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!![[ComicBook/{{Justice}} The DC Comics miniseries]]

* The opening chapter in which the heroes fail to prevent a nuclear holocaust, and the scene in which Clayface and Scarecrow break into Green Arrow and Black Canary's apartment.
* Brainiac's [[spoiler: brain surgery on]] Aquaman.
* After defeating mind-controlled Batman and Alfred, Superman explains to a confused Captain Marvel that they were infected by microscopic worms. Then Supes looks at his own hand:
--> '''Superman''': Good '''Lord'''! They're in '''me,''' too...
* Wonder Woman's [[spoiler:slowly, horrifically deteriorating condition]] after Cheetah's attack. [[spoiler:At first it manifests as ugly, glowing scars, but when confronting Cheetah again in the Cities, all of Diana's skin is ''charred'', with only a few burnt strands of hair clinging to her scalp.]]
* Giganta size-shifting.
* Bizarro's corpselike appearance, especially when he's first seen almost completely in shadow except his eyes. WordOfGod is that Alex Ross deliberately based the design off Samara Morgan from ''Film/TheRing''.