->'''Billy:''' "I'm scared, Poncho."
->'''Poncho:''' "Bull''shit''. You ain't afraid of ''no'' man."
->'''Billy:''' "There's something out there, hunting us... and it ain't no man."

Like its Franchise/{{Alien}} counterpart, Franchise/{{Predator}} has had its fair share of nightmarish moments, mostly revolving around the titular antagonist.
* The very idea of being hunted by an invisible alien.
* The Predator in general. Besides its [[BlatantLies delightful]] [[NightmareFace face,]] it can camouflage itself, making it near invisible (unless water comes into play), mimic human voices to lure victims and collects human skulls and spines as trophies. Not to mention, it has quite the array of [[HellIsThatNoise frightening roars, screams and clicking noises]].

[[caption-width-right:350:"The guerrillas skinned them?"]]
* The skinned corpses of Jim Hopper and his men.
* The distorted recordings of Billy's laugh and Mac's voice ("Over here", "turn around", "anytime")
* The part where the Predator steals Blaine's body and a boar it scared jumps on Mac in a panic.
** Also, the FridgeHorror that comes into play after the team discovers Blaine's body is missing - if that boar hadn't been there and been freaked out, they never would have known the Predator was there.
* Dillion searches for Mac, only to find him dead. Suddenly he hears Mac behind him ("anytime"), causing him to quickly turn around. Dillion looks around up on the trees (we see from his point of view), with Predator's cackles echoing. As he's looking, you can clearly see [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xofywOoNak&t=0m57s the Predator's invisible silhouette standing on the branch]] which [[DoubleTake Dillion looked past before looking at it again]]. This time the silhouette is more obvious, with glowing eyes, which Dillion sees [[OhCrap with widen eyes]].
* The scene where Dutch ends up careening off a waterfall and falls into the pool of water below to escape the Predator, and the Predator follows him. Dutch emerges above water, and is able to catch his breath in a few moments of silence...[[JumpScare and then the Predator falls into the pool a few yards behind him]], complete with a ScareChord. And since the Predator is still using its invisibility camouflage at this point, we still don't see the Predator proper when it hits the water--[[NothingIsScarier just the resulting splash]], which makes the water look like ''[[UncannyValley it rose upwards by itself]]''. It's no surprise that Dutch upon hearing the splash ''immediately'' starts swimming towards land, with an absolutely terrified expression.
* A sort of reveal after Mac dies: the laser beam's convergence at the Predator's shoulder mount gives viewers the impression it shot Mac from quite a distance... then it ''moves'', and we see that it was literally standing [[ParanoiaFuel right on top of him]].
** Mac must have [[OhCrap realized that]] right before he died.
* The Predator's laugh [[spoiler:when it activates the self-destruction mechanism to kill itself.]] It starts out deep and slow, then suddenly bursts into a high, loud, very human-like maniacal cackle which mimic Billy's laugh.
** In a strange real life example, according to P.W. Singer's ''Wired for War'' during the 2004 battles for Fallujah the U.S military set up a system to broadcast the Predator's laugh throughout the city in an effort to intimidate the insurgents. It worked so well that a ''marine scout team'' had to request it be turned off because it was freaking them out.
* While waiting for the Predator to fall into their trap, Anna starts talking about something that happened in her childhood:
-->"When I was little, we found a man. He looked like... like, butchered. The old woman in the village crossed themselves... and whispered crazy things - strange things. ''“El Diablo cazador de hombres.”'' [[EternalRecurrence Only in the hottest years this happens - and this year, it grows hot.]] We begin finding our men. We found them sometimes without their skins... [[AFateWorseThanDeath and sometimes much, much worse]]. ...''“El caza trofeos de los hombres”'' means ''“the demon who makes trophies of men”''."
** The camera focuses on Dutch, who looks at her with curiosity and confusion.

!!Expanded Universe
* The Killers over in the comics. Take a Predator and remove all forms of honor like not killing those that can't fight back and limiting their tech to make things even. They also use Xenomorphs as hunting dogs.

* During operations in Iraq, a unit of U.S. Marines used the Predator's laugh as a psyops tool while clearing a section of Fallujah, by blasting it across the city over loudspeakers. This backfired, because the Marines actually going door-to-door in the city got so weirded out that they radioed back to request that the recording be turned off.