Like the Manga version of ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' this manga is considerably more BloodierAndGorier but that's not the only things that will fuel nightmares from this spin-off.

* For starters, that cute little girl on the cover of Vol. 1? Little Yuuma Chitose? Yeah she came from an abusive family. Her dad was pretty much never around and her mother burns her head with cigarettes (only ones seen, probably elsewhere as well), vents her frustrations on her and generally treats her like crap which is just terrible to see (especially the look of despair and terror on poor Yuuma's face during those flashbacks) much less think about for anyone both who actually been through something like that or those who seen it happen to someone else. There's a reason why some people thought her [[KickTheSonOfABitch mother's horrific death]] was actually not bad enough.
** It's even made worse by a reveal in Symmetry Diamond where Oriko had a vision: had Yuma stayed with her abusive mother and never had a chance to get away from the abuse, [[OffingTheOffspring she would had DIED from it.]]
* Picture yourself as a fresh new magical girl out hunting a witch when suddenly another girl just ups and guts you with wicked WolverineClaws with no explanation as to why she just spilled your guts all over the pavement. What's worse is that these magical girl killings are allowing witches of both types (the ones born from fully despaired magical girls and the matured familiars who gained their own grief seed) to expand in numbers by the time the manga starts. Kyouko had a monopoly on grief seeds (she outright states she had more than she could be expected to use for months) because she was pretty much the only one left alive to cull witches, which then leaves pretty bad implications for the Muggles left vulnerable to the actions of the witches.
%%* [[spoiler: 19 pages into the first chapter, and we already get our [[ first instance of this trope.]] (Bottom middle panel.)]]
* A witch manages to get the upperhand on Kyoko and ''rips her arms and legs off''. This is the ''second'' chapter.
* Kirika's [[spoiler: witch form]] is basically a faceless centipede made of armless female torsos. Eesh.
* [[spoiler: Kazuko-sensei]] being EatenAlive by one of [[spoiler: Kirika]]'s Familiars, in front of [[spoiler: her students.]]
* [[spoiler:The murder of Madoka]]. In this particular timeline, [[spoiler:''everyone'' had learned the AwfulTruth, yet thanks to Yuma, they managed ''not'' to fall into despair, so making Madoka swear off becoming a MagicalGirl would've been reasonably easy ''and'' the girls would be savvy enough to not become witches. There was no need to kill Madoka anymore]]... ''and yet Oriko still did it.'' Likely just to spite Homura over [[spoiler:her death]], rather than anything else.
** Even worse [[spoiler:is the fact that Walpurgisnacht is still around, which has shown to be unstoppable except for Madoka whose the only one with the potential to defeat it. It's possible that Madoka would still become a magical girl after learning of the AwfulTruth, but it's not far-fetched to say she'll likely make the same wish she did at the end of the anime. In her own self-righteousness, Oriko thinks she has saved the city, but in reality she actually has doomed it because she has killed the only one who can defeat the Walpurgisnacht.]]