Nickelodeon may be a "kids network", but that sure as heck doesn't stop them from adding plenty of frightening moments all over place, whether it be in their shows or even their own bumpers/station IDS.


!!Shows with their own pages

* ''NightmareFuel/TheAdventuresOfJimmyNeutronBoyGenius''
* ''NightmareFuel/TheAdventuresOfPeteAndPete''
* ''NightmareFuel/AreYouAfraidOfTheDark''
* ''NightmareFuel/AsToldByGinger''
* ''NightmareFuel/AvatarTheLastAirbender''
** ''NightmareFuel/TheLegendOfKorra''
* ''NightmareFuel/CatDog''
* ''NightmareFuel/ChalkZone''
* ''NightmareFuel/DannyPhantom''
* ''NightmareFuel/ElTigre''
* ''NightmareFuel/TheFairlyOddParents''
* ''NightmareFuel/HeyArnold''
* ''NightmareFuel/HouseOfAnubis''
* ''NightmareFuel/H2OJustAddWater''
* ''NightmareFuel/ICarly''
* ''NightmareFuel/InvaderZim''
* ''NightmareFuel/KenanAndKel''
* ''NightmareFuel/MrMeaty''
* ''NightmareFuel/MyLifeAsATeenageRobot''
* ''NightmareFuel/ThePenguinsOfMadagascar''
* ''NightmareFuel/RabbidsInvasion''
* ''NightmareFuel/TheRenAndStimpyShow''
* ''NightmareFuel/RockosModernLife''
* ''NightmareFuel/{{Rugrats}}''
* ''NightmareFuel/SamAndCat''
* ''NightmareFuel/SpongeBobSquarePants''
* ''NightmareFuel/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012''
* ''NightmareFuel/{{Victorious}}''



[[folder: Bumpers ]]

Many of the network's earlier bumpers have been remembered as quite terrifying to young viewers, who are now old enough to use TV Tropes.

* The one most commonly cited seems to be [[ the "Pinchface" bumper]], which features a NightmareFace made by floating dentures with eyes and glasses, which screams "NICKELOOHHH-DEE-AAAAHHHH!!" over an insanely loud disco rendition of the Nickelodeon theme. Not to mention, [[SensoryAbuse there's all sorts of flashes all over the place.]] Who knew a 10-second {{Ad Bumper|s}} could be this frightening?
* The [[ "Box"]] bumper is the unholy lovechild of said "Pinchface" bumper and Klasky-Csupo's 1998 logo (despite predating the latter by a few years). The entire thing feels like it was [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs made on LSD]].
* [[ The "Compilation" bumper]] features characters and scenes from a lot of Nickelodeon's even older bumpers. While many consider this an awesome bumper, there's so much weird noises and crap flying at you that a few children were profoundly creeped out by it.
* To some, Face, the old Nick Jr. mascot, is somewhat unsettling. He's essentially a talking face that takes up the entire TV screen and makes weird faces and sounds.
* [[ Inside-Out Boy]]. YMMV, but the concept of the thing is just [[ParanoiaFuel a little creepy]].
* The "Egg and Spoon" bumper shows an egg turning into an UncannyValley monster that scares a spoon, which turns into a chicken scared out of its own wits. Then, the egg monster ''eats up the entire screen'', leaving us with a CGI Nickelodeon uvula and a creepy, DarthWiki/DarthVader-esque breath.
* In October 2007, when the channel received a "Shocktober" theme, before and after commercial breaks they would show some rather unsettling images of Nicktoon characters done in a twisted monster movie style. Some of them looked mostly innocent, while others...fell a bit more into the creepy side of things. Examples included one image of Katara as an evil water spirit and a surprisingly graphic one of the skeletal corpse of Aang in chains.