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[[caption-width-right:350:For context...[[note]]It was a plan to scare Timmy, but still.[[/note]]]]
A colorful, cute cartoon like this can't possibly have moments like this, [[TemptingFate right?]]

* The ending of "Beddy Bye" has what is probably ''the absolutely worst GrossUpCloseUp in the history of Western Animation EVER''. It's so detailed and really jarring for a show with a simplistic animation style. It tops [[WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants Squidward's]] [[MemeticMutation famous "does this look unsure to you?" glare]], which is saying a lot.
* There's an episode where Crocker and Norm team up to thwart Timmy by killing him in increasingly ridiculous ways, similar to how the Wile E. Coyote stuff works. Not only is this horrible on its own, but Norm keeps suggesting that Crocker wish Timmy to Mars; when Crocker refuses, Norm takes his lamp and gives it to Timmy, on the condition that his first wish is to send Crocker to Mars, just to show him that it would have worked.
* "That's Life" is one ''hell'' of a ZombieApocalypse.
** If you think Eddie is bad, see the ending.
** That's not the only scary thing about it. How about the creepy echoing of "Summer Camp". It was supposed to be a joke, but it ended up downright terrifying.
* The episode "Timmy's 2-D House of Horror". Timmy deliberately wished for 3-D glasses that would show horrific images so that Vicky and her family would [[ItMakesSenseInContext move out of the Turner's home]]. These images included severed arms in the food and spaghetti and [[EyeScream eyeballs]]. As the purpose of this episode was to show the most frightening images to Vicky's family, the producers HAD to know it was frightening for children and adults.
--> '''Timmy's mom:''' "Who wants spaghetti and [[strike: meatballs]] '''''[[EyeScream EYEBALLS?]]'''''
** How Vicky sees it as mundane is also terrifying in and of itself. It's already been established she's an AlphaBitch, but what does this say about her true nature?
* And there's ''[[NothingIsScarier "Just The Two Of Us"]]'', where Trixie goes '''[[{{Yandere}} BATSHIT]]'''.
** Especially considering she's willing to ''kill'' Timmy if she can't be with him.
*** The worst part of it is she needs him around to ''compliment her''. '''That's all'''. She's so used to being told she's pretty that she can't imagine being a world were she isn't hearing that 24/7. She never liked him, she only stayed with him to be told she's pretty.
* In another episode, because of Timmy travelling to the past to prevent his dad from winning a race and thus Timmy's mom, this results in a dystopian future in which Dad becomes a creepy StepfordSmiler to cope with his loss and forces everyone else to be one as well, whom he calls his "children".
* The sequence where Crocker had his memory erased as a child. Brr.
* "The number you have reached is trying to kill you."
* In the episode "Lights Out", Timmy wishes everything to be dark for 12 hours after Poof's crying keeps him up all night. This causes Cosmo and Wanda to become 'Scary Fairies'. Not only do they [[http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100701205612/fairlyoddparents/en/images/thumb/b/b9/LightsOut14.png/626px-LightsOut14.png look scary,]] they're out to get Timmy, and do various things to kill him. And that picture isn't even their scariest form.
** The fact that the episode takes place in total darkness allows for multiple [[GoryDiscretionShot Gory Discretion Shots]] where Timmy, his parents, and Mr. Crocker are brutally [[InsistentTerminology lacerated]] by saber-toothed tigers and Cosmo/Wanda in their monster forms.
* Another very disturbing thing is at the beginning of the episode "When L.O.S.E.R.S Attack", when ''Timmy is incinerated by a type of ray gun. Timmy was standing there and screamed [[BigNo NOOOOO!]] and then there was a big hole and his hat fell to the ground. Granted, [[spoiler: it turned out that it was not really Timmy]] but it was still unnerving seeing a ten year old boy seemingly vaporized.
* Super Bike's {{Yandere}} side.
** "Super Toilet!"
** There's also the fact that he turns into a freaking demon from hell upon being rejected by Timmy.
* Some of Wanda and Cosmo's evil ex-godchildren, specifically Maryanne. What did she do? ''Wish for the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife.'' That's right, that little [[BlondesAreEvil blonde]] girl caused World War I... and technically World War II, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the War on Terror etc. This implies she's the reason there's a "no killing" rule in Da Rules.
** Either that or she's just that good at working around Da Rules indirectly. After all, the guy who assassinated Ferdinand ''was'' lucky enough to be eating lunch at the right place at the right time when the vehicle came by...
** Da Rules were written down by the first assembly of the Fairy Council, which was thousands of years ago, so no, there's always been a No Killing rule. Which means that yes, Maryanna DID find a way around the rules, which wouldnt even be particularly difficult, she'd just have to wish that, say, the archdukes car had to take a particular path that put him in the path of the assassin.
* [[http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/fairlyoddparents/images/6/60/DiaryUh45.png/revision/latest?cb=20101220030859&path-prefix=en Give us the boy]]. What, can Timmy's parents not find one freakin' normal babysitter!?
* The Gigglepies. sure they seem like cute innocent creatures until you discover their PureIsNotGood. nature and their plans of turning yugopotamia into a nightmarish utopia of happiness and merchandising.
** Especially the ending! It's mentioned that every time the Gigglepies land on a planet, they start conquering it with their hypnosis. Timmy had successfully vanquished the threat on Yugopotamia, but at the end, they land on ''our'' planet, and this time, ''WE LIKE THEIR CUTENESS!!''
* The episode "App Trap". Oh dear:
--> '''Chatty''': Hello, Timmy. I'm your virtual assistant, Chatty. I come complete with games, a camera, an MP3 player, and '''[[{{Yandere}} A BURNING DESIRE TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE.]]'''
--> '''Timmy''': WHAT?
--> '''Chatty''': ...I mean, [[DangerouslyGenreSavvy UNLIMITED TEXTING.]]
* Vicky in "When L.O.S.E.R.S Attack".
--> '''"[[AlphaBitch NEVER]] [[AlwaysChaoticEvil LOOK]] [[NightmareFuel IN]] [[BigBad THE]] [[ChildHater EYES!!!]]"'''
* In "Timmy's Secret Wish"... you know how it's a ForegoneConclusion that all kids lose their fairy godparents someday? In this episode, it's revealed that all wishes that aren't unwished[[note]]''Those'' go to lockers in Fairy World or, in Timmy's case, a desert island in the Bermuda Triangle[[/note]] but ripped away by that rule are thrown into a PhysicalHell known as the Hocus Poconos. [[spoiler: '''[[WouldHurtAChild Including Poof]]'''. He ''was'' one of Timmy's wishes, after all.]]
** Don't forget that [[spoiler: Timmy secretly wished that everyone would stop aging....FIFTY YEARS AGO! It's a jarringly sudden and swift deconstruction of the series' ComicBookTime which is played completely straight for pure shock. When Father Time undoes the wish, it's also shown that Timmy was holding the world back from becoming a futuristic utopia. Because he was ''that'' unwilling to be separated from Cosmo and Wanda one day.]]
* In "Fairly [=OddPet=]", when Timmy and Sparky are in a plane about to crash, Sparky STEALS THE ONLY PARACHUTE AND JUMPS OUT OF THE PLANE WITH SAID PARACHUTE! I want you to keep in mind that fairy dogs CANNOT DIE! So, basically, Sparky just left Timmy to die in a plane going to crash! [[spoiler: Luckily, Timmy landed in a pool, but would you imagine if there WAS no water in the pool there, let alone no pool whatsoever? ...Yeah.]]
** Sparky can't die but that doesn't mean he can't feel pain; falling from 50 stories is not going to be fun. Of course, the alternative is killing Timmy, so he's still a jackass.
* There are many scenes in "The Big Fairy Share Scare" where Timmy snaps and yells at Chloe. What makes these scenes odd (and honestly a bit creepy), however, is how Chloe reacts to Timmy... by not reacting to him at all. And by that I don't mean she acts oblivious to Timmy or pretends to not hear him. By that I mean she outright doesn't have any sort of emotional reaction to Timmy yelling at her and berating her. For example, when Timmy and his fairies are in Chloe's room after they escape the center of the Earth when Timmy wished to be as far away from Chloe as possible, Timmy snaps and yells at Chloe. The scene is about six seconds, but for those entire six seconds while Timmy's yelling at Chloe... Chloe does absolutely nothing. She doesn't even react to Timmy yelling at her. She doesn't get mad, upset, afraid, or annoyed at him. In fact, she doesn't even MOVE. She doesn't make eye contact or even BLINK. She just... stands there, completely still, like a fucking doll. And the fact that she LOOKS like a doll and her room looks like something you'd see in a Barbie dollhouse just makes it more jarring.
* While all of Timmy's stories in "Dimmsdale Tales" are easily NightmareRetardant there is FridgeHorror surrounding the second story involving a plane in which everyone from the passengers to the pilot are copies of the person you hate most. What the person boarding hated someone who was a homicidal sociopath?
* In the episode with the voodoo doll expies, Timmy comes dangerously close to being ''[[CruelAndUnusualDeath shredded alive, head first]]''.
* Is anyone else mildly disconcerted by the Hall of Infamy? Sure, Timmy [[IdiotBall didn't even notice a difference]] from the Hall of Fame, but an unkempt, decrepit hall filled with single-color background photos of [[NightmareFace sneering]] children labeled with nothing but their [[NothingIsScarier first name]]? Brr.
* People tend to forget that despite Mr Crockers status as ButtMonkey and LaughablyEvil, he's actually a very serious threat. The man knows for a ''fact'' that fairies are real, he'll stop at nothing to capture one, doesnt care that he'll ruin some kids life in the process, and his ultimate goal with magic is to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. We've already seen the consequences of him succeeding in ''Abra-Catastrophe'', a CrapsackWorld in the style of "1984". On top of that, he's a SadistTeacher who delights in the control he has over helpless children. And like Vicky, Timmy cant get rid of him permanently, because he's part of the reason why he even has fairies.
* The premise of the show is Nightmare Fuel in itself. While well-intentioned, the system that Fairy World has put up to manage the fairy godparents have had disastrous consequences time and time again, an inevitable result when you give kids access to unlimited magic. If it wasnt for the shows ResetButton, the fairies would have caused far more damage than any other magical creature. Cosmo alone destroyed Pompei, Atlantis AND Xanadu!