[[caption-width-right:300:Come on Grovy, give your girlfriend a kiss]]

* [[spoiler:Try Deserboss making a voodoo doll out of a guard in season 1 episode 24.]] It looks exactly like it's wiggling in pain, and it [[AndIMustScream couldn't even scream its pain away]].... When their job is over, [[spoiler:the possessed guards ''die and turn into dirt'']].
* The credits of the "Noximilien" special. A soft, melancholy tune plays as '''[[spoiler: a seizure-flashing insane Nox runs at the camera]]'''. [[SoundtrackDissonance "WHAT THE HELL" does not even begin to describe it.]]
* If [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds Nox]] isn't busy being [[TearJerker depressing]] or [[{{Badass}} kicking ass]], there's a good chance he's invoking this. One of the creepiest parts of the series is the beginning of Episode 24, where he puts on a [[TheDollEpisode cute little puppet show]] showing [[spoiler: his family and their death]] in a disturbing, childlike manner.
* the [[OurZombiesAreDifferent Thirsters]] from season 2, basically [[HorrorHunger forever-thirsty]] bamboo zombies that prowl the salty swamps that once were Pandalusia. oh, they're also intangible and so unkillable, and if they phase through you, you turn into one of them.
* Season 2 at first looks like it'll have a rather more goofy and hammy villain in Rushu, but then we meet the real baddie: [[spoiler:Qilby. If it's not that creepy-as-all-get-go trophy room, it's the fact he's spent a lot of time repeatedly murdering a twelve-year-old and his dragon brother. Then there's his transformation into his paler self with the Wakfu Arm, and he becomes a horrifyingly insane madman who was driven so insane, that in the past, he betrayed his people to a group of mechanical horrors. This is a show, you know, for kids.]]
* [[spoiler:Grougaloragran's]] scream at the end of "The Zinit".
* One of the few cartoon characters that managed to successfully creep me out. (im talking about Nox)