detective]], [[ParentalAbandonment Surrogate Father Figures]], {{Mentors}}, [[SchizoTech Wacky Technology]], [[spoiler:[[HappilyAdpted those adopted]]]]
* Domains: Puzzles, Archeology, Politeness
* Allies: Sherlock Holmes, [[Pantheon/CombatLesserGodsAndDemigods Dudley]], [[Pantheon/{{Personal Appearance}} Henry Hatsworth]], [[Pantheon/{{Craft}} Angus McGuyver]]
* Opposed by: [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} The Riddler]]
* Despite having ascended to the Pantheon, he still regularly descends to Earth in order to assure that his apprentice, Luke, and surrogate daughter, Flora, keep up in their studies.
* Gods from the other Houses detest running into him. Not because he's not a nice fellow--he's in every respect a perfect gentleman--but because of his tendency to say, "You know, this reminds me of a puzzle! Two trains are going in opposite directions and leave from their stations at 9:00 AM..."
* Is opposed by The Riddler. The Riddler's specialty is making puzzles... his is solving them.
* Hangs out with [=McGuyver=], due to Layton's quick ingenuity to create devices on the fly.
* Had a bit of a HeroicBSOD upon learning about his true past, but has since gotten over it and insists that he no longer goes by his original name ([[spoiler: Theodore Bronev]]) and that he will always be called Hershel Layton.

'''[[{{Transformers}} Violen Jiger]], God of [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Questionable Romanizations]]'''
* Lesser God/Lessar Got/Lethen Goz
* Symbol/Cymbal: A wavy red line under a word.
* Alignment/Arinumentu: Chaotic Neutral
* Portfolio/Potforio: [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Difficult Names To Spell]]
* Domain/Tomane: Knowledge
* Followers/Farowuz: [[Anime/BubblegumCrisis Sylia/Celia Stingray]], [[Anime/GaoGaiGar Rune/Renee/Renais]], [[Manga/DeathNote Light/Raito Yagami]], [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Walter C. Dollneaz/Dollners/Dornez, Pip Bernadotte/Bernadette/Vernedead]], [[Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross Gepplenitch/Geppernitch/Geppernich/Geperuniti/Geperunitchi]], [[UsefulNotes/MuammarGaddafi That Ghaddafi guy]], and a great deal more.
* Once a standard ''Transformers'' villain, Violen Jiger ascended to the position when [[http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Rartorata Rartorata/Rartorarta/Rartalarta]] turned it down. He now presides over his followers from his Afterlife/After-life/Aphturlyfe.
** His ''Kyū Dai Mashōgun'', the Nine Great Demon Generals, are considering [[StartMyOwn starting their own]] section as '''Gods of Puns That Don't Translate Very Well''', but are kept in line by Violen Jiger.

'''[[TheThrawnTrilogy Grand Admiral Thrawn]], God of [[TheStrategist Military Geniuses]]''' (Mitth'raw'nuorodo, Thrawn, Commander/Captain/Colonel/Admiral Thrawn)
* Demideity
* Symbol: A pair of all-[[RedEyesTakeWarning red glowing eyes]] on a blue background, or the Imperial crest
* Alignment: To his enemies, he seems LawfulEvil, or LawfulNeutral in some cases. To those who serve under him, he seems Lawful Good. No one really knows.
* Portfolio: [[MagnificentBastard Magnificent bastardry]], strategy and tactics, [[TrueArt art]], [[PunctuationShaker an odd alien name]], [[WellIntentionedExtremist those whose plans may lead to greater good]], [[CombatPragmatist Practicality]], [[XanatosSpeedChess Flexible Plans]], Valuing His Resources, [[KnowWhenToFoldEm Knowing When To Cut His Losses]], AwesomeByAnalysis, Overcoming FantasticRacism
* Domains: Law, Nobility, War
* Followers: [[VideoGame/{{Suikoden}} the Silverberg family and Lucretia Merces]], [[Literature/RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms Zhuge Liang]], [[Literature/TheHeroicLegendOfArslan Narsus]], [[KnightsOfTheOldRepublic Darth Revan]] (according to Kreia)
* Weapon of Choice: [[Pantheon/{{War}} The Imperial Missile Boat]]
* [[OfficerAndAGentleman Will kick your ass while admiring how you must have held your paintbrush during your magnum opus.]] He's a surprisingly good shot with a blaster, and his men are all fantastically loyal. Of late he has began to command the 501st Legion to very good effect.
* Commands the Imperial Missile Boat, but has so far only had to call it down to take out an enemy once.
* Currently dead. Or [[ThanatosGambit is he?]] [[KilledOffForReal Yeah, he is]]. Had a few clones set up, and now waits for the right time. Being dead and in the Pantheon isn't as big a deal as being dead in the rest of the galaxy.
* There was a time when Grand Admiral Thrawn and Lord Haverlock Vetinari had never been seen at the same time. It passed.
* There are hints that he is disdainful of the House of War - as one who is generally reserved and ''very'' good at the strategic side of war, he stands out among the screaming hordes of fighters. It's hard to tell - he hasn't confided in anyone. At any rate, he has also joined this house, and spends most of his time here or examining things in the House of Craft.
* Thrawn is here partly because of his relationship to Sherlock Holmes. Combined with the various other people who contributed to him, this heritage allows him to practice an almost obscene version of psychoanalysis on people and cultures by studying their artwork, using it to identify weaknesses in their thinking or perception patterns, and then exploiting said weaknesses in devastating ways. He's got a bit of the Information Age in him.
* Is very careful to stay on Yomiko's good side, and although he was initially unfamiliar with books that had ''pages'', he got used to them. A lot of the bits of data he picks up seem trivial, but he pieces them together alarmingly fast.
* Still has a beef with his rival in military tactics, [[Pantheon/{{War}} Ursarkar E. Creed]] for wiping off the 501st. Supposedly with [[MemeticMutation 100 Baneblades from Kaurava.]]

'''Lieutenant Series/{{Columbo}}, God of ObfuscatingStupidity'''
* Demigod
* Symbol: A rumpled beige trenchcoat, cigar and faded green Peugeot 203 convertible.
* Alignment: Lawful Good
* Portfolio: Investigators Who Are [[ObfuscatingStupidity Much, Much Smarter than They Appear]], [[SpottingTheThread Finding the One Loose Thread in a Well Thought-Out Lie]] And [[PullTheThread Slowly Unravelling It]], [[OutGambitted Getting Wrongdoers to Trip]] ''[[OutGambitted Themselves]]'' [[OutGambitted Up]].
* Domain: Law, Knowledge, Order, Mind, Inquisition
* Followers: [[Series/LawAndOrderCriminalIntent Detective Robert Goren]], [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]], [[Series/TheMentalist Patrick Jane.]]
* TeethClenchTeamwork with:
* Has managed to trip up some of the most devious, cunning and wily beings in this pantheon, simply through showing up looking like a tramp and playing to their overdeveloped senses of confidence. No matter how many times he does it, they still never seem to catch on what he's doing until it's too late.
* He has to admit, Mrs. Columbo sure is going to be impressed that he made it up here. If she ever shows up, that is. [[TheGhost She's very elusive]], you see, and ever since [[Series/MrsColumbo that imposter]] was running around pretending to be her, she's withdrawn even further.
* Whispered, hushed rumours about this god circulate, insisting that maybe, just maybe... his first name is Phillip.
* Also has a seat in the house of Justice.
* Seems to finish up his investigations remarkably quickly, except... oh. [[CatchPhrase Just one more thing]]...

'''[[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Cirno]], Goddess of Idiots''' (Baka, Nine-ball)
* Lesser Deity, despite her claims of being "the strongest!"
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIZ12EQ2SFg Beloved Tomboyish Girl]]
* Symbol: A figure 9 in a circle
* Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
* Portfolio: [[AnIcePerson Ice]] [[TheFairFolk Fairies]], [[TheDitz Ditziness]] (or sometimes complete idiocy), [[SmallNameBigEgo Boasting]], [[ResurrectiveImmortality Coming back alive everytime she's killed]]
* Domains: Ice, Magic, Stupidity
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Philosophy}} Ralph Wiggum]], [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Tinkerbell]], [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Dan Hibiki]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Utsuho Reiuji]]
* Opposes:
** Non-Ascended: [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Suwako Moriya]], a non-Pantheon goddess associated with frogs. Her rivalry with Cirno is both fierce and adorable.
** Ascended: [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} Wart]], [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Kermit the Frog]]
* Ascended to a Lesser Deity rank after starring in [[http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Fairy_Wars her very own game]] and even managing to give trouble to [[{{Badass}} Marisa]] [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Kirisame]], Goddess of BlackMagic, in a duel.
** Where Marisa did say that she was holding back, she also admitted that Cirno was more challenging that she thought. No one is sure how much Cirno would fare against Marisa normally, as the next time they met she got fried by Marisa's possessed Mini-Hakkero, which gave her an extra edge.
** Other Cirno's feats include being able to survive attacks from [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Utsuho]] inside her temple what would have made her melt and take down [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Alice]] and the prototype of her Goliath Doll.
** In fact, as Cirno can abuse her ResurrectiveImmortality to come back as long as she's properly motivated and her massive ice powers to shield herself, she ''could'' indeed be an extremely dangerous foe. Fortunately for everyone, she's very easily distracted and rarely can muster enough interest to challenge anyone with such intensity.
* Likes to share her "wisdom" in her 'Perfect Math Class'. Smarter members of the Pantheons join in just to laugh at her theories. [[EpilepticTrees That, or not even the smartest gods have figured out she thinks in base nine.]]
** An alternate interpretation is that the perfect math class is not a math class at all, but a sarcastic and witty philosophical lesson teaching us that maths are not the most important in life. But Cirno probably can't count anyway.
* Rumor goes Cirno is in fact one of the most intelligent gods in the Pantheon, [[ObfuscatingStupidity pretending to be stupid]] in order to achieve some [[ThePlan complicated master plan]] (perhaps taking over some greater god's position?) It has also been speculated said plan would be put into action on [[MemeticMutation 09/09/09, or Cirno Day.]] This has been proven false. Whether this means she is really an idiot or whether the plan is simply not yet ready to be put into action remains unclear. The new rumor goes that the plan will be ready by 09/09/2099.
** The alternative theory, that the Cirno Day plan was ''successful'', but was such a subtle plot of sublime beauty that it operated on a level beyond everyone's comprehension, is patently ridiculous.
* Good friends with Utsuho, due to similar mentalities.
* Not to be confused with [[VideoGame/ArmoredCore that other Nineball]], whose pilot is [[ThatOneBoss most certainly]] ''not'' an idiot.

'''[[Literature/TheNeverendingStory The Old Man Of Wandering Mountain]]''' (The Author)
* Greater God
* Symbol: A plain-looking book with the image of AURYN upon its cover.
* Alignment: True Neutral
* Portfolio: [[RewritingReality Writing Reality]], [[YouCantFightFate Inescapable Reality]]
* Domains: Knowledge, Fate, Patience
* Allies: Very few, as very few know him. The Childlike Empress is one of the few to have met him, and yet is his exact opposite.
* His job is to write down all that is and all that happens into a magical book. Everything that happens is written by him into the book, and everything that he writes into the book happens. As a result, he is at the same time one of the most powerful and powerless gods in the Pantheon; the book is reality itself, but he cannot change what has been written, and he cannot write anything that does not happen. He remains in isolation, away from most of the pantheon, in order to write without distraction.

'''[[{{Foundation}} Hari Seldon]], God of [[GoodWithNumbers Mathematics]] and [[BatmanGambit Prediction]]'''
* Greater God
* Symbol: A Scientific Calculator, the Time Vault
* Alignment: OmniscientMoralityLicense
* Portfolio: AncientConspiracy, TheChessmaster, OmniscientMoralityLicense, YouCantFightFate, BatmanGambit (on a cosmic scale)
* Domain: Science, Math, Prediction
* Allies: [[Series/StargateSG1 Samantha Carter]]
* Followers: the Foundations, [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Aeolia Schenberg]], [[Literature/{{Discworld}} Mavolio Bent]]
* Highly respected by Xanatos and [[{{Bionicle}} Makuta]], but they do not affiliate themselves with him due to the different nature of his predictions and his generally good alignment. [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} The God-Emperor Leto]], however, loathes him because he screwed up his Golden Path that was supposed to prevent prescients from controlling humanity's future.
* Actually moved on centuries ago, but he predicted every possible event that his presence would be needed for and left a of videotapes labeled with a date and time of when to play them, which function more or less exactly as his actual presence would. He has the rank of Greater God because of the very real possibility that almost every deity in the pantheon is simply following the Plan laid out by him. Notable counter-arguments include Deadpool and O-Haruhi-Sama, who may be impossible to predict or control. However, nobody really knows for sure.
* [[Pantheon/MainHouse The Gman]] may have been the one who ultimately caused Seldon to create psychohistory; or, he may just be acting all according to the Plan. Nothing the Gman has done so far seems to have screwed up Seldon's predictions, but confusingly this doesn't prove anything one way or another. Either way, Seldon's tapes haven't mentioned this and Gman isn't talking.

'''[[Manga/OnePiece Nico Robin]], Goddess of [[{{Exposition}} History]]''' (Ms. All Sunday, Demon Child)
* Theme: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR-Ks3h2Zzw Her own theme. Goes great with coffee.]]
* Lesser Goddess
* Symbol: [[http://library.thinkquest.org/07aug/02062/images/robinflag.jpg Her jolly roger]]
* Alignment: True Neutral
* Portfolio: AdventurerArchaeologist, BadassBookworm, DarkActionGirl, TheStoic, MultiArmedAndDangerous, NightmareFetishist, [[MrExposition Ms. Exposition]], GoodIsNotNice, TeamMom
* Domain: History, Artifacts, Reading
* Followers: [[MartianSuccessorNadesico Dr. Inez Fressange]], [[KaitouSaintTail Seira]], [[PrincessTutu Edel]], [[AustinPowers Basil Exposition]],
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Luffy]], [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp,]] [[Pantheon/{{Food}} Sanji]], Tony Tony Chopper, [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Franky]], [[Pantheon/{{Music}} Brook]], [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Belle]]
* Enemies: Those who destroy knowledge
* Her knowledge of the lands that spans many centuries allows her to easily fill in the void of the Pantheon.
* Has read every book in The Library as well as donated her own set of books to it.
* Spends most of her time learning the history of other worlds, since her own native world's history has so few parallels to most others.
* Defends her position as a goddess with her continuous reading. Every bit of knowledge she retains and is thus always available for exposition.
* Whenever something new arrives to the Pantheon, odds are Nico Robin will be around to fill everyone in.
* Can be seen alphabetizing the library with her Hana-Hana no mi every now and again. Less brave gods visiting from other houses have been known to run out screaming at the sight of several thousand disembodied hands jutting out of the bookshelves and moving things.

'''[[OnePiece Tony Tony Chopper]], God of [[CombatMedic Combat Medics]]''' (Cotton-Candy Lover, Monster)
* Theme: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z8Gv7miY5M His own theme. In good times and bad.]]
* Demigod
* Symbol: His Jolly Roger
* Alegnment: ChaoticGood
* Portfolio: AllOfTheOtherReindeer, BadassAdorable, CherryBlossoms, CowardlyLion, CuteBruiser, DeadlyDoctor, TheMedic, NiceHat, RidiculouslyCuteCritter, SuperDrowningSkills, TalkingAnimal, Medicine, Cherry Blossoms,
* Allies: The Straw Hat Pirates, Mordin Solus
* Has taken to working with Mordin Solus, is interested in learning about other species.
* Works with Mordin to develop universal Panacea.

'''[[Franchise/MassEffect Mordin Solus]], God of [[DeadlyDoctor Surprisingly Lethal Healers]]'''
* Demigod
* Symbol: The tattoo design upon his forehead.
* Alignment: Neutral Good
* Portfolio: [[TheMedic Medics]] [[DeadlyDoctor Lethally Skilled]] [[CombatMedic In Combat]], [[VerbalTic Idiosyncratic Speech Patterns]], [[TheAtoner Seekers of Redemption]], [[MajorGeneralSong Being the Very Model of a Scientist Salarian]], [[CrowningMomentOfFunny Extraordinarily Blunt Givers of]] TheTalk, [[ShootTheDog Necessary Ruthlessness]]
* Domains: Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection, War
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Urdnot Wrex]], [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Legion]], [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Liara]], [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Shepard]]
* Followers: [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 THE Medic]], [[VideoGame/{{Skullgirls}} Valentine]], [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Tsunade]]
* Enemies: Davros, Mayuri Kurotsuchi
* Easy to underestimate. Frail frame provides advantages. Never see him coming.
* Believes science should be used for good. Will not tolerate live experimentation. Senseless waste. All life precious.
* Regretful of past work. Feels necessary yet unforgivable. Will fight for the lost.
* Sees work with Chopper and development of cure for everything as suitable path to atonement.
* Recently took position on [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Love Patheon]] to give knowledge. Specifically, TheTalk. Needed there.
* Gets along surprisingly well with Urdnot Wrex, despite history.
* Achieved redemption upon [[spoiler:sacrificing self to cure Genophage.]] Truly is the very model of a Scientist Salarian.

'''[[Franchise/MassEffect Councilor Sparatus]], God of [[ImplausibleDeniability Dismissing Claims]]'''
* Demigod
* Symbol: Air quotes.
* Alignment: Lawful Neutral
* Portfolio: [[{{Jerkass}} Being an asshole to Shepard]] [[SchrodingersGun no matter what Shepard does]], [[FantasticRacism being racist against Shepard]], [[MemeticHandGesture air quotes]]
* Allies: Councilors Tevos and Valern, [[Literature/HarryPotter the Ministry of Magic]], [[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} President Neutral]].
* There are ''no'' immortal mechanical beings out in deep space planning to destroy all organic life. ''[[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Absolutely none.]]''
** With [[VideoGame/MassEffect3 the recent upcoming events]], many Gods have been placing their bets to see him have a breakdown.
*** [[spoiler: Actually took the whole being proven wrong surprisingly well. Hell he was even the first councilor to offer any type of support to Shepard. Needless to say there were ''a lot'' of unhappy betters.]]
* "[[MemeticMutation Ah yes]], "[[MemeticHandGesture godhood]]". A being having divine attributes, ranking above mortal beings. [[MemeticMutation We have dismissed that claim]]."

'''[[FanFic/TheOpenDoor Skuld, Goddess of the Undiscovered Country]]''' (Alternate Universe character interpretation from “the Open Door” by Academia Nut)
* Greater Goddess with aspects of Cosmic Horror
* Alias: [[Manga/AhMyGoddess Norn of the Future]]
* Symbol: A modified eight-point Star of Chaos that looks like a nautical anchor with tree branches growing from its top.
* Alignment: Neutral Good with [[BlueAndOrangeMorality eldritch tendencies]]
* Portfolio: [[ForScience Scientific knowledge]], the uncertain future (i.e. anti-divination), [[ForgottenRealms the Shadow Weave]], [[DarkIsNotEvil light hidden in darkness]], ice cream and chocolate.
* Domains: [[AppliedPhlebotinum Craft]], [[DarkIsNotEvil Darkness]], Good, Knowledge, Metal, [[MySignificanceSenseIsTingling Time]], Water; City and Community
* [[PsychicPowers Psionic Mantles]]: Creation, Good, Knowledge, [[DarkIsNotEvil Light&Darkness]], Time.
* Followers: [[FreakyIsCool Rask the drow arachnomancer]], Steb the mute dwarf, Washal the Pale, the Whispered of the Shadovar Enclave

'''[[Series/{{Heroes}} Micah Sanders]], God of Young Prodigies''' (REBEL)
* Lesser God
* Symbol : A cell phone with a text message sent from REBEL.
* Alignment: Neutral Good
* Portfolio: {{Technopath}}, TeenGenius (and pre-teen)
* Domain: Technology, Knowledge, Truth, Justice, Machinery
* Allies: [[Series/ICarly Freddie Benson]], [[{{Pantheon/Technology}} Tony Stark]], [[ComicBook/FantasticFour Reed Richards]], [[NoOrdinaryFamily JJ Powell]], [[{{Pantheon/Magic}} Edward Elric]]
* Enemies: {{Brainiac}}, [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Stewie Griffin]]
* Followers: [[Series/CriminalMinds Reid Spencer]], [[TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody Cody Martin]], [[MalcolmInTheMiddle Malcolm and Dewey]], [[WesternAnimation/{{WITCH}} Will Vandom]], [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Kakashi and Itachi]]
* Wanted to take the position of the God of Technopathy, but the position was filled by Braniac. Micah's reaction to this was simply "whatever". Braniac took that as a threat and they have been enemies ever since.

'''Literature/HerculePoirot, God of [[Franchise/SherlockHolmes Sherlock Holmes imitators]]'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A neatly trimmed mustache.
* Alignment: Usually NeutralGood, even though it can range into LawfulNeutral territory.
* Domain: Detective Work
* Profile: PoirotSpeak, ObfuscatingStupidity
* Followers: Arthur Hastings, and most John Watson imitators.
* He won this title over all others by basically becoming a carbon copy of Holmes, except for one slight difference. The difference was that he solved cases through psychology, while Holmes solved them through science. Mostly.
* Also, every single story he is in has at least one ShoutOut to Sherlock Holmes.
* He and Sherlock have a rivalry to see who can solve mysteries in the Pantheon faster. The score as of now has Holmes winning by a few cases. When told this, however, by Gods who want to incite trouble, Poirot just smiles and states that they both have solved all the cases, Holmes just does it slightly faster.
* The word 'imitator' irks him slightly (although he is never seen to lose his composure over it), but he comes to accept it through reminding himself that Holmes himself was not truly the first of his kind, and that it is always possible for an imitator to surpass and overshadow the original ... as is the case, he believes, with Holmes and himself.

'''[[VideoGame/{{Portal 2}} Cave Johnson]], God of [[ForScience The Pursuit of Pointless Knowledge]]'''
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: The Aperture Science Logo
* Alignment: Chaotic Stupid
* Portfolio: [[TeleportersAndTransporters Teleportation]], Experiments, {{Cool Gate}}s, [[RageAgainstTheHeavens Threatening to burn down Life's house]] [[WhenLifeGivesYouLemons with combustible lemons]], [[CutLexLuthorACheck Impractical Use of Incredible Technology]]
* Domain: Insanity, Destruction, Knowledge, Chaos, Lemon Grenades
* Allies: [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} GLaDOS]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan Dr. Wily]], The Series/MythBusters
* Enemies: [[VideoGame/{{Half-Life}} Wallace Breen and Black Mesa]], [[Series/StargateSG1 Sam Carter]]
* As the man responsible for [=GLaDOS=], Cave Johnson is considered a man to be feared, or at least be cautious of. With an obsession for go-nowhere experiments and creating fantastic items for mundane and totally unsuitable purposes, Johnson is a special type of crazy.
* Wants to hire the Mythbusters for... something. He hasn't thought that far ahead.

'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Aerith Gainsborough]], Goddess of [[ItWasHisSled Long-Spoiled Spoilers]]''' ([[SpellMyNameWithAnS Aeris]], The Flower Girl)
* Demigoddess
* Symbol: Her hair Ribbon.
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: {{White Magician Girl}}s, [[MysticalWaif Magically-Inclined Mysterious Women]], [[HeroicSacrifice Martyrdom]], [[KilledOffForReal Dying]], [[SimpleStaff Staves and Pole Weapons]], Flower Girls.
* Domain: Spoilers, White Magic, Protection, Light.
* Allies: Cloud, Tifa, and most good-aligned ''Final Fantasy'' deities.
* Enemies: '''[[Pantheon/{{Shape}} Sephiroth]]''', and to a lesser extent, most of the other Warriors of Chaos.
* After her ascension, someone hung a flashing neon sign reading "SHE DIES" over her resting quarters in the Pantheon. It's become a sort of running gag among the more mischievous gods to come up with some sort of humiliating punishment should they come across someone surprised by said sign. Thus far, no victims have been reported.
* It has been said her position came with a book containing knowledge of every spoiler and plot twist in every work of fiction that does, has, or will ever exist. Fortunately for everyone she's kept a close eye on it and is considerate enough to not reveal anything too drastic from its contents. However, she has mixed feelings about her death being listed on the first page.
* [[Pantheon/{{Ambiguity}} Ralph]] refuses to believe that she ever actually died.

'''[[VideoGame/{{Xenoblade}} Shulk]], God of CombatClairvoyance''' (Heir to the Monado)
* Intermediate God
** [[spoiler: Was temporarily an Overdeity after Zanza's initial defeat, but Shulk relinquished the power and title soon afterwards. His current position is in response to Zanza's own ascension to the pantheon.]]
* Symbol: The Monado.
* Alignment: Neutral Good
* Domain: Free Will, Light, Protection
* Portfolio: AwesomeYetPractical [[LaserBlade Laser Blades]], [[CombatClairvoyance Perceiving Enemy Attacks Before They Happen]], [[ScrewDestiny Telling Fate Where To Shove It]], [[NayTheist Rejecting Gods Whether They Exist Or Not]], ThePowerOfFriendship, [[spoiler: Coming BackFromTheDead]].
* Rivals: '''[[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Zanza]]'''
* Shulk's claim to the title is his ability to predict enemy attacks several seconds before they happen, giving him superhuman reflexes. The Monado also provides various techniques that let him block or dodge almost any damage he would otherwise take.
* Occasionally, Shulk's visions extend further into the future than normal, revealing critical events and possible deaths [[ScrewDestiny just in time for him and his allies to change them.]]
* Shulk was given his position shortly after defeating his predecessor, [[spoiler: Zanza, which allowed him to reconstruct his universe so that gods like himself and Zanza were no longer necessary.]] To that end, [[AGodIAmNot he relinquished the power his position gave him soon afterward]], but the Pantheon maintains his position as an honorary gesture (and possibly because Cosmos wants to keep Shulk on call in case the GUAE gets close to completing one of their plans).
** [[spoiler: However, with Zanza's ascension into the Pantheon, Shulk returned to his position as a God to combat against Zanza.]]
* Is not to be confused with [[FanNickname how you shorten calling]] [[ComicBook/SheHulk the cousin of]] [[ComicBook/TheIncredibleHulk Hulk]]

'''[[VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss Jade Curtiss]], God of [[OpeningACanOfClones Creating]] [[ExpendableClone Combat Clones]]''' (Jade Balfour, Jade the Necromancer) [[quoteright:200:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/JadeProfile_9032.jpg]]
* Demigod
* Symbol: Malkuth army symbol
* Alignment: Lawful Good (Arguably Lawful Neutral, or True Neutral with good tendencies)
* Portfolio: Ex-MadScientist, {{Magnificent Bastard}}ry, [[ColonelBadass military officers]], [[BladeOnAStick Spear Fighting]], Spell-casting, [[DeadpanSnarker Affectionally Pissing People Off]], [[CoolOldGuy 'Being Frail Since Birth' * cough* * cough* ]], [[CursedWithAwesome Cursed With Great Intellect]],, Voice of TakehitoKoyasu
* Domain: Cloning, War, Science, Magic
* Followers: [[Franchise/XMen Multiple Man]]
* Allies: Axel Almer, [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Roy Mustang]], [[Franchise/StarWars the 501st]]. X-23
* Enemies: [[GundamSEED Rau Le Creuset]], [[Pantheon/{{Family}} Relius Clover]]
* Formerly the God of [[ColonelBadass Colonels]], Jade ceded the seat to Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist. He has not left the Pantheon, however; as the God of Combat Cloning, Jade continues to experiment with fomicry, carefully guarding its secrets.
* Rau Le Creuset is angry about Curtiss being granted the title due to his bitterness about being a clone. The two have thus far avoided one another, though some of the other gods wonder what will happen between the two.
* He has seen a lot of [[TearJerker sad events]] with a smile. But he never once budged his smile. His reply? "Oh, not at all. I'm actually crying on the inside, wracked with guilt."
* Once visited Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai's House with other Gods, and while they are feeling the intense heat, Jade stays calm and cool. When they ask why he looks so comfortable, he replies, "Oh, not at all. I'm so hot I could just die."
* Through his new position, he managed to come across a mass-cloning activity... [[VideoGame/BlazBlue the Murakumo units by Relius Clover]]. Reading through the project was one of the few times Jade nearly lost his cool, as Relius epitomizes the dark side of unabashed mass cloning... and even worse, Jade realized that he was nearly ''[[NotSoDifferent that close]]'' [[ShadowArchetype to become like Relius had Professor Gelda Nebilim not come to his life as a child]].

'''[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Twilight Sparkle]], Goddess of [[ObsessedAreTheListMakers Checklists]] and [[MindOverMatter Telekinesis]]''' ([[AffectionateNickname Twi]], occasionally [[SanitySlippage Twilight Psycho]], [[spoiler: Princess]] Twilight Sparkle) [[quoteright:235:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Twilight02_7377.png]]
* Intermediate Goddess
* Symbol: Her Cutie Mark, a purple and white star.
* Alignment: Lawful Good
* Portfolio: [[BadassBookworm awesomeness through reading]], [[CuteBookworm adorableness through reading]], [[CuteWitch magical adorableness]], [[TheRedMage learning]] [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands ANY]] [[SuperpowerLottery magic]] ([[SorcerersApprenticePlot and losing control of it]]), [[MindOverMatter telekinesis]], [[BadassBureaucrat organizational skills to the max...]] [[ObsessedAreTheListMakers maybe too much to the max...]] [[SuperOCD seriously...]] [[SanitySlippage way too much!]], [[{{Adorkable}} cute]] [[LovableNerd nerds]], [[ButtMonkey those abused a lot]], [[{{Determinator}} never relenting]], [[ChildProdigy incredible skill at a tender age]], [[TheSpock rationality]] and [[AgentScully somewhat arbitrary]] [[FlatEarthAtheist skepticism]], [[HumbleHero humility]], [[FriendlessBackground lack of friends...]] [[LoonyFriendsImproveYourPersonality until recently]], [[NoSocialSkills lack of]] [[SociallyAwkwardHero social skills]], [[SquishyWizard weak magicians... sometimes]], [[TeleportSpam teleportation]], [[CatchPhrase "Dear Princess Celestia...]] [[AndKnowingIsHalfTheBattle ...your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle"]]
* Domains: Magic, Order, Books
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} Princess Celestia and Princess Luna]], [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Applejack]], [[Pantheon/{{Commerce}} Rar]][[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance ity, Rainbow]] [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Dash, Fluttershy]], [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Pinkie Pie]], [[Pantheon/{{Ambiguity}} The Cutie Mark Crusaders]]
* Followers: [[FanCommunityNickname Bronies]]
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Discord and Lord Sombra]], [[Pantheon/{{Shape}} Queen Chrysalis]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Nightmare Moon]]
* Ascended together with Spike (currently a demigod without a proper position), and keeps writing letters about friendship to Princess Celestia. Was very offended to learn her revered teacher was not part of the Tropes Pantheon and is currently looking for a way to deify her.
** Finally succeded in ascending both her and her sister Luna via the unoccupied [[WingedUnicorn Winged Unicorn]] temple in the [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} House of Beasts]]. She is currently trying to deify her older brother Shining Armor and foalsitter/sister-in-law Princess Candance.
** Shining Armor and Princess Cadance ascended as followers to the [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Gods of the Happily Married]]. Twilight doesn't seem to mind, as that means that she can now see them whenever she wants.
* As Element of Magic, Twilight Sparkle possesses the power to call upon the rest of the Mane Cast to make use of the Elements of Harmony on anything that stands in their way. As all six have been deified, this uses much less energy than it used to.
* Spends a lot of time in the Pantheon's immense library learning new spells. Her already great power is growing exponentially, and many members of the Pantheon make sure to give Twilight a wide berth, though others snicker all that power is [[SorcerersApprenticePlot just as likely to blow up in her face whenever she casts a spell]].
* [[MindOverMatter Telekinesis]] is still her signature ability, and the one least likely to go horribly awry. Already capable of amazing feats pre-Godhood, and with the inherent increase of power that comes with being part of the Pantheon, nobody is really sure where Twilight's limit even IS.
* When she is neither in the library nor hanging out with friends, she tries to help with whatever she can, wherever she can. Her organizational skills come in handy and so does her magic, though other Gods do often get tired of Twilight's triple-checking of checklists. Most keep quiet about it though - [[SanitySlippage everyone knows that checklists are]] SeriousBusiness [[SanitySlippage to Twilight Sparkle]].
* The first time [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Flandre Scarlet]] saw her, she commented: "Hey look, it's pony [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Patchouli]]!" and demanded that Twilight "[[OhCrap play]]", much to the dismay of the unicorn, who knew full well who she was dealing with [[{{Bookworm}} having earlier read "Perfect Memento in Strict Sense"]]. The general consensus is that for someone confronted to [[PersonOfMassDestruction Flandre Scarlet]] Twilight did very well, [[TeleportSpam erratically warping around Flandre]] and countering magic bolts with magic bolts, though a well-placed Laevattein blow [[IronButtMonkey did eventually leave her with burns and a scorched mane]].
* Tried to read ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''. It was one of the rare books she has failed to finish, and the fact that she shares her name with it (plus one of Edward's [[BishieSparkle defining characteristics]]) makes her mane go up in flames sometimes.
* In one [[{{Fandom}} obscure]] tome she found a spell that caught her attention by both its effects and its very name: [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Twilight]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkDT-OlkYTI Spark]]. She hasn't had the chance to try casting it yet, but the Gods are rather scared that she just might succeed.
* Ever since [[Pantheon/{{Food}} Stocking Anarchy's]] ascension, fellow Gods have compared their appearances to each other. She and Stocking are not amused in the slightest.
* Shortly after her in universe ascension a human with similar colors to those of Twilight was seen hanging around the Pantheon and doing all sorts of weird things as if they don't knew how to use their body or act as human. Anarchy Stockings has denied that she is related in any way to these events and the description of the strange seems to confirm her story.
* Has decided to be a mentor to the Cutie Mark Crusaders in what they call "Twilight Time". This has proven quite successful as a) the CMC have been focusing on their talents (Applebloom to potion making, Sweetie Belle basic magic and Scootaloo to acrobatics) and b) there have been less mishaps and the CMC screaming at the top of their lungs. Many of the gods have thanked Twilight.

'''[[TheInvisibles Jack Frost]], God of Street Smarts and [[WiseBeyondTheirYears Wisdom]]''' (Dane [=McGovan=], "/(TheChosenOne)/" [sic], The Invisible Buddha)
* Greater god (consuming five Archons technically makes him at least equal to two-and-a-half gods)
* Symbol: The blank badge
* Alignment: Ultra-Neutral
* Domain: Keepin it Real, Intuition, Sage Wisdom, [[GroinAttack Kicking you in the Balls]], Shifting Paradigms, Seeing Both Sides of the Conflict
* Portfolio: [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Did You Just Eat The Superdimensional Reality Warping Death Gods]], [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Did You Just Kick The Secret Lord Of England In The Balls So Hard He Threw Up]], [[DidWeJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu Did You Just Have Tea With Satan]], Did You Just Turn TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt Into A {{Pun}}, the list of his audacities just goes on and on
* Theme Song: TopOfThePops
* Allies: {{Jesus}}, [[{{Buddhism}} the Buddha]], [[NorseMythology Loki]], [[EgyptianMythology Horus]], [[GreekMythology Prometheus]], {{Satan}}, TheConspiracy, TheResistance
* Enemies: Not really, man. You just got to make friends with them. Make friends with them until they beg for mercy
* Followers: Every single videogame character who saves the world
* Was taught "all the magic" by Tom O' bedlam, the greatest sorcerer in the history of the human race
* Literally, unironically, chosen by time aliens to save mankind and usher in a new age of peace and universal harmony
* Swears he never uttered the phrase [[{{Atlus}} "Hee Ho!"]] all day.

'''[[Series/KamenRiderDouble Philip]] and [[Series/KamenRiderFourze JK]], Gods of Teenage {{Knowledge Broker}}s''' (Philip: Kamen Rider Cyclone, [[spoiler: Raito Sonozaki]], JK: [[spoiler: Kaizo Jingu]], DJ Gene)
* Lesser God (Philip) and Demigod (JK, but JK is a Lesser God if he pilots the JK Dizer)
* Symbols:
** Philip: A Cyclone Gaia Memory
** JK: His MemeticHandGesture--his arms crossed and his hands forming a 'J' and 'K'
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Domain: [[KnowledgeBroker gaining information on anything]], [[DanceBattler fighting using moves similar to dancing]] (JK), [[MotorMouth talking on and on and on]] (Philip), [[LovableCoward likeable cowards]] (JK)
* Portfolio: Knowledge, Cowardice (JK), Research, Friendship
* Allies: Members of the Pantheon/TokuBase (Specially Shotaro Hidari, for Phillip), [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Gentaro Kisaragi]], [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Kengo Utahoshi]], [[Pantheon/{{Leadership}} Miu Kazashiro]], [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Shun Daimonji]], [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Tomoko Nozama]], [[Pantheon/{{TimeAndSpace}} Yuki Jojima]], [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Tsukasa Kadoya]].
* Rival: [[Pantheon/{{Music}} The Music Meister]] (for JK).
* {{Friendly Enem|y}}ies With: [[Pantheon/{{Ambiguity}} The Ashleys]] (for JK).
* The two ascended around the same time after finding out about the Pantheon. Philip claims that he was going through the Gaia Library and found and interesting book, going as far as to ramble off to the Pantheon without knowing. JK, on the other hand, got some connections and immediately rushed toward the Pantheon to obtain his seat.
* Philip is able to access the information of the Earth itself. However, a ''very'' minor setback is that once he is fully absorbed in one subject, he won't stop stop talking, nor stop searching until he knows ''everything'' about said subject.
* JK knows everything about everyone in [[Pantheon/{{Academy}} the Academy]] and has set up an incredible amount of connections amongst the Pantheon. The only thing that's stopping him from using it for evil is his UndyingLoyalty to Gentaro and the Kamen Rider Club.
** He has recently hosted a radio show as DJ Gene where he plays songs for the masses. He has been weary of [[Pantheon/{{Music}} The Music Meister]] on using the show to brainwash the other gods.
* JK is known to hang out with [[Pantheon/TokuBase Ryutaros]] every now and then for a dance battle. He will not, however, join Ryutaros should the Imagin start shooting stuff down for fun.
** He has used his dancing skills as a means of dodging attacks or using them as a ways to fight. During an expedition into space, he was given his own fighting unit known as the JK Dizer. He hasn't joined the robot division due to his inability to stay on the field for long periods of time.
* JK is known to host a little something called "JK Night" every now and then. Be forewarned that this is ''also'' around the same time that [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Pinkie Pie]] also hosts her magnificent parties. The Gods are worried about the complications of the two combining their own parties into one big extravaganza.

'''[[Series/{{Community}} Abed Nadir]], God of the GenreSavvy'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A video camera, a fortress made out of pillows, and a room with dark walls and orange tape arranged in squares on the walls.
* Alignment: Neutral Good
* Portfolio: The GenreSavvy, {{Meta Guy}}s, [[OneOfUs Tropers and other pop culture fanatics]], cosplayers, those with {{Ambiguous Disorder}}s and those who [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall those who lean heavily on the fourth wall without quite managing to break it]].
* Domains: Stoicism, Craft, Creation, Balance, Knowledge, Insight, Awareness, Analysis
* Allies: Franchise/{{Batman}} (reluctantly)
* Enemies: SelfDemonstrating/TheJoker
* Followers: Troy Barnes
* He's a God now. [[{{Catchphrase}} Cool. Coolcoolcool]].
* He actually made a video about his ascension to the Pantheon for his film studies class ... one week before his ascension to the Pantheon. He's not an actual prophet or anything (although this did lead him to almost be assigned to the [[Pantheon/{{Prophecy}} House of Prophecy]] at one point), he's just that good at recognising what tropes are going to be applicable to his current situation. Some will still approach him as an oracle, however, but those who do are usually too GenreBlind to heed his advice until it's too late. He doesn't mind; he knows as well as anyone that CassandraTruth is a trope and that it [[TropesAreTools works that way for a reason]].
* He tends to unsettle a lot of the other Gods who pass his way due to his calm, stoic and emotionless nature, his ability to predict what's going to happen to them based on the tropes they're dealing with at any given moment, and his insistence that the Pantheon itself is merely [[GenreSavvy an unofficial collection of various characters from different media assigned various ranks and roles of Godhood for the amusement of those doing the ranking]].
* Although he does enjoy and dabbles in creating fiction, he tends to act best as a documentarian, and has a tendency to follow the members of this House and others with a video camera to record their actions. Even the less GenreSavvy Gods have noticed that whenever Abed's filming them, a lot of chaos tends to follow.
* He is a huge admirer of Franchise/{{Batman}} and tends to cosplay as him, which has drawn the attention and ire of the Joker. Both the Joker’s attempts to do battle with him and Batman’s attempts to discourage him have met with failure, since Abed’s just so GenreSavvy he’s aware of what they’re doing, and thinks that it's absolutely awesome. He’s also admires [[Series/DoctorWho the Doctor]], although he does believe that the Doctor’s ''InspectorSpacetime'' cosplay leaves a lot to be desired.
* There are rumours that [[EvilCounterpart an evil, twisted version of Abed]] from a timeline where everything went wrong [[ForWantOfANail due to a failure to catch a dice]] exists somewhere out there in the multiverse, as equally versed in tropes as Abed himself but malevolent to boot, seeking to replace Abed and warp reality into a mirror of his own darkest timeline.
* He is particularly strong at noticing when the Pantheon has undergone a ArtShift, but due to his many issues many -- the other Gods included -- tend to just view this as symptomatic of a breakdown on Abed's part.
* Although Abed is one of the lesser-powered Gods, it is unwise to pick battles with him -- not only does his innate knowledge of genre tropes enable him to hold his own regardless, but he is also part of a study group of TrueCompanions who will not tolerate any one of their number being messed with.

'''[[Franchise/SlyCooper Bentley]], God of [[GeniusCripple Crippled Geniuses]]'''
* Theme Song: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-80HpLZjLQY&feature=youtube_gdata_player Thieves in Time]]" (Shared with [[Pantheon/{{Crime}} Sly]] and [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Murray]])
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A turtle icon with glasses
* Alignment: ChaoticGood/TrueNeutral
* Portfolio: [[TurtlePower being a turtle]], [[HandicappedBadass fighting villains while being in a wheelchair]], [[AnnoyingArrows wielding a crossbow]], [[TheSmartGuy the brains of the group]], {{Deuteragonist}}, [[TheStrategist making strategies]], [[SuperWheelchair high-tech wheelchairs]], [[InterspeciesRomance romance with someone of a different species (formerly)]], [[PlayfulHacker hacking]], [[UndyingLoyalty always loyal to his friends]], [[MadBomber dealing with explosives]].
* Domains: Turtles, Genius, Hacking, Wheelchairs, Strategies, Friendship.
* Allies: The Cooper Gang (current members ascended: [[Pantheon/{{Crime}} Sly Cooper]], [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Murray]], [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Dimitri]]), [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]], half of the [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} House of Technology]] (especially Ed), [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Sora]], [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Donald]], [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Goofy, Otacon]], [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Batgirl]], [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Jak, Daxter, Tron]], [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Ratchet]].
* Enemies:
** Non-ascended: Clockwork, Neyla, Dr. M, Le Paradox, [[spoiler: Penelope (former member of the Cooper Gang and love interest)]]
* When Sly ascended to the Pantheon for more challenges, Bentley followed suit. Despite the group being called "The Cooper Gang", Bentley is the true leader of the group as it is due to his strategies that Sly has been able to make his successful heists.
** The embarrassing truth is that he took over the spot from one of the most respected members of the pantheon, Oracle. Sadly, after ''The Comicbook/{{New 52}}'', she was sent to The Fallen, on account of no longer being wheelchair bound. Bentley has modestly agreed to share the spot should Barbara Gordon ever get crippled again, but for now, he's it's sole occupant.
** Now that Barbara is back as the Co-Goddess of Fiery Redheads, Bentley finally respects Babs' decision.
* Has been in a wheelchair after the incident with [[spoiler: Clock-la, whose powerful beak clamped onto his legs]]. Despite this, he has made many modifications to make him a formidable threat to all foes who don't think twice when it comes to attacking him.
* Spends a lot of time in the House of Technology and chats with the likes of Lain, Kengo Utahoshi and sometimes Ed on occasion. He's currently made plans for a working time-machine so he and the rest of the gang can go through more and more adventures.
** He is also the current bearer of the Thievius Raccoonus and the treasure of the Cooper Vault, making the security system so tight that no one could steal and pilfer all of the treasure inside.
* After the events involving said time-machine, [[spoiler: he has been working non-stop with the House of Technology on the whereabouts of Sly after the fight with Le Paradox. There have been no leads so far, but Bentley's hopeful that he'll see Sly again.]]
* Gets along well with the [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]]. He usually is seen with Donatello discussing on adventures, machines and new inventions they're working on.
* He, Ed and Otacon have decided to dub themselves as the "Hacking Trio." after the three went on a humongous hacking challenge with no clear victor.
* Bentley is very jealous towards [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Sora]], [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Donald]] and [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Goofy]] for managing to physically ''enter'' a computer world and ''befriend'' a program. No matter: he's already met [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Tron]], and plans to visit Space Paranoids one day alongside Sly and Murray.

'''[[VideoGame/{{Skullgirls}} Peacock]], Goddess of [[ShoutOut Referencing Other Works]]''' (Patricia)
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A CartoonBomb that looks like a magic 8 ball.
* Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
* Domain: TheGoldenAgeOfAnimation
* Portfolio: [[ReferenceOverdosed Making Tons Upon Tons of]] [[ShoutOut Shout Outs]], [[FightingClown Unorthodox Fighting Style]] [[NonstandardCharacterDesign and Design]], [[LongRangeFighter Playing Keepaway]], [[SmokingIsCool Cigars]], StuffBlowingUp, [[ByronicHero Byronic Heroines]], [[MultiMeleeMaster Using Many Melee Weapons]], [[PeacockGirl Peacock Motifs]], [[TroublingUnchildlikeBehavior Acting Disturbingly Adult for a 13-Year-Old]], [[spoiler:[[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Having the ability to defeat the strongest entity in her world]] [[FightingYourFriend who also happens to be her best friend.]]]], {{Pop Cultured Badass}}es
* Allies: [[{{Pantheon/Mentalism}} Bugs Bunny]], Deadpool
* Has a bit of trouble getting along with some of the Gods and Goddesses whose works she references, but she claims it's all the SincerestFormOfFlattery and just does it in good fun.
* Many who face her in battle are frustrated by [[LongRangeFighter the way she's able to prevent the opponent from getting close to her.]] Regardless, people still attempt to fight her and overcome her defenses.
* Was able to prove her worth as a Goddess when [[spoiler:she proved that she could fight and overtake the [[PersonOfMassDestruction Skullgirl.]] Though the story that was told isn't actually canonical, the fact that it was a possibility proved that she had what it took.]]
* It's been hinted that she's actually a reader of ThisVeryWiki, as she seemed to name her "ShadowOfImpendingDoom" and "BigBallOfViolence" attacks after the tropes linked, and has referred to the ArtifactOfDoom in her world as a "MacGuffin".
* Sometimes serenades with [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Yakko, Wakko and Dot]] over [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybrdWtNAuqc the countries of the world.]]

'''[[VideoGame/DungeonsOfDredmor Inconsequentia]], Goddess of [[IrrelevantSidequest Pointless Side Quests]]'''
* Lesser Goddess
* Symbol: A statue with a spiked halo resembling the [[UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity Statue of Liberty]]
* Alignment: True Neutral
* Domains: [[SurprisinglyEasyMiniQuest Easy]] {{Side Quest}}s, Random Rewards, EasyEXP
* Allies: almost everyone in the Houses of Pantheon/{{Heroes}} and Pantheon/{{Gaming}}
* For anyone pious enough to pray to her, Inconsequentia will bestow upon them a task (often easy, and always involving silly names), which they must complete for experience points and a random item. Many have wondered how she is able to generate so many items without ever running out. One source believes that either [[VideoGame/DrawnToLife the]] [[Pantheon/{{Craft}} Creator]] or [[VideoGame/{{Scribblenauts}} Maxwell]] is responsible.
* Noire has chided Neptune numerous times for keeping an Inconsequentia statue in the House of Gaming. While she enjoys reaping the benefits that LevelGrinding brings them, she and Blanc have become increasingly distressed by the heap of VendorTrash that's accumulated since their ascension. They plan to sell everything to [[Pantheon/{{Commerce}} Recette's]] shop so that they can simply ''buy'' themselves a set of [[InfinityMinusOneSword penultimate weapons]].

'''[[VideoGame/BlazBlue Kokonoe A. Mercury]], Goddess of [[GeniusSweetTooth Sweets-Empowered Intelligence]] and [[{{Magitek}} Crossing of Magic and Technology]]''' (Professor Kokonoe, Grimalkin, Bakeneko) [[quoteright:300:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/kokonoe6767_5330.png]]
* Lesser Goddess
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2nUvtnNq1A Science Fiction]]
* Symbol: Her emblem imprinted into the bust of '''SUPER GOLDEN TAGER X'''
* Alignment: ChaoticNeutral with shades of ChaoticEvil
* Portfolio: [[MadScientist Mad Science]], [[{{Magitek}} Corrupting Magic With Technology]], RoaringRampageOfRevenge [[RevengeBeforeReason Beyond Reasoning]], CatGirl, [[GeniusSweetTooth Eating Lollipops For Concentrating]], [[SirSwearsALot Tons Of Swearings (Censored)]], DeadpanSnarker, [[{{Hikikomori}} Never Getting Out Of Her House]], [[NukeEm Storing Nukes]] [[GodzillaThreshold For Extreme Measures]]
* Domains: Science, Knowledge, Magic, REVENGE.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Mayuri Kurotsuchi]], L, [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Patchouli Knowledge]], [[CombatLesserGodsAndDemigods Baiken, Iron Tager (still unsure about Potemkin though)]], Dr. Wily, Ragna the Bloodedge, Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya
* TeethClenchedTeamwork with: Rachel Alucard
* Opposed By: Hakumen, Azrael
* Enemies: '''[[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} YUUKI TERUMI]] AND [[Pantheon/{{Family}} RELIUS CLOVER]]'''
* One of the brightest mind in the Pantheon. Kokonoe's great mind and capabilities to combine the aspects of magic and technology is just weighed on by her unbridled hatred towards Terumi, for revenge... something that makes even other revenge-based Gods like Asura, Scorpion... or even ''Sasuke Uchiha himself'' either raise an eyebrow or cringe.
** In fact, Sasuke thinks that if anyone's succeeding his old house, that'd be Kokonoe. It... kinda depends on how things go. Kokonoe doesn't seem to mind that placement.
* Pays regular visits to the Food Pantheon to buy some sweets for her own mind. In spare time, she plays video games online together with Patchouli, as both usually refuse to get out of their respective house. [[LifeOfMaid Handheld online games felt good]].
* Often considered a DistaffCounterpart of Mayuri Kurotsuchi, albeit a bit LighterAndSofter. Both Kokonoe and Mayuri seem to bond over in sociopathic science, and at least Kokonoe doesn't seem to seek perfection much to piss him off.
** Also often is considered as this to [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Kurtis Stryker]]. Both are {{Badass Normal}}s, rely heavily on gadgets, and [[TierInducedScrappy are considered as ridiculously overpowered to the point of being banned in tournaments]]. Stryker, however, got better balanced and tolerated by the fanbase over time.
* Kokonoe was always Litchi Faye-Ling's master. However, she was thoroughly disgusted with how she allied with Terumi in the past no matter the reason, to the point that Kokonoe will have no qualms of destroying her, regardless if she repented or not.
* Litchi's case aside, Kokonoe herself isn't a popular Goddess, as shown with Asura and the others above. Rachel Alucard, despite one who work a lot with her, constantly worry about her sanity. Hakumen disliked her tendency to just hide in her House instead of taking an active stance in battle. Even Duke Nukem, [[RatedMForManly as much as the kinda guy he is]], has expressed worry about what kind of things she's going to do with those nukes... But she still secured a place in the GUAG for the same reason as Mayuri: Her intelligence score is vital enough for the fights against evil.
* It is said that she secretly laments not being made into a playable character yet. Asking her about it will only illicit a "Piss off." from her.
** Now that Valkenhayn has ascended, she is looking to ask him again on any updates regarding the matter. Unfortunately, when it was announced that it was Terumi's other form that was made playable, she sulked off in her lab again before Valkenhayn could ever say "Maybe in the future...?" Then she heard that there won't be a DLC, causing her to [[SkywardScream scream off]] angrily. In the midst of her screaming, she was only stopped when Valkenhayn reported that they took back those words and she will be a DLC. Kokonoe then switches into a triumphant pseudo-EvilLaugh... [[YankTheDogsChain which was abruptly transformed into a wail yet again]] when it turns out [[GameBreaker she became so overpowered]] [[TierInducedScrappy mortals has been banning her in events]].
* Also has a spot in the Houses of Pantheon/{{Magic}} and Pantheon/{{Technology}}.

'''[[Franchise/StarWars Yoda]], God of [[ShorterMeansSmarter Intelligence by Shortness]]'''
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: His Green lightsaber
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Portfolio: CoolOldGuys, MentorMascot, DotingParent, ObfuscatingStupidity And [[ObfuscatingDisability Disability]], [[ThePaladin Paladins]], ThereIsNoTry, [[LivingLegend Living Legends]], [[DotingParent Doting Grandparents]], PsychicPowers, [[StrangeSyntaxSpeaker Odd Syntax Speech Style]]
* Domain: Intelligence, The Force, Legends
* Followers: Dexter, Koushiro Izumi (DigimonAdventure), Lexington (WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}) Genis (VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia), Gomar and Shioh (Videogame/FZero), Erik (TheLost Vikings
* Allies: Every intellectual Benelovent God, Obi-wan Kenobi
* Enemies: Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Melkor
* Upon ascending, he sees that the new generation of Knights have been very well, Usually giving them some advice. Usually trains them. His advice is not trying to strike him, but strike him to remind the heroes of what they stand for.
* Also upon ascension, he preferred to be his in his prime due to the fact that he can't let the younger people suffer.
* Expressed relief when his good friend Obi-Wan is in the Pantheon. Many gods have wondered why Yoda isn't the God of Mentors rather than Obi-wan. Yoda stated that Obi-wan was a more popular mentor than he was.
* Is now seeking an army to eliminate Palpatine from the House of Leadership, which is no easy task, considering that Vader too is in the Pantheon along with his minions, 501st. Luckily, along with Luke, Obi-wan, and the rest of the Jedi Knights in training, the chances of success are high this time.
* Never judge him by his height. Many villainous Gods learned this the hard way.
* Has once raced with Darth Vader to reach the sword Soul Edge. Of course, Yoda wanted to put a stop to its evil power. Result: The sword ran away with neither Yoda nor Darth Vader claiming it.

'''Literature/NeroWolfe, God of the BrilliantButLazy'''
* Rank: Intermediate God
* Symbol: An orchid.
* Alignment: True Neutral
* Portfolio: [[BrilliantButLazy Brilliant people who hate to work]], [[GreatDetective Great (but Lazy) Detectives]], those who are OnlyInItForTheMoney, {{Big Eater}}s, [[CreatureOfHabit Creatures Of Habit]]
* Domains: Intellect, culture
* Followers: Archie Goodwin (albeit a [[DeadpanSnarker very snarky one]])
* Allies: Literature/SherlockHolmes, Literature/HerculePoirot, InspectorLestrade (albeit reluctantly in all cases),
* There was some conflict between Wolfe and [[Literature/SherlockHolmes Mycroft Holmes]] over who would ascend to this position. Not because either man wanted it, you understand -- because they were both so lazy that they resented the intrusion into their habits and were desperately trying to figure out some way to pass it off to the other man. Wolfe won (or lost, depending on your view) when Mycroft pointed out that [[Series/{{Sherlock}} his most recent incarnation]] wasn't actually that lazy.
* There has been some talk of pitting Wolfe against Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot to see which of them is the greatest deductive mind. Wolfe inevitably finds a reason not to participate.
* Upon ascension, Wolfe took the unusual step of bringing along his unascended legman, Archie Goodwin. This caused some consternation, but Wolfe pointed out that Goodwin was essential to his operations, and that if he was to have to start operating under his own power he would logically cease to be 'lazy'. No one was particularly convinced by this argument -- least of all Goodwin himself -- but they eventually decided it wasn't worth the hassle. Goodwin is therefore a rare example of an unascended mortal who has full access to the Pantheon depending on Wolfe's needs at the time.
* When in the Pantheon, Wolfe generally keeps to his own rooms in the library, and maintains a fixed and rigid schedule, only meeting potential clients between the hours of nine-to-eleven and four-to-six. The other times, he is either dining, sleeping or nursing the orchids in the rooms he has set up for this purpose. This has caused a lot of grief when high-ranking members of the Pantheon have gone to consult with Wolfe outside of these hours only to find he breaks them for no one.

'''[[WesternAnimation/ThePagemaster The Pagemaster]], Guardian of the Written Word and God of [[ReadingIsCoolAesop Reading Aesops]]'''
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: A large scroll.
* Alignment: True Neutral
* Portfolio: ReadingIsCoolAesop, MagicLibrarian, [[PortalBook Portal Books]], WroteTheBook, BadassBookworm, GuileHero, IntrepidFictioneer, SecretTestOfCharacter.
* Domains: Books, Reading, Libraries, Fiction, Imagination.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} The Old Man of the Wandering Mountain]], The Librarian, [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Jack and Annie]], [[Pantheon/{{Technology}} Yuki Nagato]], [[Pantheon/{{MainHouse}} Fred]] [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Rogers]]
* High Priest: LeVarBurton (for hosting Series/ReadingRainbow)
* Followers: [[Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast Belle]]
* Has knowledge of every single book written in existence across the multiverse, though he has not read all of then.
* Likes to bring inspiration and imagination to potential writers and has been unknowingly present unseen at the writings of many famous books.
* Once worked as a High Priest for the Old Man of the Wandering Mountain, but learnt of his own ascension when he took a look in his former master's book.
* He has been offered a place in the House of Craft but decided to remain in the House of Knowledge due to its library.
* Never missed an episode of Reading Rainbow and has great respect for LeVarBurton. Also has admiration for JimHenson and [[Pantheon/{{MainHouse}} Mr.]] [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Rogers]].
* Has a tendency of putting people through Secret Tests of Character by sending them into a PortalBook and taking part is works of fiction.
** He once met up with [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Jack and Annie]] and was interested in their tree house capable of sending them into books. After learning that they were connected to the great wizards Morgan le Fey and Merlin, he decided to make them his apprentices in the pursuit of creating their own stories.
* Has had two [[HeroicBSOD Heroic BSODs]] in his life - once after reading one of Stephanie Meyer's books and again after reading ''Literature/FiftyShadesOfGrey''.

'''[[VideoGame/Disgaea3AbsenceOfJustice Mao]], God of [[WrongGenreSavvy Genre Savvy Failure]] and [[NoSenseOfPersonalSpace Personal Space Invasion]]''' (Dean of Evil Academy)[[quoteright:350:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Mao5345252345_2769.png]]
* Theme Song: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM6ML8qqbhA Go, Mao!]]
* Rank: Intermediate God
* Symbol: His Evil Academy jacket and glasses
* Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Insists that it's Chaotic Evil)
* Portfolio: [[WrongGenreSavvy Failure to fully grasp tropes]], [[NoSenseOfPersonalSpace constant invasion of personal space]] [[ForScience in the name of science]], [[MemeticMolester infamy due to said invasion]], [[AcademyOfEvil Dean of Nether Institute Evil Academy]], [[PowerOfFriendship Power of the Unknown Cosmos]], [[SuperPoweredEvilSide hidden destructive powers]], [[TheRival Raspberyl's Rival]]
* Domains: Demonic, Science
* Followers: Super Hero Aurum (His servant and experimental guinea pig)
* Allies: Princess Sapphire
* Rivals: Raspberyl
* Enemies: Laharl, Flonne, Abed Nadir, any and all potential test subjects
* After years of consideration, Mao finally ascended though he's not very happy about his position. However, his disappointment was short lived upon realizing that he now had a treasure trove of specimens within his reach.
** Most of the gods of the NipponIchi multiverse shuddered in fear upon his ascension as they had been the target of Mao's experimentations at one time in their lives. Raspberyl, Mao's rival and the only one he doesn't target, is the only exception.
* Ever since his arrival at the Pantheon, people has been very nervous when hearing the voice of [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Edward Elric]]. Apparently they sound [[Creator/VicMignogna very similar]] to each other.
* Mao on a few occasions has been invited by some good-aligned gods and goddesses to the House of Friendship as they noted that he holds the PowerOfFriendship inside him. He rebukes said gods and goddesses, saying that his power is that of the "Unknown Cosmos".
* He belives that [[Pantheon/{{Food}} Gordon Ramsay]] might be an alternate verision of Mr Champloo and wanted to perform experiments on him to see if this was true. Mao has now been banned from the House of Food as a result.
* Now that Igor has vacated his spot in the House of Love, Mao is planning on being his replacement, hoping to continue his research on the PowerOfLove. However, all the gods want to keep Mao out of the House of Love and are planning to ban him, Flonne, one of Mao's many targets, being at the forefront of the ban.

'''[[Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire Lord Varys]], God of [[KnowledgeBroker Knowledge Brokers]], Master of Whisperers to the Shadow Council.'''
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: None that he has chosen himself, although others apply a spider to him.
* Alignment: Lawful... [[AmbiguouslyEvil Evil?]]
* Portfolio: [[KnowledgeBroker Being willing to give information to the right people]], [[TheOmniscient knowing what you had for breakfast]], [[CreepyChild employing Creepy Children]], [[AmbiguouslyEvil possibly being evil]], [[WellIntentionedExtremist doing things for the greater good]], [[PoeticSerialKiller delivering 'justice' through cold-blooded murder]], [[MagnificentBastard being a magnificent bastard]], [[EunuchsAreEvil lacking a penis]].
* Domain: Ambiguity, Knowledge, Royalty.
* Allies: No true allies but his little birds, although he remains on good terms with the Shadow Council... for now.
* Enemies: All Gods who threaten the stability of the world, either on the GUAG or the GUAE.
* Followers: His little birds. He is often seen discussing strategy with [[VisualNovel/NineHoursNinePersonsNineDoors Zero]]/[[spoiler:Akane Kurashiki]] as they plot to manipulate their respective worlds, and general opinion classifies [[spoiler:her]] as Varys' follower.
* He ascended shortly after his schemes to bring a Targaryen to the iron throne of Westeros succeeded, although whichever Targaryen it was, his creator, George R.R Martin, is unwilling to say. Some even claim he did not succeed, and is merely baiting the Gods by claiming to know spoilers for ASongOfIceAndFire.
* With the help of his [[CreepyChild little birds]], Varys knows anything and everything about anyone that takes his interest. However, whether or not [[IKnowYouKnowIKnow he'll let others know how much he knows is a question that nobody knows the answer to]].
* He claims that all he wants to do [[WellIntentionedExtremist is make the realm safer]] [[ThinkOfTheChildren for the children]], however, his ''true'' motives are, like everything else of his life, shrouded in mystery.

'''[[Manga/OnePiece Nami]], Goddess of [[WeatherControlMachine Weather Weaponry]] and Meteorology''' (Cat Burglar, Weather Witch)
* Theme: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIm9ZeJ1o0s Her theme. Careful you don't lose your money while listening.]]
* Lesser Goddess
* Symbol: Her Jolly Roger, alternatively a tangerine pinwheel and her [[spoiler:Sorcery]] Clima-Tact
* Alignment: Chaotic Good
* Portfolio: [[BadassNormal Normal girl among superpowered allies]], [[WeatherControlMachine weather-controlling weaponry and manipulation]] [[MagicFromTechnology mistaken for magic]], [[MoneyFetish love of money]], [[TeenGenius advanced sailing, cartography and weather predicting skills at a young age]], [[OnlySaneWoman voice of reason]] [[SurroundedByIdiots around a crew of space cases]][[TookALevelInKindness ...though softening up and accepting them in the end]], [[SheIsAllGrownUp blossoming beauty]] [[MsFanservice flaunting it proudly]].
* Domains: Navigation, Weather Control, Money
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Luffy]], Zoro, Usopp, [[Pantheon/{{Food}} Sanji]], [[Pantheon/{{Knowledge}} Chopper, Nico Robin]], [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Franky]], [[Pantheon/{{Music}} Brook]], [[Pantheon/{{Crime}} Selina Kyle & Felicia Hardy]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Ororo Monroe, Aang]], [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} Donatello of the TMNT]]
* Ascended around the same time as a reascended Usopp after his quest to become stronger and braver was complete. Both were placed in the House of Weapons, specifically to keep Zoro company and [[NoSenseOfDirection prevent him from getting lost]].
** In actuality, she took the opportunity of the momentary collective BSOD from the Council of Shadows to ascend after they were stunned that their plot to prevent Usopp's re-ascension and keep the entire Straw Hat Pirate crew from being unified was torpedoed to bits.
* Aside from using her natural beauty and body to her advantage, Nami is also an expert staff weapon user and now able to manipulate the weather to a certain extent through the use of her Clima Tact. [[spoiler:Now upgraded to the Sorcery Clima Tact which is far more powerful.]]
* While the Straw Hat Pirates are her natural world allies, she has also made friends within the [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} House of Nature]] with Storm and Aang who interest her due to both their weather-controlling mutant and bending skills respectively (while they are likewise interested in the ability of her weather knowledge).
** She also has made good friends with fellow staff user [[Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles Donatello]] whom she has friendly spars with whenever he visits the House of Weapons (which are the times he's railroaded into keeping an eye on Raphael as he tests his skills).
* Despite putting most of her thieving and wily nature behind her, she is sometimes asked to go on jobs with and by Catwoman and Black Cat, which she normally refuses unless the loot is pure cash. When it is, Nami gets [[WingdingEyes Berry signs in her eyes]] and joins along.
* Received her second title after some more review by the higher ups. Being one of the only people in her world to instinctively and perfectly predict the erratic weather patterns of the Grand Line and New World.

'''[[VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} Naoto Shirogane]] and [[VisualNovel/DanganRonpa Kyouko Kirigiri]], Goddesses of [[BornDetective Detective Talents Since Childhood]]''' (Naoto: Detective Prince, [[VideoGame/Persona4Arena The 2000 IQ Killjoy Detective]]. Kirigiri: Super High-School Level ????, [[spoiler:Super High-School Level Detective]], [[WebVideo/DanganRonpaAbridgedThing Super High-School Level Mystery Chick]])
* Lesser Goddesses
* Symbol: Persona Sukuna-Hikona, with one hand holding Kirigiri's glove.
* Alignment: LawfulGood, with leanings of NeutralGood
* Theme Song: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFMYJaoF6kw Seeker of Truth]] (Naoto)
* Portfolios:
** Both: [[BornDetective Young Detective Like It's Natural Talent]], Intuition, Solving Cases, [[TheStoic Stoicisim]], [[SugarAndIcePersonality Kuuderes]], [[TheSpock Preference In Logic]]
*** Naoto: [[SummonMagic Persona-summoning]], TheGunslinger, NiceHat, {{Bifauxnen}}, [[HiddenBuxom Actually Big Breasts]], [[ShrinkingViolet Shyness]], [[HollywoodNerd Liking Tokusatsu]], those who have faced their {{Shadow Archetype}}s
*** Kirigiri: MysteriousPast, [[NightmareFetishist Putting Her Hands On Corpses]], EmotionlessGirl, [[HartmanHips Dem Hips]], [[RedHerringMole Tendency To Leave For Investigations, Thus Missing Alibi]], [[LastNameBasis Being Called 'Kirigiri' usually]]
* Domains: Knowledge, Intuition, Mystery
* Allies:
** Investigation Team (of which Naoto is a member): [[Pantheon/{{Family}} Yu Narukami]], [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Yosuke Hanamura, Kanji Tatsumi]], [[Pantheon/{{Food}} Chie Satonaka]], [[Pantheon/{{Travel}} Yukiko Amagi]], [[Pantheon/CombatLesserGodsAndDemigods Rise Kujikawa]], [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Teddie]]
** Others: Literature/SherlockHolmes, [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Makoto Naegi]], [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Sakura Oogami]], [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Phoenix Wright]]
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Personality}} Nyarlathotep, Monokuma]].
* The two ascended answering the calls of Narukami and Naegi. Both Naoto and Kirigiri have agreed to work in tandem to nurture the hidden talents of children with detective talents, hoping to solve many mysteries in their world and them in the Pantheon.
* The two clearly respects each other despite coming off from another world. Naoto admires Kirigiri for her air of maturity, while Kirigiri is also impressed about that thing Naoto had, called 'Persona'…
* Both of them carries a cool aura and an air of mystery. That is, Kirigiri [[spoiler:actually being an SHSL Detective]] and Naoto is a girl (Kirigiri found out about Naoto's secret when she entered the bathroom). However, they usually let that slide whenever they are solving a case.
** Of course, when Kirigiri noticed that Kanji Tatsumi was bleeding on Naoto's ascension, she nearly asked if Kanji [[BerserkButton likes dudes]], until Naoto hurriedly clamped her mouth and preventing her to say a taboo.
* Naoto also occasionally has a bad habit to pop in a discussion about girls and exclaim "[[WebComic/{{Hiimdaisy}} Did. Someone. Say. Girls??]] [-[[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Because I'm a boy, just so you know!]]-]".
* Naoto is the only female on the Investigation Team allowed to cook with impunity, especially after "Mystery Food Omega" was created. Naoto's food is nothing to write home about, but she manages not to match the god-killing power of Mystery Food for one reason: Naoto's smart enough to ''read the damn recipe''. That said, [[InsufferableGenius Naoto]] is '''''baffled''''' by how Chie can even ''hold a seat'' in the House of Food.

'''[[Franchise/SpiderMan John Jonah Jameson, Jr.]], God of [[DaEditor Newspaper Editors]]''' (J.J.)
* Quasideity
* Symbol: The Daily Bugle Logo.
* Alignment: LawfulNeutral
* Portfolio: [[DaEditor Newspaper Editors]], {{Cigar Chomper}}s, {{Benevolent Boss}}es, {{Alliterative Name}}s, {{Intrepid Reporter}}s, IrrationalHatred of Masked {{Superhero}}es and {{Supervillain}}s ('''''especially''''' [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Spider-Man]]), {{Ungrateful|Bastard}}ness.
* Domain: Truth, Knowledge, City.
* Opposes: Spider-Man (but not Peter Parker), anyone who wears a mask.
* As April O'Neil and Jade both write reports for the Pantheon, J.J. took it upon himself to build an office up here after learning that they did not yet have an employer (Jade being a freelancer, and April formerly working for a local news program). He is currently seeking further information on Spider-Man's ascension, and whether or not Gods who never show their faces are truly worthy of Godhood.
* Hates Spider-Man with a passion that none of the other Gods can comprehend.
-->"Spider-Man is a menace!!!"
* His reaction to witnessing Godzilla causing a stir in the House of Knowledge? [[http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-bf6JDqQZoEM/UDVKwAWpbBI/AAAAAAAABLc/QbEqlYFD23Y/s640/Godzilla-23.jpg Throwing insults right into the King of Monsters' face.]]

'''[[Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple Shirahama Kenichi]], God of Martial Arts Disciples, Martial Arts Repository of the Gods''' (History's Strongest Disciple, Ryozampaku Disciple, [[ThouShallNotKill Katsujinken]] Disciple, Weak Legs, Bandaid)
* Theme Song: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWaB5CZLkzs Be Strong]]
* Quasidiety (might become up to a Greater God)
* Symbol: Bandaid on a punching bag.
* Alignment: Lawful Good
* Portfolio: [[FutureBadass martial arts]] [[KungFuKid disciples]], [[TrainingFromHell learning of martial arts]] , [[MartialPacifist resolving]] [[DefeatMeansFriendship hostilities]], [[TheFettered self-discipline]], [[CowardlyLion finding courage]] [[NotSoWeak in the face of adversity]], [[HeroicResolve defending]] [[WeHelpTheHelpless the helpless]], [[ChronicHeroSyndrome standing up against the evil]] [[BystanderSyndrome that others pretend not to see]].
* Domains: Learning, Martial Arts, Martial Artists, Courage, Protection, Friendship, Loyalty, Good, [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers Gardening]].
* Followers: Shinpaku Alliance, [[ThouShallNotKill Katsujinken]] Disciples.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Venus, Tsukune Aono and Moka Akashiya, Romeo Montague, Juliet Capulet, Kraft Lawrence and Holo]], [[Pantheon/{{Knowledge}} Eikichi Onizuka, Ned Bigby, Steve Urkel]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Kurama]], [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Mr. Miyagi]], [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Kenshiro, Dick Grayson, Zuko, Captain Gordon, Ness, Doreen Green, Musashi Tomoe, Inigo Montoya, Minsc and Boo, Ron Weasley, Ky Kiske, Emma Coolidge, Taiki Kudo, Setsuna Higashi, Makoto Naegi, Mr. Satan]], [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Ip Man, Bruce Lee, Kenshin Himura, Son Goku, Chun-Li, Guile, Asura, Saitama, Krillin, Tifa Lockhart, Fei-Long]], [[Pantheon/{{Knowledge}} Tony Tony Chopper, Aerith Gainsborough, Shulk]], [[Pantheon/{{LifeAndDeath}} Kenny McCormick]], [[Pantheon/{{Family}} Sophitia Alexandra, Robin]]. Also [[Pantheon/{{PersonalAppearance}} Rias Gremory]] and [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Hyodo Issei]], but there are potential complications.
* Rivals: [[FriendlyRival Son Gohan]], and [[BloodKnight Thorkell the Tall in the head of a looong queue of beefy guys]].
* Enemies: [[CouncilOfShadows Some members of the Council of Shadows]], [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Taskmaster, Mister Heart]], and a whole bunch of assorted bullies.
* Opposes: Martial artists who abuse their power, [[MightMakesRight the Satsujinken philosophy]], [[ChronicHeroSyndrome the evil]] [[BystanderSyndrome that others pretend not to see]].
* Opposed by: [[Pantheon/{{MainHouse}} The Celestial Bureaucracy]], [[Pantheon/{{Justice}} Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz]].
* High Priest: Ikki Takeda.
* [[OhCrap Self-appointed]] [[PoisonousFriend Prophet]], [[MaliciousSlander PR man]] and [[MeanBoss Manager]]: [[TheFriendNobodyLikes Haruo Niijima]]
* [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend Additional Relationships]]: [[Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple Miu Furinji]].
* Kenichi has been granted seats in the Houses of Knowledge, Combat and Heroism.
* He ascended without Miu, but declared that if she wasn't allowed to join him in the Pantheon he'd rather abdicate than be separated and see her grow old an die without him. That earned him the immediate and very vocal support of most of the House of Love, chiefly Venus herself, Tsukune Aono, Moka Akashiya, Romeo Montague, Juliet Capulet, Kraft Lawrence and Holo, and many members of the Houses of Family, Combat and Heroism.
* From the CourtOfTheGods, Johnson of the Big Five [[{{Hypocrite}} reportedly claimed to feel for Kenichi's plight]], but since it was an [[CelestialBureaucracy administrative problem]] it was still out of his hands - at least until the administration filed their decision, at which time Kenichi could enter an appeal.
** Steve Rogers also claimed to be sympathetic, but agreed with Johnson's legal position.
* On the other hand, the CelestialBureaucracy claimed to have no vacancies for any of Miu's abilities, and that in any case Kenichi should forget about getting away from his duties - [[BeleagueredBureaucrat his three-Houses, twenty-seven-way paperwork was finally done, vetted, signed, stamped, audited and filed, and they just couldn't be bothered to change it any time soon]].
** After much pressure from Kenichi's shippers (including several Greater Gods), they called their boss, [[ObstructiveBureaucrat Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz]], who cheerfully [[ResistanceIsFutile promised to circulate a memo]] on Kenichi's dilemma; eventually he suggested that since all those lovemongering deities present had so much time in their hands, they could, perhaps, [[ColdBloodedTorture listen to his latest romantic poem]]...
*** Finding himself [[GenreBlindness suddenly alone in the room]], Kenichi suffered two whole stanzas of it before, trembling and pasty gray, managing to drag himself out and vomit on the corridor. The last thing he heard before passing out was "and stay out, or I'll call the [[StatusQuoIsGod Status Quo]] and let him handle it HIS way"!
* Two days later Rias Gremory came indignantly to speak with Kenichi, said that there were motions to remove her positions, giving one of them to Miu, and declared that she wouldn't relinquish godhood no matter what; furthermore she had reasons to believe that the CouncilOfShadows was politically manipulating the whole affair.
** Unfortunately, with the Pantheon's current troubles and its surfeit of [[SmugSnake smug snakes]], [[TheTrickster tricksters]], [[MagnificentBastard magnificent bastards]] and [[TheChessmaster chessmasters]] it was nigh impossible to know precisely who was behind it, whether the target was Rias herself, Kenichi, Issei, Miu, one of their supporters, someone else and/or aimed at achieving something completely different, and that whatever action they took to counter the situation without more information (or possibly even attempting to acquire such information) would almost certainly just [[XanatosGambit benefit the plotters anyway]].
** Nevertheless, being a [[TheChessmaster chessmaster]] herself, Rias felt [[RantInducingSlight insulted that such tricks would be tried on her]] - and [[ThisMeansWar somebody was going to pay]]. In the meanwhile, she suggested that Keinishi should have a talk with his friend Kurama.
* Hyodo Issei, who had tagged along, commiserated with Kenichi's solitude but warned that in a worst case scenario he wouldn't allow Rias to be taken away from him either, and hoped that he wouldn't be forced to give their enemies the pleasure of having him destroy Kenichi in order to save Rias. Still, he declared his full confidence in Rias' abilities, and that he expected her to call in some favors.
* Even before the whole ascension debacle blew open Keinishi had already firmed a friendship with Kurama, and was frequently seen tending Kurama's garden.
** When asked directly, [[HonestyIsTheBestPolicy Kurama admitted]] that while the blocks at Miu's ascension and the attack on Rias' divinity claim [[GambitPileup weren't of his doing]], it was he who manipulated the CelestialBureaucracy into keeping Keinishi's resignation at the bottom of their "to do" pile. According to him, the situation is extremely dangerous (but [[GambitIndex far too complicated to explain]]), he has [[BalanceBetweenGoodAndEvil precious few allies]] in the CouncilOfShadows, and had to [[BatmanGambit manipulate Kenichi into being forced to create a ruckus]], [[WoundedGazelleWarcry gaining the sympathy of powerful deities]] as he can make friends with such extreme ease...
*** ...at which point Kenichi dazedly went off to water his orchids.

'''[[VideoGame/FallenLondon Mr. Eaten]], God of [[{{Unperson}} Names Erased from History]] and [[PressXToDie Self-Inflicted Butchery]] (The Eaten One, [[spoiler:Mr. Candles]])'''
* Intermediate God (possibly a former Greater God or even Overdiety)
* Symbol: The Well (pictured right)
* Alignment: Chaotic... [[BlueAndOrangeMorality err... something.]]
* Portfolio: ThingsManWasNotMeantToKnow, HorrorHunger, HumanoidAbomination, RasputinianDeath, SnicketWarningLabel, PressXToDie
* Domain: Knowledge, Pain, Hunger, Betrayal, Death, Madness
* Followers: Every Seeker of the Name.
* Information on Mr. Eaten is sketchy at best due to the active efforts of the Masters of the Bazaar to keep it hidden. Even its true Name seems to be censored at the level of Natural Law, requiring Seekers to go to incredible lengths of self-destruction for even the tiniest hint to its nature.
* It is known though that those who seek the Name are almost always afflicted with horrible fates. Death, insanity, social ostracization and betrayal [[FateWorseThanDeath are just the start.]]
* '''[[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: A reckoning is not to be postponed indefinitely. ]]