[[caption-width-right:350:[[SchmuckBait "Take a closer look"]] says the Prepper]]

* The whole premise of the game; if you die, you die for good. The player gets a broader view and a complete look at the story so far. But look at it from the next survivor's perspective; they're being sent out to collect items the last guy that died to get those resources. For reasons they probably have no clue about...then depending on the actions they've taken they'll be shouted at by The Prepper, a clearly unhinged individual who they depend on for survival.
* The Nursery, which is regarded as the scariest level in the whole game by several players. [[spoiler: Especially when you are nearing the medicine you were supposed to get. First, your Gamepad screen is covered in static for a brief second... and there is not a radar jammer in sight. Next, you fall through some rotting floorboards after you reach your goal. Finally, as you progress into the basement, the Prepper loses contact with you and your pad screen is completely in static, and you are in a dark room. And as you move through the basement to try and return, you encounter the source of your lack of radar... a zombie that seems to be aglow with electricity (pictured on the right), and very agile to boot]] And when you examine it after it is killed... [[spoiler: It temporarily springs back to life!]]
* The mission to get medicine to trade with Vikram for fuel [[spoiler: ends with the player returning to Vikram's house to find him already zombified and eating his own son. The worst part is that he is [[AndIMustScream somehow still able to speak and begs the player to finish him off.]]]]
* [[spoiler: The Arena. King Boris and his henchmen capture survivors and force them to fight zombies with hardly any weapons or gear.]] Now with FridgeHorror involved, [[spoiler: these monsters have been kidnapping survivors for a long time, and taking their supplies]]. Just goes to show you [[spoiler: how far they've crossed the MoralEventHorizon]].
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZJc9q77ptQ trailer]] for the game is a combination of Nightmare Fuel and TearJerker.
* [[spoiler:The Prepper himself becomes this towards the end. At first, he seems like your only friend in the ZombieApocalypse, but as the game goes on we see just how much of a CrazySurvivalist he is. From demanding you abandon the quest for the Panacea, to outright accusing his former allies, the Ravens of Dee, of being thieves and liars, then [[FreakOut flipping his shit]] when you attempt to "rescue" somebody, it quickly becomes clear that he doesn't care about anything other than himself and his own survival. By the end, he's reduced to a ranting, raving madman shrieking and screaming at you for being "ungrateful" and how he'll "show you and the Ravens".]]