'''The Holy Domains'''

These are the places that embodied tropes to such an extent as to be worthy of being elevated to godhood on their own, generally with the aid of an existing deity sponsor. They are (mostly) arranged in a PatchworkMap on what ''used'' to be an unimaginably large plain near the Holy Houses.

Because the large number of dominions, a directory system has been made available to categorize them for easier locating.

%% Populated Areas: Alto Mare, Animal Crossing, Eggmanland, Gensokyo, The Great Valley (though populated with dinosaurs), Halloween Town, Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas, Neo-Venezia, The North (Westeros), San Fransoskyo, Springfield, Tokyo, Toontown,
%% Nations: Atlantica, Equestria, Feudal Japan, Mordor, Mushroom Kingdom, Sugar Rush
%% Stages: Battlefield and Final Destination, Rainbow Road, Summoner's Rift and Field of the Ancients
%% Artificially-Made Vessels: Battleship Halberd, The Death Star, Rabbit Hatch
%% Establishments (single buildings and areas like campuses): Canterlot High, Castlevania, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Hogwarts, Luigi's Mansions, Mahora Academy, Mario Land, Walt Disney World
%% Dimensions: The Expanse, Elmore, The Grid, Morphing Grid, The Nameless, Everted World, Netherrealm, Silent Hill (might also fall under Populated Areas), Soul Society, Speed Force, Tartarus, TV World, The Warp, Wonderland
%% Planets: Fenris, Krypton, Planet of the Apes, PNF- 404, Tatooine
%% Islands: Gilligan's Island, Iwo Jima, "Kagura Millennium Festival Island", Monster Island, Pleasure Island
%% Other Dominions: The Dreamatorium, Helheim Forest, The Moon, Parts Unknown, R'lyeh, Rosen Queen Co., Shinkoku Tastrium,
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