[[caption-width-right:223:There's a reason why you should be afraid of [[AxCrazy Annie Wilkes...]]]]

* The only scene most people will remember is the one where Annie [[spoiler: breaks Paul's legs by sticking a block of wood between his feet and slamming a sledgehammer against each foot.]]
** This is toned down a good deal from the book [[spoiler:in which Annie chops off Paul's foot, to punish him for an escape attempt, and later his thumb, after an argument over problems with the typewriter she supplied him]].
*** [[spoiler:Only to be cranked back up when she brings him a cake. With a "special" candle.]]
* In the book, [[spoiler:Annie takes a rat she trapped in her cellar and brings it in front of Paul. She proceeds to squeeze the rat until blood gushes from its mouth. Then, she licks the blood from her fingertips.]] Gross.
** [[spoiler:All whilst discussing her extremely nihilistic viewpoint of the world, with humans essentially being trapped rats with broken backs. It really gives an insight into how [[AxeCrazy insane]] Annie really is.]]
* [[spoiler:Also in the book, Annie attacks a young cop and runs over his head with a lawnmower. ''Ick''.]]
** Apparently, Kathy Bates was ''[[NightmareFetishist looking forward]]'' to this scene in the movie, but it was deemed to be too [[{{Narm}} unintentionally]] [[CrossesTheLineTwice funny]] to film.
* This moment:
-->The key rattled in the lock. Annie was looking in at him, her eyes burned black holes in her face. Her right cheek was swelling up, and it looked like she was going to have a hell of a shiner in the morning. There was red stuff around her mouth and on her chin. For a moment Paul thought it was more blood from her torn lip and then he saw the seeds in it. It was raspberry jam or raspberry filling, not blood. She looked at him. Paul looked back. Neither said anything for a time. Outside, the first drops of rain splatted against the window.
-->"If you can get into that chair all by yourself, Paul," she said at last, "then I think you can fill in your own fucking n's." She then closed the door and locked it again. Paul sat looking at it for a long time, almost as if there were something to see. He was too flabbergasted to do anything else.
* A simple phrase from the book perfectly describes the terror that Annie inspires.
-->Being here with her was like being with the Angel of Death.
* In the movie, the scene with a depressed Annie talking to Paul about her fear of being abandoned by him starts out as a TearJerker, but soon evolves into this.
* Paul makes a very mild complaint about the typing paper Annie has bought for the writing of ''Misery's Return''. She doesn't take it well, smashing her fist down on his shattered knee before storming out of the house to get some new paper, leaving Paul in unimaginable agony. He has no choice but to pick the lock on his bedroom door and wheel himself through the house to try and find the codeine-based Novril capsules which will quell the pain (and on which he is hooked). He finds it, gobbles up four capsules and, with his pain subsiding, does a little exploring of the house. ''Then he hears her car turning into the driveway.''
* The very first time we see Annie show her true colors in the film. Paul wakes up from his slumber in the middle of the night to see his caretaker, or rather captor, standing by his bed in a menacing fashion, having read Paul's latest Misery book and discovers that her beloved leading character was killed off. She does not take the news well. Paul tries to reassure her that in spite of her death, her spirit lives on. [[BerserkButton Big mistake]]:
-->'''Annie''': "[[SuddenlyShouting I DON'T WANT HER SPIRIT!! I WANT HER!! AND YOU MURDERED HER!!]]"