[[SchmuckBait "Picture it".]]

* The fic takes on the BloodlessCarnage that the anime uses and averts it brutally. As early as the third chapter, there is all sorts of BodyHorror, such as Misaki's Oracle Guardian, Gemini having their skin melted by an attack from Kai's Berserk Dragon.
* This is taken much further in Chapter 7; as Aichi experiences the Motion Figure System for the first time, he sees the battle from the perspective of his Vanguard. Just a couple of turns in and Blaster Blade is [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice impaled by the enemy on multiple occasions]]. But that's not the worst. Just when he [[HopeSpot gets Alfred out]], he's attacked by a Megacolony unit that swoops in close range and [[spoiler: [[EyeScream blows out Alfred's eye, taking part of his face with it.]]]] And Aichi sees this all from Alfred's perspective.]] The shock is so great that it doesn't hit Aichi properly until he sees a pool of blood from his unit. [[TheScream His reaction]] is understandable to say the least.