The StarWarsExpandedUniverse has been doing this ''a lot'' [[DarkerAndEdgier ever since Del Rey took over]].

* The ''NewJediOrder'', especially with a device called the Embrace of Pain. Also with [[TheresNoKillLikeOverkill Chewie's death]]. [[HeroicRROD And Anakin's.]]
* The ''Literature/DarkNestTrilogy'' has Jacen MindRape Ta'a Chume in order to keep his family safe.
* ''Literature/LegacyOfTheForce''. The Embrace of Pain is back, along with evil Jacen (now Darth Caedus). Ben's tortured and forced to watch someone close to him die.
** Speaking of Ben, there's a really horrid scene that involves Tahiri playing TheVamp to the poor boy. When he refuses her advances, she then tortures his soldier buddy to death ''in front of him''.
* ''LukeSkywalkerAndTheShadowsOfMindor''. Why are Cronal's stormtroopers' armor black? Hint: That's not paint. Also, Cronal controls the rocks of the planet, so he can [[AndIMustScream create a prison for Luke]]. He then [[MindRape forces]] Luke to see the death of the universe; Luke [[GoMadFromTheRevelation doesn't take it well]]. Throw in {{Body Surf}}ing, and you're looking at some serious horror, punctuated by {{Take That}}s to the fanboys.
* The cavern-monster scene from ''Traitor''.
* Two titles: ''Literature/DeathTroopers'' and ''Literature/RedHarvest''. That is all.
* The ''Literature/TalesFromJabba'sPalace'' anthology has the story, "Of the Day's Annoyances: Bib Fortuna's Tale in which Jabba's former majordomo has been chosen by the B'omarr monks for "enlightenment" surgery. Picture Bib, locked in the palace, sitting in the dark, hearing the slow, creaking approach of a surgeon's cart...