[[caption-width-right:245:Dating pigeons is nothing but suffering and madness.]]

''VisualNovel/HatofulBoyfriend'', the "pigeon dating game"? NightmareFuel? [[SurpriseCreepy Yup.]]

Coo...unmarked spoilers below.

* Pretty much anything involving [[DeadlyDoctor Dr. Shuu]] takes a syringe of NightmareFuel and injects it in the worst places possible, then [[MadScientist takes meticulous notes on your agonized writhing]].
** There are rumors that students in his infirmary frequently vanish, never to be seen again-- and [[ImAHumanitarian yakitori is inevitably on the menu the next week]], and [[HumanResources shiny new quill pens show up in the school store]]. You find plenty of evidence that these rumors are true, but no authorities ever investigate because the entire school is run by the Hawk Party specifically for Shuu's "research".
** If you are actually on the doctor's romance route, [[spoiler:you accidentally condemn Yuuya to this fate, and in gratitude the doctor sends Hiyoko a lovely Christmas dinner months later. It's not until months later that Hiyoko discovers that the meal was actually [[IAteWhat Yuuya's cooked remains]], after which Shuu describes in loving detail how he plans to dissect her, [[ALoveToDismember preserve her head as a gesture of affection]], and examine your insides most... ''[[{{Squick}} intimately]]''.]]
* There's little of the "Bad Boys Love" route that doesn't fall under this trope, and most of what ''does'' falls under [[TearJerker a much more depressing category.]] The humorous bits that would be perfectly at-home in the normal routes actually come off as being ''completely'' out of place at this point.
* Going in detail, the [=BBL=] route starts with the heroine's death, then lovingly sandwiches layers of this trope with [[BreakTheCutie breaking every cutie in the game]], [[TearJerker and the player as well]]. Mostly courtesy of Shuu. Highlights include Ryouta crossing the DespairEventHorizon and consenting to being modified by Shuu into a bioweapon for use against the rest of humanity when they attempt to slaughter everybirdy left in the school, a graphic (described) flashback to the heroine's death by suffocation via TheVirus that Ryouta is now a host for, an even more heartbreaking flashback to the previous host of said virus, Nageki, being DrivenToSuicide and setting himself on fire so that nothing will remain of himself to spread the virus (which fails), Kazuaki aka Hitori flipping out and trying to vivisect Ryouta, untrained, to remove Nageki's transplanted organs and bring what's left of Nageki back with him, and the horrifying, bloody, sickle-clawed robot Labor-9 lurching after Ryouta and the other birds until they short-circuit it with a taser, only to be informed that Labor-9 was actually a cyborg with the heroine's missing brain and they just murdered the heroine ''again''.
* Failing to complete a romance route or begin the "Bad Boys Love" route gets humanity condemned to extinction, with the heroine being surprised and murdered in her own home, followed by a Game Over screen with a surprisingly creepy pigeon-Grim-Reaper. And [[FridgeHorror this presumably happens in the post-game after finishing Nageki's route, since the Hawk Party cannot see you wooing a ghost]].
** The Game Over screen [[spoiler: when you get killed at your home.]] It looks like something out of ''VideoGame/YumeNikki''.
*** It's actually a reference to ''VideoGame/{{Shadowgate}}''.
* The manga and supplementary material talk about how in 2070 the Sumatra Flu swept the world and reduced the human population to 30%. The remaining humans then tried to exterminate the birds which were spreading the disease to them, but this [[UpliftedAnimal backfired]] and humans and birds warred for thirty years. At the end of it the human population had been reduced to 4.6% of what it was in 2070, and humans were forced to live in the wilderness and not allowed to self-govern. Seventy years later there are still skirmishes between birds and humans, savage enough that the Hawk Party wants to just eliminate them all.
* Anghel perceives an alternate, [[http://hatoful.wikia.com/wiki/Absolute_Zero fantastical reality]] where everybirdie is more human-shaped and it's like a fantasy RPG, complete with more dramatic names for everything. Okay. The thing is, though, that this reality still reflects the "real" one, and in some disturbing ways. [[spoiler: [[FanNickname Narcolepsy-sensei]]]] assisted another bird to suicide, though the bird didn't ''really'' want to die, and stole his identity. So what does Anghel see when he looks at him? [[http://clione.halfmoon.jp/hatoful-boyfriend/image-gallery/scrap/22.jpg This]].
--> An astral body born half-way when an evil spirit that welcomed a half-willing death and a transformed Haltfate adopted Neg’s body. [[http://hatoking.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/636865152.jpg Haltfate rules the consciousness]], [[http://penstab.tumblr.com/post/41358644004/more-insomnia-scribbling-wow-im-really-happy but sometimes, Neg also surfaces]].
** The reason behind his alternate perceptions is scary too. Poor bird secretes hallucinogenic pheromones, but he lacks immunity towards them. There is a hint that those pheromones also act as some sort of airborne neurotransmitter, meaning that he not only is biologically trapped into his hallucinated world, but also he can bring people into it.. and can get info from them to fill the gaps in his worldbuilding.
* Holiday Star has some.
** The King is a comical figure in the third story... but there are flashes, when he gets especially upset, when he seems to be sprouting a second head. In the fourth story the comedy is lost, as he becomes truly nightmarish. His "Increased" form shown in the image above is a bloody quail corpse with many long, branching, serpentine heads flowing up out of it. If the heroine gets too reckless fighting him, her kick gets her foot stuck in his chest and she is absorbed into his twisted hivemind. There's also his [[{{Tearjerker}} backstory]].
** The moment when The King talks to Yuuya about how all he does is break eggs is horrifying enough ''before'' they add the sound of crunching eggs in the background.
** The 4th chapter in general. If you make all the right choices, it's horrifying enough. Make a wrong one at any point? ''Forget about sleeping that night,'' and good luck at ever taking [[spoiler: the phrase "Happily Ever After"]] pleasantly ever again. It even makes [[spoiler: a ''freaking picture book'']] terrifying.
** Remember [[spoiler: Kazuaki's [[FreakOut freak out]] in BBL]]? ''He gets worse'': [[spoiler: When you find him in Holiday Star, not only is he the only character who's not wearing a cute costume- ''he has no eyes''. And then he explains that ''[[EyeScream he ate them.]]'']]
* For the most part, the [[http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Hatoful-Kareshi manga]] is pure silliness with little moments of creepy here and there, like the aforementioned backstory to the setting. Then you get to [[http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Hatoful-Kareshi/Ch-012-Read-Online?id=164566 Chapter 12]], which is about Nageki and Hitori in the orphanage. ...The same orphanage that was mentioned in BBL, the one which was visited by human extremists who slaughtered everyone but those two, and this led to the discovery that Nageki was harboring a virus lethal to humans. This chapter is all sweet silliness except for Nageki's illness making him steadily weaker, but in the background behind the panels there are splatters, getting darker and more extensive the farther you get, until the last page, which is partially obscured by blood.
* The manga "[[https://gumroad.com/moa810 Focus on the Hawks]]" has mention of "eewoowoo", something Ryuuji tells a young Shuu they will try on a large frog. Later it appears to be one of the few things Shuu shows any interest in. When Tohri demands to know what "eewoowoo" means, [[https://images.plurk.com/16Y0yIZaDvf5kbidwlrByH.jpg well...]]
* The 4koma included in the ''Collector's Edition'' of the game is, for the most part, entertaining hijinks with the characters. Aw, look! Nanaki's out sleeping in the sun, dreaming about some.... abstract-looking thing! Expect people familiar with Holiday Star will notice that [[spoiler:''it's The King's {{Eldritch Abomination}} form.'']]