!!The comic:
* A ''lot'' of scenes, especially [[spoiler:some of Eric's more surreal grief scenes (horse + barbed wire) and his self-mutilation]].
* After Eric is shot in the head a second time, drops to the ground. Still alive, he is facing Shelly as she cries his name, is raped, shot in the head and raped some more, (yes, in that order) unable to move or even close his eyes while the crow tells him "Don't look, Eric! Don't look!"
* Quite a few of the vigilante murder scenes, especially Tom Tom's (who [[spoiler: has the lower parts of his legs sliced off by a samurai sword and slowly bleeds to death]]).
* The final showdown with T-Bird and his dozen or so gangland allies. Eric, now stripped to the waist, ''dares'' them all to shoot him. They do, and the single-panel splash image of Eric's naked torso being perforated by what look like hundreds of bullets is about as horrifying as it gets. But there's more: Eric then embarks on the conclusion of his RoaringRampageOfRevenge, [[MookHorrorShow slaughtering one thug after another in an almost effortless spree of carnage]]. The [[FinalGirl Final Boy]], having hung back until the very end, finally steps right up to Eric, shoots him point-blank in the skull (splattering blood all over Eric's face), and sneers: "Walk away from ''that'', motherfucker." Not only does the shot ''not'' kill Eric, but he promptly makes the last guy pay by shoving him face-first into a brick wall with superhuman effort, instantly turning the guy's head into something resembling a ketchup-slathered omelette. Then Eric licks all the blood off his face.

!!The film:
* The blood-curdling scene in which Eric places his palm over the barrel of Fun Boy's gun and dares him to pull the trigger. Fun Boy does so, and Eric at first pretends to scream in pain. But then he pulls away, the bloody hole in his hand starts to ''spontaneously close up'', and Eric starts up a wicked laugh [[TheHyena that builds in intensity until it is high-pitched, screechy, and wild]]. That's when Fun Boy finally realizes that he's fucked.
* Brandon Lee as Eric Draven. Most of his movies prior to this play him as a skilled martial artist, yet with a laid back comedic personality. This movie on the other hand shows him PlayingAgainstType [[HeReallyCanAct and not only is it successful, it is scary]]. The fact that he died ''in the making of this movie'' makes his performance more haunting.
* The 30 hours worth of pain Eric inflicts on Top Dollar, taken directly from Shelly's experience of being beaten, gang-raped and left to die slowly. [[AssholeVictim Of course, the bastard deserved every minute of it.]]
** Plus the scenes in which Eric properly learns about what happened to poor Shelly. He at first doesn't have any idea of his empathic powers, so when he goes home and checks around, he accidentally starts "collecting" the memories "recorded" in the objects and furniture there, [[MindRape and logically it's NOT pleasant at all]]. And later, when he meets up with Albrecht, he touches him to "properly" learn about Shelly's last minutes since he was there when she expired...
* [[BigBad Top Dollar]] himself is pretty damn creepy. He's not just a crime boss, he's also a twisted pyromaniac who [[IncestIsRelative sleeps with his half-sister Myca]], and [[SerialKiller murders their sexual partners]] so that Myca can use them in occult rituals. How depraved can one man be?
* A real meta example for Creator/MichaelMassee, the actor who played Funboy. He pulled the trigger during the accidental death of Brandon Lee. Before dying in 2016, he said in interviews that he ''still'' had nightmares 20 years later.

!!''City of Angels'':
* "Hush little baby, please don't cry... Kali's gonna give you eternal life!" Easily the most chilling scene Thuy Trang of ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'' fame has ever done.