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* A nation of self righteous bigots who once imprisoned an entire race, continually disrupt other nations' economies, and regularly attack smaller countries whose people look 'ugly' in an attempt to drive them away. Their head of state is known for being a racist JerkAss while the only official who protests his behavior is criticized for being too soft if not outright accused of treachery. [[spoiler: The Alliance from World of Warcraft]]
* An axis of evil consisting of savage, militarist brutes who have committed several acts of genocide, recklessly pillage the environment, and deliberately sabotage science and industry out of superstition. Volatile members are left unsupervised and unchecked, leading to countless atrocities including prisoner torture and biological weapons development. Violent war criminals are glorified and revered. In fact, the son of such a criminal has been freely given a high military rank despite being obviously unstable. [[spoiler: The Horde from World of Warcraft]]
* Rogue saboteurs cause extensive property damage for [[FelonyMisdemeanor petty reasons]]. [[spoiler: The Kids Next Door]]

* Conman and expert in industrial espionage and sabotage assembles team to perform MindRape on a leading businessman who threatens the monopolistic ambitions of a rivalling Japanese tycoon, so that said tycoon will corrupt US government officials to overturn the arrest warrant on him for an earlier MindRape that led to his wife's suicide. [[spoiler: Cobb, ''Inception'']]
* This nobleman assisted in a rebellion to depose the true king of the realm in favour of his best friend, a hedonistic thug who delights in "smashing skulls and fucking girls". He returned to his desolate northern stronghold, where he spent seventeen years chopping people's heads off (with the feeble excuse that he does his dirty work himself). When he is later recalled to serve the new king in the capital, he spends the time ruthlessly victimising a benevolent family of golden-haired philanthropists, and blackmailing the queen. When his king and best friend died, he set about taking the throne for himself. Oh, and did I mention that this ne'er-do-well fathered an illegitimate child in mysterious circumstances? Luckily, justice is done and this miscreant [[KarmicDeath had his head cut off with his own sword]]. [[spoiler: Ned Stark, ''A Song of Ice and Fire'']]
* This thief committed several violent crimes not a week after leaving prison, but was covered for by a naive old clergyman (whom he also robbed). He then committed identity fraud and used the proceeds of his vile thefts to set up an exploitative sweatshop staffed by desperate women, one of whom was forced into prostitution and eventual death by the poor wages and injustice in his workhouse. To add insult to injury, he kidnapped this poor woman's daughter to raise as his own, escaping from justice once again to emerge years later in Paris, where he aided and abetted a dangerous left-wing radical in an attempted coup, to whom he gave away his so-called daughter! [[spoiler: Jean Valjean, ''Les Miserables'']]
* Whining Nice Guy who won't take no for an answer and relentlessly pursues love interests with worryingly grandiose gestures until they relent and consent to go out with him. Thinks it his ultimate destiny and life mission to find a woman to fulfill his impossible fantasies of marriage and family life. [[spoiler: Ted Mosby, ''How I Met Your Mother'']]
* Psychotic Cockney thug leads a band of equally psychotic special forces in working for their government's interests by any means necessary. Takes delight in murdering a ship's crew in their sleeps, frequently tortures people for information (usually killing them afterwards), and murders a decorated US Army general who was only trying to rekindle his proud nation's glory. [[spoiler: Captain Price, ''Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series]]

* CanonSue decides that the best thing for humankind is to destroy the world. His allies agree. [[spoiler: Rex Raglen from AgarestSenki]]

[[folder:Santos L Halper]]
* A crazy vagabond who kidnaps women, caused several genocides and is directly responsible for the destruction of the universe. [[spoiler: The Doctor, from Series/DoctorWho]]
* A cowardly heir willingly joins TheDarkSide against the wishes of his brother [[spoiler:Italy Veneziano, from AxisPowersHetalia]]

[[folder:Sapphire Flame]]
* The friend of a juvenile delinquent who decides to rebel against a former hero and rightful ruler who only wants to protect his people. To accomplish this, he uses a form of spirit energy that will end the universe if used, begins a campaign of genocide, and steals weapons from those same people. He does all this because it's simply in his nature. [[spoiler: Simon, ''Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann'' (again)]]

* A kid on a quest for knowledge and a mission to bring down a royal figure strong-arms his way into the most well-protected city in a kingdom, forcibly opens its king's eyes to the atrocities surrounding him, and eventually leads to the city's downfall. [[spoiler:Aang, ''Avatar: The Last Airbender'']]
** The forcibly opening eyes thing sounds like a good thing.
*** Yeah, and also how else do you open someone's eyes besides forcibly?
* A pair of twins bring down an empire and its ruler just to get their hands on its most sacred relic. [[spoiler:Ephraim and Eirika, ''Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stone'']]
* Five teenage girls in skimpy outfits routinely humiliate hardworking members of secret organizations in the name of normalcy. [[spoiler:The Sailor Senshi, ''Sailor Moon'']]
* A guy with a sword forces his way into several countries, slaughters their military forces and takes over their castles one by one. [[spoiler:Sigurd, ''Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu'']]
** Actually the majority of the series protagonists would qualify.
** [[spoiler: As would Mario, minus the sword.]]
* The son of a now-dead warmonger attacks the king of a neighboring country over a few little bandit attacks, causes a full-scale war that leads to the death of his older sister and finally murders the king in cold blood before taking the title of King for himself. He then wages a war on another continent and later embarks on a quest along with his allies to stomp out the rival religion to his own by killing their God. [[spoiler: Chrom, ''Fire Emblem Awakening'']]
* A brash, reckless young boy continually beats and humiliates a pair of poor working teenagers and their talking cat who are just trying to do their job. [[spoiler: Ash Ketchum, ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'']]
** "Their job" is theft."

[[folder:Scud East]]
* The "heroes" follow the example of a charismatic troublemaker who belittles his superiors' plans for the good of their community and abandons it without looking back. In so doing he starts a chain of events leading to the deaths of thousands, the destruction of cities, and the endangerment of all humanity. So far from expressing the slightest remorse, he and his followers deliberately exacerbate the situation at every turn, using a power whose cosmically disruptive effects are well known and which eventually makes them a threat to the entire world in their own right. And when one level of government after another tries to curtail or at least restrain their use of this power, the "heroes'" ultimate reply is an arrogant assertion of their own individualities. (2 Canon answers) [[spoiler: The cast of ''Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann'', the cast of ''Atlas Shrugged''.]]
** [[spoiler:Code Geass]] comes pretty close too.

* A notorious supervillain who kidnaps three girls from an orphanage to use as his own personal puppets. Highly uncaring of their lives, he pits them against another dangerous supervillain, and tries to execute one with an iron maiden simply because she irritated him. [[spoiler:Gru, ''Despicable Me'']]
* A sociopath of the highest class who masquerades as a cheery ditz to cover up the fact that he repeatedly tortures his own "friends," is responsible for the destruction of his home town (several times, in fact), and runs rampant as an unhindered criminal with accounts of theft, murder, abuse, animal cruelty, destruction of property, and genocide of native fauna to protect his lunch sandwich. [[spoiler:Spongebob, ''Spongebob Squarepants'']]

* A young repair-bot in a dead-end job who constantly insults and belittles his friends and makes a mockery of the Detroit police. He was instrumental in getting a spy for the other side positioned as his faction's head of intelligence. [[spoiler:Bumblebee, ''Transformers Animated'']]
* Son of the humorless baron who has the vast majority of Europe under his thumb, he has set his sights on his father's best friend's daughter, and will pursue her to the ends of the Earth in order to make her his own. [[spoiler: Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, ''Girl Genius'']]
* A coward who flees from the slightest sign of danger, is constantly bitter about everything, and is completely useless at his chosen profession. [[spoiler:Rincewind, ''Discworld'']]
* A vicious vigilante who victimizes the virtuous. [[spoiler:V, ''V For Vendetta'']]
* A savage, speech-impaired brute who attacks trespassers with a flaming sword. [[spoiler:Grimlock, ''Transformers Animated'']]
** That's painting?� That's... pretty much him in a nutshell. [[spoiler: "Intruder! Dinobots destroy puny human!"� He tried it on the Elite Guard, too, but Ultra Magnus used his hammer to, uh, ''deal with'' the situation.]]

* An all-powerful maniac who is willing to bend reality itself to suit her twisted whims. She frequently molests one of her own loyal subordinates. [[spoiler:Haruhi Suzumiya]]
** Technically... [[spoiler: She's not "willing"; she does it unconsciously. Of course, she'd probably still do it were she aware of her powers, particularly prior to her CharacterDevelopment, but still, there's no will involved, she just does it.]]
* After his aunt and uncle raised him out of the goodness of their hearts, he left them to join a society they find abhorrent. He frequently breaks the rules of said society, yet somehow manages to be seen as a hero. Known associates include a werewolf and a convicted murderer. [[spoiler:Harry Potter]]
* In exchange for strength and bravery, he allowed himself to become possessed by a demon lord. His goal is to hunt down and kill someone who is revered the world over as a hero. One of his traveling companions is the embodiment of darkness. [[spoiler:Emil Castagnier, ''Tales of Symphonia 2'']]
* A short kid who yells at and attacks people when they call him short goes across his country on military business, killing many and saving few. Has almost destroyed his brother, leaving him nothing but an empty shell of his former self. [[spoiler:Edward Elric, ''Fullmetal Alchemist'']]
* This bumbling fool was declared the ultimate hero due to an accident caused by his own stupidity and clumsiness. His greatest enemy is someone that his master raised as his own son. [[spoiler:Po, ''Kung Fu Panda'']]
* A group of adventurers that travel around humiliating innocent women for utterly selfish reasons, showing no remorse other than the occasional halfhearted apology. One of them was downright gleeful at the thought of discarding his friend and ally's most prized possession. [[spoiler: The main characters of ''Those Who Hunt Elves'']]
* This headstrong young lady was kicked out of school twice, has regular run-ins with authority, and once ran away from home abandoning her heartbroken mother. She stabbed a long-time friend and co-worker, nearly killing her. On top of all this, her best friend is a witch. [[spoiler:Buffy the Vampire Slayer]]

* A young man with a lovely smile that brutaly murders everyone he meets, barring a small child which he takes immense pleasure in tormenting by brutally murdering other in front of him. Upon meeting his comeuppance, he destroyed the entire universe, only to revive himself later and begin his killing spree anew, this time striving for complete emotionless slaughter. [[spoiler: Johnny, the Homicidal Maniac. And that's without any painting.]]
** The above also qualifies to this man, after being prodded to insanity by the loss of his wife and daughter. His roommate/landlord nudges this weakness into full blown madness, eventually provoking him into slaughtering the masses of Victorian Era London, all to make a living for his roommate/landlord/lover. [[spoiler: Sweeney Todd. The lover/roommate/landlady is Ms. Lovett.]]

[[folder: SimpleGroups]]
* A man who sexually assaults one of his companions, touching her butt without permission and objectifying her due to her large breasts. He acts rudely to people who aren't females he can potentially pick up. In an effort to escape from his duties, he manipulates several factions against each other, not caring about the lives he puts at risk. [[spoiler: Zelos Wilder, ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'']]

[[folder:Simply Di]]
* A con man who seized control of a faction of a secret organization after a mass murder, before deliberately allowing the remaining portion of the organization to come to ruin in a very violent manner. He repeatedly assists the original organization's greatest enemy in a variety of dangerous and violent undertakings which affect all of humanity in the fallout, and then allows the enemy to leave without a second thought. One such undertaking was to overthrow the established government. He hoards a massive amount of dangerous technology and allows a small set of inexperienced civilians to handle it on a regular basis. He regularly fraternizes with members of a highly dangerous and threatening group, and provides living space to a number of them. When disputing with any number of the clients he deals with on a regular basis, he is as likely to kill them without a second thought if things come to a disagreement. He has a reputation of sexually harassing anyone he comes in contact with, and frequently makes use of an unfair advantage to gain the upper hand in his everyday dealings. He once nearly wiped out the entire population of the Earth, and is responsible for the death of thousands, if not millions, over the course of his lifetime -- including several of his closest friends, his lover, and members of his own family, in addition to the last creature of an endangered species. [[spoiler: Captain Jack Harkness of ''Torchwood'']]

[[folder:Simply Simple]]
* A deranged, psychopathic madman who runs around punching, shooting and stabbing things for the sake of crushing fundamentalism. He follows orders without question, even if it involves killing an extraterrestrial pope, blowing up a being who truly wants peace and salvation and landing headshots on humanoids, intelligent endangered worm-creatures and birds who fight only to support their family. He is thought of as a demon, even by his allies. Perhaps the achievement he is most celebrated for is the nuclear cleansing of the holiest structure of said fundamentalist-pope and, which was hosting the salvation-being. [[spoiler:Master Chief Petty Officer John 117, {{Halo}}]]
** An ally of said demon, due to political and religious differences, this man betrayed his pope, drew his sword and began slicing up said humanoids. He eventually stabbed his pope and was regarded as a hero by his species. [[spoiler:Thel' "Arbiter Vadum]]

[[folder:Sir Gimp]]
* A necromancer who uses his eldritch powers for monetary gain. He killed his best friend's father and his own mother in the same day. Keeps one zombie as a pet, and another as a lover. [[spoiler: Ned, ''Pushing Daisies'']]

* A war veteran with thousands of deaths on his name and famed for his brutal efficiency. His wife has a evil demon under her command. He later becomes a dictator of the greatest superpower in the world. When one of the founders of this superpower released the demon from the clutches of his wife, he tried to kill the founder. With both him and his wife in critical condition he bound the demon to his new-born son in order to kill the aforementioned founder. [[spoiler: Minato Namikaze, {{Naruto}}]]
* An infamous pervert who employs the power of repulsive slimy creatures. Prefers to travel the world and enjoy the company of scantly-clad females above taking care of his orphaned godson. He meets his end when he fights his long-lost student, who recently liberated a country of an oppressive dictator. [[spoiler: Jiraiya, {{Naruto}}]]
* A son of an ancient noble house, but quickly after his father died he became a member of an mercenary troupe and betrayed that troupe shortly after to pursue his own goals. The first important death on his name was that of a loved and important cardinal, he slew several other key figures of the church as well. Other were not safe either, he slew his former employer, many loved generals and nobles and, after killing both of his very own brothers, he finally died, but not after killing the second coming of the MessianicArchetype. [[spoiler: Ramza Beoulve, FinalFantasyTactics]]

* An almost fifty year old [[CorruptCorporateExecutive corporate executive]] and mass murderer who is banging a legally dead seventeen-year-old boy. He is [[SmugSnake smug]], [[BlondGuysAreEvil blond]] and almost completely unable to relate emotionally with we pitiful mere mortals. Oh, and he's also a product of Nazi experimentation. [[spoiler:[[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} Adrian Veidt]] circa [[TroperWorks/TwoGuysAGirlAndAnAversionToSunlight 2G&aGAvtS]] ]]
* A horribly unstable DepravedBisexual vampire of the old school prone to violent self-destructive tantrums who has made overtures to VillainousIncest and denies God. He is petty, vain, self-loathing and spoiled to the point of acting like something of TheCaligula on occasion. Regardless of his blood-spattered personal history, he's made good for himself and pulled a KarmaHoudini after shacking up with a wealthy stranger he met at a cocktail party, and when his attentions proved insufficient, the man's shy young secretary with low self-esteem. The mere suggestion that he should cut his long white-blond hair to a slightly more practical length sent him on a histrionic rampage. [[spoiler: [[TanzDerVampire Herbert von Krolock]], also from the above.]]

* A smuggler and murderer hires himself out as a mercenary to an insurgency against the established government, solely to raise funds to pay off the mob boss he double-crossed. Only pressure from his accomplice forces him to commit to the cause when the chips are down. [[spoiler: Han Solo, ''StarWars'']]
* A career military man constantly violates regulations and the direct orders of his superiors. His actions are directly responsible for the deaths of scores of men and women under his command, and have more than once nearly started a war. Despite the expert advice of his senior staff, he constantly jeopardizes the safety of his vessel and all those aboard it with risky maneuvers. His inability to keep it in his pants creates both a security risk with regard to foreign powers and a hostile working environment for women under his command. He has been court-martialed at least twice but still manages to make the promotion boards regularly. [[spoiler: James T. Kirk, ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'']]
* Supposedly a highly-skilled intelligence agent, this individual has no idea how to operate discreetly. His gambling, womanizing and drinking habit create security risks, and the massive amount of property damage resulting from his activities has jeopardized civilians and placed the government on the hook for untold amounts of money. [[spoiler: Film/JamesBond]]
* A small-time thug working as muscle for a loan shark is an amateur boxer in his spare time. Unknowingly recruited as a tomato-can opponent for a much better fighter, he makes good on his chance and eventually earns the title, but lets himself fall out of condition with soft living. The resulting stress claims the life of his beloved trainer--one of the few people with any measure of integrity in his life. He manages to make a comeback, but for some reason never arranges for an independent audit of his own finances (despite having a wife and a brother-in-law with far more business skill than he's ever had a chance to gain) and loses everything. In an attempt to stage a second comeback, he alienates his son and puts his own health at risk. [[spoiler:''Film/{{Rocky}}'']]
* An EldritchAbomination who acts as judge, jury, and executioner in nearly every situation he encounters. Completely without any sense of humility, he is responsible for the near-extinction of his own race and several others, and takes delight in interfering in the affairs of less-advanced races. Known to manipulate the emotions of the humans (usually women) who accompany him, usually in exchange for the promise of adventure. [[spoiler:[[DoctorWho The Doctor]]]]
* A shadowy figure, this wealthy businessman has used the resources of his company (without the knowledge of the company's shareholders or board of directors) to fund his own vigilante activities. He is frequently at odds with the local police. He routinely imperils the safety of a minor by having his teenaged foster child accompany him in his mission, which often includes the use of homemade illegal weaponry. [[spoiler:Franchise/{{Batman}}]]
* Another vigilante figure, this individual is an undocumented immigrant who frequently abandons his day job to attend to situations often best handled by the local police. He has an odd fetish of removing his outer clothing before getting into a fight. Somehow his boss and coworkers have never caught on to what he's doing despite a ''remarkable'' set of coincidences over several years. [[spoiler:{{Superman}}]]
* A teenager from a privileged background goes underground after his father and several others are killed by a rival faction in a dispute over the rights to manufacture and distribute a potent psychotropic drug. After getting hooked on this drug, he exploits local religious beliefs to seize control of an indigenous population to use as cannon fodder in his singleminded quest to avenge his father. Eventually, he traps an innocent woman in a loveless marriage of convenience solely for political gain, and openly keeps a mistress. Nonetheless, he becomes revered as a deity by the indigenous people he exploited for his own purposes. [[spoiler: Paul Atreides, ''{{Dune}}'']]
* Posing as a wildlife expert, this unsupervised juvenile more often than not interferes with the progress of natural selection and the hunting habits of various predators. [[spoiler: Diego, ''GoDiegoGo'']]

* A selfish teenage boy who treats his best friend like dirt, is incredibly lazy, rarely does anything good for anyone, and rewrites the circumstances of his life in his journal to make himself look more sympathetic. [[spoiler:Greg Heffley, ''DiaryOfAWimpyKid'']]
* A psychopathic paranormal investigator who constantly harasses a boy in his class, breaking into his house and throwing meat at him. [[spoiler:Dib, ''InvaderZim'']]
* An emotionless girl who initiates a repeating time loop in order to continue stalking another girl she is obsessed with and keep her from gaining magical powers, in the process compounding the power of a world-devouring EldritchAbomination with every new iteration of said loop. Apart from treating her teammates in a very cold manner, she routinely murders an adorable wish-granting alien who is trying to save the universe, and who granted her the time-warping powers in the first place. [[spoiler:Homura Akemi, ''PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'']]
* A lazy teenager who cheated a man out of a large sum of money, used brainwashing to turn a friendly doctor into an implacable death machine with the goal of murdering a kindly professor, left his friends stranded on an island, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and threw a cat up the stairs.]] [[spoiler:Hiro Hamada, ''BigHero6'']]

[[folder:Some New Guy]]
* A bloodthirsty, sadistically brutal warlord who regularly abuses her daughters. She abused one daughter so cruelly and horrifically that she was traumatized and became a bitter, nihilistic misanthrope. When that same daughter finally tells her what a monster she is, she cuts her down in cold blood. [[spoiler: Quian'tana, ''DrowTales'']]

[[folder:Space Jawa]]
* A soldier brainwashed from childhood then cloned so that his parents would think he died of natural causes. As an adolescent, was subject to experimental and potentially fatal or life-crippling body enhancers and steroids. This was all done in the name of silencing political dissidents. He would later become a key figure in a war against a interstellar alliance of extraterrestrials in an effort to crush their religious beliefs, leading some of them to believe he was demon. Before the war was over, he would destroy more than one of the aliens holy artifacts and drive them to the point of civil war. Eventually developed a habit of doing things simply because a voice in his head told him to. [[spoiler:Master Chief, ''Halo'']]

[[folder:Space Lizard]]
* A doctor who can't let go of anything who lost his chance with the target of his stalker obsession and decides to risk the life of everyone he knows and undo everything positive that happened to them in an effort to reset time itself and get another chance with his "love". [[spoiler: Jack Shepard, ''Lost'']]

* This girl thoroughly enjoyed violence even at the age of nine. She became obsessed with another young girl and assaulted her until her victim gave in to her advances. As an adult, she trains ChildSoldiers using brutal methods, and once even attacked her own daughter. [[spoiler: Takamachi Nanoha, from ''MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha'']]

[[folder:Spidey 3000]]
* A spirit of vengeances summoned by eco-terrorists to do their dirty work for them. [[spoiler:Captain Planet]]
* An insane, military feminist with horrible parenting skills. Her crimes include blowing up a computer factory, trying to kill an innocent man, and probably possession of illegal firearms as well. [[spoiler:Sara Conner, Terminator]]
* A mentally ill jerkass who, amoung other things, lead his girlfriend, his sister, and two young lovers to a cabin in the woods; where he ended up dismembering them with a chainsaw. The next day, he opens fire at innocent civilians, does more dismembering, and another innocent girl who was just looking for her father died by his hand. By the end of the series, he had unleashed horrible evils on the world (twice), engaged in self-cannibalism (along with self-mutilation), pretty much taken over a medeival society after disrespecting their king and getting them to think he's their messiah; nearly gotten everyone in said society killed due to negligence...oh, and theivery; show severe disrespect for the dead (though he doesn't respect the living much either), slepth with someone that could have been his great grandmother for all he knew; flung said woman off a castle with a spear after insulting her cause she apparently wasn't as good looking as she was when he banged her; stolen dangerous ancient literature; and gunned down an old lady in broad daylight in the middle of a crowded store...which he wasn't punished in anyway, and was infact praised as a hero. [[spoiler: Ash J. Williams, from the Evil Dead trilogy]]
* A whiney brat working at a dead end job for an evil organization. Only has two friends, one of whom he kills after finding out she was stealing from him. [[spoiler: Roxas, from [[VideoGame/KingdomHearts358DaysOver2 Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days]]]]

[[folder:Spiri Tsunami]]
* Teenager breaks into a restricted area along with his best friend and his LoveInterest, steals the four {{MacGuffin}}s that control the world's elemental forces, then goes on a quest to prevent a group that includes said love interest's long-lost brother from using said elemental powers to replenish the world's mana and prevent it from slowly wasting away into nothing. Later proves to be willing to go to any lengths to accomplish his goals, including attacking and nearly killing both of his LoveInterest's parents and his ''own'' father. [[spoiler:Isaac, ''Golden Sun''.]]
* AxCrazy PsychoForHire kills numerous foreigners, [[UnfortunateImplications none of whom are white]], in the name of [[PatrioticFervor America]], and is perfectly willing to kill his fellow Americans as well if they don't cooperate with him. No one is safe from his wrath, not even the President of his beloved United States. [[spoiler:Jack Bauer, ''24'']]
* A group of minors rebel against their parents and eventually become [[SelfMadeOrphan self-made orphans]], killing the one member of their group that remained loyal to his parents in the process. They then get a message from the future about someone who will one day become a supervillain that will slay countless superheroes...and immediately induct him onto their team, helping him destroy ''his'' father. [[spoiler:The ''Runaways'']]

* A boy decided to follow around a {{Shotacon}} assassin with a {{BFS}}. Later, he abandoned her to hang out with two of the biggest villains in the series. Years later, he began traveling while using a little girl to find the enemies he wanted to kill. Once he was put in prison, he tried to beat up two little girls who opened his cell and proceeded to brutally attack the guards of the prison. [[spoiler: Raki from Claymore.]]

[[folder:St Fan]]
* A cold-blooded killer, this man has pursued numerous missions of infiltration, spying, kidnapping, sabotage and assassination. He's known to use aggressive psychic powers to inflict pain on his victims. His gross negligence led to the death of many a trusting companion -- including soldiers under his command -- and repeated shipwrecks. This reject student of a once-noble organization suspiciously survived the massacre of his peers. Since then, he granted himself undeserved ranks in his now-extinct order, none of his superiors having survived to rein him in. Guilty of many cases of murder, looting, mount thief, resistance to law enforcement and prison escape. Salvaged for his own usage a few precious artifacts, including one that is the rightful legacy of his birth country. Directly responsible for the death of several heads of states. His most heinous crime is certainly the terrorist annihilation of a whole capital city with a weapon of mass destruction. He brought the bomb there under a traitorous disguise, which also permitted him just before this the cowardly killing of the city's rightful ruler -- inducing the genocide of said ruler's entire race. He hadn't stopped at this, and is since pursuing the persecution of at least two religious cults, one of nature-loving druids and another waiting for the return of their messiah, out of bigotry. [[spoiler:Lone Wolf]]

[[folder: Starshock]]
* This young woman deserts her family to join a glorified street gang. She is TooDumbToLive, and would be dead if not the "hero." She is stupid and proud of her ignorance, considering all who value intelligence and wisdom as evil. As part of the hazing for this band of thugs, she jumps off a train- a ritual highly disrespectful to those who end their lives by jumping- earning the title of "First Jumper" and forgets all about the other girl who fell right near her and died. She, along with her jerk of a boyfriend who she treats as an accessory, lead a string of riots in a barely-justified revolt. She murders the brilliant head of a rival faction, who is only a WellIntentionedExtremist at her worst. This action launches her country into anarchy, which she fully endorses. She dies a foolhardy death that is calculatingly disguised as a HeroicSacrifice so that she will be remembered fondly. The triumph of anarchy and chaos in her home city after her death is treated as good. [[spoiler: Tris Prior, Divergent trilogy]]

* A heavily scarred former preteen rebel who indoctrinates children into a cultish form of patriotism and child soldierhood. [[MemeticBadass He has a fearsome reputation]] [[EnsembleDarkhorse despite being rarely seen.]] Some of his outstanding personality traits render him unsuitable for life as a soldier, but his skills themselves are great--he can see without sight and hide the truth in convincing illusions. Regularly rubs shoulders with wanted killers. [[FanPreferredCouple Commonly thought to be in a homosexual relationship with one of the world's most feared assassins.]] The protector and surrogate father figure of a savage EldritchAbomination in human form. [[spoiler: Umino Iruka, ''Naruto'' ]]
* This obsessive young woman spends most of her time around corpses, dated a deranged serial-killing master criminal, and helped fake the death of a self-proclaimed fraud and sociopath. [[spoiler: Molly Hooper, ''Sherlock'' ]]
* This EldritchAbomination possesses an innocent, God-fearing husband and father, rebels against the ultimate Good, commits nearly unprecedented amounts of fratricide, consorts with demons, twists a friend into a soulless monster, absorbs primeval Evil, and blasphemously claims the position of God, all out of a bizarre and contrary-to-his-culture rebellious streak and an obsessive love for a mass murdering member of an inferior species. [[spoiler: Castiel, ''Supernatural'']]
* This propaganda-spewing media mouthpiece for a dictatorship worships the Old Ones, lecherously stalks an innocent scientist, and may or may not be an EldritchAbomination. [[spoiler: Cecil Palmer, ''Welcome to Night Vale'']]
* This addle-headed probably-homosexual idiot lies to his friends, breaks the hearts of innocent women, commits numerous acts of petty theft and fraud, consorts with known hate-group leaders, and generally contributes nothing of any worth to society. Plays a mean piano, though. [[spoiler: Bertie Wooster, ''Jeeves and Wooster'']]

* A snarky jerk whose job consists of kidnapping and imprisoning for profit a group of sentient beings who are at worst harmless pranksters, risking the destruction of the universe each and every time, and uses illegal technology in order to keep said prison up and running. On a personal level, in his efforts to woo a client of his he comes off as a borderline sex offender. Dare to call him on any of this, and rather than offer any sort of real rebuttal, he'll just insult your masculinity. [[spoiler: Peter Venkman of the Ghostbusters]]
* An defense attorney who regularly steals from people as "evidence" and violates the right to privacy of everyone he meets, occasionally using supernatural means to pry into peoples' very hearts to do so. He regularly enlists the aid of preteen girls, including involving an 8-year-old child in grisly murder investigations. Whenever he's in a jam, which is far too often, he is willing to indulge in necromancy, allowing said preteens to lose their free will and become the puppet of his mentor with similarly unscrupulous habits. In his efforts to defend his clients by any means necessary, he nearly got an innocent woman sentenced to death and a thief completely off the hook thanks to a legal loophole. [[spoiler:Phoenix Wright, Franchise/AceAttorney]]

* A totalitarian ruler feared by all her subjects, even her closest associate. As if that weren't enough, she enjoys playing upon the anxieties of her subjects for her own amusement. Twice she has foreseen the coming of great nationwide disasters, yet rather than use her position and incredible magical power to warn and protect her subjects, she forces a group of young, neurotic students to solve it themselves. Later, when she witnessed a young lady and three unconscious stunt fliers falling to their death, she didn't lift a finger to save them. She banished her younger sister, who was incredibly lonely and simply yearning for some friends, to an offworld exile worthy of an entry on AndIMustScream. [[spoiler:Princess Celestia, ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'']]

* When he's not too busy with slaughter, in which he shows no mercy, his main pastime is {{Wangst}}. His father once was given a quest to retrieve a sacred relic, and he gave it to the first complete stranger who asked. His family was punished because he helped an enemy... who was "happy" about it enough to start a no-holds-barred vendetta. [[labelnote:1]]Though it seems they reconciled, ''summoned'' creatures [[ and spirits]] usually aren't considered free-willed, oops.[[/labelnote]] He hunts down a helpless slave and returns him to the owner who killed said slave after a little while, no questions asked[[labelnote:2]][[ here]],1.11[[/labelnote]]. His religious life is even more interesting: he says a childish blasphemous boast, but when meeting an avatar (who treated him better than his own family did) of the deity in whose face he promised to repeat it, admires and obeys instead... Granted, he knew not whom he met, but not due to deception, only his ignorance: the clergy hearing his report of this over-the-top omen has no doubts. [[labelnote:3]][[ here]],1.1[[/labelnote]] It's not clear whether he understood this later or not, but he didn't took his words back, even became hostile to anyone associated with this faith. Still, when he joins an army of ''yet another'' enemy of his homeland, a deity's personal servant asked by a ''very'' favored ReasonableAuthorityFigure to kill him didn't even bother to try, instead going after another foe. His little personal war with the deity smiling upon him before and still sparing his life continued, even though his own city's history proves it's [[EnforcedColdWar the only thing standing between most of his kind and a civil war ending in or followed by genocide]]. This guy really dislikes his own kin -- while routinely exploiting advantages his blood gives him for all their worth -- so much that he never associates even with those of creed similar to his own, of whom many are proud of their ancestry and one got an epic-scale quest just to keep it with her. He frequently pushes himself in murderous rage on purpose, which in his case looks like a worse idea than usually, what with having enough of demon blood to react differently on not demon-specific magic [[labelnote:4]][[ see here]][[/labelnote]]. Also, inspired more than one annoying tendency in fandom, but at least ''this'' isn't his fault. [[spoiler:I didn't even bother to stretch facts using WeaselWords. There's no need to paint black this [[BigDamnHeroes Big Damn Hero]] [[Literature/TheDarkElfTrilogy Drizzt Daermon N'a'shezbaernon]], just getting him in [im]proper light works fine.]]
** You don't really GET this page, do you?

[[folder:Tangent 128]]
* This psychopathic sorceress with a reptilian familiar masquerades as a schoolteacher. The world at large remains blissfully unaware of the terrifying "lessons" her students are subjected to daily. [[spoiler: Ms. Frizzle, ''The Magic School Bus'']]

* A young girl who rampaged through the countryside and killed several people (including the leader of a country), fought off another person for control of the country, and finally dismantled the country's system of government. [[spoiler: Hikaru ShidoÂŻ, ''Magic Knight Rayearth'']]

* A young girl completely disrespects people's cultures, becomes an eco-terrorist, and berates her own brother for siding with the reasonable pacifist of the band because she wants to avenge her mother. Not counting all those people she could've possibly killed, those two boys she mercilessly froze, the government she helped topple and thus create chaos, and the fact she thinks herself mightier than everyone else to the point everyone thinks she's too motherly, except maybe the bald freak who loves her [[spoiler: Katara, the bald "freak " is Aang ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' ]]
* A little dinosaur child questionably leads four other young dinosaurs on a quest to a perhaps unreachable place on just the "spirit of his mother", unreasonably scares one of these children, and commits murder out of vengeance on creature [[PunchClockVillain only trying to survive]] [[spoiler: Littlefoot,''TheLandBeforeTime'']]
* A rash young cat meddles in everyone's affairs, hurts the one he loves most in a self-righteous act of who he sees as strong and weak, murders a pint-sized cat, walks through enemy ground freely as if he owns the place, also he feeds an enemy. Yet he gets Nine lives, becomes a leader, and everyone who hates him dies horribly. [[spoiler: Firestar, ''Literature/WarriorCats'']]
* A seemingly cute mouse, sends a friendly but clumsy crow to horrible torture at the hands of her own children [[spoiler: Mrs. Brisby,''TheSecretOfNimh'']]
* This guy is really messed up, I mean really he gambles, then he cheats at gambling, what for? So he can abduct a child who is clearly living large just because of some silly instinct. Not only that but doing so defies the very organization he works for, who are clearly the good guys. After that he consorts with a questionable ruler who won't even reveal herself truly, oh and he endangers an adolesecent and by dying puts said adolesecent up against an elite fighter who is clearly to dangerous. [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Oh and he ensures said child has the opportunity to become too powerful]]. [[spoiler: Qui-Gonn Jinn ''Film/ThePhantomMenace'' and yes I know Obi-Wan isn't actually a teenager but he sure does look so]]
* This guy has a very well paying job and a lot of great assets, but instead he uses them to help a convicted car thief who defrauds the police for a living and he insists on half the money. He also left his wife and lied to his friend about the whole thing. Also he broke into numerous safes. Oh [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and he tap dances too]] [[spoiler: Burton "Gus" Guster: {{Psych}}]]
* A red plumber meddles in the affairs of two warring sides, and kills the leader of the designated bad side, punches the daylights out of mushrooms who did no wrong, dries and floods a town as he pleases, vandalizes the home of walking cement blocks and murders their leader, drives eyes who only stared so crazy they flee, goes and kills some more spiders, destroys the top a pyramid, steals a vultures prized possession ,floods a caterpillars home, and ruins the well thought plan of dragon-turtle,all just for his helpless girlfriend. Yet for all his horrible acts he gets 100 lives and more power to perform treacherous acts. [[PiratesWhoDontDoAnything Did I forget to mention he didn't fix any pipes like he was supposed to]] [[spoiler: Mario , ''SuperMario64'']]
* This guy is a wanted criminal for the theft of confidential property, murders others frequently, and abandons his "friend" the minute he can. He practices black demon energy, most of the demons are terrified of his power, and he states it himself how he hates humans and wouldn't care doing away with them. Yet because he hangs out with the right people and is an effective swordsman, the administration lets him off too easily [[spoiler: Hiei, ''YuYuHakusho'']]

* This athlete was known for wearing his clothes in a reformed manner. He gave his signature maneuvers explicit names. He humiliated a businessman and eventually stole his most prized possession. He completely vandalized his property, and nobody ever changed it back. He became a proud athlete always showing off and his win-loss record made him predictable and boring in the eyes of his fans. He had also sent people flying through tables, off cars and into platforms, and once even threw a barrage of chairs on an innocent young man. He even beat up a man famous only because of his ex-wife, and an athlete in his field that later became a top Hollywood star. [[spoiler: John Cena ]]

[[folder:The Adept Rogue]]
* This cocky brat often barges in crime scenes without permission, and ultimately proceeds to make a fool of the police forces. He considers anyone less intelligent than him pathetic retards and completely disregards human life. He revels in encountering crime scenes, because people's death means nothing to this self-proclaimed detective, and each of them are just interesting puzzles he could make use to kill time. [[spoiler: obviously Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa from ''Manga/{{Detective Conan}}'']]
* A jealous whore who is overly possessive to the man she likes, but despite her obvious interest to him, is quick to insult, derail and yell at the guy. She tends to be suspicious whenever the guy had any other friends/acquaintances she doesn't know about, and would shamelessly confront that person to derail her, when she knows nothing about the issue. [[spoiler: Kazuha, also from {{Detective Conan}}]]
* An conceited punk who selfishly kills, maim, or destroy people who stand in his way. He justify his atrocities to "protect his friends", which he doesn't really know about, but is also quick to derail said friends. He never lets them to do anything help because it "endangers them", while he himself jumps headfirst into suicidal situation to honor his pride as a "fair and kind-hearted hero", and his actions often cause harm to both himself and the friends he swore to "protect". [[spoiler: Kurosaki Ichigo from Manga/{{Bleach}}]]
* This arrogant prick values his pride more than anything, and is willing to commit genocide against races, and would kill his own friends and family to defend it. He would also murder in cold blood anyone who dares think they are as good or better than him.[[spoiler: Byakuya Kuchiki from Manga/{{Bleach}}]]
* A psychopathic street urchin who would kill people who defames his people, is quick to use dangerous tricks to make himself famous. Is obsessed with this whore of a woman who shamelessly flirts with men for her own benefit, and would do anything for her affections, even if it means stealing and vandalizing properties of the men she flirts with, and interrupting their dates. But despite showing petty jealousy when this woman he barely knows about dates other men, he have no qualms having sex with countless of other women as well. He is also under the delusion that he's a genius prodigy, and thus is entitled to special treatment from others, and gets pissy when he does not get it. He also somehow believes that it is admirable to put people he doesn't like into humiliating situations, and often gets away with what he does quite lightly. [[spoiler: Kvothe from {{The Kingkiller Chronicles}}]]

* Formerly a power-hungry bastard who wanted to take over the world with his best friend (at the expense of his handicapped sister), he now is one of the most respected men on Earth despite regularly manipulating and putting young children in danger to further his own goals. [[spoiler: Dumbledore from ''Literature/{{Harry Potter}}'']]

[[folder:The Enmity Of Ages 1994]]
* This enigmatic immortal claims to be a healer, yet he regularly commits genocide against innocent peoples who only want a little law and order. He routinely charms innocent, beautiful young women away from their families with promises of seeing things they had never dreamed of. If seeing mass murder on a regular basis was something they never dreamed of, this would be correct. He manipulates his 'friends' and turns them into weapons as cruel and vicious as he. Bathed in the blood of a million galaxies, every race in the Universe lives in fear of him dropping out of the sky and ending their world. Believes himself to have the right to say ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem and destroy all who disagree with him. The greatest empire the Universe has ever seen formed to stop him. It wasn't enough. [[spoiler: The Doctor]].
* A man with vast magical powers and an even larger rap sheet. He has committed many acts of arson, murder, theft, kidnap, torture and other crimes too numerous to list, including the ritual murder of the mother of his child, genocide of an entire species and killing a being just for expressing an opinion he disagreed with. He also gives the metaphorical and literal middle finger to any authority figure he meets. [[spoiler: Harry Dresden]].

[[folder: The G Dude]]
* An emotionally unstable young woman of deviant sexuality who tried to break up a relationship out of jealousy because her unrequited love was part of it. [[spoiler: Shiina "Misha" Mikado, ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo'']]

[[folder:The Great Pie]]
* A man who brainwashed millions into thinking they were entitled to everything. [[spoiler: Mister Rogers. And really, since this is freaking MISTER ROGERS this is as far as I can possibly go to demonize him.]]

[[folder:The Hero Hartmut]]
* An invader from another planet who enslaved an entire species, and used them to rob this planet of its resources in order to help repay his company's debt (not even stopping once it's been repaid). Sits back on the sidelines while his "army" is forced to attack the planet's indigenous wildlife, devoid of the basic compassion to so much as commemorate any who may have died in the resulting battles. Once their purpose has been served, he callously discards his slaves and leaves them to fend for themselves against their enemies. Frequently employs cowardly tactics such as attacking creatures in their sleep, assaulting from behind, or even cutting down those that pose no threat to him. Has no qualms about interfering with the local ecosystem, so long as it means furthering his own selfish needs. [[spoiler: Captain Olimar, particularly in ''Pikmin 2'']]
* A clone of a super soldier who relies on cowardly sneaking tactics to subdue his enemies. Often issued a tranquiliser gun by his superiors in a bid to help resolve matters in a relatively peaceful manner, but this does nothing to dissuade him from killing in cold blood, whether through the use of firearms, explosives or his bare hands. Fought his twin brother to the death and killed his best friend's love interest. Proven to be highly dangerous; had to be discretely injected with a virus that will ultimately end his life. [[spoiler: Solid Snake, as at the end of ''Metal Gear Solid'']]

[[folder:The Jackal]]
* [[IdiotHero Mentally challenged]] former nurse with [[SuperpowerLottery immense power]] and an [[HowDoIShotWeb inability to use it]]. Almost destroyed an entire city before being stopped by his brother's HeroicSacrifice then came close to releasing a virus that would cause TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt. And abandoned his girlfriend in a {{Dystopia}}n future. [[spoiler:Peter Petrelli, ''Heroes'']]
* {{Geek}}y, {{time travel}}ling office worker who steals a valuable sword of immense historical significance from a wealthy businessman then goes into the past and convinces his boyhood hero to do a FaceHeelTurn. [[spoiler:Hiro, ''Heroes'']]

[[folder:The Joker]]
* This character apparently burned his own race, fled intergalactic councils in the middle of a crisis and known for making deals involving rehoming homicidal aliens. Turned Earth away from a golden age through a petty feud, and had a secret organization set up simply to deal with him. [[spoiler:The Doctor, ''Dr Who'']]
* A vicious pirate who had his rival marooned on an island. The only supporter of his rival was strapped to a cannon and blown off the edge. [[spoiler:Captain Barbossa, ''Pirates of the Caribbean'']]
** Uh, [[spoiler:Barbossa]]'s not the hero?

[[folder:The Myotis]]
* A {{stripperific}}ally dressed [[BlackMagicianGirl dark sorceress]] with a carrion-bird motif whose incredible powers are fueled by negative emotions, she is the spawn of a demon lord and a virtual [[TheAntichrist antichrist]] destined to bring about the rise of said demon lord and subsequent apocalypse. When not honing her foul magics (which allow her a GreenLanternRing worth of abilities, including intangibility, inter-dimensional travel, levitation, and even MindRape) she hangs around a extremely destructive gang of minors, who live alone on a small rocky island, and enact their own brand of vigilante justice upon various businessmen and scientists in a nearby city, without the approval or supervision of any adults or authority figures. When she does bring about said apocalypse (in which she is partly compliant) and it is reversed, she is quickly forgiven by her allies. Yet even amongst her compatriots, she is often antisocial and excessively cynical, to the point of physically abusing the small boy who is the closest thing she has to a love interest. [[spoiler: Raven, ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'']]
* A spoiled, manipulative and extremely arrogant RoyalBrat with serious daddy issues, this boy decides to try and destroy his birth nation for the sake of a personal vendetta. This he does by first gaining a powerful form of occult mind-control from a immortal witch-like creature, and then taking over several murderous terrorist organizations from his birthnation's former enemy, one noted for its nationalists and psychopaths, by hiding his identity and claiming to be their liberator. He ends up murdering his brother and almost killing his former best friend on several occasions, and when his destructive revolution is almost successful, he abandons his loyal soldiers for selfish personal reasons and allows them to be defeated and captured, and for his birthnation to enact terrible retributions against them. He then repeats the process, this time overthrowing a peaceful neighboring nation and then forcibly taking control of a plethora of smaller countries to form his own personal empire, ordering a entire city of mostly young children massacred in the process. He eventually ends up [[SelfMadeOrphan murdering both his parents]], despite their truthful assurances that they do love for him, and becomes the leader of the nation he sought to destroy all along, slaughtering its noble class, and averting what could have been a utopia. Despite these crimes, he is treated as not just a hero of the series but as a virtual antiheroic [[DarkMessiah messiah]]. [[spoiler: Lelouch vi Britannia, ''Code Geass'']]

[[folder:The Poppy Bros Sr]]
* Heir to a lush island, this greedy aristocrat immediately gathered a vigilante group when a passing space sorcerer had expressed interest in the island's favorite sport, to forcefully claim the island as his now that his parents were incapacitated. He shamelessly befouled and looted the island's diverse locations and beat the island's guardians senseless, stealing their pieces of a sacred relic. He deluded his friends into thinking that their destructive habits are for the island's well being. In their first encounter, he terrorized and pounded the hapless sorcerer into the dust, forcing him to flee the island. After nearly murdering his own friends for posession of another sacred relic, he relentlessly pursued the sorcerer to his home planet. There, he ruined the planet like he had his home, and pummeled the sorcerer again, trapping him on the planet's moon. [[spoiler: Timber the Tiger, [[DiddyKongRacing Diddy Kong Racing]]]]

[[folder:The Tail Kinker]]
* He started his career by abandoning his responsibilities and hijacking transport with the express intent of violating his homeland's greatest laws. The least reprehensible of this monster's negative traits is his tendency to attract young women - sometimes kidnapping them - and then abandoning them when he gets tired of them, usually dumping them a long way from home. He even treats members of his own family in this manner. He is known to gloat over his intellect, his viciousness, his lack of mercy. He states that he is against genocide, but has himself been responsible for the extinction of over twenty intelligent species, including his own. He kills not for survival, but to fit a twisted sense of morals that even his closest friends frequently find repugnant. Armies have been raised against him, and even creatures who acknowledge that they are monsters view him as something worse than themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you [[spoiler: the Doctor, of [[Series/DoctorWho Doctor Who]]]].

[[folder:The Tambourine Man]]
* The head of a large group of assassins. At age seven, she killed a large portion of her village. She later betrayed orders and joined someone trying to destroy her world. Her actions caused the destruction of a large port and the deaths of many. She also assaulted a girl who she claimed had saved her life earlier, and routinely attacks a man for showing interest in her.[[spoiler:Sheena Fujibayashi, Tales of Symphonia]]

[[folder: The Tea Must Flow]]
* When sent as an ambassador to defuse a highly dangerous situation, this man forgot his duty entirely, instead choosing to chase a woman already engaged to a local authority. His negligence caused a needless battle and the destruction of a city. Out of misguided guilt and misplaced loyalty, he betrayed his comrades-in-arms (who had justly imprisoned him for his dereliction of duty) and persuaded a horde of tribals to fight a needless and costly war against his former employers (by manipulating their local legends, destroying all they had worked hard to build and killing most of his former allies, denying the tribes who now hailed this ManipulativeBastard as their `saviour` the benefits of technology. [[spoiler: Jake Sully from Avatar]]
* A convicted criminal, this individual stood by and watched the rightful Emperor die to an assassin's blade. This person then went on to:
** Become the leader of a mercenary company, an arrogant and intolerant group of mages, a cabal of assassins who worship `the Void`, and a shadowy criminal organisation,
** Take part in brutal gladiatorial combats for gold and their own amusement,
** Viciously hunt down and wipe out a religious organisation for it's radical views,
** By a series of atrocities, become, quite appropriately, a literal God of Madness
** It's... [[spoiler: The Player Character of [[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOBlivion Oblivion]]]]

[[folder:The Toon Geekette]]
* An aging laborer routinely steals body parts from the remains of others of his kind and has arguably bad taste in movies. He stalks the object of his obsession and becomes involved in a scheme to prevent an authority figure from trying to do his job. [[spoiler: WALL-E]]
** The above-mentioned object of obsession: an initially emotionless being who will shoot anyone or anything that gets in her way. [[spoiler: EVE]]
* A group of people mostly fixated on tearing apart the work of others, sometimes literally. They tend to celebrate special occasions by either beating the crap out of each other, conquering entire nations, or trying to obtain powerful artifacts for the sake of profit.[[spoiler:The contributors of Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses]]
** Their numbers include:
*** A temperamental, constantly-swearing man who takes delight in making fun of children's media icons, and fires his gun with reckless abandon. Has been responsible for numerous deaths, and even a few nuclear explosions. [[spoiler:WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic]]
*** The above's female counterpart who, in addition to also making fun of people's childhood hero(ines), has made jokes about sensitive material such as rape, and also constantly invades her best friend's personal space and privacy. [[spoiler:WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick]]
*** A man who may or may not be a megalomaniacal MadScientist. He has earned the ire of many for making fun of a series of beloved video games, has occasionally been a part of an evil group of undead, zombie-like beings, and, on top of it all, is a serial date-rapist. [[spoiler:The Spoony One]]
*** He constantly tries to prove his gender by punching people in the stomach, owns a variety of deadly weapons, and has been responsible for at least one book burning. In one reality, he even drove his own RobotBuddy to the point of madness through his tendency to go berserk over fiction. [[spoiler:Linkara]]
*** A crazed Frenchman who abuses his roommate/brother/son/lover/pet on a regular basis. [[spoiler:Benzaie]]
*** An unstable drug addict who tries to mooch off of others. [[spoiler:Chester A. Bum]]
*** A man utterly indifferent to scenes of brutal torture and death, including his own. [[spoiler:Phelous]]
*** A man who was widely known for provoking flame wars before gaining even more infamy in his unwavering support of a mad dictator. [[spoiler:Film Brain]]
*** A man with ridiculously high standards whose reaction to most scenes of brutal gore and sexual content can usually be described as merely "unimpressed". He once praised [[Film/SaloOrThe120DaysOfSodom a film featuring torture, sexual abuse, and coprophagy]], and he was once banished from a nation for treason. [[spoiler:The Cinema Snob]]
* A huge, ferocious monster who tends to be a bit of a selfish, stubborn brat. He throws an old man into his dungeon simply for seeking shelter from a storm, and only lets him out on the condition that the man's only daughter has to take his place. Later, he's responsible for her suitor's death. Also, he goes into violent fits of rage over a flower. [[spoiler: The Beast, Disney's ''Beauty And The Beast'']]
* The heir to a kingdom, he starts out cocky, reckless, and a bit egotistical. Later, he proves to be a coward in the face of danger, and runs away from his problems, choosing instead to live a live of hedonism with a couple of slobs. When he finally returns home, he gets into a fight with his uncle, leading to his brutal death. [[spoiler: Simba, ''The Lion King'']]
* A former nobleman who, upon arriving on an island, enslaves its two inhabitants - one who constantly asks for his freedom, and the other who points out that the island should technically be ''his''. Years later, upon finding out his brother is sailing nearby, the man orders one of his slaves to create a vicious storm in order crash the ship onto the island, so that he may murder the brother in question. He also acts like a complete prick to his daughter's boyfriend, despite him being a genuinely nice guy. [[spoiler: Prospero, Shakespeare's ''The Tempest'']]
* A group of hired killers willing to slaughter their own clones/twins/doppelgangers/whatever. They consist of an annoying youth who clubs people to death with a baseball bat, a man who faked his military status and slaughtered many supposed enemies years after the war, a pyromaniac who constantly hides his/her identity, a Soviet glutton who gleefully mows down his enemies with a BFG, a drunk Scotsman responsible for the death of his adoptive parents, a possible MadScientist who cut off one of his own limbs and replaced it with a powerful weapon (disregarding his employer's orders to build said weapon), a sadistic Nazi-esque MadDoctor who seems to disregard the Hippocratic oath, an assassin who claims not to have feelings and uses his own bodily fluids in battle, and a chain-smoking, backstabbing Magnificent Bastard. [[spoiler:The classes of ''Team Fortress 2''...wait, that was ''way'' too easy.]]
* A stubborn loner who kills or otherwise incapacitates everyone that helps or tries to help her, including her only friend. Also responsible for the deaths of many adorable, childlike creatures. [[spoiler:Chell, ''Portal'']]
* These characters once fought a princess who was merely feeling unappreciated by her subjects. Also, each one of them has been the cause, or at least connected to, some kind of crisis in their hometown [[spoiler: The cast of ''My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic'']]
** The leader of the group: she spent the majority of her life shunning social interaction, and once tried to defy a royal order simply because she didn't want to make time for it. Her magical abilities have proven to be incredibly dangerous to those around her (even her own parents!) should she ever lose control. [[spoiler: Twilight Sparkle]]
** A stubborn hick who potentially injured her friend, poisoned dozens of unsuspecting townsfolk, and caused a major stampede all within the span of a few days. [[spoiler: Applejack]]
** An arrogant, yet very lazy jock who was the cause of two major explosions, the first of which had long-lasting effects on several bystanders. [[spoiler: Rainbow Dash]]
** A vain lady who once put her friends in humiliating outfits, and passive-aggressively manipulated a race of miners into letting her take all their valuables. [[spoiler: Rarity]]
** She once stole the beloved pet of a monarch, and can intimidate anyone and anything with a deathly stare. Also, once brought in an invasive species into the environment, causing massive destruction. [[spoiler: Fluttershy]]
** A possible reality-warper who once caused a battle between two parties who probably would have been willing to talk out their differences if it had not been for her interference. Has also shown hints of a darker, more psychotic personality lying dormant inside her, waiting for the right trigger to bring it out. [[spoiler: Pinkie Pie]]
*** Their allies are no less innocent; one of them is a fire-breathing monster who once tried to frame someone for murder. [[spoiler: Spike]]
*** Another is a supreme ruler who once imprisoned a family member over her inferiority complex, and has been known to essentially troll her subjects. [[spoiler: Princess Celestia]]
*** Labelled by some as an "evil enchantress", she dwells in a forest known for its variety of vicious, terrifying creatures, and spends her days brewing mysterious potions. She once refused to help a town being devastated by a swarm of omnivorous creatures, and has long inspired much fear into the hearts of innocents. [[spoiler: Zecora]]
*** An omnipresent force in the land where all these characters dwell. She has proven to be a hazard to those around her, once crushing an innocent bystander multiple times. She is seen everywhere, sometimes in multiple places at once, and it is entirely possible she can ''see'' multiple places at once, so good luck sneaking up on her. You cannot escape her - she will appear when you least expect it, where no one would think to look for anyone or anything notable. Even outside the confines of this fictional land she resides in, her influence is widespread, particularly among those from one of the most infamous wretched hives of scum and villainy on the Internet. Her motives, thoughts, and, indeed, entire background are a mystery - no one knows who she really is, or what she wants. Truly, she is a force to be reckoned with. [[spoiler:Derpy Hooves]]

[[folder:The Violent Tomboy]]
* A boy who has an Oedipus Complex pretty much screws over all existance (not to mention his own parents), as we know it for the sake of a girl who he's barely met. [[spoiler:the original Syaoran from ''Tsubasa'']]

* A deranged mechanoid who ignores the desperate pleas of a slave race rebelling against its evil overlord, instead choosing to eradicate countless alien species in pursuit of its own selfish desires. Its actions lead directly to the death of two of the only three "friendly" lifeforms in the entire galaxy. [[spoiler:The robot from the VideoGame/RobotWantsSeries]]

* This person spends inordinate amounts of time on the internet, endlessing picking apart and misrepresenting works of fiction and culture. This person rabidly attacks some works, then claims scorn for those who take disliking a work to seriously. They will hold up any slightly impressive achievement as if it should be considered amoung the most titanic moments in history or a work of fiction. They openly acknowledge that their pastime ruins lives.[[spoiler: [[ThisLoserIsYou You.]]]]

* A cute little creature that corrupts the fabric of time and space in order to save the princess. [[spoiler: Main protagonist from ''Eversion'']]
* A surgeon who operates his patients with unusual and unsterilized tools, like pizza cutters and lighters. [[spoiler: Alan Probe from ''Amateur Surgeon'']]

[[folder:Tony Branston]]
* This prick of unknown origins is known to have introduced many people to a variety of drugs reserved for medical use and is suspected of stealing clothes, despite already having an elaborate, expensive wardrobe. His only contacts we've seen are a hooker and some idiot who says he's an American tourist. [[spoiler: Agent 47. I'm assuming antiheroes count if my reasons are petty enough.]]

* This man spends his time researching new ways to kill people. Wherever he goes, people die. [[spoiler:Stoppard Sterling, the ''Finnegan Zwake'' series]]
* His single-minded focus on achieving his childhood dream caused him to break all the rules of his society and at least a few laws, abandon his girlfriend, endanger his coworkers, humiliate his younger brother, and possibly contribute to his roommate's suicide. He considers all of this a good thing. [[spoiler:Vincent Freeman, ''Gattaca'']]
* Motivated by their desire to humiliate their old boss, these vigilantes cause massive collateral damage every time they meddle in police business. [[spoiler:The Swat Kats]]
* She ignores, and even outright defies, the orders of commanding officer to risk her life assisting her uncle's rivals, a pair of dangerous criminals. [[spoiler:Felina Feral; ''Swat Kats'']]
* Most people would call this man ''extremely'' inhuman. He was a talented pickpocket as a child and joined the army for the pillaging. [[spoiler:Nobby Nobbs, ''Discworld'']]

* A sarcastic, borderline psychopath who has a crush on her "best friend", and she shows it by constantly teasing and having him injured. And when he almost choked to death, she stood by and did nothing but smile. And when he was attacked by a GiantSpider, she did nothing to help him. Oh, and she decapitated him on one occasion, leaving him to flail around without a head. All this, coming from [[EnfantTerrible a ten-year-old]] [[KidsAreCruel girl.]] [[spoiler:June, ''KaBlam'']]

[[folder:Train Dodger]]
* A precocious youth who bullies her peers into becoming her friends. She skips school and lies to her parents about her actions and her whereabouts in order to learn how to practice destructive witchcraft at the behest of a talking, psychic ferret. She wields an intelligent wand that ''also'' talks, concealing itself as a harmless necklace when not in use. With her newfound powers, she assists a totalitarian government from another dimension in assaulting a woman's home and kidnapping her daughter so that one of their officers may take custody of said daughter; as though they were her legal guardian ''all along''. Next, she viciously attacks a group of Good Samaritans who were doing a donation drive for a wheelchair-bound little girl with paralysis in her legs. Her sinister deeds even prompted one of the volunteer workers to refer to her as a literal devil. Years later, she joins the armed forces of the aforementioned trans-dimensional totalitarian government and becomes an expert at brainwashing teens, turning them into living weapons with her hellish training techniques. During one exercise, she nearly put one of her students into a coma with a blast of eldritch energy from the tip of her finger. Clearly, this form of abuse was fully endorsed by her superiors, as she was never reprimanded for it. Once their training is complete, she assists in leading these children against a brilliant researcher whose work could save countless lives. Despite being arguably mentally-unfit to be a parent, she adopts a child who later turns to mimicking her adoptive mother's reckless, mean-spirited behavior. Years afterward, she hunts down a very unfortunate group of people infected with a magical curse that turns its victims into blobs of meat, obviously intent on capturing them alive so that they may be dissected for further study. [[spoiler:Takamachi Nanoha, ''Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha'']]
* A dangerous terrorist endowed with supernatural powers, who makes a hobby out of demolishing state-of-the-art medical research facilities. Her masterful control over electricity and electromagnetism allows her to spoof CCTV cameras and other electronics, giving her the ability to move through areas with heavy surveillance and ruthlessly vandalize the private property contained therein whilst remaining completely undetected. By using her ability to accelerate ferrous objects well beyond the speed of sound, she could potentially kill someone with something as innocuous as a coin or game token, and keeps many of these on her person to use as ammunition. She takes great pleasure in [[ElectricTorture torturing her friends with electric shocks]]. [[spoiler: Misaka Mikoto, ''To Aru Kagaku No Railgun'']]

* A man wakes up in the middle of nowhere, with no memory of who he is, but his first instinct is to destroy. He begins cutting down trees to make the tools for more destruction, building a mine to create a house which is several times larger than it needs to be because the man is greedy. The natives of this land try to stop him, some even sacrificing themselves to kill him, but no matter how many times he 'dies', he keeps reappearing. He considers all inhabitants of the land - those who fight him, those who trade with him, and even animals - to be nothing more than a means of getting resources. He eventually builds a portal to the depths of hell, which, once again, is for the soul purpose of getting resources. If he stays down there long enough, he may find enough resources to summon a god-like, undead being. He summons it purely for the sake of killing it, endangering every living being in the land. One of his cruelest deeds is slaughtering dozens of tall, innocent creatures who can't even swim, just for the sake of stealing their treasure and using it to build a new portal, one that leads to their home dimension, ''again, just for the sake of killing their leader.'' When their leader is dead, he goes home and does more building. [[spoiler: Steve?, ''Minecraft'']]

[[folder:Trombone Child]]
* Abandoned his two sons at random points in their childhoods for days on end to fight evil. When the boys got older, he trained them like soldiers. Then he disappeared for nearly a year when they were grown and deliberately chose ''not'' to contact them. [[spoiler:John Winchester, ''Supernatural'']]
* She deliberately stabbed and killed her boyfriend after he came back from TheDarkSide. She ignored her second boyfriend after awhile, and then emotionally abused her third boyfriend until she nearly drove him to rape. He tried to become a better man for her, but she shunned him anyway. Then she finally confessed her love for him as he was [[HeroicSacrifice saving the world]]. She also kills [[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman non-human beings]] indiscriminately. [[spoiler:Buffy Summers, ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'']]

[[folder:Twenty Two Sevenths]]
* A crazed man, to start. He is completely responsible for the death of his ''entire race'', and almost wiped out several dozen more. The most notable of these almost-genocides is one particular race where he wiped out all but four or so. However, it does get slightly better: the race still exists, but only due to excessive time travel and cloning. He constantly abducts women, forcing them to come along with him. Most of these people end up dying, but usually and thankfully come back. When he gets tired of these unfortunate women, he just dumps them off, abandoning them. Occasionally, he wipes their memory, but that can either be counted as a blessing or a curse. His means of transportation is a literally one of a kind vehicle, seeing as how the rest of them were either decommissioned or destroyed by him. That doesn't sound too bad, right? [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Well, he stole it.]] So who is this twisted man, you ask? Why, none other then our own [[spoiler: Doctor, of Series/DoctorWho fame.]]
* This man is a convicted criminal. He is a thief, he disregards many laws, and he impersonates authority figures. He uses many aliases, though to his credit, many of them are [[AwesomeMcCoolname epic.]] Despite all this, he works for the police. How is this possible, though? I'll tell you in just one word: lies. Lies and deceit. He lies to all around him, girlfriend, boss, and mother included. The only ones who know the truth are his father and his best friend, but they keep their mouths shut, mainly because their afraid to come clean. If that isn't bad enough, his lies are spiritual in nature, claiming to have access to the afterlife and the spirit world. A certifiable JerkAss, this man deserves to have his badge taken away and brutally destroyed. This man is [[spoiler:Shawn Spencer, from {{Psych}}.]]
* To start things off, he is insane. No, really, he has a certifiable mental disorder. His entire career is based around him wanting to kill and/or brutally murder one man. He brings the ones he loves into constant danger. And, even though I admit this is bit of a stretch, it has been discussed that he is the reason everyone in his town gets murdered. With that being said, his name is [[spoiler:Monk, from [[{{Monk}} the eponymous show.]]]]

[[folder:Twin Bird]]
* An obsessive body builder who frequently endangers his adopted children and uses physical force against his illicit female lover, spending considerable amounts of his corporate-earned money to more effectively brutalize mental patients. [[spoiler:Batman...again.]]
* A convicted car thief who willfully misrepresents himself to the the police department to escape further criminal charges while making his living by defrauding them. [[spoiler:Shawn Spencer.]]

* A young child who runs away from home and orders their companions to beat up wildlife, often capturing wounded specimens to aid an old man in his "research". Forces many of these creatures to undergo mutations in order to increase their power and make them better at beating up stronger wildlife. [[spoiler: the protagonist of just about every main series ''Pokémon'' game]]
* Traveled back in time to collect five artifacts that freeze time when removed from the places they were hidden in. Is known as a dangerous criminal in the time period they were originally from, and eventually convince an entire town to help them prevent the future from happening. Pissed off two of the universe's major deities, and their very presence creates a rift in the space-time continuum. [[spoiler: the player character from ''Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky'', though some of these things could also apply to Grovyle.]]

[[folder:Underlord Z]]
* Scores of young people, often not even out of their 20s, responsible for the downfall of over a dozen rulers and legitimate empires over the last 20 years. Utilizing countless HumongousMecha, they tear down their opponents with little to no remorse. They will survive and continue their reign of terror for the next 990 years, still having at least one active team in the 31st century. [[spoiler:The PowerRangers]]

[[folder: U No Who]]
* This notorious group is wanted all across the galaxy for crimes against humanity including brainwashing and terrorism. They also routinely attack law enforcement and have helped an entire prison's inmates escape. [[spoiler:{{AKB0048}}]]