'''[[caption-width-right:227:"[[ScaryFlashlightFace I'M THE]] [[NightmareFace ANTI-CHRIST]]"]]'''

* Damian, as pictured, on his EstablishingCharacterMoment and introduction to Cameron.
** Let us also mention that Cameron has a terrible case of Zoophobia and this very well qualified for her as a hearty-helping of Nightmare Fuel and ultimately cause her to have a HeroicBSOD.
* Hell, in general. While it has its quirky characters, the place is crawling with freakish monstrosities and foreboding landscapes. And then, there's SATAN himself...guh!
* The mere concept of being mysteriously transported to a world full of bizarre and dangerous beasts that you only thought to be true in myth and legend; suddenly existing unbeknownst to the rest of the human world is a pretty AndIMustScream fate to say the least. Now imagine having an overactive case of [[TitleDrop zoophobia]] and having to work at a school FILLED with animals and strange creatures who view humans as a lesser species. It certainly is YourWorstNightmare come true at this point.
** Also the fact that entities capable of incredible power and providence are surrounding you at all times is endless ParanoiaFuel.
* Kaycee could qualify. That demented CheshireCatGrin can be quite unsettling.
* Jack's curse. The guy can't die ''and'' is constantly in great pain. WordOfGod is that he can feel hunger and starvation and yet not die of malnourishment, and also suffers constantly from the pain from scabs and wounds. ''[[FateWorseThanDeath Ouch]]''.
* Hello, [[http://zoophobiacomic.com/post/127353939399 Brutis.]] [[HellishHorse Nice to meet you.]]
* [[http://zoophobiacomic.com/comic/venganza-2/ Venganza.]] From the blood dripping from her mouth to her [[http://zoophobiacomic.com/comic/simon-2/ sidekick]] to the creepy vibes [[http://zoophobiacomic.com/comic/fear-4/ she gives off while attacking Zill]], she makes sure she makes a lasting impression.