[[caption-width-right:350:"A fair shot", indeed.]]

* The effects of the Klingon [[strike:disruptor]] ''rip-you-apart-from-the-inside-out-while-you-scream-in-agony'' beam (pictured) are... pretty horrific. In fact, the most graphic depiction of disruptor disintegration ''Franchise/StarTrek'' had ever ([[{{Recap/StarTrekTheNextGenerationS3E22TheMostToys}} up to this point]]) shown. The victim grabs his head in agony as he falls back against his control console and is consumed by energy ''from the inside, out''. Slowly.
* The Genesis planet tearing itself apart.
-->'''Kruge:''' Yes, exhilarating, isn't it?
* The sheer suddenness of David's death--along with a death rattle that seems to indicate he was stabbed ''in the throat''.
* The scene where [[spoiler:child!Spock turns into teen!Spock. Bones cracking, skin stretching, and screaming. Lots of screaming.]] And then, FridgeHorror sets in when you realize that[[spoiler:you heard that screaming before they came upon child!Spock.]]
* [=McCoy=] under the influence of Spock's ''katra'', when you think about the implications. Especially the scene where Kirk finds him in Spock's quarters.