[[caption-width-right:350: [- As [[NightmareRetardant obvious]] as this image is, it could be [[http://i.imgur.com/nfJRyiK.jpg much worse.]] -] ]]

* The end screen, as seen to the right, scared many at the time ([[NightmareRetardant or not]]), especially if if it's their first time seeing it. For those of you who are afraid to click on the link of the alternate image ([[NightmareFuel and with good reason,]]) [[spoiler: it's the same end screen as featured, only the words "GAME OVER. RETURN OF GANON" are significantly larger and written in a wilder-looking, slanted text and Ganon himself is even bigger, more hulking and ''way'' more menacing than before, the silhouettes of his eyes are more angry-looking and his nostrils also have silhouettes and are flared.]] Once you see it, you can't un-see it.
* Ganon's minions need to kill Link and use his blood as a sacrifice to revive Ganon. No matter where or how you die, if you do they succeed.
* In the Famicom version of the game, instead of the familiar silhouette of Ganon and the laughter, [[NothingIsScarier all you get is a pitch black screen proclaiming, "RETURN OF GANON. THE END," accompanied by a digitized roar.]]
* Throughout the series, we've seen Ganon [[JokerImmunity return quite a lot to say the least]] but this is the worst case scenario. Why? It's not only the return of Ganon but [[TheBadGuyWins Ganon has already won BEFORE he's even revived. The hero is dead, the Princess is in a permanent coma, unable to even reincarnate, the sages are nowhere to be seen. He's returning, COMPLETELY unopposed!]]
* The town of Old Kasuto provides quite an unpleasant shock the first time you enter it. You suspect something's wrong with the place when you see that the town is seemingly deserted, the sky is unusually dark, most buildings are decrepit and partially collapsed, and the "indoors" music is playing outside. But then you KNOW something's wrong ''when you suddenly start getting hurt for no reason''. [[spoiler:You're actually getting swarmed by powerful Moas that you can't see without the Cross artifact.]]
* [[http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100209235549/zelda/images/3/3d/Thunderbird.png This]] image of Thunderbird about to attack Link.
* Link's Shadow is pretty creepy if you're not expecting it. It's also a very hard fight unless you exploit his AI.