[[caption-width-right:300: First he'll kill your mother, then come after you.]]

!![[WesternAnimation/TheLandBeforeTime The first movie]]
* The tar pits. Seeing all the innocent, rather young protagonists getting submerged in black gunk and nearly losing their lives is ''not'' a fun thing to watch at the age of 6 ''or'' in your adulthood. The 'tar monster' that the characters form to scare Cera is also pretty morbid in appearance.
* '''Sharptooth.''' A NighInvulnerable, perpetually furious, red-eyed demon of a ''Tyrannosaurus rex'' who brutally kills Littlefoot's mother and pursues Littlefoot and his friends with the singular intention of killing and eating them. One of the most terrifying villains to ever originate from family media.
** The fight scene between Littlefoot's mother and Sharptooth. [[spoiler: She even dies afterward.]] [[WhatCouldHaveBeen They were originally planning on showing the scene where Sharptooth takes a bite out of Littlefoot's mother's back in full color]] [[ShadowDiscretionShot instead of in shadow]].
** Sharptooth himself ''is'' this trope. Imagine a large, extremely vicious T-Rex that simply does not give up until he kills his target, no matter how many times said target escapes. Not to mention the fact that the main characters are in constant fear of him and have to always watch their backs. The scene where the beast ambushes them while ''they were asleep'' shows that he can attack ''anywhere''.
** [[AdaptationalVillainy He's even worse in the novel]]. In the movie, he's mostly portrayed as an instinctive force of nature bordering on SuperPersistentPredator, but in the novel he's more akin to a serial killer who fancies himself above other dinosaurs. He's hunting the children for petty revenge (Littlefoot and Cera in particular, as the former [[EyeScream blinded him in one eye with a thorn]] and the latter used him as a headbutting practice target while he was knocked out), and during his hunt, he toys with them just to enjoy seeing their terror before he kills them. And when he finds the entrance to the Great Valley, the novel says that he growled and sniffed the air "in evil joy", which would hint that he really mostly kills other dinosaurs just ForTheEvulz, and the next thing he plans to do after he kills the childen would be going around doing a killing spree in the Great Valley...
** The EyeAwaken moment just before Cera can use the Sharptooth's head as head-butting practice.
** Note also that many scenes featuring Sharptooth were cut because the producers feared that they might actually cause ''psychological damage'' to children. So, scary as Sharptooth is in this film, what we get are the ''least'' frightening scenes they made with him. Whatever the hell was in the 19 minutes that were edited out [[NothingIsScarier is freaky in and of itself]].
*** Some of it has been shown, albeit in storyboard or script form. It shows things such as several near misses and more than one JumpScare (one of which seems to be inspired by the "Here's Johnny!" scene in ''The Shining''). The deleted scene for the intro has Littlefoot and Cera climbing up and hiding in the hollow tree trunk and Sharptooth ripping apart with his claws jaws to flush them out. It also shows him toying with them before Littlefoot's mother arrived; when they emerged from the thorns it was between his legs, he slams his head down in front of them, they run back and he slams his tail down, then he swings his head towards them, jaws gaping and just misses them. He even tries to stomp on them. This likely indicates that the SerialKiller portrayal of him in the novel was originally supposed to be in the movie.
* Littlefoot and Cera's fight after she insults his mother is pretty brutal. So brutal in fact, that Ducky, Petrie and Spike have to shield their eyes.
* The many instances where the characters almost died horrific deaths. They're supposed to be really small children, even if their ages are somewhat vague.
** The crowning example of which might be Petrie's near death in the first film. His scream as Sharptooth pulls him down into the pond is downright disturbing.
* The large "earthshake" in the first movie.
** Going further, you can see some dinosaurs running away from the fissure on slabs of rock. Watch the scene again: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbW8GgAWKi8 you can clearly see that some of them don't make it...]]
* The scene when a newborn Ducky jumps directly into the mouth of a giant snapping turtle. Thankfully, her mother manages to grab her in time, but there's some major AdultFear right there.
** [[EstablishingCharacterMoment It does manage to show how courageous and curious Ducky is, though]].
* The pachycephalosauruses that attack Cera in the tar pits. The fact that [[AscendedToCarnivorism they weren't even carnivorous]] may make it more or less scary.

!!The sequels
* The [[ThreateningShark Swimming Sharptooth]] in ''The Journey to Big Water''. Its eyes are pure yellow, and its face looks vaguely like a crocodile's skull. The worst part is that it is in the water. You won't be able to see it or hear it until it attacks, and if you're in the water, you are helpless against it.
** It doesn't help that it's a Main/{{Expy}} of the Liopleurodon from BBC's ''Series/WalkingWithDinosaurs'', and that it boasts probably the most accurate design of any of the Land Before Time creatures.
* The Giganotosaurus from the fifth movie has one of the most intimidating designs to date, and it friggin' tosses around other Sharpteeth. It's also the only character to shed '''[[FamilyUnfriendlyViolence blood]]''' in the entire franchise.
* [[ThoseTwoBadGuys Rinkus and Sierra]] from "Stone of Cold Fire". Rinkus starts out seeming like [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain a comically ineffectual villain]], but shows his true colors later on in the film as a disturbingly realistic sociopath. Sierra, on the other hand, is easy to summarize; violent, hateful, sadistic and all too willing to [[WouldHurtAChild kill a group of small children]]. Rinkus, meanwhile, starts out seeming like a silly, DirtyCoward (being [[Creator/RobPaulsen voiced by]] [[WesternAnimation/PinkyAndTheBrain Pinky]] undoubtedly helps in that regard), but then we find out just how nasty he truly is when he plots with Sierra to use Pterano to both their advantage and, in his words, "let him lead [them] to the stone". And when Pterano proves himself to be entirely useless to them, Rinkus drops his loopy, cowardly persona, implying that said persona was fake all along...
** Also from "Stone of Cold Fire," a flashback shows that Pterano got into a disagreement with the other dinosaurs searching for the Great Valley and the herd split into two fractions. Pterano led his to a secluded valley, which they thought for sure was the paradise that they were looking for. [[RaptorAttack And then the raptors show up.]] While no blood is shown, the scene is still pretty violent, and we only see a brief glimpse of the massacre (the only onscreen death we ''do'' see is a swimmer falling off a steep cliff into the gorge below) with Pterano watching the ambush in horror. Pterano was the only survivor, and that's only because he can fly.
* In the TV series episode "The Brave Longneck Scheme", the fact that Ali's herd were willing to [[WouldHurtAChild kill Chomper]] just because he's a sharptooth.
** Makes The Sharptooth even scarier in hindsight - this entire herd was willing to go on a rampage to kill a baby, and yet Sharptooth didn't even flinch at the idea of killing one dinosaur after another. He wasn't afraid that they'd gather together in a herd and fight him, he was that powerful (or overconfident) that he feared none of that.
* For the second movie, ''The Great Valley Adventure'', there's the Mysterious Beyond scene where the group comes across Chomper's egg. Set during the night, the scene itself is a spooky landscape filled with many dangerous dinosaur roars heard in the background.