[[caption-width-right:300:There's a reason why the dead should stay dead...]]


* "Siren" is quite possibly the creepiest game ever, where out of 10 distinct characters you play as, [[spoiler:only the little girl properly survives]].
* Sightjacking in general. Looking through the eyes of a Shibito gives you not only the ability to see them coming right towards you, but also allows you to hear them talking in their own language...
** Even worse: while you're sightjacking, ''you cannot move''. The one thing you do ''not'' want to see when you're looking through their eyes is yourself. Worse is that there's no real way to avoid doing so, either. When you're discovered you see a flash of their viewpoint with you on it. When you die, you get to watch your character's last moments from the perspective of the one that killed them.
* The Shibito themselves. In their first form, they look like deranged people, with blood seeping from their eyes. Then they mutate. The first appearance of the dog shibito, spider shibito, winged shibito... Oh, and don't forget the evolved forms of [[spoiler:the Onda Twins...]]
* One advert for the game had to be pulled off Japanese TV for being ''too frightening''. The scene in question being [[spoiler: Tomoko who having turned into a Shibito ends up screaming for her parents with tears of blood on her face while banging on the window of the church]].
* There is one boss in the game that you literally cannot beat unless you're prepared to beat it to death with an ''umbrella''.
* The music itself is frightening at times, especially when you can hear voices in the music but can't quite make out what they're saying.
* Only a few characters have access to guns. If you cannot sneak past, or choose to go the action route, you'll need to beat Shibito to death with an umbrella, or a crowbar - that is, if you even have access to a weapon...
* More fear is added due to game mechanics; Siren is very vague about what is needed to unlock later levels or to get through the ones you're in. This means you have to go everywhere and check everything - so you ''have'' to go into that dark scary shack you don't want to because if you don't, then you might not be able to beat the game. Your map only identifies landmarks which you will need to find; there is no "you are here" marker. Have fun exploring...
* Datatsushi. Not so much in the battle against it, but in the cutscene where you first see it alive, it's terrifying. Oh, and in that battle? It's invisible. You have to sightjack it to figure out where it is from the direction you're facing in its view.
** [[TragicMonster And then you find out how it ended up being deified.]] EldritchAbomination or not, it's a horrifying series of events for anything to have to go through.
* During one of the hospital levels, the only way to survive is to hide inside the incinerator.
* The secret cutscene in which you see the 7th century villagers eating Datatsushi. It's less than a minute long, but it will be burned into your brain forever.
** Worse is that, as mentioned, this is the last thing you see in a full playthrough. You've gone through every stage, at least twice, and think you've defeated the siren... and then the last thing you hear is it's first appearance.
* Some of the Shibito speak intelligibly. And it is honestly far worse than when they're [[BlackSpeech non-understandable]]. From Naoko's [[MadnessMantra constant "won't you look at me? Please? Tell me I'm beautiful!"]], to Principal Eiji's constant calling out for Harumi, but the absolute worst is probably [[spoiler:Akira waking up after blowing his own brains out to avoid becoming a Shibito.]]
-->[[spoiler:''So... nobody can get away... [[LaughingMad eheh, eheheheh.... hahahahah!]]'']]
* Risa Onda being reunited with her [[spoiler: twin sister Mina]] in the hospital, having now become a Shibito. As soon as the cutscene ends with Risa screaming in horror, the level starts with the Shibito [[OhCrap standing a few feet away in front of you]] [[JumpScare and the camera suddenly flashing red and shifting to the Shibito's perspective, who has now seen Risa]]. Because this is likely the first time the player ventured through the hospital in the game, it is difficult to run from the Shibito in a narrow corridor and not knowing which doors behind you can be opened. Chances are, the Shibito will have strangled you to death a few times before you can get your bearings on what to do and where to escape.
* The location deteriorating and change as time goes on. Infamous mentions are the school gymnasium suddenly transforming from an barren and dark hall into ''a spider's nest specifically built for the Spider Shibito having made the gymnasium their home''.
* Whenever Harumi Yomoda, a ten year old girl, is caught by a Shibito. The screen suddenly pans to a terrified child cowering in fear as the Shibito ominously watches her, especially when the screen darkens until the Game Over screen is displayed. The fact that you [[NothingIsScarier don't get to see what happens to the poor girl]] once she is caught makes it all the more terrifying.
** And then there's her first level where she finds herself trapped in an abandoned house occupied by [[spoiler: fourteen year old Tomoko Maeda and her family]], having recently turned into a Shibito. Not only is Harumi Yomoda completely defenceless after [[spoiler: the death of her beloved teacher, Reiko Takato]], the player is required to [[ThatOneLevel study all of the Shibito's patrol routes, find blindspots, steal the key from the kitchen room with the Mother Shibito occupying it, and leave trough the second floor...all without making a single mistake]]. [[KaizoTrap And if the player does manage to escape through the exit?]] [[spoiler: Reiko Takato, now a Shibito, is waiting for you.]]
*** And finally, there is a glitch in Harumi's first level whenever she is caught by the Mother Shibito. While every playable and companion characters can be killed by being stabbed to death by a Shibito, all Shibito will never attack Harumi Yomoda...save for the Mother Shibito, who may suddenly swing her knife at a 10 year old girl without warning and with the appropriate sound effects. Though there is no blood and Harumi will still cower in terror, the sight of an [[AdultFear adult attacking a child with a knife]] is enough to send a chill down your spine.
* Shibito Naoko is just generally unsettling. First is the factor that she behaves very unusually for a Shibito by not attacking Tomoko, but rather following her around and constantly begging to be looked at, occasionally interrupted by her [[LaughingMad cackling madly]]; a behavior that very effectively plays on NothingIsScarier, as you cannot help but feel a creeping fear of she suddenly turning aggressive and start to attack. Then are her [[SlasherSmile facial expressions]] and ''the way'' she shifts between them, combined with [[FacialHorror the blood on her face]].

!!Siren 2

* [[spoiler:Yuri Kishida]] has a face in her chest. A face that smiles.
** She then [[spoiler: merges with Mother, who is headless.]]
* There's the boss "Otoshigo." It's mercifully difficult to find a still picture, but there's a video of it [[http://www.viddler.com/explore/Egomaniac/videos/112/ here]]. Be warned that it includes spoilers for the final battle against it.
* The scene where Mother is first released and the following scenes of the Yamirei arriving. Seeing those terrifying white wriggling things is enough to frighten a lot of people even without [[spoiler:Shu Mikami having been swallowed by tentacles during the same scene]]. On top of this, their defense against the light involves taking over the bodies of Shibito, presumably killing the Shiryo already possessing them.
* The smiles on the faces of the Yamibito.
** How about the Yamibito that have giant faces?
* The fate of poor [[spoiler: Ichiko Yagura, who drowned years ago in the past and was found by an ancient being named Otoshigo who then takes over her corpse and resurfaces. At first the Ichiko persona remains at first until the Otoshigo persona takes over fully and becomes hell bent on destroying anything in its way. After taking too much damage, what's left of Ichiko eventually mutates into an EldritchAbomination, its true form.]]

!!Siren: Blood Curse (aka New Translation)
* Given how it's on [=PS3=], the update in graphics makes every little thing creepier, such as the locations - more grittiness, more detail, and more disturbing looks on the Shibitos' faces.
** The 'Making of' featurette on the disc reveals that all of the freaky movements you see from the Shibito were modeled from professional dancers. Their movements are ''creepy''.
* The game-exclusive Maggot Shibito. It's big, it's fast, and it can {{One Hit Kill}} you. It's body is large and thin, looking like a maggot itself, with elongated limbs and legs. The face is horrifically bloated, too.
* The redesigns for the Shibito Brains. They have more variety this time, including one that has four tentacles that allow it to hang, with the rest of the body limply lying there mid-air.
* Bella's last level: after exiting a house filled with a family of shibito, you come across the path that allows you to leave the area...then Melissa Gale calls out for her daughter, and you think it's all good, right? Then Melissa comes forward to reveal herself bloodied, with a distorted voice, happy, and says that "I came to ''get'' you!" You then have to run around the place, desperately avoiding her grasp.
** Melissa traps Bella in the yard by shutting the entrance door and winding the lock tight, meaning that Bella has to get it open again by unwinding the lock while Melissa is searching for her a few yards away. Seems easy enough...until the moment you start unwinding the lock, [[OhCrap Melissa can hear Bella trying to escape]].
--> '''Melissa''': "Stop fiddling with that, honey!"
* In Episode 6, Howard has to defeat Shibito Seigo Saiga. There's actually detail to Seigo's head, given how he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun; there's a great big hole in the back of his head.
* Sam's last level in Episode 12. Melissa bursts through as a Maggot Shibito, demanding her daughter. For the most part, you have to ''run the hell away from her'' before reaching several safe spots that allow you to electrocute her through chucking antennae, making sure that you ''don't'' fall off while she's circling the place like a predator waiting for its prey. And after that, you have to shoot about a dozen Spider Shibito with a shotgun, taking into account the constant reloading and the fast recovery rate of the Spiders.
* In Episode 7, as Seigo, you need to help Bella escape, you're sniping at first and feel very badass, then you go down and need to find an item but as explained before it is vague to find exactly what you want, so if you open a certain closet you find a freaking ''gigantic face'' in it screaming at you, I actually checked the same place in other levels and the head is not there, it is a jump scare but a very good one.


* The advertising. One of the trailers for the first game featured insanely laughing shibito, as well as some gruesome environments and GrossUpCloseUp used to full effect.
** Then a couple of years later, there was the print ad for Siren 2. A close up of a woman's face. ''With the eyelids sealed shut.'' That brought back uncomfortable memories of the trailer, as well as being ''terrifying''.