Film/TronLegacy is even ''more'' [[DarkerAndEdgier dark and edgy]] than [[Film/{{Tron}} the first movie]], so expect some scary moments.
* This moment fairly early on, when Sam initially thinks Clu is Kevin Flynn. Even though he figures it out before Clu confirms it, it's still unsettling.
-->'''Clu: [cheerful smile]''' I'm not your father, Sam.
* Clu's speech about his plot, [[spoiler:which inverts Flynn's hopeful speech to Encom]].
* Most of the henchmen are Repurposed Programs. They are not doing this of their own free will. What makes it worse is that Sam may be killing innocent programs and not know about it.
* Some of the programs' deresolutions are rather... [[{{Gorn}} unsettling]], to say the least.
** Unlike it's 1982 predecessor, where Programs simply light up and supposedly explode, ''here'', we get to see them ''shatter like glass'' while ''screaming '' either from pain or fear until all that's left is a mess of tiny cubes.
* Somewhat funny, mostly freaky:
-->'''Sam''': What's his problem?\\
'''Program''': (missing half his face) '''''*growls*'''''
** The program Sam is referring to is repeatedly rambling [[MadnessMantra "Not the]] [[FateWorseThanDeath Games]]!" over and over while sobbing uncontrollably. He is the first program to be chosen to be sent to the Games. Soon after: '''''"ERASE MEEEEE!"''''' *[[BetterToDieThanBeKilled jumps to his death]]*
*** He doesn't just fall, ''he gets sliced by the rotor blades!'' We don't get to see any gore since he's a Program, but ''he shatters,'' which makes it even worse.
* [[IHaveYouNowMyPretty The way Clu acts towards Quorra]] when he captures her is [[ creepy]] Seeing him [[{{Squick}} touch Quorra's hair]] and announce that he has [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar "something special'' for her at his quarters]] drives the horrific scene home, especially when you realize that Quorra, [[spoiler:[[LastOfHisKind the last ISO]], is trapped by the program who [[FinalSolution utterly annihilated her race.]]]]
** The UncannyValley effect for Clu doesn't help matters either.
* The film also has a few terabytes of FridgeHorror. Flynn Sr. has been [[AndIMustScream trapped on his Grid for the equivalent of 1000 years]], watching all his friends die, his dreams decay, the [=ISOs=] be slaughtered, his creation run amok with no way to stop him, and no way to die or escape! And then there's the thought of what must have been done to create Rinzler...[[spoiler: Clu managed what Master Control couldn't. He ''broke'' the biggest LawfulGood badass on the Grid into a near-feral killing machine.]]
* Speaking of Rinzler, that 'purring' that he does. It can sound too much like [[Film/JurassicPark Velociraptor]]. [[note]] In RealLife computer troubleshooting, that sound is [[HellIsThatNoise the sound of a physically-damaged hard drive cylinder]] and means your computer is about to (or already has) suffered catastrophic and irrecoverable hard drive failure[[/note]]
** And speaking of Rinzler's purring, FridgeHorror ensues when you imagine what Clu must have done to him to make him sound like that. It's coupled with the fact that, until the end of the movie, Clu's got him completely under his command, and that it might have something to do [[spoiler:with the massive scars Tron has on his neck that we've seen in Uprising.]]
* One of the [[TheStinger DVD bonus scenes]] has some absolutely ''chilling'' implications for the sequel ([[WhatCouldHaveBeen or rather, it would have if the sequel hadn't been cancelled]]). [[spoiler:Ed Dillinger Jr., the character who briefly showed up at the beginning of the film but didn't actually do much of anything, is seen having an IM conversation with an individual he refers to as "Dad", regarding Sam stepping up as Encom CEO; apparently, he considers this a "minor bump in the road" in regards to some unspecified plan. The truly scary part, however, is that the responses are spoken the voice of the [[NotQuiteDead Master]] [[GreaterScopeVillain Control]] [[WhamLine Program]]. Combine that with the fact that Dillinger refers to him as "''Dad''", and you're left with some...[[AssimilationPlot disturbing]] [[BrainUploading implications]].]]