''Hello? Hell...o?'' is widely claimed to be the black sheep of RPG maker horror gaming, and very much unlike the rest. ''No kidding.''
* [[spoiler: Ghost!]]Akari, present in the picture right there.
** [[spoiler: Ghost!Kazuki, too.]]
** [[spoiler: The Bad End - Unringing Phone: Ghost!Kazuki chases Akari around the room and kills her for no apparent reason.]]
* The title screen can count as this. Hell, even first impressions can be a little unsettling.
-->''Hello? Hell...o?''
--> I know...
--> See you...
** The variants can count too.
-->''Hello? Hell...o? Hey, where are you? Wait for me.'' [[spoiler: '''[[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou I'm coming./I'm coming to see you.]]]]'''
--> [[spoiler: '''You've passed on.''']]
* The Good End - We're Together: If Kazuki chooses to hug Ghost!Akari, she reverts to her human self. Seems cute, right? After that, you get the ''"You've passed on"'' message, making this a DeadlyHug.