[[caption-width-right:350:''[[UncannyValley We look like ghosts...]]'']]
* The ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'' [=HISHE=] is a mixture of this and a TearJerker: Dorothy returning to Kansas ''before'' she can journey down the yellow brick road leaves grim fates to the story's other heroes. The Scarecrow remains tied to a pole in the cornfield, and gets pecked by crows who he fails to scare. The Tin Man becomes rusted so stiff, [[AndIMustScream he can not move or talk]]. The Cowardly Lion never finds self-confidence, and quivers at every sound the forest makes. The Wizard then creates MoodWhiplash as he tries to [[BreakingTheFourthWall cheer up the viewers]].
-->Eh, don't be sad. I didn't really ever give them what they asked for in the first place!
* The VideoGame/{{Slender}} [[Film/TheHungerGames Games]], aside from the Gamemakers part at the end. Not even [[RunningGag Camo-Peeta]] could lighten the mood.
* The ''Film/CasinoRoyale2006'' video has Film/JamesBond promote the other videos during his torture scene.
* Angry Gwen in the one for ''The Amazing Spider-Man''. When she turns red and yells "WHAT???"
* ''Film/BatmanBegins'':
** Gordon, when he's told that the compound in the water causes hallucinations when ingested, mentions that's why his wife flipped out on spaghetti night. Cue his wife lying on the kitchen floor screaming as [[Series/GameOfThrones Joffrey]] appears in the window sporting a creepy SlasherSmile as the walls turn black for no effing reason as ominous music plays. FridgeBrilliance here, as the young boy who appears in {{Film/BatmanBegins}} went on to play Joffrey.
** The part were [[spoiler:Rachel's face completely changes due to Warner recasting her for the sequel]] comes out of nowhere, and even scares Bruce Wayne. The dramatic music accompanying his reaction doesn't help.
* Whoever was voicing Ultron sounded way too close to James Spader. Like in the trailer, the way he demonizes famous lines from Disney is equally as chilling, no matter what sort of comedy is being shown. The Avengers show nothing but fear. (Though Hawkeye's [[ComicallyMissingThePoint reaction]] to the quote from Disney/{{Frozen}} is [[NightmareRetardant actually kinda funny.]]) There's also the scare chord near the end.
-->(With no music at all and completely black) Now, I'm free...
** Ultron putting his arms around DCCU!Batman and DCCU!Superman while creepily quoting WesternAnimation/ToyStory. Even Superman is freaked out.
*** Batman's casual reaction just made it even creepier.
* Spiderman's freak out at the end of the ''Film/TheAmazingSpiderman2'' trailer, going so far as to threaten to shoot Batman in order to get Superman to turn back time, topped off with a helping of MoodWhiplash [[spoiler: when Superman actually does it]].
* [[WesternAnimation/InsideOut Riley's]] GoMadFromTheRevelation [[NiceJobBreakingItHero ensuing from Joy's and Bing Bong's action of keeping full control of Riley/telling Riley about the world of her mind, respectively]]. By the time she's in her thirties, she keeps on acting like a hyper child. [[FridgeHorror Even worse,]] it could be that Riley genuinely gone insane from Joy never giving up control and had gone into a mental state often called [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puer_aeternus#Peter_Pan_Syndrome "Peter Pan Syndrome"]].