Luigi, [[LovableCoward being Luigi]], usually hasn't run into his fair share of frights over the years, but when he's put on the [[NightmareFuel front lines of fear]] in this game in order to save [[SuperMarioBros his bro]], this becomes [[CowardlyLion the exception]].

Nightmare fuel will yield greater results if you listen to [[ this theme]] on a loop while viewing the page.

!Examples Include:

[[folder: Luigi's Mansion]]
* Chauncey's expression when he starts crying.
* The talking paintings in the first room after the foyer. They shake before they talk, which gives a creepy shaking door sound, they threaten Luigi, and then one says "Here they come!" And the [[ MUSIC]]... Thankfully, this is AFTER you get the Poltergust, but still...
* The giant Bowser mecha King Boo uses to attack Luigi. And then its head blows off when you fire a mine at it...
* The Boolossus rapidly approaching your TV screen.
* Bogmire giving you a jump scare.
* "Don't imagine that I'll flee... I'll fight you like a true Boo! Now join your brother... inside the painting!"
* Some of the portrait ghosts are not just scary because of what they look like, but how they even became ghosts in the first place. For example, there's those two twin children who love to play hide and seek. It is stated that because they both like to hide, the game usually lasts a long time. [[FridgeHorror Three guesses as to how they could have died]].
* Reading Sue Pea's description states "What was supposed to be a short nap turned into eternal sleep for the young Sue Pea." This also gets a lot worse when you realize the AdultFear of something happening to a child after they fall asleep.
* Madame Clairvoya. Some would say that there's nothing really scary about her, but... Well, one would think that the idea of being trapped in a painting forever would be a case of AndIMustScream, but she actually ''asks'' to be put there. She ''likes'' that? True Professor E. Gadd ''did'' say that ''some'' of the Portrait Ghosts were portraits ''to begin with'' but still...
** Maybe she's so horrified of having to serve Bowser [[spoiler:(except not)]] that she begs Luigi to give her the closest thing a ghost can get to a MercyKill.
* The scariest part probably is when lightning strikes the mansion and cuts the power off. So every ''single'' previously lit room was now a miniature hell hole of never ending ghosts and can only be stopped by finding a portrait ghost looking at himself in a mirror and you're never told which room is he in. A little over half of the rooms of the mansion have mirrors!
* The game itself is one thing, but the [[ game over screen from the beta version]] is quite another, due to Luigi looking literally scared to death, possessed by a ghost, or downright depressed that he didn't manage to save his brother.
** The other ending pic. It's a bit less creepy, but Luigi looks just as terrified: [[ see here]].
* Trying to capture Mr. Luggs, the ghost in the dining room, is downright disturbing. The fact that this enormous ghost is spitting fireballs, then calmly going back to his meal once the candles are relit, is just disturbing.
** Before you find the key to the dining room, you can hear the very inhuman sound of his eating every time you pass by it.
* There is a lighting oddity [[spoiler:in which Luigi's shadow appears as if he were dangling from a rafter by a noose.]] It's mostly the fact that it's an almost unnoticeable effect that appears for only a split second that makes it scary.
* Bogmire. Seriously, the guy didn't even have any features that defined if he was alive or not, he looks more like a monster than a ghost, and the shadows...
** How is he described? "Bogmire is a product of the mansion's fear and despair." THAT MEANS HE IS THE PERSONIFICATION OF THE WHOLE FRIGGIN' MANSION.
* The [[spoiler:painting of the helpless Mario]]? Seeing him banging his fists while King Boo was laughing in the background was terrifying.
** How Luigi was [[spoiler:sucked into Mario's painting]] for the final boss fight, as it [[spoiler:transformed into Bowser?]]
* [[spoiler:Bowser's head going off his body when Luigi throws a bomb at him. Both scary AND unexpected in a Mario game.]]
* Any scene with the Boos. King Boo gets special recognition, though.
* What about the music? It may be [[EarWorm extremely catchy]], but it's the icing of ''Luigi's Mansion''.
** It gets worse when Luigi whistles the game music and the ghosts in the area whistle a dark version of the tune.
* [[ Boolossus' theme.]] *shudder*
* The first encounter with a ghost. You walk into a dark mansion on a stormy night, greeted by a pitch black room with only a few candles. You turn on your flashlight and walk up the stairs, and try the double doors. you find that they're locked and then suddenly ''a demented giggle'' comes from downstairs. You head down, and an orange floating orb holding a key appears and floats back and forth while ''bells sound in the background''. Then it notices you, makes a little squeaky gasp noise, dropping the key, and floats up the stair and into the double doors, mysteriously putting out every candle just by the ghost being close to it, and then explodes into little orange clouds on contact with the door. A little finisher to the scene is a zoom in on the key on the ground, with a little jingle.
* Dying in ''Luigi's Mansion'' is pretty creepy as well. Luigi falls to the floor while the screen goes black and white, and then the words "Good Night..." appear on bloody red letters. Which slowly go black and white themselves.
* What about the Safari Room with taxidermy animal heads? At first they're fine, like any you've seen in your life, but nothing immediately happens in the room, so you vacuum everything. When when you get to those heads, '''they start nodding! Just... nodding!''' It doesn't sound so bad, but it looks disturbing.
** This scene has reminded more than one fan of Evil Dead.
** They're [[UncannyValley more realistic than the rest of the game]].
*** There was going to be a portrait ghost in that room, but was cut. He allegedly threatened to ''add Luigi's head to his collection''.
* After you capture Lydia, a cutscene happens where the camera zooms in on a door whilst a baby's crying can be heard along with a creepy music box tune...*shivers*.
** His NightmareFace during his fight is freaky.
* The Observatory Room. Maybe it's the fact that it seems like you're actually ''in'' space, the fact that there is ''actually'' a fake moon in there, and that the outside music actually ''plays'' in the room, pretty much confirming that you're in an alternate space of sorts.
* The pause menu too; it has a door with Luigi's shadow hanging on it, creepily.
* The game select screen in the EU version. In the upper left corner, there's a text saying "Come in, the mansion is yours". Wait, and the text changes. "Come in, the mansion is ours".
** The US version instead has "Welcome to your mansion" which fades to "Welcome to our mansion"
** Also, there's the caption on the "Quit" Menu
*** "You'll be back" "And we'll be waiting"
* The Nintendo logo screen. [[ No, really.]]
* [[EvilLaugh King Boo's Laugh]], 'nuff said.
* If Luigi sprays ghosts with one of his elemental attacks without vacuuming them up, they fade away to nothing. Slowly. And their animations look like they're ''flailing around in pain'' while it happens. Sometimes they'll even ''whimper in fear'' just before they vanish. [[CessationOfExistence Just what is]] [[RetGone happening to them?]] Perhaps they're [[spoiler:dissolving, as the large majority of them are made of paint]]. [[spoiler:It may seem unlikely, but guess [[OverlordJr who]] [[FridgeHorror used paint]] in his [[SuperMarioSunshine debut?]]]]
* [[ The final boss music]] has to be some of the most disturbing final boss music ever heard in a Mario game.
* Getting the worst possible rank in the game treats you to [[ this]] lovely tune.
* Pressing A at any time when not near an object will have Luigi call out for Mario. This is pointless and serves no real purpose, but as his HP drops, his cries get increasingly desperate and terrified. When you're down to 30 HP or less, Luigi will say "Mario" in a bone-chillingly terrified whimper. Sometimes he'll even scream Mario's name in an absolutely frightened voice. These cries can either be humorous or downright terrifying. Especially the ones when he's about to die.

[[folder: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon]]

* King Boo actually looks rather frightening this time around, especially when he appears behind Luigi from the darkness at one point.
** He also broke out of his painting. On his own. Before getting the new crown.
* The final security image. Whoo boy, that picture. Throughout the game, Toads give visual status updates...and gradually, a menacing figure becomes apparent on them. An unearthly glow just off-camera, a shadow whose owner cannot be seen, and so forth. On the final image, the BigBad is not even trying to hide himself, floating in plain view of the image. And when you examine him, ''[[JumpScare HE TURNS TOWARDS THE CAMERA AND CACKLES MANIACALLY.]]'' [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou He's]] ''[[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou known]]'' [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou you've been watching him all along.]] [[ParanoiaFuel Because as you soon find out,]] ''[[ParanoiaFuel he's]]'' [[ParanoiaFuel been watching]] ''[[ParanoiaFuel you.]]'' The absolute worst part? This happens on a ''still image that is otherwise devoid of animation''. He is that damn powerful. To top it off, as he laughs, the screen breaks off into static before shutting down, a la Slenderman and every other horrible "caught-on-camera" abomination. Long story short, BringMeMyBrownPants, gents.
* Let's look at his motivations from the last game. He stated he wanted retribution on the Mario Bros. and Gadd for the trouble they caused him and his kin in the past. Working on behalf of his kind; understandable. Here? [[spoiler: He deliberately shattered the Dark Moon to ''break the minds of the ghosts residing there to experiment on and enslave them into an army to conquer the world.'']] [[{{Understatement}} Yikes.]] Combine that with how his eyes seem even more sunken in than before and how he obsessively stalks Luigi towards the game's end? [[SarcasmMode Call it crazy]], but King Boo might be [[{{Understatement}} a tad]] [[AxCrazy unhinged]] after his last humiliation.
* Speaking of paintings, [[spoiler:the look on Mario's face while he's trapped in there is particularly jarring. He's ''visibly terrified!'']] Do you want to know what else, in this game [[spoiler: He can't move or call for help. [[AndIMustScream Being trapped in a painting for all eternity and unable to move is a]] FateWorseThanDeath.]]
* The Rumpus Room in Haunted Towers is VERY creepy, at least compared to the other, less frightening rooms. There's a doll house that [[MindScrew mindscrews you]] if you look into it's window: you see the exact same room you're standing in, with Luigi looking through the same window. Then there's the obligatory creepy doll whose head rotates 360 degrees. To get a gem from it, you have to run around it so ''its head unscrews, landing on the floor with a thud and disappearing.'' [[Series/TheAddamsFamily Marie Antoinette doll wannabe]], anyone? Then there are some [[ScaryJackInTheBox creepy jack-in-the-boxes]] that have evil distorted laughs. And the room is dark at first.
* The boss of the Secret Mine, the Shrewd Possessor, when he possesses the ice itself, thanks to its spooky face, introduction and an EvilLaugh. Probably one of the more intimidating-looking bosses in the game.
* The cutscene right before Luigi enters the Mansion in Mission E2. [[spoiler: Luigi opens the door, but finds only darkness... As he turns around and scratches his head, King Boo appears ''right behind him'', with a horrible, evil smile, but vanishes before Luigi turns around.]] If ''that'' doesn't scare you, ''nothing'' will.
* The cutscene before the final boss fight. Just imagine how frightening that whole scenario was for poor Luigi. Without warning, he's suddenly been transported to an unfamiliar area where it's [[NothingIsScarier pitch black]]. Then, windows begin appearing all around him, and an all-too-familiar laugh starts coming from...well, ''[[MindScrew everywhere.]]'' Then, as Luigi spots [[spoiler:the painting Mario's trapped in]] and starts to reach out for it, King Boo appears [[JumpScare right in his face]]. And the worst part of all? ''[[OhCrap King Boo is pissed.]]'' No wonder Luigi was shaking like a leaf in there.
* The mansions have a lot of items left behind in them, like coats or other articles of clothing, but they're supposed to be abandoned. This suggests that perhaps they were abandoned in quite a hurry...
* In the second mission of the Secret Mine (D-2), Luigi discovers a room full of Boos, along with a Greenie, a Slammer, and a Sneaker trapped inside red crystals that the Boos have put them in. It becomes disturbing when you realize that the Greenie, Slammer, and Sneaker are all ''terrified'' and are banging against the sides of the crystals, voicelessly pleading to be released from their containment.
* The spiders. They cast blood red shadows, and if you look close enough, [[ParanoiaFuel you can find them hiding in corners of darkness.]]
* The coffins. [[spoiler:One forcefully traps you inside and forces you to watch through it's soul piercing eyes.]]
** The Antechamber doesn't help this.
* The final mission of Treacherous Tower, Paranormal Chaos has King Boo [[spoiler: open a portal to the ghosts' homeworld in an attempt to destroy the universe.]] The fact that [[TimedMission you have a limited amount of time to stop this]] is what makes it truly scary.