These are the evil gods of Corruption Agents, in charge of destroying all positive emotions and inducing despair such that the agenda of evil will find more purchase. Their targets range from the everyday passer by, to the neutral gods of the Pantheon, and especially the Token Evil Teammates of the GUAG. Methods include but not limited to ShamefulStrip, MindRape, [[RapeAsDrama Physical Rape]], Enslavement, Child Abuse, and the establishment of [[ReligionOfEvil evil religions]] to propagate their {{Dark Messiah}}s. If that is not scary enough, some gods within this pantheon also possess significant military and/or physical capabilities…

They were led by a man who Melkor considers to balance military, charisma and corruption in equal measure: Kane. However he decided he didn't fit with the GUAE, leaving the house without a leader.

There are considerations being made for a candidate, though, and whispers are that the candidate will be an entirely new deity...
'''''House Leader'''''

'''Other Members'''

'''[[Literature/TheSilenceOfTheLambs Han]][[Literature/RedDragon nibal]] [[Film/{{Hannibal}} Lec]][[Series/{{Hannibal}} ter]], God of [[HannibalLecture Ruining Interrogations]] and [[AGlassOfChianti Villainous Drinking]]''' (The Cannibal, The Cemetary Mink)
* Demigods, with some moments of Lesser
* Symbol: The Duomo, seen from the Belvedere.
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil
* Reason for joining: There are terribly disgusting men passing around the Multiverse; terrible, classless men. Doctor Lecter decided to give Melkor a hand in eradicating this plague and make the worlds better places and bettering the deserving with a few counseling sessions.
* Loyalty to Melkor: Little if any; he's more of an advisor. He just wants a nice place and [[ImAHumanitarian good food]].
* Threat level: Oddly enough, rather low when free but when incarcerated, it jumps to Very High, nearly Extreme. Doctor Lecter's incredibly good at planning and executing daring escapes; he ''invented'' the {{Hannibal Lecture}} after all.

'''[[VideoGame/FarCry3 Vaas Montenegro]], God of [[BreakThemByTalking Breaking Lectures]]'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: [[DelinquentHair His signature Mohawk]]
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil
* Reason for Joining: Melkor promised to support Vaas' pirates by giving them the best drugs and weapons available to defeat the Rakyat.
* Loyalty to Melkor: As long as Melkor keeps delivering the goods, he's game.
* Threat Level: Medium to High. He's only human, but his pirates are well armed and more than happy to celebrate by killing every person in a village that supports Cosmos. Oh, and he wants to tell everyone in the GUAG what the definition of insanity is.

'''[[VideoGame/BlazBlue Terumi Yuuki]], God of [[{{Troll}} Malicious Trolling]] and [[CompleteMonster Absolute Immorality]]''' (Hazama)
* Intermediate God, but pretends to be a Lesser God; He's just screwin' with everybody because [[ForTheEvulz it's fun]].
* Symbol: The Ouroboros symbol with a fedora above its head, surrounded by two butterfly knives.
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil (As Hazama, disguised as LawfulEvil)
* Reason for Joining: "How about this reason? Seems as good as any. I intend to do all the wonderful things I planned this morning because I want to see the miserable look on the faces of deities like ''THEM'' when they're wallowing in despair, dismay, grief, frustration, misery... all sorts of other unpleasant nouns... I guess you could say I'm bored. At least misery is interesting."[[note]]That's what he says in public. Here's his reasonings when the chips are down:"THIS WHOLE PANTHEON IS NOTHING BUT '''LIES LIES LIES!!''' Let me show you the ultimate truth, the truth that is DESPAIR!!! (And by that I mean, my own brand of despair)"[[/note]]
* Loyalty to Melkor: Keeps an easygoing face on Melkor, but in truth, once he gets what he wants, Melkor is amongst the first people that he will strike down.
* Threat Level to Cosmos: Very High. A lot of high tier depravities of the world of ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'' were orchestrated by him, he can stop the flow of time like Dio Brando, he is a high class manipulator with backup plans over backup plans, and his combat abilities are also no slouch. There's also the fact that he is the creator of the Black Beast...

'''[[LightNovel/{{Durarara}} Izaya Orihara]], God of God of [[ItAmusedMe Instigating Mayhem Just Because]]'''
* Greater God
* Symbol: A broken cellphone
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil[=/=]Chaotic Evil depending on the situation
* Reason for joining: He was bored.
* Loyalty to Melkor: Nonexistent. He considers himself to be more of a consultant than anything.
* Threat Level: Moderate. His trolling is usually unfocused, but when there's something he wants, ''[[MagnificentBastard WATCH OUT!]]''

'''[[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Kotomine Kirei]], God of FalseReassurance'''
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: A bowl of mapo tofu
* Alignment: NeutralEvil
* Reason for joining: Since the GUAE has more SealedEvilInACan (or more likely to find one), it's exactly what he's aiming for.
* Loyalty to Melkor: Unknown. Kotomine says he's loyal... but considering [[FalseReassurance his main portfolio]], Melkor knows better, but he chooses to play along.
* Threat Level: High. While he's not magical or such, he's known to hold off magical beings with just normal exorcism skills...

'''[[LightNovel/KaraNoKyoukai Araya Souren]], God of [[BlackEyesOfEvil Eyes Always ]][[HiddenEyes Hidden In Shadow]]'''
* Greater God
* Symbol: A Spiral with Sanskrit Lettering
* Alignment: Lawful Evil
* Reason for joining: He is currently trying to observe countless human deaths in a closed time loop in order to finally find a break in the cycle that will lead him to the Akashic Records. Melkor simply offered to provide the humans and the testing grounds.
* Loyalty to Melkor: Low-Med. Like his GUAG counterparts, Shiki Ryougi and Aozaki Touko, he cares little for the battle between Good and Evil. Melkor offered him something in exchange for his services, and he took the offer. When he finally reaches the Spiral of Origin, it can be assumed that his contract is over.
* Threat Level: High. Not only is he a very capable fighter that managed to hold off both Shiki Ryougi and Aozaki Touko, he has immense skill with barriers of all sizes and can make a venerable army of human replicas. His true strength however, lies in his ability to awaken people to their origin, thereby allowing him to turn ordinary people into powerful forces of destruction.

'''[[Manga/{{Bleach}} Tsukishima Shukuro]], God of FakeMemories'''
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: Bookmark
* Allignment: Neutral Evil
* Reason for joining: [[spoiler:[[FakeMemories He's being sent by Cosmos to undermine the GUAE's efforts.]] [[BlatantLies Honest!]]]]
* Loyalty to Melkor: [[spoiler:[[FakeMemories Low, really. He's a man dedicated to his mission.]]]]
* Threat Level: [[spoiler:[[FakeMemories Low, don't worry. He may try to strike the good guys, but he'll always hold back...]]]]
** [[spoiler:[[SincerityMode Okay, to be honest]], Cosmos isn't fooled at him. He's worth of EXTREME threat level due to his high-caliber corruption and if he EVER gets at her or FRED ROGERS...]]

'''[[KingdomHearts Master Xehanort]], God of [[DevilInPlainSight Obvious Villains]]''' (The Seeker Of Darkness, Unknown, The Superior of the In-Between, Ansem, Xemnas, [[SignificantAnagram No Heart]], [[spoiler:Terranort, "Baron Praxis"]])
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: Unversed Symbol (his later incarnations used Heartless and Nobody symbols)
* Alignment: Chaotic Evil
* Reason for joining: To obtain the power of Kingdom Hearts and remake his home universe in his own image.
* Loyalty to Melkor: High. Newly discovered information suggest that in a time long ago when Xehanort was a young Keyblade Master in his travels across universes, he met Melkor and spent some time as a disciple under him in order to better understand the true nature of darkness.
* Threat Level: High. Besides his own considerable power, he's ''very'' good at zeroing in on the {{Fatal Flaw}}s of those in the GUAG and using those flaws to tempt them to darkness. He's also a literal OneManArmy, having several high-powered alter-egos to call in in case his own power isn't enough.
** Potentially Extreme if TheHeartless and [[BetaTestBaddie Nobodies]] are factored in. This could potentially turn any fallen GUAE(And GUAG) members into one or two new fighters ready for the cause.

'''[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Queen Chrysalis]], Goddess of [[{{Doppelganger}} Impersonation]]''' (Changeling Queen, [[spoiler:"Princess Mi Amore Cadenza"]])
* Intermediate Goddess
* Symbol: a twisted black unicorn horn surrounded with SicklyGreenGlow
* Alignment: Neutral Evil
* Reason for joining: wrecking the forces of Good to allow her Changelings to dominate the world and feed on [[EmotionEater delicious]] [[ThePowerOfLove love]].
* Loyalty to Melkor: Minor, serves her own agenda more than anything, though she'll avoid getting on his bad side... for now.
* Threat level: High, potentially Very High. She uses her powers to spy on the GUAG by masquerading as various members of it. Simultaneously she's growing more powerful by siphoning their love, and occasionally [[{{Brainwashed}} attempts to corrupt GUAG members with her powers]] on the side. If it comes to combat she's far from a slouch either, as she has proven that when gorged on enough love she is able to go toe to toe with extremely powerful magic users bordering on {{Physical God}}hood... AND WIN!

'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics Ultima & The Lucavi]], Grand Deities of PathOfInspiration''' (High Seraph, St. Ajora Glabados, Altima the Bloody Angel (All of these are for Ultima. The rest are listed below))
* Members (aside of Ultima): Cu Chulainn ([[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Not that one]]) the Impure (Alphonse Delacroix, Queklain the Impure King), Belias the Gigas (Wiegraf Folles, Velius the Warlock), Zalera the Death Seraph (Messam Elmdore, Angel of Death), Adrammelech the Wroth (Dycedarg Beoulve, Adramelk the Ghost of Fury), Hashmal the Bringer of Order (Folmarv Tengille, Hashmalum the Regulator)
* Greater Goddesses (Ultima), Intermediate Gods (the rest)
* Symbol: The Glabados Church Symbol.
* Alignment: For their followers, they look like LawfulGood. They're in fact ChaoticEvil
* Reason for joining: Melkor has given them a second chance after being ousted as blasphemously phony religion in Ivalice by Arazlam J. Durai. With the second chance, Ultima aims to manipulate the whole Pantheon into following her religion and making their 'religion' their religion of choice which in turn will be able to manipulate them into mass-scale wars like the War of the Lions, and moving the people to brand those who'd oust them as inescapable heretics. Also, for vengeance against both Ramza Beoulve and EVERY descendants of the Durai.
* Loyalty to Melkor: Pretty high for the chance Melkor given. Melkor also supplied them a pool of worshippers that believe that they are of divine beings, manipulating them and hopefully making it spread throughout the Pantheon...
* Threat level to Cosmos: Surprisingly ''high''. While Ashley Riot thought it was a long-lost phony religion, he's ultimately proven wrong considering their sheer power at their peak when there are worshippers. The new believers brought in also increased the Lucavi's power that could incite a gigantic conflict that could devastate the Pantheon all while they corrupt unknowing people into their religion and thus becoming their pool of power.

'''[[VideoGame/SengokuBasara Otani Yoshitsugu]], God of [[PutThemAllOutOfMyMisery Misery]]''' (Gyobu, Swamp Butterfly, Sky Watcher)
* Lesser God
* Symbol: The Otani butterfly crest.
* Alignment: NeutralEvil
* Reason for joining: To spread misery and suffering throughout the entire Pantheon, [[spoiler:and to ensure Mitsunari's well being.]]
* Loyalty to Melkor: They will work together of course, but Gyobu would happily see Melkor suffer as much as he does.
* Threat level to Cosmos: High. Yoshitsugu is a cunning strategist, a decent fighter among several [[OneManArmy powerful commanders]], and it's his influence that led Mitsunari and Hideyoshi to the GUAE.

'''[[Anime/PrincessTutu Herr D. D. Drosselmeyer]], God of [[RewritingReality Those That Rewrite Reality]]'''
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A pocketwatch with a "D" engraved on it
* Alignment: Neutral Evil
* Reason for joining: To write the greatest tragedy of all time, how the [[Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfGood noble heroes of the pantheon]] fought bravely but in the end were brutally massacred by the heartless villains.
* Loyalty to Melkor: Unknown. He might just have rewritten reality to make the alliance happen, for all we know.
* Threat level: High. He rewrites reality for a living.

'''[[Theatre/{{Macbeth}} Lady Macbeth]], Patron Goddess of [[LadyMacbeth Villainous Wife]] and [[OutDamnedSpot Obsessive Guilt Cleansing]]''' (Queen of Scotland, [[EmbarrassingFirstName Gruoch Macbeth]])
* Demigoddess
* Symbol: A pair of hands desperately trying to wash blood out
* Alignment: Neutral Evil
* Reason for Joining: To gain more power
* Loyalty to Melkor: None. She only joined in order to scheme along with her husband to gain influence and eventually overthrow Melkor.
* Threat Level: Low as she went insane after killing King Duncan. Very high if she ever fully regains her sanity. While Melkor knows she is untrustworthy, he still will give her certain upgrade to get the job done as she and her followers are too useful for seducing and corrupting their spouses.