[[caption-width-right:350:This is what Sakisaka sees '''ALL THE TIME''']]

* This game features literal wall to wall guro the majority of the time, a [[EldritchAbomination tentacle monster]] that rather graphically kills and eats people, your protagonist can either go from wistful madman in an asylum (sad ending), heartbroken madman on a transformed earth where all humans have changed into tentacle monsters (sad ending), or killed in a horrifically graphic manner that just gets worse with the "censor filter" off (sad ending. [[TearJerker Noticing a theme?]]). Oh yeah, it's an H game with a girl who can literally MindScrew people. [[spoiler:She's the tentacle monster.]]
* There's a couple songs from the soundtrack that stand out as Nightmare Fuel material. The first is "Scream", a loud, dissonant track. The second, "Scare Shadow", is only 16 seconds long, but easily instills a feeling of uneasiness in the listener. And "Saya's Song", which is unnervingly eerie deep beneath its astoundingly beautiful tongue - an ugly monster in the guise of a beauty, which is what Saya is.
** "Scare Shadow" is actually pretty long, looping the first part for a few times and then progressing to a middle part that's totally different. I can't even describe it. The start (and the end, which is the same) still obey some laws of sound itself, the middle part just... does not. The distorted guitar just makes it all the more insane.
** Don't forget that loud, distorted noise appearing half way in both "Saya's Song" I and II, but also at the end of "Sin", and even in the vocal version of "Saya's Song" ! [[spoiler:This might even be Saya's true voice...]]
* Yoh's fate. [[spoiler: Mutated into ... whatever Saya is, just so she can serve as a family pet-turned-mindless sex slave, just aware enough of herself to really wish she'd been killed instead... and that's Fuminori's idea of ''mercy''.]]