[[caption-width-right:350:"Muscle relaxant makes them [[BodyHorror easier to manoeuvre and also flushes out any internal toxins through the pores]]."]]
* When we are shown how Roan "cleans" bodies. The process is a pretty terrifying thing to witness, as is demonstrated by Alex quickly vomiting after witnessing it.
** Especially when [[spoiler: Nikita herself is being prepped to be disposed of in such a manner in the first season finale, and can only watch, paralysed, as Roan is about to make her easily decomposable via a freaking huge needle.]]
* The poison that Nikita is given in "The Phoenix" by Ari that will literally liquefy her stomach.
** Not to mention how Nikita kills the spy pretending to be a mother in the same episode.
* Owen describing how cleaner equipment works.
-->Hydrochloric acid. Carbon steel bone saw. That's a blood siphon. Bodies fold better when their fluids have been drained.
* Amanda having to "trick" Alex's kill chip so that she can [[spoiler: escape Division without having it kill her]]. The "trick" is [[spoiler: she kills Alex with a large electric shock and restarts her heart.]]
* Birkhoff being tortured by Amanda in "Fair Trade"; not only does she brutally smash one of his hands, she then very nearly ''lobotomizes'' him, by inserting a blade into his brain ''through his nose.'' Easily one of the most disturbing scenes ever shown on the CW.
* Michael is trapped under a burning car. To free him, Nikita ''cuts off his right hand.''
* The season 3 episode, "Intersection", reveals to us exactly what happens when a kill chip is activated [[spoiler:when Amanda activates Sonya's, though it's thankfully a nightmare Birkhoff is having]]. The results are fairly disturbing.