[[caption-width-right:350:You should never invite these people to your home.]]
* In case you didn't already realize it, Music/JoannaNewsom's "Sprout and the Bean" is ''terrifying'' (especially on vinyl, especially when it skips). As an added bonus, at first it seems like [[SoundtrackDissonance a cute children's song]] with bizarrely unnerving music, and is creepy enough... until you pay attention to the lyrics and you realize that it's probably just as disturbing as the movie.
** The use of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JerzUAB4qUs My First Lover]] by Gillian Welch is even more so, with the loop adding to the air of insanity and chaos. The atmophere is so effective the same looping section of the song was later used in the youtube horror short ''No Through Road''.
* The parts with the lingering shots, with [[{{Chiaroscuro}} lit parts of the scenery and the shadowy parts both providing a good contrast]]. [[NothingIsScarier And then a lone figure just emerges from the shadows, but lingers just out of complete view, and just stands there...staring]]. Without a single note of fanfare, without the heroine's knowledge, and with no motive other than to prove [[ParanoiaFuel how anyone can enter your house or simply watch you without you knowing]].
* Pulling back the curtains to look outside-but only to see a creepily masked face [[ParanoiaFuel staring right in at you is incredibly terrifying.]]
* The most unsettling part of the film is the ''reason'' the Strangers tormented the couple. Why did they psychologically torment them and then finally plan to kill them? [[ForTheEvulz Because they were home]]. Never once does TruthInTelevision fit here so hard.
* Worse, unlike most movies in the horror genre, ''The Strangers'' is completely devoid of comedic features ('''not even a single gag'''), which is quite rare when even the darkest horror movies have had their comedic moments.
** The only scene in the film that could even be considered slightly funny is halfway through, when Kristen is hiding in a closet near the kitchen. The Masked Man enters the room, and sits down at the table, apparently taking a break. Though it's a very tense scene, it ''might'' elicit a small nervous chuckle at the idea of this psychopath taking a break. A moment later, he gets up and leaves the room...but not before turning and staring directly at the closet; [[OhCrap he knew Kristen was there the entire time.]]