[[folder: From [[Disney/The Fox And The Hound the Disney film ]]
* That confrontation just before the scene with the bear. And of course, [[BearsAreBadNews the bear itself]].
** In particular, right after Amos wounds the bear's shoulder. It roars in pain, then looks down at Amos with a SlasherSmile that the ''Joker'' would be proud of.
* The confrontation between Tod and Copper at the den. You want to see what a '''real''' DeathGlare looks like? [[NightmareFace That kind of snarl]] is what an animal does when it intends to defend something to the death - and no less.


[[folder: From [[Literature/The Fox And The Hound the novel ]]
* The effects of rabies and strychnine on their victims. And the way strychnine just ''keeps'' passing up the food chain. Both are made all the more awful by being chilling TruthInTelevision.