'''The Divine Temple of Faith!'''

Out of all the Houses in the Pantheon, this is probably the one that inhabitants of the mortal worlds has the most access to. This is where people from all worlds and religions pay their respects to their gods. The House of Faith is not just one house due to the massive diversity that religions have, but is instead a massive collection of gargantuan churches, synagoguess, mosques, temples, totem poles, monasteries, cathedrals and so forth. There is at least one place for every god, Good, Evil, Chaotic, Lawful or Neutral, for the mortals to pray to. In this place, you can find anything from marriages, animal sacrifices, fighting pits (for worshiping war-loving gods such as the Nordic Pantheon), holy as well as unholy rituals and so forth. It is also one of the most guarded Houses in order to make sure that followers do not clash against each other. Sometimes, gods from the other houses will visit in order to bless (or curse) their followers.

Contrary to popular belief, this house doesn't promote sacrilege, as the Gods sometimes pray to [[Pantheon/MainHouse Illuvatar]]. And they mostly abhor their priests (excepting Evil Gods here) [[EnemyExchangeProgram to shamelessly use the word]] [[VideoGame/AgeOfEmpires "Wololo".]]


'''[[VideoGame/CommandAndConquer Kane]], God of {{Magnificent Bastard}}s, Evil Prophets, Doomsday Cults, Ambiguous Evil and ContractualImmortality''' (The Prophet, Cain, The Granddaddy Of Them All) [[quoteright:315:[[CommandAndConquerTiberium http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/oie_Kane.jpg]]]]
* Greater God
* Symbol: The Flag of Nod: chamfered triangle enclosing a curved, left-facing scorpion tail; main color elements, red and black.
* Alignment: Ambiguous Evil
* Portofolio: [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence Ascension]], BaldOfEvil, BeardOfEvil, ContractualImmortality, DarkMessiah, {{MagnificentBastard}}s, MissionFromGod and [[DoNotAdjustYourSet interrupting broadcasts]] to name just a few...
* Domains: Evil Cults, Yellow Zones, Advanced Technology, [[AppliedPhlebotinum Tiberium]].
* Followers: The Brotherhood of Nod, as an organized lot. Roughly 50% of his world's population in total, and almost certainly Agent Tanya.
* Known for orchestrating [[WorldWarIII world wars]], {{plan}}s of unlikely complexity, and quickly recovering from {{Villainous Breakdown}}s.
** Speaking of said {{villainous breakdown}}s: While Kane is mostly observed as being cool and collected, even in the midst of mortal danger, disserters and usurpers have been known to send him into fits of rage, which is always followed up by said person's execution - after which he will promtly return to his calm and collected state of being.
* While Kane has been reported, multiple times, to have perished at the hands of other gods, these reports always prove false.
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---> ''"Of course, Troper. You can't kill TheMessiah"''
* Even G-man respects Kane, for his tactics are devious and incredible. Both have agreed not to tangle with each-others plans for fear of a multiverse-breaking GambitPileup. However, G-man still hasn't let Kane forget getting blasted by GDI's Ion Cannon.
* Do NOT, FOR ANY REASON, stare into Kane's bald head, he will imprison you forever. Similarly, Kane's magnificent beard has been known to Mind Control people at his bidding.
* Kane's last performance was very disappointing, causing him to lose many followers. He has moved to rectify that and publicly executed his agent immediately.
* Also has a spot in the Main House.
* His involvement as one of the masterminds of [[spoiler: "The Pantheonic Rebellion" is a combination of EvenEvilHasStandards and respect for what Madoka represents despite his opposistion. He has ordered the Brotherhood of Nod to deploy to the "Fog of War" campaign front]].

'''[[{{Exalted}} The Unconquered Sun]], God of Virtue, Perfection, and {{Holy Hand Grenade}}s''' (Sol Invictus, Ignis Divine, the Once-Guarding Star, the Most High, the Highest of Holies)
* Greater God
* Symbol: [[ArcNumber Five]] golden sigils representing the rising, resplendent, setting, hidden, and eclipsed sun
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Portfolio: ThePowerOfTheSun, [[TheParagon Embodiments of Virtue and Righteousness]], [[OrderVersusChaos Order and Perfection]], [[HolyHandGrenade The Destruction of Creatures of Darkness]]
* Domains: Courage, Good, Glory, Law, Protection, Purification, Nobility, Radiance, Sun, War
* Allies: Luna, The Five Maidens
* Followers: The Solar Exalted
* Enemies: All evil gods, but ''especially'' the Ebon Dragon
* Yes, he and [[Pantheon/MainHouse Amaterasu]] exist in the same Pantheon. [[MST3KMantra Don't think about it too much.]]
* Despite the term "Creatures of Darkness", he holds no ill will towards Midna and [[DarkIsNotEvil those like her]]. However, they do hold a somewhat strained relationship, due to his ability to declare entire species fair game for holy powers.

'''[[VisualNovel/HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi Oyashiro-sama]], [[spoiler:Goddess]] of CorruptChurch and [[HatePlague Hate Plagues]]''' [[spoiler: (Hanyuu)]] http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/higu_hanyuu_1551.png
* Lesser [[spoiler:Goddess]]
* Symbol: A Ball of Cotton
* Alignment: Chaotic Good [[spoiler: (her)]], Chaotic Evil (the faith due to bastardization)
* Portfolio: [[ForWantOfANail Alternate Storylines]], {{Dysfunction Junction}}s, [[AFeteWorseThanDeath Evil Festivals]], CorruptChurch, HatePlague, {{Groundhog Day Loop}}s, [[ShootTheShaggyDog Inevitable Doom]], [[TownWithADarkSecret Towns With Dark Secrets]], Atonement, [[spoiler: ViewerGenderConfusion]], WalkingSpoiler.
* Domains: Chaos, Community, Death, Evil [[spoiler: (wrongly believed, actually Good)]], Fate, Madness, Suffering
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} ''Rika Furude'']] (lieutenant and [[spoiler: blood descendent]]), [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Mion Sonozaki and Shion Sonozaki]], [[Pantheon/{{Craft}} Satako Houjou]], [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Madoka Kaname, Homura]] [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Akemi]], [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Rena Ryuugu]], Sol Badguy, [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Lamington]].
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Bernkastel, Ellen]], Frollo, [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Kyubey]] ''Lucavi''.
* Hanyuu maintains that the worship of Oyashiro-sama has become [[CorruptChurch corrupted over time]], [[LostInImitation gradually straying from the original story]] of a MessianicArchetype's HeroicSacrifice to its [[ReligiousHorror horrific current incarnation]]. [[spoiler: She's]] probably right; after all, [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld Oyashiro was there and]] [[spoiler: was the one who did the HeroicSacrifice in the first place]]. Sadly, no one listens to [[spoiler: her]], [[IntangibleMan or barring Rika is even capable of seeing]] [[spoiler: her]].
** To this end, [[spoiler: she]] had to have a long talk with Satako about how she was never cursed.
* Is very appreciative of Lamington's kind words, especially given [[spoiler: her]] horn complex.
* [[spoiler: Her]] relationship with Madoka is like that of an older sister. [[spoiler: Her BigSisterInstinct would eventually cause her to revert to her true form and take part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion" in the "Deep Strike" deployment]].
* Once tried to help a young girl escape the clutches of a witch, only to find out [[spoiler: the girl was the witch doing a body swap the whole time]]. Needless to say Oyashiro is angry at being tricked by Ellen and is now working with the Puella Magi to conduct an attack.

'''[[FinalFantasyTactics Ultima & The Lucavi]], Grand Deities of [[{{PathOfInspiration}} Religion Perversion]]''' (High Seraph, St. Ajora Glabados, Altima the Bloody Angel (All of these are for Ultima. The rest are listed below))
* Members (aside from Ultima): Cu Chulainn ([[FateStayNight Not that one]]) the Impure (Alphonse Delacroix, Queklain the Tainted King), Belias the Gigas (Wiegraf Folles, Velius the Warlock), Zalera the Death Seraph (Messam Elmdore, Angel of Death), Adrammelech the Wroth (Dycedarg Beoulve, Adramelk the Ghost of Fury), Hashmal the Bringer of Order (Folmarv Tengille, Hashmalum the Regulator)
* Theme Song: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZshPWAaA46g Ultima the Perfect Body]] (for Ultima) [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbI8CE-ABSg Helldance/The Pervert]] (for the rest of the Lucavi)
* Greater Goddesses (Ultima), Intermediate Gods (the rest)
* Symbol: The Glabados Church Symbol.
* Alignment: ChaoticEvil (though most of the human Lucavi hosts claim to be either LawfulGood or LawfulNeutral)
* Portfolio: [[PathOfInspiration Evil religion while maintaining a good facade]], AlwaysChaoticEvil Demons, [[OneWingedAngel Extra Powerful Form]], [[TheManBehindTheMan Demons Behind The Conflict]], [[DealWithTheDevil Devil Deals]], DemonicPossession.
* Domains: Faith, Evil, Corruption
* Followers: Their very own Glabados Church, of course.
* Allies: Judge Claude Frollo
* Enemies: A lot of good churches and Holy Knights, especially the Pantheon/GUAGSacredKnights... and ''especially '''[[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Ramza Beoulve]]'''''. Also includes [[Pantheon/{{War}} Ashley Riot]], [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} the real Cu Chulainn]], ''Oyashiro-sama'', Alexander Anderson
* They held such grip of belief in the realm called Ivalice, fooling many people into worshipping them and gaining more power for themselves, until they were destroyed by Ramza Beoulve. However, they had the last laugh for a bit by having the worlds in their machinations brand Ramza a foul heretic, every of his friends trying to leak the truth about them killed, until their truth was revealed to the world by Arazlam J. Durai and Ivalice finally realized what a phony they were. However, Melkor managed to recover Ultima and brought them to the Pantheon, reviving the Glabados Church like the way it was before Arazlam's intervention, giving them a steady amount of unwavering fanatical followers that wouldn't be convinced otherwise. Also realizing that Ramza made it to the Pantheon, the Lucavi are now preparing for vengeance as well as complete conversion of the Pantheon into their dark religion.
* Thus far, the one God that impressed them is just Claude Frollo. Ultima has been considering to reward Frollo's dark preaching with an auracite.
* Cu Chulainn/Lancer is utterly digusted with the same-named Lucavi, thinking that the latter is ruining the former's name, and has adopted a 'kill-on-sight' policy against him. Likewise, Alexander Anderson absolutely hate them and consider them extremely blasphemous as they pervert his vision of his Lord.

'''[[Disney/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame Judge Claude Frollo]], God of [[SinisterMinister Evil Clerics]]'''
* Theme Song: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyS3weMlxLA "Hellfire"]].
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: A Red-Cloaked Figure surrounded by fire.
* Alignment: LawfulEvil (believes himself to be LawfulGood)
* Portfolio: [[KnightTemplar Fanaticism]], [[VillainousBreakdown Being Driven Mad]] [[LoveMakesYouEvil From Lust]], Victims of {{Disneyfication}}, [[StalkerWithACrush Stalkers With A Crush]].
* Domains: Fire, Evil Justice, Law, Retribution.
* Followers: [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Caleb]], [[ComicBook/SinCity Cardinal Roark]], [[Series/{{Carnivale}} Brother Justin Crowe]], [[VideoGame/BatenKaitos Wiseman]], [[VideoGame/LaPucelle Noir]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics Cardinal Alphonse Delacroix]], [[Franchise/JakAndDaxter Count Veger]]
* Allies: GI Guy, Light, Altena, Mithos, The Red Skull, Seymour, Gaston, Ultima & The Lucavi, Kirei Kotomine
* Enemies: Although allying with The Red Skull has gained Frollo many enemies in the Pantheon, several in particular stand out. Dr. Doom would love nothing more than to see Frollo's skull bashed in for the actions he took against gypsies as a mortal, and Magneto is not fond of him, either. Meanwhile, L, Sol Badguy and Katara oppose Frollo's efforts to break out GI Guy and Captain America wishes Frollo would stop trying to horn in on his Throne. However, none have dedicated themselves more fervently to Frollo's downfall than Mai Tokiha; Frollo has grown obsessed with her ever since his ascension, but she wants no part of him or his company.
* Heaping further embarrassment upon his head, Frollo has, based upon his mistaken view of his alignment and portfolio (believing himself to be the God of Justice), made several failed applications to the House of Goodness. Each and every vote thus far has been unanimously against.
* Oyashiro-Sama also hates him due to evil clergy causing a CorruptChurch. However, Ultima & the Lucavi saw him as a 'perfect' preacher and encourages Frollo's dark activities.
* He finds no favor even with other villains of the DisneyAnimatedCanon, as many of them practice magic; in addition, some are of other races and even ''species''. With this in mind, he is especially hated by [[Disney/SleepingBeauty Maleficent]], [[Disney/TheLittleMermaid Ursula]], [[Disney/{{Aladdin}} Jafar]], [[Disney/TheEmperorsNewGroove Yzma]], [[Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog Dr. Facilier]], and their supreme leader, the [[Disney/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs Evil Queen]].
* However, Frollo does have a friend in [[Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast Gaston]], since both of them have experienced rejection from the women they love. [[WebAnimation/TheFrolloShow They spend their days going on wacky adventures and generally mucking about.]]
* He also [[VideoGame/KingdomHearts3DDreamDropDistance recently]] tried to attack [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Sora]] and Riku with a Wargoyle, to say it ended poorly for him would be an understatement.
* Has been banned from the House of Love due to his lustful ways creeping out the gods that live there.
* Frollo has become the laughing stock of the Pantheon following the revelation that he was [[SleepsWithEveryoneButYou friend zoned]] by [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Panty]] [[AnythingThatMoves of all people.]]

'''[[FistOfTheNorthStar Toki]], God of [[KungFuJesus Ass-kicking Messiah]]''' (KungFuJesus)[[quoteright:96:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/hkf_tok_8675.gif]]
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwV7YbOEVQ4 Place of Beginning]].
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: His HealingHands ontop of the Hokuto Shinken kanji
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: [[TheMessiah Messianic archetypes]], [[{{Badass}} Kicking Ass]] [[KungFuJesus While Looking Like Jesus Christ]], HealingHands.
* Domain: Philosophy, War, Healing.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/LifeAndDeath Raoh]], [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Kenshiro]], [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Doctor Wong Fei-Hong]], [[Pantheon/{{War}} Unohana Retsu]], [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Litchi Faye-Ling]], [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Kaname Madoka]].
* Due to his massive ass-kicking abilities, many wondered why Toki didn't set his house in the House of War. Toki's answer is simple, he's not here mainly to fight... but if you insist... one [[FanNickname Jesus Beam]] for you, and you'll die happy. And don't ask why he's not in the House of [[IncrediblyLamePun Time]].
* Has massive healing abilities, thus, Toki is good friends with any Gods who specializes in healing and curing. He is also open to psychological healing too.
** Notably, he has been sharing notes with [[Film/OnceUponATimeInChina Wong Fei-Hong]] on acupuncture points as warriors, yet resulting in both men being enriched further as Doctors and Healers.
* Has become dear friends with [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Kaname Madoka]], as she the personification of his philosophy that Love and Kindness can save the world; His Aloof Big Brother Raoh, though initially stubborn in his opposition to this contention, has grudgingly come to respect it after realizing that it was his love for Yuria helped save his world. [[spoiler: Of course, YHVH's plot to kill her in cold blood caused him to take part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion" in the "Madoka Defense Forces"]].

'''[[Anime/YuGiOhGX Saiou Takuma]], God of {{Dark Messiah}}s''' (Sartorius)
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: Three Pillars of Light.
* Alignment: NeutralEvil
* Portfolio: {{Cult}}s, [[YouCantFightFate Fate]], BreakThemByTalking, [[MoreThanMindControl Masters of Mind Control]], [[KillSat Orbital Laser Cannons]], [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic Symbolism]], [[WellIntentionedExtremist Well Intentioned Villainy]], [[LightIsNotGood Villains With Light Motifs]].
* Domains: Corruption, Evil, Fate, Tyranny.
* Allies: Judge Claude Frollo, Seymour Guado, [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Arthas Menethil]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Gill]].
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Gaming}} Yugi Mutou]], Toki, Artix Von Krieger, Michael Carpenter.
* High Priest: [[VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}} Jedah Dohma]].
* Ascended to this House in order to impose his dark faith in the Pantheon. That and to show the rest of the Gods his skills in the Duel Monsters card game.
* Is verily enjoyed that Gill, one of his followers, has joined to the Pantheon.
* Also present in the [[Pantheon/{{Prophecy}} House of Prophecy]].

'''[[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Alexander Anderson]], God of [[BadassPreacher Kicking Ass In The Name Of Lord]]''' (Father Anderson, Saint Guillotine, the Bayonet Priest)[[quoteright:299:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/anderson_7793.jpg]]
* Lesser God
* Symbol: A pair of bayonets in a cross
* Alignment: LawfulNeutral with some dashes of LawfulGood.
* Portfolio: [[TokenGoodTeammate Moral Guy In A Bunch Of Scumbags]], ChurchMilitant, BadassPreacher, ScaryShinyGlasses, [[LargeHam Hamming Up]], SlasherSmile, voice of NorioWakamoto, Vampire Hunting, WorthyOpponent, [[GratuitousEnglish Gratuitous "AAAAMEEEN!!!"]], FriendToAllChildren, SociopathicHero
* Domains: Church, Faith, Vampire Hunts
* Followers: [[{{Hellsing}} The Apostiles of Iscariot]], [[FanFic/ManchesterLost the nuns of the Order of Our Most Holy Lady of the Righteous Smiting]]
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{Shape}} Alucard]], [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Dracula, Adrian Tepes, Rachel Alucard, Hsien-Ko, Demitri Maximoff]], [[Pantheon/{{Disgraces}} Edward Cullen]]
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: Sangunious
* Is one of the few people that can keep up with fighting Alucard. The feelings are both mutual.
* Despite being scouted at the GUAE, Anderson always keeps a good graces towards the mooks of the GUAG, especially kids.
* As a devout, loyal clergyman dedicated to slay evil in the name of the Lord, Anderson completely hates the Ultima and the Glabados Church for spreading blasphemous teaching that the archetype of his Lord is actually EVIL. For that, if he ever meet any Glabados Church followers, he shows no mercy and kills them on sight. Messily.
* "If anyone does not love the Lord, [[JesusTaboo *bleep*]], let him be accursed, oh Lord come, AAAAMEN."
* As he did in life, he does so in the Pantheon, and has sworn to slaughter every vampire he comes across. This mentality finally lead to him being offically banned from the House of Otherness. He still tries to make good on his word.
* As a general rule of thumb, avoid Father Anderson's path if he is holding bayonets and quoting the Bible. At best he'll simply bump into you and keep walking, and at worst he might cut you down along with whatever he's after.
* Is actually very gentle around children, trying to teach them proper behavior and avoid fighting. [[DoubleStandard Unless it's against heathens.]]
* He has pretty mixed feelings about [[Pantheon/PersonalAppearance Sanguinius.]] On one hand, he is an angel who fights demons and protects mankind from outer threats. But on the other hand, he is not an Abrahimian angel, instead worshipping his father and leading an army of vampires. They teamwork that they two shares is often a reluctant one.
* On one of the video nights within the inner circles of the gods, Anderson's turn came up. The movie he offered was [[HellsingUltimateAbridged The Boondock Saints]]. Alucard had a field day with this information.

'''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Seymour Guado]], God of [[TheNecrocracy Churches of the Undead]]''' (Maester Seymour)
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: A Yevon glyph
* Leimotif: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87e5qQnVerI Battle with Seymour]]
* Alignment: LawfulEvil, but considers himself a WellIntentionedExtremist LawfulGood
* Portfolio: [[{{DarkMessiah}} Evil Saviors]], {{Improbable Hair Style}}s, [[NietzscheWannabe Monologues About the Pointlessness of Life]], [[MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning Gaining Power Through Death]], [[ThePowerOfHate Gaining Power Through Hatred]], [[OmnicidalManiac Plots to Kill Everybody]]
* Domains: Life, Death, Salvation
* Allies: Sartorius, Judge Frollo
* Enemies:
** Ascended: [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Jecht]], [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Rydia and Yuna]] (''especially'' Yuna), [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Au]][[Pantheon/{{Profession}} ron]], [[Pantheon/{{Narrative}} Tidus]], [[Pantheon/{{Personal Appearance}} Lulu]]
** Non-ascended: Wakka, Kimahri, Rikku
* Seymour is a prominent rival of Jecht in the House of Love. While he lacks [[WalkingShirtlessScene the physique]] to claim Jecht's seat as his own, Jecht's alter-existence as Sin is a position Seymour himself seeks. However, for now even with his rebirth as an Unsent, he lacks the power to defeat Jecht and holds off challenging him.
* Seymour is said to be impossible to kill, as he is bound by Spira's laws of spirituality and the afterlife, thus as long as he has ThePowerOfHate, should he be defeated his spirit will just reform later with no permanent damage done. He keeps a cautious eye on Rydia in the House of Magic though, since reportedly Summoners can perform a MagicDance that will destroy his spirit for good.
** Then he found out that Yuna made it to the Pantheon...

'''[[Film/{{Dragonheart}} Bowen]], God of [[HeelFaithTurn Seeing the Light]]'''
* Intermediate God
* Alignment: Formerly NeutralEvil. Now much of a NeutralGood
* Portfolio: [[HeelFaithTurn Seeing God]], [[FallenHero Fallen Heroes]] who restored his status as hero, HeroesWantRedHeads
* Allies: Zuko, Iroh, Alexander Anderson, Sol Badguy, Vash the Stampede
* Opposed by: Arthas Menethil
* Is a rare example of a FallenHero restoring his hero status.
* Really wants Arthas Menethil to see the light once more like he did as a paladin. Arthas, however, does not agree with him one cent on this, saying that he was a fool to do so. He'll have to bring down like he did with his student, Einion

'''[[Videogame/AdventureQuestWorlds Artix Von Krieger]], God of {{Paladin}}s''' ([[spoiler:The Champion of Darkness, Undead Slayer]])
* Greater God (potential Overdeity if he taps into his true power)
* Symbol: The Blinding Light of Destiny surrounded by a multitude of Soul Orbs
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Portfolio: [[AnAxeToGrind Using an axe in battle]] [[BlingOfWar that is gold]]. [[HeroicDog bringing his Undead slaying Pomeranian into battle]], [[LeeroyJenkins jumping into battle without strategy]] [[ObfuscatingStupidity but is actually smarter than he seems]], [[LightEmUp using light to defeat undead]], [[spoiler:[[DarkIsNotEvil being the Champion of Darkness]] [[AntiAntiChrist but doing good]]]], [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes having irrational fears of the color pink and of ponies]], [[SoulPower using spirit orbs to power himself up]].
* Domains: Death, Light, Undead, Souls, [[spoiler:Darkness]]
* Followers: [[Webcomic/HeartCore Syranon Glaed]]
* High Priest: [[Videogame/{{Warcraft}} Lord Uther the Lightbringer]].
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Music}} Voltaire]], [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Cecil Harvey and Sora]], [[Pantheon/{{LifeAndDeath}} Daniel Fortesque]], [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Ashley Williams]], [[Pantheon/{{Heroes}} Cosmos]], Michael Carpenter, all knightly gods of the GUAG.
* Enemies:
** Non-ascended: Vordred, Drakath
** Ascended: Seymour Guado, Sartorious, all villainous gods in the House of Life and Death, '''[[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Natsuji Kijima]]''', [[Pantheon/{{Food}} Famine the Horseman]].
* Ascended into the Pantheon after the defeat of the Paladin Slayer Vordred [[spoiler: and TheReveal of him being the Champion of Darkness]]. He notes that he will only use the powers of light that were bestowed upon him and fight only for the side of good.
* Can usually be seen with his pet dog Daimyo, the Undead-slaying Pomeranian in battle. [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Jack Skellington]] has had to pacify the mutt with his own rib bones from time to time.
** Speaking of Skellington, Artix was very close to smiting Jack before Jack explained that killing him meant no more Halloween (and thus no celebration of the undead). Artix conceded and the two get along well.
* [[spoiler: As an Undead Slayer/The Champion of Darkness, Artix is able to free all souls he fights and adds them to his arsenal of Spirit Orbs. It is revealed that his weapon, the Blinding Light of Destiny is nothing more than a regular axe that has absorbed thousands upon thousands of Spirit Orbs. Also take note that any soul that was freed by him can'''not''' be brainwashed again. If he gathers enough, he is able to summon the ''Ultimate Dragon Soul Spear of Ten Million Spirit Orbs'' with all of the souls he has saved (and he summoned two in the past).]] He is also able to use his own shadow as a means of attacking, transforming it into a giant dragon to pin down his enemies.
* He can be easily subdued if someone says "Your shoes are untied." Unless he's ''not'' wearing shoes.
* He steers clear of Pinkie Pie and her friends and anyone who even wears the color pink, due to a fear of the color pink and cute ponies.
* On Friday the 13th, he teams up with Voltaire to fight off different sorts of monsters that just so happen to invade the Pantheon on that day.
* Cecil Harvey has tried to train Artix on controlling his undead rampages--which becomes a ''very'' huge problem in the House of Life and Death--but can only sigh as Artix starts beating them up like a kid at a candy store. He does note that Artix treats all of his fallen victims with the utmost respect.
** That said, he goes crazy on any and all undead monsters which includes ghosts and zombies. He has had to be banned from entering numerous temples due to his rampages. However, when it came to [[Pantheon/{{LifeAndDeath}} Sir Daniel Forteseque]], he respected Daniel's quest to fight against evil despite being an Undead and the two got along quite well.
* Is a big fan of the [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]] and hangs out with them from time to time.
** He is ''especially'' a big fan of Ashley Williams and the two have currently been on an undead killing spree as of late. As of this moment, it's hard to tell who's in the lead. He also once did a story called ''Ebil Dread'' which had him chop his own right hand off for a chainsaw and getting his own Necronomicon to stop the invasion of [[ItMakesSenseInContext pink zombies]]. Unfortunately, he also had trouble with [[KlaatuBaradaNikto magic words.]]
* Has recently created the GUAG Sacred Knights, a division of the Command Group for all knightly warriors.
** Was reluctant to train the knights in his brand of magic because a) he can't cast any light-based magic, and b) it's based on his true origins, which he feels is a sort of embarrassment. The knights have reassured him in that since he's fighting for the side of good, then they don't mind.
* When [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Luke]] [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Skywalker]] ascended to the Pantheon, Artix threw one of the biggest parties in the Pantheon of Faith. Luke mentioned that this wasn't necessary, but Artix didn't mind and has offered Luke a position in the Sacred Knights division.
* For some strange and incomprehensible reason, Artix invited [[Pantheon/{{Disgraces}} Ethan McManus]] to his world for a celebration of Winter-Een-Mas. The event actually went off without a hitch.
* Recently [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z04VIhagpko got married]] in the House of Love. Said wedding involved a sword fight, bellhops, ninjas, [[Pantheon/{{Sports}} Bret Hart's]] uncle Jimmy Hart, and both [[Pantheon/{{Craft}} Iron Man]] and [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Batman]] asked him to join SHIELD and the Justice League respectively.
* Learned of one new god known Natsuji Kijima, who has tendency to pluck souls out of other gods, snip them up, and then use it to power himself up. This drove Artix '''furious''' as it goes against his belief of letting souls rest in peace, and it ended with Artix tapping his full powers against Kijima's Supernova Cancer Zodiarts form, his shadow pinning the crab to the ground before the Blinding Light of Destiny sliced the giant crab into two. Kijima has since stayed away.
** Then when he got food at the House of Food, he looked in absolute horror at how Famine ''ate'' souls. Famine, noticing the multitude of soul orbs that Artix had around him, immediately went to devour Paladin. He exploded when Artix created his Ultimate Dragon Soul Spear of Ten Million Orbs from within his stomach and Famine was completely inert for a few weeks.
* Has not decided whether to tell his [[Videogame/AdventureQuest past]] [[Videogame/DragonFable self]] about his true origins.
* Has now been recognized as a god worthy of the Main House and holds a position there.
* Despite his...unusual circumstances, the power of light is '''not''' to brainwash people into a cult-like faction. Thus Artix REALLY hates Sartorious more than he hates Natsuji and Famine. The first time Artix saw him, Artix was inches away from cleaving him in half.

'''[[Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei YHVH]], the [[GodIsEvil Absolute Lawmaker]]''' ([[SpellMyNameWithAnS YHWH, Yehowah, Yahweh]], [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiII Elohim, Sabaoth, Shaddai]], [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIIINocturne Kagutsuchi]], [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIV Demiurge, Ancient of Days]], [[IHaveManyNames the Great]] [[RedBaron Will]], [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast The Lord]])
* Overdeity of Law
* Symbol: His Countenance.
* Alignment: Pure Law, which translates out to LawfulGood to his own followers and LawfulEvil to everyone else.
* Portfolio: [[GodIsEvil Villainous Supreme Beings]], [[ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem Tyrannical Abuse of Law]], [[AbusivePrecursors Abominable Abuse of His Own Creation]], [[WorldOfSilence Soulless Worlds]], TheEvilsOfFreeWill, [[GodsNeedPrayerBadly Gods Influenced by Their Worshippers]], [[HolierThanThou Absolute Moral Authority]], [[AsLongAsThereIsEvil Immortality by Proxy]], [[FallenHero Once-Benevolent Deities]] [[MadGod Driven Insane]], [[KillEmAll Genocide]], LackOfEmpathy, Absolute Order
* Domains: Light, Law, Creation, Tyranny, Faith, Order.
* Followers: "[[ComicBook/{{Preacher}} The Loving God]]," [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV The Creator]], a second [[VideoGame/MakaiToshiSaGa The Creator]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII The Occuria]], various [[LightIsNotGood not-good light-aligned beings]], at least until he crosses one too many {{Moral Event Horizon}}s for even them.
* Allies: [[Manga/{{Berserk}} The Idea of Evil]], [[GodInHumanForm his five Names, Kagutsuchi]], ''lots and lots'' of CelestialParagonsAndArchangels, Metatron. Has a tenuous alliances of convenience with [[Pantheon/{{Leadership}} Darkseid, Palpatine]], [[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} Dolores]] [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Umbridge, Arthas Menethil, Friday Monday]], [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Megatron]], Scorpanok, Nerissa, Gi Guy, Red Skull, Lex Luthor, Destro, Copy X, [[Pantheon/{{Faith}} Frollo and Seymour Guado]].
* Enemies: Lucifer, and for that matter, the entire Chaos Pantheon, Benevolent creator-figures (he gives them a bad name), [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Sosuke Aizen]] (Aizen sees him as an obstacle to his ambitions), [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Shu Shirakawa]], [[spoiler: the GUAG Sisterhood]]... pretty much everyone with a modicum of Free Will, which is to say, '''''EVERYONE NOT LISTED UNDER "ALLIES"'''''.
* Apart from the ones hailing from his own multiverse, his "followers" listed above don't so much follow him as work toward the same goal, as they're all fairly powerful themselves and would gladly try to take over his portfolio if given half the chance. However, given the massive legions he has amassed, none of the competitors come nearly close to challenging his role as the Overdeity of Law.
* YHVH is also highly intolerant of other TopGod candidates, outright seeking the annihilation of all other [[{{God}} Creator Gods]] with limited success. He refuses to acknowledge the existence of any Creator who has proven stronger (not that there are many), and indeed, many of the [[GodIsGood friendlier Creators]] prefer it so, given the kind of press he generates for them. While there have been countless attempts to overthrow him, [[FullCircleRevolution the desire to return to the stability and order he promises is too great]], and as many times as he is destroyed, he invariably comes back. This is why he mocks any and all attempts to remove him from the human spirit or from the Throne of Law. [[spoiler: And why he regards the "Pantheonic Rebellion" as a particularly funny if stupid joke.]]
* His BlueAndOrangeMorality isn't hard to comprehend. It's merely that his Law and Good axes and the Chaos and Evil ones overlap ''perfectly''. Consequently, ChaoticGood to him is a complete oxymoron to him, as is LawfulEvil. It would be a terrible mistake to define the Great Will as purely evil - horrifying as his acts may be, he ultimately seeks the best for his Chosen, and to save as many as he can to usher them in an egalitarian paradise, with everyone, including himself, ruling equal in their power and will, forever and ever. Any form of freedom or difference is an unnecessary luxury he eventually intends to dispense with, and if a few have to suffer for the many to achieve his dream, ''so be it''.
* Through the power of Kagutsuchi and the Conception, he constantly creates and destroys universes in an eternal quest to create his perfect world, studying the variables of Humanity and how to manipulate them better, so he can ultimately purge them, no matter the cost, on every world and every timeline, of TheEvilsOfFreeWill. This worked so well some believe [[DissidiaFinalFantasy Shinryu]] might have been cribbing ideas from him.
* He's the ultimate incarnation of the concepts of Law and Tyranny. It's spoken he was once a benevolent god, but was driven to insanity and corruption by a massive flaw in reality - there is literally none who remembers how he once was. Few are willing to broach the subject, either for fear of provoking him... or finding out what he has to say. Even worse, nobody's sure of exactly what was/''is'' the flaw in reality that caused the shift. Efforts to find out ''what'' this was and eliminate its influence on the MadGod have all failed miserably.
** There was this [[VideoGame/DevilSurvivor one universe]] where [[PetTheDog he tried being more empathetic]]. More or less worked, except that due to an earlier act of dickery (orchestrating the whole AbelAndCain scenario to create the first martyr and the first murderer) what seemed to be a perfect plan for the domination of Law got derailed and he had to settle for at least preventing that Earth from falling into absolute Chaos. Metatron was ordered to take a note on the incident, file it, and lose it for a while.
* He personally has little interest in the Pantheon (he isn't even around most of the time), though he regularly sends envoys and avatars to oversee the situation.
* Very similar to [[Literature/TheBible the Abrahamic God]], but ''not'' [[{{Expy}} the same thing.]]
* His legions, while completely loyal, seem to have various degrees of understanding as to what exactly His will ''is''. Most glaringly, the Four Archangels have ''twice'' created societies based on deep classist principles against His wishes. Satan is loyal to the principles of Law, not necessarily to Him, Merkabah is half crazy but has a firmer grasp on Law's tenets, Mastema ping-pongs between a selfish jackass and a genuinely helpful GuardianAngel, the Ancient of Days is merely a killing machine, Kuzuryuu was created without a will, the Demiurge is obsessed with sealing all human souls in the physical universe, and He no longer bothers to try to track Samael's allegiances. His sole actual link to the Pantheon and Speaker of His Will is Metatron, but the Voice cannot be everywhere at once.
** [[spoiler:To everyone's horror, Metatron managed to send him a partial communiqué about Lucifer's recent activities. The last time someone got under the Great Will as badly as when he received the news, [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiII the poor sap responsible]] was trapped in an [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIIINocturne endless cycle of death and rebirth]], [[GroundhogDayLoop doomed to record the history of the entire Multiverse as a spectator for eternity]], forbidden to ever influence the fate of a single world. He doesn't care ''what'' Metatron does to both Homura and [[KickThemWhileTheyAreDown Madoka]]. He just wants it to be ''[[FateWorseThanDeath worse]]'' than that.]]
** To this end, He has been meeting with fellow tyrants Darkseid, Palpatine, Dolores, Arthas, Friday Monday, Megatron, Starscream, Scorpanok, Nerissa, Gi Guy, Red Skull, Lex Luthor, Destro, Copy X, Frollo, and Seymour Guado about forming a "Regime". This news brought great worry to the pantheon, especially [[spoiler: to the Sisterhood given his recent plot against Madoka]].

'''[[Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei Metatron]], the [[MouthOfSauron Face and the Voice]]''', [[VideoGame/DevilSurvivor Lesser YHVH]], (Attendant of the Infinite, [[OurAngelsAreDifferent Mechanical Angel]])
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: A large golden cross
* Alignment: LawfulGood in his own mind (essentially because he follows his master's commands), LawfulEvil to anyone that does not follow him
* Portfolio: Obedience, Destruction of the Unworthy, EyeBeams, [[KillItWithFire Purification Through Fire]], WasOnceAMan
* Domains: Light, Law, Fire, Angels
* Allies: (See YHVH's Allies)
* Opposed by: (See YHVH's Enemies)
* Followers: [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiStrangeJourney Mastema]]
* As the most powerful servant of the Great Will, Metatron is in charge of spreading the word of his power and ensuring his Word becomes Fact.
* Every time a mortal or a god below Greater God rank hears what can only be defined as the voice of God, it's not YHVH they hear, it's Metatron. Mortals and lesser deities simply cannot withstand the awesome might of the actual voice of God, so Metatron is used as a courier to deliver various messages.
* Since his master stopped directly entering the Pantheon a while ago, Metatron's job has been amplified to include mantaining the Law faction's agenda. Some lesser chaos gods thought this meant a respite from YHVH's strict policies. His [[SignatureMove Fire of Sinai]] has long since reduced these impudent fools to greasy stains. When he's not around (fusing him doesn't count), signs usually point to something being up amongst The Lord's followers as there's no one around to tell them the Lord's Will.
* Metatron is considered a Lesser form of the Lord and always leads under the title of Lesser YHVH when he commands the Heavenly Host into battle against Overlords and their forces. He has lead them against Overlords [[VideoGame/DevilSurvivor Abel]], [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Zetta, The Overlord]], [[Pantheon/{{Theater}} Zenon]], and [[Pantheon/{{Ambiguity}} Laharl]]. [[spoiler: Don't bring up the fact that he lost to them in each battle. It's a very sore point for him. Of course, the involvement of two of them in "The Pantheonic Rebellion" doesn't make things any easier for him either]]. If anything, though, Metatron's learned patience, though. [[FullCircleRevolution Ultimately, they all will crawl back, craving the order only his master can bring]].
* He is also said to have been the human Enoch, a man who fused with an Angel. Don't think this means he will show any mercy to mankind or humans who joined the pantheon though, as he is ruthless and will gladly inflict DisproportionateRetribution against humanity as a whole for what a minority may have done. Some even say his human form also became a [[VideoGame/DevilChildren angel]]. One way or another, [[BerserkButton NEVER, EVER,]] ''[[BerserkButton EVER]]'' [[ThatManIsDead CALL HIM BY]] [[YouAreWhatYouHate THAT NAME.]] '''EVER.'''
** As of late, he's seeking to quash Lucifer's bid for increased influence. [[spoiler:He sent Mastema with an offer of help to the [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Magical Girl Sisterhood]] to deal with the chaos Lucifer indirectly wrought in their ranks, but he still isn't sure it wasn't a trick by the Chaos Lord. Whether the offer was taken or not, he sent a note to his master, informing him of Lucifer's new interests, hoping for a direct response. His offer was rebuffed on decisive terms when they decided the branch of angelic forces led by Seraph Lamington was a better and less morally conflicting choice. Currently, Metatron's in a battle of authority against Lamington, seeking to boot out his forces and replace them with Seraphs loyal to him and the cause of Law.]]
* [[spoiler: While many see the Great Will's FateWorseThanDeath order on the now-defenseless Madoka as a MoralEventHorizon even for ''Him'', Metatron asked what makes her different from the infinity of humans who have already fallen in the OrderVersusChaos ForeverWar, and what marks her world as special amongst those routinely created and destroyed by the Conception. This has not endeared him to ''anyone'', despite the fact the question is actually legit; having been a HumanoidAbomination for so long, he [[EvilCannotComprehendGood honestly]] sees ''nothing'' special about her now that she has lost her omnipotence. He has also asked exactly what anyone hopes to accomplish by essentially opening war to uphold a standard against a deity [[NiceJobBreakingItHero who derives power from every standard ever upheld]], but everyone's so sick of his KickTheDog act, [[WhatAnIdiot no one is listening anymore]].]]
* Don't talk to him about that [[FanFic/ManchesterLost alternate universe]] [[FanFic/ParadiseThwarted counterpart/name-sharer]] of his, who is a pompous twit [[spoiler: who ends up rebelling against God and then trying to lie to His face. Needless to say, said counterpart got smote straight to hell, and the Metatron of the pantheon tries to cover up the whole thing, as he doesn't want to be associated with such idiocy and betrayal. And if you mention [[Literature/HisDarkMaterials a certain other Metatron]], get ready to be immolated. ''Forever.'']]
* On a less conflicting choice, his master issued a proclamation to the recently ascended [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Satan]]: vacate his throne and allow the ascension of the Great Will's Satan, God's Judge, or be sundered as so many pretenders to the name have before.

'''[[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Reimu Hakurei]], Goddess of {{Miko}}s''' (Shrine Maiden of Paradise, "Armpit Miko")
* Lesser Goddess
* Theme Music: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBde0Kz-Bcc Maiden's Capriccio]]
* Symbol: A red-and-white Yin Yang Orb
* Alignment: Neutral Good
* Portfolio: [[{{Miko}} Shrine Maidens]], [[BarrierMaiden Barrier]] [[BarrierWarrior Fighting Maidens]], [[BulletHell Danmaku]], [[DetachedSleeves Exposed Armpits]], [[HardWorkHardlyWorks Extreme Talent and Laziness]], HyperspaceArsenal, [[DefeatMeansFriendship Inviting Those She Beats Into]] [[DidWeJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu Tea Parties]]
* Domain: Barrier, Philosophy, 'Religion'.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Nanoha Takamachi]], [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Marisa Kirisame]], [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Yukari Yakumo]], Rika Furude, any other ''Touhou'' deity to various extend.
* Reimu was once a follower of the Friendship side of Nanoha Takamachi, thus they often hang out together and drink tea together.
* She keeps a donation box near her Shrine, but nobody from the House of Commerce ever wants to donate any money to her.
* Posesses an impressive lists of feats, which include having beaten ''every other character from her series in the Pantheon'' besides ZUN [[note]]her creator[[/note]]. Considering that this includes Eiki Shiki, ''an Overdeity'', this says a lot.
** Some argue that her feats are just thanks to the Spellcard Rules. However, Marisa is quick to point out that if there were no Spellcard Rules, Reimu would use her power of flight to make her invincible as long as she wants and win that way. This usually shuts most people up.
* Formerly located in the House of Philosophy until the House of Faith opened. Reimu moved and hoped that at least it'll get her donation box filled. Thus far... no success.
** Her position in House of Faith has given her some unwanted attention. Where most gods complain for her being fine for demons and such visiting her temple, some critique her for not doing that good of a job as a Miko [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and makings events to raise some donations.]] Reimu shugs most of the complains.

'''[[SakuraWars Erica Fontaine]], Goddess of [[NunsAreMikos Nuns Being Mikos]]'''
* Lesser Goddess
* Theme: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVC67NMrMjM#at=114 Mihata no Moto ni (Under The Flag)]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvswjlROQmY Prayer]]
* Symbol: Her guns Gabriel and Raphael crossed over a plate of pudding.
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Portfolio: [[NiceGirl Being kind]], [[GenkiGirl cheerful]], [[CuteClumsyGirl clumsy]], [[CirclingBirdies constantly knocking her head into objects]], [[MoreDakka using twin machine guns in combat]], [[TrademarkFavoriteFood liking pudding]], [[StepfordSmiler smiling to hide her]] [[DarkAndTroubledPast horrible past]]
* Domains: Religion, cheerfulness, kindness.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Sora]], [[Pantheon/{{Friendship}} Most deities in the House of Friendship]], [[Pantheon/{{Love}} The Katawa Girls]], [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Panty]], [[Pantheon/{{Food}} Stocking]], [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Pit]], Artix von Krieger.
* Enemies: Judge Claude Frollo
* When she first ascended, there was some confusion over which House she was to be assigned to. Due to her wielding machine guns, some thought she would go to the House of Weaponry or Combat, while others thought she would go to the House of Friendship due to her cheerful personality. In the end, though, she decided to stay in the House of Faith due to her religious background as a nun in training.
* Is on good terms with most of the other Gods due to her gentle and energetic nature.
* Likes to perform her [[http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=GVOHQbXD-Cg Good Morning Dance]] for the other Gods, much to their [[EarWorm chagrin]].
* She genuinely tries her best to help the other deities, but inadvertently creates more trouble. For example, she once had the job of trimming the grass in [[Pantheon/{{Beast}} The House of Beasts]]. ''She ended up accidently razing down half of the House.''
* Frollo is the only person in the entire Pantheon whom Erica shows ''any'' grudge against, mainly because of his false religous view about himself.
* Recently went on [[Videogame/ProjectXZone trip]] to stop the merging of worlds. Surprised many of the other gods (like Dante, Demitri, Chun-Li, etc.) by how she was able to keep up with them...and how she ''weaponized'' her Good Morning Dance.

'''[[Manga/BlackLagoon Eda]], Goddess of [[NunTooHoly Highly Unorthodox Nuns]]''' http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/eda_blacklagoon.jpg
* Demigoddess
* Symbol: Her shades. Alternatively, [[spoiler: her CIA badge.]]
* Alignment: {{Chaotic Neutral}} with Neutral Evil tendencies/[[spoiler: actually LawfulNeutral.]]
* Portfolio: {{Quick Draw}}, {{Cluster F Bomb}}, ''really'' {{Naughty Nuns}}, {{Cool Shades}}, [[spoiler: Staying Undercover]]
* Domains: Drug-Dealing, Guns, [[spoiler: Spying]]. Oh, and Religion to an extent.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Revy]]
* Enemies: Most of more religiously inclined deities in the Pantheon, [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Yuno Gasai]], [[Pantheon/{{Family}} Hansel and Gretel]], [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Johan Liebert]], [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Roberta]]
* She's currently trying to make a whole Rip-Off Church ascend, though no other deity seems keen on helping her out in this matter, Revy included. That being said, they still went drinking together after Eda's ascension.
* If you so much as put a dent in The House Of Faith, you'd better damn well be prepared to go to war. This, combined with her incredibly {{Quick Draw}} often halts any would-be assailants which is probably the only reason she wasn't kicked out of the House yet.
* While her shades are not as cool as Kamina's, they still manage to look uncanny similar like the former at times. For people's sake, it's better if they're kept on.
* If her house is disturbed and the disturber is harmless, she'd still rudely kick the disturber out, with these immortal words:
-->''What the hell's your problem?! Don't you know what Jesus said in Luke 11? 'Don't trouble me. The door's locked' — got that, bitch?''
* [[spoiler: Actually a CIA undercover agent. All of her coarse mannerisms are merely a guise.]]

'''UsefulNotes/{{Uesugi|Kenshin}} [[VideoGame/SengokuBasara Kenshin]], God of {{Warrior Monk}}s''' (The War-God of Echigo, God of War [sorry, Kratos], Frost)
* Theme: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJxQaVAL5Nc As heard here.]]
* Lesser God
* Symbol: [[http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090911190256/dynastywarriors/images/1/1b/Uesugi-mon.jpg The Uesugi Clan Crest]].
* Alignment: LawfulNeutral, leaning on LawfulGood
* Portfolio: {{Warrior Monk}}s, AmbiguouslyBi, BlingOfWar, [[AnIcePerson Ice Powers]], {{Bishonen}}, [[MissionFromGod Missions from Bishamonten]], NervesOfSteel, [[CrossDressingVoices Voice of]] Creator/RomiPark, {{Keigo}}, SmugSuper, {{Badass}}es.
* Domains: Faith, Poems, Warfare.
* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Love}} Kasuga, Maeda Keiji]], [[Pantheon/{{War}} Sanada Yukimura]], [[Pantheon/{{Otherness}} Thrall]], [[Pantheon/CombatLesserGodsAndDemigods Jago]].
* WorthyOpponent: Takeda Shingen (Non-Ascended).
* Enemies: [[Pantheon/{{War}} Kratos]], [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Oda Nobunaga]], [[Pantheon/{{Weapons}} Toyotomi Hideyoshi]], [[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} Ragyo Kiryuin]].
* Kratos is biased that Uesugi is called the God of War... Uesugi is verily insulted and now wants to shut him off.
* No relation to [[Pantheon/{{Combat}} Himura Kenshin]].
* He's impressed that [[Pantheon/{{Magic}} Edward Elric]] has his [[Creator/RomiPark same voice]].
** However, he's very disturbed to learn that Ragyo Kiryuin also has the same voice.
* With the recent ascension of Kasuga, he's finally relieved by seeing her again. In fact, they have a romantic date in the [[Pantheon/{{Love}} House of Love]]. Naturally Kasuga refused to address it as such, but her complaints were silenced when Kenshin started praising "his most beautiful blade."
* Until such a time that the Tiger of Kai should find his way into the Pantheon, Kenshin has offered to take Yukimura under his wing, so as to give the wayward soldier someone to hold fast to until his own spirit can stand alone.
* As AnIcePerson and the War God of Echigo, some gods are often surprised upon first meeting him just how calm and gentle the man can be. [[Pantheon/{{Philosophy}} Wonder Woman]] even went as far as to compare him to the Gray Eyed Athena in his status and temperment.
* On a few occassions has been seen eating a meal in the company of the former warchief Thrall. It's an odd friendship, but the two seem to enjoy themselves. Kenshin has even learned some orc poetry, which is more pleasant than it sounds.

'''[[Series/TheDresdenFiles Michael Carpenter]], God of [[TheParagon True]] [[NiceGuy Good]], [[ReligionIsMagic Faith Magic]], and Patron Saint of the BargainWithHeaven''' (Knight of the Cross)
* Intermediate God
* Symbol: Amoracchius [[spoiler: Excaliabur]]
* Alignment: NeutralGood
* Portfolio: ActionDad, BadassPreacher, BerserkButton, {{BFS}}, BigBrotherMentor, TheBigGuy, BargainWithHeaven, TheCape, ChurchMilitant, ContrivedCoincidence, EarnYourHappyEnding, GoodIsNotDumb, GoodIsOldFashioned (sorta), HappilyMarried, HeroicLineage, KnightInShiningArmor, MeaningfulName, NiceGuy, ThePaladin, TheParagon, ReligionIsMagic
* Domains: Faith, Good, Knights, Heroes, Coincidence
* Allies: '''Artix von Krieger''', all good-aligned deities, Harry Dresden
* Enemies: The GUAE
* Has earned Artix von Krieger's eternal friendship by embodying the Paladin archetype faithfully, and not becoming a Knight Templar. Michael has the utmost respect for Artix and his stance to fight for the side of Good despite his past and his true origins, and his soul-based magic.
* Has an knack for showing up whenever the GUAG really needs a holy knight.
* Is untouchable to many deities in the GUAE, as his faith gives him an aura that pains them when they touch him.
* It is said that his power comes directly from [[Pantheon/MainHouse Eru]], who subtly manipulates events so that he's always where he is needed, and powers the [[ReligionIsMagic Faith Magic]] that makes him untouchable to evil. This has never been confirmed. He just continues to show up wherever there is need for a holy knight.
* Is HappilyMarried, and a good father. Is able to do this and still fight evil because his power of ContrivedCoincidence makes it ''[[MundaneUtility really]]'' [[MundaneUtility easy for him to get a babysitter.]]
* [[spoiler: Is taking part in the Pantheonic Rebellion.]]