[[caption-width-right:350:Hello boys and girls! Now that I'm free, I'm going to be the ''greatest of all time!'']]

* Though everyone in this series will end as NightmareFuel eventually, in ''Black'' the following people are especially worthy: [[MonsterClown Needles Kane]], [[BodyHorror No Face]], [[{{Yandere}} Bloody Mary]], [[SerialKiller Cage]], [[WeCanRebuildHim Charlie Kane]], [[AxCrazy Billy Ray]].
** Cage. The man's ambition? To be the greatest killer the world has ever known. But what does he want from Calypso? Brain surgery to remove that part of him that feels sad whenever he kills. Calypso's feeling generous, so he throws in something extra for a man with his consciousness literally stripped away - his hands replaced with metal razors and blades.
** Charlie Kane. First of all, he's a reanimated corpse. No, not a zombie; he's very much dead, but his body is being controlled by his savant son. This is disturbing enough on its own, but then the game presents you with very UncannyValley-laden close-ups of Charlie's corpse, [[BoomHeadshot complete with a stained hole where his brains were shot out]], when you look at his character info, as well as in every single loading screen. It's all incredibly unsettling.
*** And his ending? [[spoiler:Calypso breaks the boy's remote and abducts him, with the intention of raising him to take over the tournament. Oh, and guess what? The kid's big brother is Needles "Sweet Tooth" Kane.]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvZC8SwVVIE The "Snowy Roads" theme]] from ''TwistedMetal: Black'' (OneWomanWail plus DroneOfDread), and the rest of the dark ambience music.
* Calypso in the 2012 version of the game. In other games, he gets his powers from a demon. In this one, ''he's'' the devil. That painting in his office is utterly chilling.
** To elaborate, [[spoiler:[[AndIMustScream Calypso keeps the souls of everyone who died in the contest inside of the painting, keeping them locked up in asylum-like cells screaming, which can only be faintly heard outside of the painting itself.]]]]

* Sweet Tooth slaughtering the entire staff of a hospital in the 2012 game, all in the name to finish off the woman [[spoiler: [[OffingTheOffspring his own daughter]], mind you]] who managed to get away the first time he tried to kill her. [[VillainProtagonist This is the character you control for a third of the Story Mode by the way]].
** Fittingly, in his ending [[spoiler:he demands Calypso to send him to her, to which Calypso grants. Sweet Tooth demands where he is, and Calypso reveals to him that [[DespairEventHorizon his daughter was unable to cope after her near-death experience, and the death of her family and she]] [[AteHisGun ate her gun ten years ago]]. Sweet Tooth then realizes that he was BuriedAlive with the remains of his daughter, and [[AndIMustScream spends the last minutes of his life vowing revenge on Calypso before eventually suffocating.]] The focus is then shifted above ground, where his daughter's gravestone has his own name spray-painted over it, as a creepy music box jingle plays, which slowly dies down.]]