[[caption-width-right:350:You should never invite these people to your home.]]
* In case you didn't already realize it, Music/JoannaNewsom's "Sprout and the Bean" is ''terrifying'' (especially on vinyl, especially when it skips). As an added bonus, at first it seems like [[SoundtrackDissonance a cute children's song]] with bizarrely unnerving music, and is creepy enough... until you pay attention to the lyrics and you realize that it's probably just as disturbing as the movie.
* The parts with the lingering shots, with [[{{Chiaroscuro}} lit parts of the scenery and the shadowy parts both providing a good contrast]]. [[NothingIsScarier And then a lone figure just emerges from the shadows, but lingers just out of complete view, and just stands there...staring]]. Without a single note of fanfare, without the heroine's knowledge, and with no motive other than to prove [[ParanoiaFuel how anyone can enter your house or simply watch you without you knowing]].
* Pulling back the curtains to look outside-but only to see a creepily masked face [[ParanoiaFuel staring right in at you is incredibly terrifying.]]
* The most unsettling part of the film is the ''reason'' the Strangers tormented the couple. Why did they psychologically torment them and then finally plan to kill them? [[ForTheEvulz Because they were home]]. Never once does TruthInTelevision fit here so hard.