A few miles along the golden road leading south from the [[Pantheon/{{Knowledge}} House of Knowledge]] is the "prestigious" Elysium Academy, constructed in several days by a crack team of [[ArtistsAreNotArchitects architects]] who list among their credentials a combined fifteen years playing ''VideoGame/SimCity'' and ''VideoGame/{{Tetris}}''. Funding for education of newly-arrived celestial beings is largely provided by [[WesternAnimation/{{Jem}} Jerrica Benton's]] trust fund, and monies received from the local lottery. Students tend to come and go here daily, including weekends (because that is when most school club functions happen). Campus pouring rights have recently been awarded to [[Literature/LemonadeMouth Mel's Lemonade]], after they demonstrated the ability to [[AdaptationDisplacement place the same vending machine in Rhode Island and New Mexico at the same time]].

The actual numbers have not been officially determined, but conflicting eyewitness reports show that the student body numbers somewhere between five hundred and ten thousand students, [[ElaborateUniversityHigh between the ages of five and 21]] [[TwoOfYourEarthMinutes Earth human years old]].

Here, divine power levels do not apply, as everyone involved with the school has been [[PVPBalanced balanced]] in order to prevent "pissing matches" from taking place, for fear that nobody would be able to clean up the aftermath in a timely manner.
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