[[caption-width-right:300:Come on, Grovy, give your girlfriend a kiss.]]

* [[spoiler:Try Deserboss making a voodoo doll out of a guard in season 1 episode 24.]] It looks exactly like it's wiggling in pain, and it [[AndIMustScream couldn't even scream its pain away]].... When their job is over, [[spoiler:the possessed guards ''die and turn into dirt'']].
* The credits of the "Noximilien" special. [[SoundtrackDissonance A soft, melancholy tune]] plays as '''[[spoiler: a seizure-flashing insane Nox runs at the camera]]'''.
** Nox's transformation in the special. By the time Ogrest's Chaos happens [[spoiler:Nox has become a hunched back, rugged man whose movements are spastic and can appear anywhere without warning]].
* If [[KnightOfCerebus Nox]] isn't busy being [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds depressing]] or kicking ass, there's a good chance he's invoking this. One of the creepiest parts of the series is the beginning of Episode 24, where he puts on a [[TheDollEpisode cute little puppet show]] showing [[spoiler: his family and their death]] in a disturbing, childlike manner.
** If anything, he invokes this even then. It's as though the entire first season is his endgame where we the spectators get to watch him devolve into madness. The true outcome of living beyond what is natural.
* The [[OurZombiesAreDifferent Thirsters]] from season 2, [[HorrorHunger forever-thirsty]] bamboo zombies that prowl the salty swamps that once were Pandalusia. They're also intangible and if they phase through you, you turn into one of them.
* At first, Season 2 looks like it'll have a rather more humorous BigBad in the form of Rushu in contrast to Nox, but then we meet the real baddie: [[spoiler:Qilby. If it's not that creepy-as-all-get-go trophy room, it's the fact he's spent a lot of time repeatedly murdering a twelve-year-old and his dragon brother. Then there's his transformation into his paler self with the Wakfu Arm.]]
** On top of that, there's his manner of [[spoiler: going in and out of his portals]] in the season finale. Whereas [[spoiler:Yugo generally leaps athletically in and out of his, Qilby has the much more unsettling technique of staring straight into the camera with a manic expression while his portal opens to his left or right, then simply floating into it and out of sight.]] The overall effect is rather eerie.
* [[spoiler:Grougaloragran's]] scream at the end of "The Zinit".
* The Emporg's [[spoiler: destruction of the stadium is pretty horrifying, as you can quite clearly see ''people screaming and falling into the lava.'']]
* In the teasers for season 3, we see [[spoiler: Adamai, appearing older, taller, looking rather disturbing. It was sad to see him and Yugo fight but now after his FaceHeelTurn, he comes back looking corrupted and genuinely menacing.]]